Newsletter Mar 19 - Nathalia Primary School
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Acting Principal: Helen Ginnivan
‘Learning for Life”
Holders of Nathalia’s educational history since 1878
March 19th, 2015
All Up Fee Payment
Parent/Teacher Interviews
- Monday, March 23rd
- Tuesday, March 24th
Joint Water Activity Day - Grades Prep - 2, 2.30pm
Dear Families,
Principal Appointment
Today I was informed that Chris McCallum, Katunga
Primary School, will be the new principal of Nathalia Primary.
Chris brings a depth of experience in educational leadership
and I welcome him to your school community. This is an
exciting time for Nathalia Primary School community to work
together to look at practices and how best to deliver
learning opportunities for your students.
Canberra Trip
It seems like a while ago that the year 5 and 6 went off to
Canberra, but with no newsletter last week I have not had
the chance to thank the staff who attended- Deb Inglis,
Hannah Routledge, Alana Zammit and Sam Page. The
students arrived back on the Friday excited and full, of
stories about the AIS, Questacon and Parliament. It is a
wonderful opportunity for children to go away together and
this helps with social and personal learning. Thank you for
supporting this camp as it is quite expensive.
Nathalia Learning Cluster
This week Rachael White has joined with staff from
our Nathalia Learning Cluster to attend a Bastow
Changemakers course. I am looking forward to seeing where
Rachael will take this new knowledge. Rachael is focusing
on literacy in the school this year and I am sure this will help
her implement strategies to assist with reading, spelling and
writing. As part of the cluster initiatives I attended a learning
walk at St Francis. I had the privilege of visiting a number of
classrooms and seeing their programs first hand. St Francis
has invited us to join with their Grade 3 -6 to hear a visiting
author. The grade P-2 students will be involved in a fun
water afternoon.
For the week ending
Tom (absent)
Eliza (absent)
Nathalia Primary School
Student Behaviour
On Monday I addressed the students at
assembly and informed them of the weeks events
as well as the bad hair day this Friday.
Unfortunately a number of students were
unsettled and not focusing on the messages.
Tuesday we had another assembly where I
encouraged the students to INVEST in
THEMSELVES by coming to class with an attitude
that says they want to learn. I also emphasised the
need for respectful conversations and containing
anger when little things upset you. I hope you can
reinforce these message at home.
Parent Teacher Interviews
This week staff and students have been
focusing of testing and having data and work folios
ready for parents when you attend parent teacher
interviews next week. This is an ideal opportunity
to talk to your child children about what they are
learning, how they are learning and what you can
do to support their learning. In this meeting you will
be able to discuss learning goals for your child.
3 Year Engagement & Mentor Program
On Tuesday, I had a meeting with Sue
Maloney from the Nathalia Community House
which has received $75,000 funding through the
Victorian Government Engage Youth funding to
conduct a three year engagement and mentoring
project for young people in Nathalia and District.
The project is being undertaken in partnership with
the local primary and secondary schools to
empower your people to develop Partnerships,
Skills, Connections, Health and Well-being plus
Community Engagement.
If you would like to know more information
on this project please contact Sue Maloney at
Nathalia Community House on 58662449 or call
into 44 Blake St Nathalia. We will have two teams
of 6 grade 6 students involved in the project. Next
Monday 23rd students will have the first meeting
with the program leaders. This is an exciting project
for our community and a wonderful opportunity for
our students to work with adult mentors.
School Council
School council will meet on Thursday 26th
March for the Annual General Meeting this will be a
very short meeting with the election of officer
bearers, committee membership and a brief report
from the president and principal.
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Visiting Author
On the 20th March St. Francis have invited
our Grade 3 to 6 students to join with them to listen
to a visiting author.
He is a joke teller who has a message around
Helen Ginnivan,
/6 Canberra Camp
Our Grade 5 & 6 students have returned from an
education tour of our national capital. The campers
have learnt lots of new things about Australia’s
history, culture, heritage, Canberra, democracy and
the parliamentary system. We had some students
dress up as the speaker, sergeant at arms and act
out a debate on TV ads.
