National Speakers Association Message Stick

National Speakers Association
Message Stick
NSW Chapter President Phil
Preston and his leadership team
had the great idea of hosting a
NSW Past Presidents’ Dinner on
April 30. Phil tells me there was a
fantastic turnout. Each Past
President told the room how
speaking had changed their lives
and provided some wisdom for
the current generation of leaders.
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I am looking for an enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteer to
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[email protected]
Winston Marsh, President
Welcome to new members
Georgina Adams
Philip Anderson
Samuel Cawthorn
Taruni Falconer
Michele Glennoe
Vikki Malmberg
Patricia McMillan
Karelynne Randall
Annette Riseley
Bruce Sullivan
Sue Weser
If we all found one more member
we’d double our numbers and have
an even stronger NSAA better able
to help you and other speakers.
In this issue
Chapter Events
Tips for your speaking business
Insurance warning for speakers
Parmia becomes AJG
Member was twice shot
L-R: Julie Garland McLellan, Brendan Walsh, Max Hitchins, Rodney Marks, Yvonne Collier, Mike Schoettler, Nina Sunday, Isabel Deeble, John
Lane-Smith, Catherine Palin-Brinkworth, David Nomchong, Lynn Champion, Doug Callander at the NSW Past Presidents’ Dinner.
NSAA Message Stick – May 2015 –
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WARNING: Inadequate insurance
cover putting speakers at risk
Key types of cover and
why you need it...
Speakers and presenters are being urged to check their
insurance is adequate and ensure they are not falling victim to
‘off-the-shelf’ packages.
Prominent Australian insurance broker Danny Gumm, who
leads the professional associations team at Arthur J. Gallagher
(formally known as Parmia Insurance), says many speakers do
not have the right comprehensive insurance. Mr Gumm has
more than 30 years experience in the industry. He says no cover
or inappropriate cover can create significant issues if a claim
needs to be made.
“The risks of not having comprehensive professional indemnity
and public liability cover for professional speakers and
presenters are very high,” Mr Gumm says.
“You can be left with a hefty financial burden, or worse, lose
your business,” he says.
He says a broker is the best person to advise what best suits
you and your business needs. Cover should be tailored to each
individual’s requirements.
“Off-the-shelf packages offer little or inadequate protection
because they don’t take into consideration the unique nature of
each individual business.”
“We sat down with NSAA to specifically word policies to suit
speakers and take out unnecessary cover.”
“We combined professional indemnity and public liability to
create an affordable and convenient package from one insurer
and remove any gaps that can arise when you have two
separate polices.”
Arthur J. Gallagher can provide cover for a wide range of
industry professionals including facilitators, trainers,
consultants, mentors, coaches, speakers, educators, advisors,
human resource specialists and learning development
Arthur J. Gallagher is the world’s fourth largest insurance
brokerage and risk management services firm. Its insurance
policies for the National Speakers Association of Australia are
written by world leading insurer Lloyd’s of London, and are
recommended by brokers and manufacturers due to their
highly competitive cover.
AJG was a sponsor of NSAA 2015 Convention. Please consider
giving your business to those who support your industry
association. For more information visit
NSAA Message Stick – May 2015 –
Professional Indemnity
Covers you for breaches when giving
a professional opinion. Eg. If you
make an omission or provide
incorrect information and someone
acts on that incorrectly.
Public Liability
Covers you if you are legally
responsible for damage or personal
injury to a third party. Eg. Someone
trips over your equipment cords or
your banner falls on them at an
Arthur J. Gallagher (AJG) has acquired
Parmia Insurance but there is no
change to the insurance contracts or
policies for existing NSAA member
policy holders. Parmia has been
providing tailored insurance solutions
to National Speakers Association of
Australia members since 2009.
Insurance includes professional
indemnity and public liability as well as
comprehensive travel insurance, broad
equipment cover and ad-hoc free risk
management advice.
Danny Gumm from AJG says if you are
already a Parmia client you do not need
to take any action. He says you don't
need to sign a new agreement and your
cover remains in place.
P a g e |2
Member profile: Daryl Elliot Green
Resources for your
Expand Your Digital Footprint to Get
The more visibility you have online, the
larger your footprint and the easier it is
for your target prospects to find you
and vet you as a credible resource.
