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Planning to Use the NCAMFT 2015 Conference for 2015 MFT License Renewal?
Due to weather cancellation and rescheduling of the 2015 NCAMFT Conference, the NC MFT
Licensure Board will extend the deadline for obtaining up to 14 hours of continuing education credit for
the license renewal due by July 1, 2015 for participants in the July 10 – 11, 2015 NCAMFT
However, you must still request renewal of your license (submit renewal form and fee) before July
1, 2015.
List the July 10 -11, 2015 conference (along with other courses, including ethics courses, minimum of 3
hours of MFT related ethics coursework is required) on the continuing education report form AND
attach confirmation of conference registration with your renewal submission.
Renewal requests will be processed in accordance with the published calendar (see Calendar 2015 at
Do not wait until attending the conference to submit your renewal request or it will be processed
as a reinstatement and subject to the reinstatement fee.
The NCAMFT will send a list of all conference attendees to the NC MFT Licensure Board office no
later than July 31, 2015. If your name is not listed as an attendee, your license will be listed as expired
and you will have to request reinstatement.
Be sure to retain the attendance certificate issued by NCAMFT in order to confirm attendance if your
renewal is audited per the following:
New for 2015 License Renewals: Course certificates are not required to be submitted with your
renewal request. Please do not submit certificate copies unless you receive a request from the Board
office. However, you should retain all course certificates for a minimum of two years. The NC MFT
Licensure Board may audit (request copies) of certificates for any renewal submission. If you are
audited and cannot produce the course certificate, the Board may require additional coursework
completion documentation.
Form Submission: Only the current year renewal form will be accepted. This form is available at – see Quick Link on the home page or under the Renewals section of
How to determine if you are required to renew by July 1, 2015: Check your license expiration date
at – Click the verify a licensee button on the home page, enter your last name or license
number to locate your current license expiration date.
*Note: Attendance at the NCAMFT July 10-11, 2015 conference cannot be counted towards the
requirements for July 1, 2016 renewal if used for the 2015 renewal. In other words, it cannot be
counted twice even though the attendance is during the time period for the 2016 renewal cycle.