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Indigenous Digital Excellence
The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence has teamed up with Three
Farm and are offering young people between 14–18 the opportunity to
take part in a full day 3D printing workshop—valued at over $250 per
person—for free!
This workshop is a chance to get creative and express Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander culture in a unique way.
Make your ideas come to life using cutting edge technology!
Where excellence happens
Twelve Indigenous participants aged between 14 and 18 who may be interested in pursuing future
activities in design, engineering, digital arts, or manufacturing, or who just have an interest
in 3D printing.
We are accepting participants on a “first in, first served” basis, so get in quick!
No prior design or 3D printing experience is necessary, though basic computer skills is
This is an innovative and creative opportunity where all participants will explore Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander culture while using new technology. Every student will have an opportunity to print
something that they can take home.
The IDX Initiative:
Three Farm:
The Indigenous Digital Excellence (IDX)
Initiative aims to inspire, build and connect the
next generation of Indigenous “digital makers”.
Three Farm is a social design enterprise made
up of practitioners with backgrounds in design,
ceramics, art, photography, printing, business
and marketing. The practioners all share a
vision of sustainable and ethical futures through
additive and digital manufacturing technology.
The Initiative, a partnership between the
NCIE and Telstra Foundation, carries out
three core streams of activity—Learning
experiences, Storytelling and Movement
Building—to promote and strengthen the
practice of Indigenous Digital Excellence
within communities, with an ultimate goal of
increasing wellbeing.
Three Farm facilitates cultural engagement
though the marriage of digital and tradition
fabrication and the use of up-cycled materials
as a platform for teaching design thinking to
action a meaningful and sustainable process
for social development.
Tuesday 5th May
10am - 4pm
IDX Hub @ the NCIE
Lunch Provided
180 George St
RSVP by Tuesday 12 April
Contact Zoe Betar for more
information or to reserve a spot!
[email protected]
0448 182 447
(Entry via Phillip Street)