There are many things you can do to
expand your digital footprint. Read the
full article in Speaker Magazine.
Connect with your audience in seconds
It only took a dramatically intense millisecond for Senior
Sergeant Daryl Elliott Green’s life to implode. At 3:50am on 1
May 2000 in a dark Brisbane cul-de-sac, Queensland Police
Officer Daryl Green was twice shot (the name of his business).
He and two other officers miraculously survived.
Shot in the face and shoulder from a metre away by a
semiautomatic .22 calibre rifle, Daryl survived every police
officer’s worst nightmare. Initially doubled over by the impact,
he drew his Service revolver, exited the police vehicle and
searched for the offender.
Over the next seven years Daryl endured a series of facial
reconstruction surgeries and experienced depression for the
first time in his 27 years. He demonstrated incredible strength
of character, determination, motivation and resilience to return
to work with the Queensland Police Service and complete a
Master of Applied Finance.
Daryl now gives powerful talks on resilience, discussing
personal, professional and management lessons supported by
the latest research. Lessons include actively choosing attitudes
to events; being proactive; managing triggers; practising selfcare; finding supportive and positive role models; gaining
insight; engaging in courageous conversations.
Daryl has received many distinguished awards, most notably
the Queensland Police Service Valour Award – the highest
award for valour in the Queensland Police Service. At NSAA
Convention he was awarded the Kerrie Nairn Scholarship.
Read all about it! NSAA members in the News
Daryl was recently interviewed about his scholarship win on
Channel 9 News Brisbane and by NSAA Past Queensland
Chapter president Travis Bell (The Bucketlist Guy) for his
NSAA Message Stick – May 2015 –
As a stand-up comedian and speaker,
Judy Carter knows how to gain an
instant connection with her audiences.
In this video, Judy shares tips you can
use in your next speaking engagement
to connect with your audience in
More tips to boost your
business are on the
NSAA Facebook page
Global Speakers Federation
New VP. Shirley Taylor CSP from APSS
Singapore is the next GSF Vice President
(President 2017-2018).
President praises #NSAA2015. “Both
the NSA Australia and the PSA Southern
Africa associations delivered
outstanding conventions,”said GSF
President Lenora Billings-Harris in her
April Executive Council News.
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Chapter Events Book here
Check here for all NSAA events.
Improve Your Story Telling & Presentation Skills
Sunday 24 May 2015, 1.15pm for 1:30-4.30pm
Wrest Point Casino, Sandy Bay, Tasmania
Australian cricketing legend, speaker, author and Tasmanian
Max Walker is going home to be part of a special NSAA
workshop in May.
Max has stayed ahead of
the game as a world class
professional speaker for
decades. He has
immersed himself in
technological know-how
and social media and has
built his own company
around the opportunities
new media brings into
our world.
You may not know that
Mr Walker is a fully
qualified architect. He
crafts his presentations
with his creative
architectural skills. In his
session at this special
workshop you will be shown a presentation by Max and taken
into how he created it. It is part of how he’ll help you improve
your speaking and presenting skills.
More information is on the NSAA website event section.
Special rate for NSA USA Convention
Influence 2015
Washington DC
July 18-21
NSAA members are able to get USA member registration rates.
Choose the non member option but use the special promo code
Book here
NSAA Message Stick – May 2015 –
QLD and NT
May 19, 5.45pm
Brisbane Riverview Hotel, Hamilton.
1 - How to publish & market your
books effectively with Maria Carlton.
2 - Five ways to fabulous profit from
professional speaking with
Catherine Palin-Brinkworth.
May 21, 5.30pm
Grace Hotel, Sydney
Climbing Mt Keynote - keeping your
keynote fresh with Tim Longhurst &
Fantastic facilitations with Allan Ryan.
Members-only Business Session: How
to make use of webinar technology
with Andrew Dent of Zeeting.
May 11, 6pm
Crown Entertainment Complex,
Botanical Rooms, Perth
A panel of six professional speakers will
provide 'tips from the top' to help you
to keep your speaking diary full.
 Rachel Green, CSP
 Patrick Hollingworth, CSP
 David Koutsoukis, CSP
 Thomas Murrell, CSP
 Rabia Siddique, PSM
 Paula Smith, CSP
May 18, 5:30– 9pm
Bayview on the Park, Richmond,
The New Rules of Speaking with Sam
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