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NCA Regional Finals
The NCA has 7 regions and sponsors Regional Finals in each.
Regional Finals should be held as late in the qualifying year as is practical.
Competitors must qualify by earning NCA points in trials held within the region.
◦ Qualifying year is different for each region and is the 12 month period preceding the
Regional Final.
Nursery dogs must be eligible to compete in the upcoming NCA National Finals in order to be
eligible for the Regional Finals.
Regional Finals may be held in conjunction with another trial.
◦ If held in conjunction with another trial, NCA points earned at that trial will count only
toward the following year's Regional Final.
If the trial is solely a regional Final, the name of the trial should be:
NCA (name of region) (year) Regional Finals.
NCA will provide buckles for all classes (Open, Nursery, Intermediate, Open Horseback and
Intermediate Horseback).
◦ Not all classes must be offered.
◦ Trial hosts may award such monetary and other prizes as they deem appropriate.
Trial hosts may charge appropriate entry fees.
◦ There are no NCA sanctioning fees for Regional Finals.
Trial hosts interested in holding a Regional Finals must submit an application to the NCA office
before June 1.
◦ The NCA Board of Directors will approve all applications and select sites when there are
multiple applicants from a single region.
◦ Whenever possible, please fill out application on a computer
Regional Finals Application
Name of Trial:_________________________________________________________________
Location: __________________________________________
Person in charge of trial:_________________________________________________________
Phone: __________________________ Email: _________________________________
Dates of trial: ___________________________
Was this trial held Last year?
If so, how many runs? ______
Anticipated number of total runs for this year's trial: ____________________
Regional Finals Classes that will be offered (indicate number of entries that will be accepted per class):
Open ____ Nursery ____ Intermediate ____ Open Horseback ____ Intermediate Horseback ____
Describe the format of the Finals. Indicate if the trial will be field, arena or a combination and if different classes
will use different style venues. Will there be a semifinals and a finals, or just a finals for each class? Will you
provide prize money or additional prizes? (NCA will provide buckles.)
Please give a brief description of the courses and obstacles you plan on using
Signature: _____________________________________________________ Date: __________________
(Simply type name if emailing form)
Email to: [email protected]
Mail to: National Cattledog Association
1175 58th Avenue, Suite 100
Greeley, Co. 80634