Come on Board - FAQ (March 2015)

Come on Board
How can I learn more about the work of NRW?
The best way to quickly get an idea of the range of work of NRW is to visit our website. As
well as general information and news, you’ll find more detailed information about our work
and a full record of all Board meetings and the papers considered.
How can I be involved with NRW in some way?
NRW works with many partners and provides many direct services to the people of Wales
ranging from flood warnings during periods of heavy rainfall, to registrations for septic
tanks. Our website is a rich source of information but probably one of the ways that you
may already know us is if you have visited one of the many forests or nature reserves that
we manage, spread across the whole of Wales
What is the purpose of the NRW Board and what do Board members do?
The Board has the overall responsibility for the performance of NRW and the Chairman is
directly accountable to the Minister for the organisation’s decisions and delivery. Much of
the day-to-day responsibility is delegated to the Chief Executive and Executive team and
the Board reviews the organisation’s performance at its meetings. The Board also sets the
long-term direction for the organisation by approving Corporate and Annual Business
Plans, as well as a number of supporting plans. As well as attending Board meetings,
Board members also represent the organisation at a range of external meetings with
stakeholders and partners
What is the purpose of the ‘Come on Board’ sessions?
Any public body that serves the people of Wales needs to fully represent the full diversity
of Welsh life. To do the best job we can, we need Board members who fully reflect this
diversity so we have committed to help more people consider becoming Board members,
as and when there are vacancies in the future. These sessions are our initial step in
providing this support
Why are you running these ‘Come on Board’ sessions now if there aren’t any
current vacancies for Board members?
NRW is here to stay and will need a good field of potential new Board members on a
regular basis into the future. Given our commitment to fully serve all aspects of Welsh life,
we are viewing these sessions as our first step to help with this. The organisation is now in
its third year and given that our current Board members were appointed by the Minister for
3 years, now is a good time to run these ‘Come on Board’ sessions. Also other public
bodies in Wales are doing the same to encourage and stimulate interest in becoming
board members.
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How are Board members appointed?
Welsh Ministers are responsible for appointing NRW Board members. This is most likely to
be through an advertising campaign both in the press and on social media, followed by an
application process. All appointments are made by the Minister responsible for sponsoring
Natural Resources Wales. Currently this is Carl Sargeant the Minister for Natural
Am I eligible to apply to become a NRW Board member?
Yes, as long as you are not a serving elected politician or a member of NRW staff
I have a registered disability/caring responsibilities. Could I still apply to be a Board
Yes as NRW and the Welsh Government is committed to appointing Board members that
reflect the full diversity of the people of Wales, many of whom have disabilities or caring
Is the Board membership a paid position?
Board members are paid and our annual report details current Board member pay. This
link will take you to the annual report on our website.
How can I register my interest in becoming a NRW Board member and be kept
informed when vacancies occur?
By expressing an interest in the ‘Come on Board’ sessions you will automatically be
contacted when there are future Board member vacancies
Are recipients of NRW funds in a conflict of interest position which might prevent
their appointment?
Board members are required to register relevant interests and ensure any potential
conflicts of interest are handled appropriately. Please view the current Boards register
If I was successful in applying to become a Board member, would there be support
as a new Board member?
Yes and we have a planned induction programme for any new Board members, which if
required, will include mentoring from more experienced Board members.
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