Good Tidings Issue #5 - 2015 NCA National Specialty

2015 NCA National Specialty
Friday, May 8, 2015
Issue #5
Thursday Results
Winners Dog
TurfTide's In The No
CH Amorosa's Veni Vedi Vici At Prairie
Veterans 7-9
1. VN GCH Bear N Mind's The
Guardian CD WRD TDD
2. CH Old Bay Forged In Flames
3. GCH Kodiak Acres Name In Bright
4. GCH Longship's New England Patriot
Absent: 87, 137, 313, 345
Veterans 9+
1. CH Tempest's Mollybrook Watermark
2. GCH Tempest's Trident
3. GCH ThreePond's Zambuca On The
4. VN CH Nashau-Auke's Big Country
Absent: 19
Puppy 6-9 mos
1. Bowater's The Governor Of Two River
2. Amity's Knight Vision
3. Nakiska's No Regrets
4. Sent-Djons One And Only
Absent: 191
Puppy 9-12 mos
1. Annisquam Light's Perfect Gig
2. Ashmoor's Wildgoose Chase
3. Summitt's Gonna Raise The Roof
With Timberknoll
4. Annisquam Light's Perfect Shutout
Absent: 153, 169, 199, 235, 259, 325
Puppy 12-15 mos
1. Mollybrooks HallMark
2. ThreePonds Great Expectations
3. Top Shelfs Love Hangover
4. Snowhaven's Light Keeper
Puppy 15-18 mos
1. Top Shelfs Knock Your Socks Off
2. Shadrack's Aim For The Fences
3. Darbydale's Real Deal
4. Amity's See You Be Brave
Absent: 103, 189
1. Sandlewood's Out Of The Darkness
2. Ohoi's Nightly News At Avalon Bey
3. Topmast's Jamieson
Absent: 101
1. Top Shelfs Miranda Rights
2. Mainland's International Harvester
3. Bear N Mind's To Catch A Thief At
Stillwater BN RA CGC WD1
4. Bearcamp's Chateau De Bonaguil
Bred by Exhibitor
1. Summerford's N'Ever Say N'Ever
2. Windhavens All Of Me At Micmac
3. Cru's I'm Your Man
4. Bluwater's Black Ty Affair RN
1. CH Amorosa's Veni Vedi Vici At
Prairie Home
2. Avalon Bey's Sir Walter
3. Paragon's Pouch Cove Renissance Man
4. Kiredor's Back In Black
Absent 295
Open Black
1. TurfTide's In The No
2. Anchorbay's Party Of One
3. Celtic Cross Skipjack At Old Bay
4. Nautica's Three Dog Knight
Open Other Than Black
1. Wave Seeker's Silver Moon
2. Longships Go The Extra Mile Diesel
3. Sent-Djons Ceylon For ThreePond
4. ThreePonds Limited Edition
Absent: 217
Versatile Dog
1. GCH Southwind's Pouch Cove Dark
Star CD RE
2. VN CH Oceano E Karableu's Sterling
3. VN CH Newfashion Takes A Bow
Working Dog
1. GCH Tempest's M.O. Quinsigamond
2. Renata's Sittin On The Fence
Surfside WD CGC
3. CH Whisper Hill's All Hail Augustus CD
4. CH Bear In Mind's Sailing For Glory
Absent: 39, 295
Stud Dog
1. VN GCH Bear N Mind's The
Guardian CD WRD TDD
2. GCH Sunvalley's Its As Simple As ABC
3. GCH Annisquam Light's Perfect
4. GCH Heartsease King Of The Jungle
1. Tempest Raise The Stakes Pouch
Cove & Tempest's All In Pouch Cove
2. CH Old Bay Forged In Flames & CH
Old Bay's Here At Last
Absent: 285/287, 390/392
1. CH Tempest's Kilyka On Cloud Nine
& CH Tempest's Kilyka Surely You Jest
& CH Tempest's Bring Home The
2. CH Goldcoast's Pouch Cove
Presence CGC & Paragon's Pouch
Cove Carbon Copy & Paragon's
Northern Lights Of Pouch Cove
Absent: 208/204/43
Advanced Draft Test
No qualifiers
We regret that some of the results published yesterday
were incorrect. Here are the proper results:
9-12 Month Bitches: 266 absent
12-15 month Btiches: 280 absent
15-8 Month Bitches:
1. Shadrack’sTailor Made For Longship
3. Bowaters Great Escape To Ashmoor
Absent: 52, 104, 402
Rally Novice B
1. SS Maritime Splish, Splash DD WRD CGC
Other qualifiers: 12, 17, 20, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30,
Absent: 21, 22, 24
Friday Schedule of Events
7:00 am
9:00 pm
Generator On
Generator Off
7:00 am
Hospitality Tent Open
Closes at End of Judging
7:00 am End of Judging
Registration Pickup
Logo Item Sales &
Pre-order P/U
State Baskets On Display
(Hospitality Tent)
9:00 am
Bitch Judging
(Conformation Ring 1)
The Good Tidings editing committee sincerely apologies
for these errors.
11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Specialty Carting & Equipment Evaluations will
begin at 3PM or 15 minutes after the conclusion of
breed judging (whichever is later).
Following Judging
Brown Bag Extravaganza items may be dropped off
with Kirsten Tomlinson in the corner of the grooming
tent near the draft test field facing the conformation ring
Rescue Parade
(Conformation Ring 1)
Specialty Carting For Certificate
Draft Equipment Evaluations
DDX demonstration
(Obedience Ring Area)
The DDX course is still in place. An interactive
demonstration with judges to answer questions will take
place during Specialty Carting. If you have a cart, feel
free to try it on your own.
Do Linda and Stacy have your Fine Arts donation?
Call Linda at 860-912-2532 to set up a time and place to
drop it off
Hotel Food
Concession Open
(Outside Hotel Entrance)
6:00 pm
Pasta Buffet
7:00 pm
Fine Arts Auction &
Brown Bag Extravaganza
State Basket Raffle
CHIC DNA CLINIC will be held Thursday and Friday
9am-5pm under the grooming tent. No cost!!!
DDC coat color & cysteneria swabs also available.
Towels for bathing dogs are located near the bath
area. Please DO NOT use your towels. Thank You!!!
The JEC is asking Breed Mentors to help our
potential judges learn more about our breed. Please give
30-60 minutes of your time to mentor in the judges
education area either Thursday or Friday. Thank You!!!
Did you earn a new title at the Regional or
National Obed/Rally trials? Congratulations! Please
leave your contact information with Brenda Miele Soares
in Room 141 at the Crowne Plaza to arrange to receive
your New Title rosette.
Please clean up after your dog!!!
Pick-a-Poop raffle tickets & prizes can be found in
Hospitality. Hourly and grand prizes draw daily.
Today’s Candid Picture Winner:
Randy's idea of walking Fiona
Please send your candids taken
at the National to:
[email protected]