Bulletin -- May 29th ,2015 - The Rotary Club of North Bethesda

The Weekly Newsletter of the Rotary Club of North Bethesda
May 29th, 2015, Issue 22
The newsletter this week is produced by David Fitzwilliam and Christine Syversen, Flagship
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District 7620
Rotary Reveille
May 29th: Adm. Hector Soldi (Ret.) - El Nino
June 5th: TBA
This Week: Adm. Hector Soldi (Ret.Peru) El Niño and Climate Forecast
Last week: Geoff Arnold - Frederick Keys
El Niño is the strongest climate
signal in the Ocean and Atmosphere systems. This called
“phenomena” is a non-cyclic recurrent event that dramatically
changes the weather patterns
around the globe, producing
floods and havoc in certain part of the world and sever
droughts in others.
Historical records show that El Niño has happened for
centuries and some historians think the stronger ones
may even be responsible for the collapse of ancient
Today scientists have very sophisticated tools to monitor and predict El Niño months in advance so that we
can plan in advance how to prepare for events such as
flooding risks, crop and fishing previsions etc. to minimize the impacts of this climate events.
This year (2015-2016) several researchers and climate
organizations are predicting that a moderate to strong
El Niño event may happen and its impacts can be very
strong in certain parts of the world. But not all the impacts of El Niño are bad news. Excess of rains may be
a welcome prediction to states as California that is suffering an almost 6 years drought and consequent severe water shortage.
Scientific advances in climate forecasting (different
from weather forecasting) have been accelerating in
recent years and are now tools available not only for
researchers but business managers, policy makers and
everyday citizens like farmers and fishermen whose
lives depend on the weather and climate.
Geoff Arnold is Frederick Keys (A+ Minor League
Base Ball Team) Broadcasting and Public Relations
Manager, since February 11, 2014. In this role, Arnold works as one of the teams broadcasters ( along
with Doug Raftery) and serves as the primary liaison
to the media. Arnold umpired in college and went to
Pro Umpire School. He umpired one year in Minor
League Rookie Base Ball and one year at Keys before
taking the Broadcast Management job. Rookie B. B.
is High School + B.B. with a short season of 60 to 70
Summer games. Minor A, A+, AA, and AAA teams
play 140 games a year and are affiliated farm teams
for the Major League teams. Keys has a staff of 18
and are in the Carolina/North League. One of the
Keys promotions is the COWBOY MONKEY RODEO
where monkeys ride dogs chasing sheep.
3-min speaker
May 29th: Lawrence R Jackson
June 5ht: Gerald L Lett
June 12th: James M Manley
June 19th: Reginald Mark-Hansen
3 min.
Curtis Huff talked about the world's largest and longest living organisms; trees that live 450 years.
Ida Abijomaa, outstanding
senior at Rockville High
School, was awarded the
Rotary Club of North Bethesda Scholarship to attend
Montgomery College.
Club President Gonzalo Accame presented the scholarship during the Rockville High School Senior Award
Ceremony on May 21, 2015. (Photo by Katrina)
Member Milestones
May 29th - June 4th
May 30th: Mario T Price - Anniversary
Barry H Thompson - Anniversary
June 1st: Gerald L Lett - Anniversary
Fourth: WILL IT BE BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
Third: Will it build GOODWILL and
Second: Is it FAIR to all concerned?
First: Is it the TRUTH?
Of the things we think, say or do:
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Breakfast Friday Mornings at 7:15 a.m.
District 7620  Club  
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The Rotary Club
The application of the ideal of service to every Rotarian’s
personal, business, and community life:
Rotary membership, please contact :
Robert Follit
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(240)401-2976 - Cell (301) 718-5039 - Work
North Bethesda has a diverse membership of
business and professional men and women,
and has provided continuing community and
charitable services since its inception. It meets
on Friday mornings at the Oakville Grill in Bethesda to enjoy a hearty breakfast, camaraderie, and to plan activities and fund raisers for
Rotary causes.
The Rotary Club of North Bethesda, known as
the first breakfast club in Rotary District 7620,
was chartered in 1974. The club is one of more
than 30,000 Rotary International clubs in 168
countries, including recently formed clubs in
former Communist Block countries.
The advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of business and
professional persons united in the ideal of service.
High ethical standards in business and professional life
and the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations, and the dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation
as an opportunity to serve society;
The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for
The OBJECT OF ROTARY is to encourage and foster the ideal of
service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to
encourage and foster
Note: The immediate Past President of the Rotary Club of North Bethesda automatically becomes
President of the club’s Foundation on January 1
of the year following his term of office.
Rotary Charitable Foundation
Of North Bethesda, Inc.
Officers & Directors
Jan. 1, 2015 to Dec. 31, 2015
President: Nick Martinez
Vice Pres/Secretary: Barry Thompson ,M.D.
Treasurer: James Osterman
Directors: Gerald Lett, James Manley, Alexis Martinez, Stephen Vaccerezza
Club Bulletin: Acting Christine Syversen, Flagship
Sgt.-at -Arms: Rotating Monthly
David Michael Phillips - Vocational
Jay Davies - Public Relations
Mario Price
Nancy Pulley - Community
Ron Singelman - Club Service
Rob Follit - Membership
James Manley
Bruce Fowler - International
Nick Martinez
Officers & Directors
July 1, 2014 to June 30,2015
President: Gonzalo Accame
President-Elect: Ron Sigelman
Vice President: Mario Price
Secretary: Reggie Mark-Hansen
Treasurer: Stephen Vaccarezza, M.D.