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natural green Forte Micro granules
natural green Forte is 100% natural, granulated plant additive product
based on natural micronized fossil algal calcite with high content of trace elements.
(Calcium and magnesium carbonate, derived from fossil formed on land (85-95%),
rich in silicon (Si) and trace elements as iron, copper, manganese, selenium, zinc).
This micro granules formulations are based on the new natural green micronisaztion
technology and the proved nutrient combination of natural green Classic.
The handling of the products could be improved significantly through micro granulation due to better
dosages and dust free handling. Additionally, the biologic efficiency of the product could be improved
through a special physical complexion method that combines the mineral particles with natural organic
chelators to new particles. Thus, a better solubility of the fine particles and a natural partial chelation
and a higher mobilisation of the cationic trace elements could be achieved.
Furthermore the special granulation technology guarantees an optimized and faster dispersion
of the granules and increases the formulation stability of the suspension in the spray tank.
Therefore the leaf tissue, through the stomata, ions channels and cuticula, can absorb the particles of
natural green products as water suspension.
Important minerals as calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper and silicon are directly available in
the leaf of the plant.
Special benefits of natural green Forte:
• Improves nutrient intake via leaves
• Improves the formation of new cell-enzymes and their activities
• Increases the cationic nutrient ion exchange capacity
• Has a strong natural chelating function for better intake and utilization of trace elements
• Improves UV protection of the plant
• Stabilizes the pH-level of spray solutions in a neutral range (pH 6.5 -7.5)
In respect to improved handling and formulation, natural green Forte is suited for all professionals
of conventional and organic farming and vegetable cultivation. Additionally, the application of
natural green Forte is recommended for all soils with lack or fixation of trace elements.
natural green Forte does not function in a singular way
but has a wide range of unique effects:
• Promotes faster and stronger growth of roots and plants, plus improves vitality
• Improves photosynthesis performance and metabolic cell activity
• Higher levels of valuable substances and flavorings (e.g. vitamins, sugars, flavonoids, starch)
• Shortens growth periods of seedlings that leads to an earlier harvest
• Improves storage and transport capabilities (e.g. lettuce)
• Improves plant health and greater natural resistance to diseases and pests
• Improves stress resistance against cold and drought
• More efficient use of water as result of improved stomata function
• Increases yield and better crop quality
natural green Forte can be spread on the soil, therefore
natural green Forte can be recommended for all planting and sowing activities.
Application recommendation of natural green Forte:
Sugar beet & potato
1,5-2,0 kg/ha; starting with 4th –6th leaf and then every 3 weeks.
1,5-3,0 kg/ha; for tillering and for the development of the leaf.
Corn & Soya
2-3 times; 2,0-3,0 kg/ha; starting with 2nd leaf and then every 3 weeks.
2 times; 1.0-2.0 kg/ha; starting with the 6th leaf and then again after flowering.
Root Vegetable
Radishes, horseradish, carrots, parsley, onions, garlic, etc.
1.0-3.0 kg/ha; starting 2 weeks after sowing and then every 2 weeks.
Leguminous plants
1,0-2,0 kg/ha; starting with 6th leave and then every 3 weeks.
Leafy vegetables
Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, courgettes,
melons 0.5-3.0 kg/ha; starting immediately after planting and then every 2 weeks.
All application should be sprayed on the plant. Depending on crop, leaf volume and application time
200 to 1000 ltr. spraying water/ha is recommended.
natural green Forte can be combined with many other nutrient substance and components.
Avoid combination with phosphor fertilizer or crop protection products.
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Product information:
Product typ: 100% natural plant additive
• Selected natural micronized fossil algal calcite
with high content of trace elements
• formulation substance
General product specification:
Physical/chemical specifications:
Average nutrient content:
Calcium oxide (CaO):40,0-50,0%
Magnesium oxide (MgO): 2,5- 4,5%
Silicon (Si): 3,0- 4,0% Contains trace elements as:
Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, ca. 0,1%-0,2%
fast water dispersible granules (WDG)
pH-value (0,2% suspension): 6,5 – 7,5
Spec. weight:0.75-0.85
Granules size:
0,25-2,00 mm
Average particle size within
micro granules:
Ø<5 µm
Package unit:
3 – 5 - 10 kg bucket
Store in a cool, dry place. Use only when needed.
Apply in accordance with good practice and legal requirements.
Beware of dust. Protect and keep away from children and animals.
For healthy growth
For a clean environment
For better yields
For easy application
Free of chemical additives
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