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PBS Food: A Recipe for Success for Sponsors
A Fresh Offering for Sponsors
PBS Food Features
• Popular destination for foodies – marries
cooking shows, blogs and recipes from PBS and
local stations. From Julia Child to Martha Stewart
and José Andrés, PBS Food celebrates today’s
culinary leaders and legendary, iconic chefs
• Fresh Tastes Blog – this original PBS Food
blog from noted food bloggers Mark Matsumoto
and Adrianna Adarme serves up new posts and
recipes several times a week
• Stellar video – newer series like Mind of a Chef
and video blog Kitchen Vignettes for PBS
complement favorites like Baking with Julia
• Recipe database – more than 2,500 entries
from PBS Food national and local programs and blogs
• Special Features – seasonal compilations
around holidays, food-focused events and ongoing
series like History Kitchen
The Sweet Smell of Success
Serving Users Hungry for Food Content
• With several of the top ten search terms on
PBS.org related to cooking or food, PBS
Food meets audience demand with fresh
and relevant food features
• A fast-growing site with more than 814k
unique monthly visitors1 and 1.85 million
monthly impressions across PBS Food
section, blogs and video2
• Nearly 20 million monthly pageviews, an
84% YOY increase from 2014 to 2015
• February set a monthly record for PBS Food
with 897k visits and 4.6 million page views4
Sources: 1Google Analytics, 6-month average Sept. 2014 – Feb. 2015; 2DART ad impressions, May 2014;
3Google Analytics, Jul-Dec 2013 vs. Jul-Dec 2014; 4Google Analytics, Feb. ‘15.
A Robust Opportunity for Sponsors
Sponsorship Elements
PBS Food Homepage
• Pushdown Unit – 970x66 pencil expands to
970x418 banner; opportunity to feature
in-banner video content
• 300x250 or 300x600 banner placement
PBS Food Interior Pages
• :15 or :30 video pre-roll with 728x90
companion unit (728x90 in PBS Video player only)
• 300x250, 300x600 and 728x90 banners
• Opportunity to target sponsorships by
site topic or section
PBS Food “Extracts” Newsletter
• 46k subscribers with an open rate of 24%
and CTR of 5.5% on newsletter content
Source: PBS Food newsletter subscriber data from Eloqua, December 2014
The Foodie
Connoisseurs of Food and Culture
• Bought gourmet foods offline in the past
30 days (Index 208)
• Enjoy cooking for fun (Index 123)
• Provide advice on food and beverage
products (Index 124)
• Bought organic food offline in the past 30
days (Index 124)
• Searched online for recipes or cookbooks
in the last 30 days (Index 120)
• First among friends to try new food and
beverage products (Index 132)
Source: comScore Plan Metrix, 3-month average Oct-Dec 2014; Data refers specifically to PBS Food online audience.
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