We visited Sharman Stone in her office.
The Australian Government r e c o g n i z e s
importance of all young students to visit the national
capital as part of their Civics & Citizenship education.
To reduce the cost to families we have already
deducted this amount off the cost of the camp. The
Australian Government will contribute, directly to the
school, the amount of $30.00 per student, under the
Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program,
towards the costs at the completion of the excursion.
Debbie Inglis
arewell Dinner
There will be a Farewell and Thank You Dinner
for Helen Ginnivan on Thursday March 26th at
6.30pm at the Bridge Hotel.
There will be an A la Carte meal available
(order when you arrive).
Please RSVP to either Jane Hando at
[email protected] or Ruth James on
5866 2677 or [email protected] by
March 19th.
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Nathalia Primary School
Week Ending
“You were a most
student on our Canberra
Week Ending
“ You have been great this
week, helping students with
their learning in class.”
irth Notice
On Friday, March 6th, my mum had the baby at
It was a beautiful boy with tiny hands.
His name was Kayden Robert Curtis. He came home the
next day. I was so happy when I saw him.
The day I held him he was so cuddly.
Colour, style and create
interesting hair styles
Gold coin donation
(monies raised will go towards
“”Shave for a Cure”
There will be a parade at 10.30am,
before recess.
St Mary of the Angels Secondary College
2015 Information Evenings
St. Mary of the Angels - Nathalia
Monday May 4th, 2015
Open Day
Wednesday, May 20th
Guided Tours 9.30am - 2.30pm
On Monday the 2nd March Nathalia Primary School’s grade 5/6s
On Monday morning all the grade 5/6s had to get up
went to Canberra. We departed school at 7.00am on Ford’s buses.
early to be on the bus by 6.30 am and leave at 7am. On
It took around 8 hours to get to Canberra but it only took that long
the way we stopped at Strathmerton to pick up Miss
because we stopped at Albury for a snack and stopped at the Tuckerbox for lunch.
Gundagai for lunch.
When we got to Canberra, we got our keys and went to our rooms.
I was in a cabin with Georgia, Jai-Dee and Zali. It was fun to be
who designed Canberra. After that we went for a walk
sleeping. We had 2 bunks and a double bed. Zali slept on one of the
bunk and Georgia slept on the other bottom bunk. We had to go to
tea. We had spaghetti and for dessert we had lemon cake. It was
On Tuesday, Miss Inglis came in and woke us up at 6.30 am. Then
we had 20 minutes to get ready for breakfast. I had cereal then I
had a bit of toast with scrambled eggs. It was delicious. After
After a long 7 to 8 hours we arrived at Canberra and
went to the National planning centre. We learnt about
with them. When we got to our cabin we discussed where we were
top bunks and I slept on the bottom. Jai-Dee slept on another top
Routledge. Our next stop was at the Tucker box at
and saw some fruit bats.
The next day we went to Parliament House and we
learnt about the prime ministers and we acted out a
My favourite things at Canberra was probably Questacon
and the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport). We also visited a lot of other places.
By Cody.
breaky we went back to our cabin and got ready to go to parliament. We got on the bus and left for a fun day. At parliament the
first thing we had to go through security like at the airport.
By Emily.
Last week, from the 2nd of March to the 6th March, 5/6
Nathalia students visited Canberra.
It was 6.30am on Monday, everybody yawning but excited to
see our capital city of Australia. Our bus driver was Harry. He
was a happy man always smiling.
It took 6 hours to get to Canberra including stops. Mr Page,
Miss Routledge, Mrs Zammit and Miss Inglis went with us.
Miss Inglis was really happy to be coming to Canberra because for the last few years she was begging to come and
finally she got to come. We stopped at the dog on the tuckerbox for lunch.
We went to Mount Ainslie. When we got to the top of the
mountain we could see all views of Canberra. After that we
went to the exhibition about Canberra and learnt about how
Canberra became the capital city.
