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March 17, 2015
Navajo Express Employees Involved in In-flight Restraint of Unruly Passenger
Denver, CO --- Two Navajo Express employees, Scott Maldonado, and Don Digby Jr., President of the
company, were involved in the in in-flight apprehension of an unruly passenger on a United Airlines
Flight 1074 from Dulles International Airport to Denver International Airport. "Local law enforcement
officials met the aircraft at the gate and detained the passenger," the spokesman added. "We are
accommodating the remaining customers to Denver this morning.”
Shortly after takeoff, a passenger, who has not yet been identified, caused an incident which required
him to be restraint by fellow passengers, including Maldonado and Digby. Seated near the front of the
plane, when the passenger abruptly began moving towards the cockpit, both Maldonado and Digby
were alerted to the commotion by the reactions a flight attendant and were forced to confront the
passenger as he moved back away from the cockpit towards their seats.
“It was an intense experience. There was no thought process that went into our actions outside of
having the feeling that what this passenger was doing was not normal. I was just glad that we were
there,” said Don Digby, Jr. on the incident.
“I was just thinking about getting home to my wife,” added Maldonado. “There is always that thought in
your mind, but when it happened, you really don’t think about what you’re doing. It’s an instinct. And I
hope that no one else has to go through an experience like this.”
Once the passenger was subdued, the flight was rerouted back to Dulles, where the passenger was
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