By Jai-Dee
Nathalia Secondary College
Community Woodwork Sessions
4.30pm - 7.00pm
Please contact Jack Tynan at the
secondary school on 5866 2331
4th -- Region Swimming - Shepparton
9th - Labour Day ( Public Holiday )
10th - School Council AGM
- Parents ’ Club Meeting
20th - Water Fun Day - Infant school & St. Francis
23rd - Parent/Teacher Interviews
24th - Parent/Teacher Interviews
27th - Term One concludes
3rd - Good Friday
1st - Division Basketball Trials
5th - Winter Sport - V ’ s St. Francis
4th - 6th Easter
4th - Region Soccer Trials ( Shepparton )
8th - Queens Birthday Public Holiday
13th - Term Two Commences
5th - Region Netball Trials ( Benalla )
9th - School Council Meeting
14th - “ Dangerous Australians ”
6th - Interschool Cross Country
Visiting performance
8th - Winter Sport V ’ s Katunga/Kat. St ( Home )
- Parents ’ Club Meeting
12th - Report Writing Day
15th - State Swimming Championships
10th - Mothers Day
17th - Region Cross Country - ( B roadford )
21st - 23rd - 3/4 Camp ( Billabong Ranch )
11th - Region Football Trials ( Benalla )
18th - Visiting Arts Performance ( Hercules )
27th - Anzac Day Public Holiday
12th - School Council meeting
19th - Winter Sport V ’ s Strathmerton ( Home )
- Division Netball Trials
28th - Division Football Trials
- Division Soccer Trials
- Parents ’ Club meeting
12th - 15th - NAPLAN Tests
24th - Reports & Learning Journals sent home
26th- Term Two concludes
22nd - Division Cross Country
- Winter Sport V ’ s St Josephs at Numurkah
TBC - School Cross Country
13th - Term Three commences
14th - School Council Meeting
- Parents ’ Club Meeting
16th - State Cross Country
27th - School Photographs
7th - Regional Football/Netball/ Soccer/Teeball
11th- School Council meeting
- Parents ’ Club meeting
24th - Division Football/Netball/Soccer/ Teeball
6th - Fathers Day
8th - School Council meeting
- Parents ’ Club Meeting
10th - School Concert
14th - Division Golf Championship
TBC - Lightning Premiership ( Numurkah )
18th - Term Three concludes
- Winter Sport V ’ s Numurkah
( Numurkah )
TBC - Parent/Teacher Interviews
31st - Lightning Premiership ( Yarrawonga )
5th - Term Four commences
2nd - Pupil Free Day
9th - Inter-School Athletic Sports
3rd - Melbourne Cup Day
12th - Division Athletics Carnival - ( Shepp )
6th -Region Basketball & Softball ( Shepp )
16th - Region Athletic Championship
( Shepp )
23rd - State Athletics Championships
TBC - School Council Meeting
- Parents ’ Club Meeting
8th - School Council Meeting
- Parents ’ Club Meeting
18th- Term Four concludes
10th - School Council meeting
- Parents ’ Club meeting
TBA - Grade Six Graduation
11th - Remembrance Day
- Water Safety Program
16th - Region Golf Championships ( Benalla )
- Pool Day
18th - Division Hot Shots ( Shepparton )
- Infant Camp & Activity Day
26th - Region Hot Shots ( Wangaratta )
January 2016
January 26th - Staff Resume
January 28th -Term One commences
arents’ Club
Hot Cross Bun Tucker Day
Tuesday, March 24th
At lunch time
Traditional (fruit) &
Choc Chip
@ $1.50 each
1/2 Dozen packs are also
available @ $6.00.
Orders are to be collected from school
on TUESDAY, March 24th.
Each family has been approached to
supply 1 or 2 of Chocolate/Easter eggs
for the hampers.
Raffle tickets have been sent home
with students.
Each family has been asked to sell 20
tickets - $1.00 each.
Raffle will be drawn on Monday, March
23rd at the 9.00am school assembly.
1st - Ginger Bread House
(Made, decorated & donated by
Marg. Richards)
2nd - Easter Egg & Chocolate Hamper
3rd - Easter Egg & Chocolate Hamper
4th - Easter Eggs
5th - Easter Eggs