Setting the Industry Standards for
the Assessment and Rehabilitation of
Underground Infrastructure
PACP 7.0 is here!
May 2015 Edition
Registration Available!
After three years, countless web-based meetings, and tremendous dedication of dozens of professionals, NASSCO
is training PACP Version 7.0. While the training is a significant milestone, we still continue to improve the
program. During our initial classes in May, at least 10 trainers observed the training and participated in making final
improvements to the training materials. These revisions will result in Version 7.0.1 that will be released later this year.
This is exactly how Version 6.0.1 was established. At the same time, we are updating the exchange database and the
data dictionary as the software vendors develop the new software.
President’s Corner.................................2
There are far too many people to thank for their contributions to this update, but I do want to thank each of you that
contributed to its success. The team responsible for this revision includes contractors, engineers, municipalities, pipe
manufacturers, and many PACP trainers. There were contributions from the Software Vendor Committee, Manhole
Rehab Committee, Lateral Committee, CIPP Committee, Asset Management Committee, and others. CERIU is
currently translating the manual and training materials into French, and the Latin American Committee is translating it
into Spanish.
Meet a Member....................................14
All manuals include a review form for every certified PACP user to use for comments to help continually improve
the program. As PACP becomes even more widely used in the U.S., as well as in Canada and Latin America, our
responsibility to keep PACP relevant and applicable increases, so we need your input. We’ve also provided a link to the
review form on
Executive Director’s Message.................3
Technical Director’s Forum.....................4
From the Committees.............................6
Training Calendar.................................12
Industry News.......................................16
Scholarship Winner..............................17
Media Partners.....................................19
From the Divisions................................20
More Industry News.............................22
PACP users who were either certified or recertified since January 1, 2015, and received a manual with the class, qualify for and may request an unbound
Version 7.0 manual for $10 or a free pdf copy. We will be sending an announcement and instructions for this via email to all PACP users who received the
6.0.1 manual with their training since January 1st. Be on the lookout!
Final Call for Papers- 2016 Annual Conference
February 10-13, 2016 | Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa; Maui, Hawaii
A big part of NASSCO’s Annual Conference is Technical Day, where a wide variety of technical presentations are made with attendee interaction. We are
currently seeking speakers and topics for the 2016 Annual Conference. Although topic choices are wide open, new technologies, equipment and processes, along
with case studies, are well received.
If you are interested, contact Lynn Osborn, NASSCO’s Technical Director, by email
([email protected]), phone (314-378-1275) or in person by May 30, 2015.
Presentations will be 20 - 25 minutes in length with 5-10 minutes of Q&A following.
Presenting at the Annual Conference is a huge benefit of NASSCO membership, so take
advantage and contact Lynn today!
We hope you can join us for our 40th Anniversary! Reservation information will be
available soon on
President’s Corner
Becoming a NASSCO, “Elbow-Rubbing Schmoozer”....
or, The Value of NASSCO Membership
When I recruit
new members for
NASSCO, I often
hear the question
“What is the value
or return for being a
NASSCO member?”
The formal answer
could be that when
you join NASSCO,
you support an
organization that
influences and sets
standards for the assessment and rehabilitation
of underground infrastructure through education,
publishing of articles and specifications, and other
strategies to create awareness and help grow the
industry. However, many of our current members
would simply tell you that the #1 benefit of being a
NASSCO member is the opportunity to network with
peers and other industry experts.
Merriam-Webster defines networking as “the
exchange of information or services among
individuals, groups or institutions, specifically:
the cultivation of productive relationships for
employment or business.” Many of the members
would define NASSCO networking as rubbing elbows
or schmoozing with industry icons. But the ultimate
benefit is to share information to help us all succeed.
Having 40 years of experience in the plumbing and
sewer industry, I consider myself to be somewhat of
an industry expert. In addition to those 40 years, what
also qualifies me as an expert is my understanding
that there is a lot I still don’t know about the
industry. Yet, if there is something I need to learn,
I know that I can count on the NASSCO network of
experts—and their combined thousands of years of
experience—for answers. Just including the current
NASSCO Board, Staff Members and NASSCO’s
Technical Director, we have a combined 400+ years
of industry experience! (Before you do the math …
no, we are not four, 100-year old geezers). But if you
multiply the number of years’ experience by the total
membership, I am sure that we have over 10,000
years of collective experience as a group! That is
a lot of industry knowledge and experience! There
is so much to know, learn and share, and you also
have a lot to contribute and gain from this dynamic
Here are a few tips on how you can cultivate
relationships within the NASSCO community
and share, as well as receive, extensive industry
1. Join NASSCO
2. Have a sincere desire to give back to the
3. Join one of our highly-influential committees
4. Contribute to our many technical specifications
and guidelines
5. Submit an article on a unique underground
rehabilitation project
6. Submit an article that provides technical tips
and information
7. Take a NASSCO training class
8. Attend the semi-annual NASSCO meeting at
9. Learn about involvement at the NASSCO
board level
10. Attend the annual conference in Maui
11. Network!
So roll up your sleeves, get involved with NASSCO,
and you will quickly make new friends, connect with
old ones, have the opportunity to give back to the
industry and expand your industry knowledge!
Mark Metcalfe
Chief Schmoozer and NASSCO President
Executive Director’s Message
By Ted DeBoda, P.E.
Is there life after the release of PACP 7.0 in May?
The answer is yes!
Our sights are now set on updating the NASSCO
Manual of Practice (MOP). The MOP table of
contents was presented at the annual conference and
now we will start adding content. While some of the
previous version’s content applies, there has been
substantial progress in the trenchless industry since
then. With that progress and the strides we continue
to make in the industry, there will be many new
topics in the new version of the manual. We will be
reaching out to many of the NASSCO Committees to
help in this effort, so if you are not yet a part of one of
our active committees, join today!
Another initiative that is next in line, for target
practice, is the Apprenticeship Program. We are
working with the U.S. Department of Labor on this
exciting program which should be complete by midsummer.
NASSCO continues to provide excellent training
to the industry and recently conducted two free
webinars, both of which are available on the nassco.
org. On March 11th, we conducted a WEF Webcast
that provided information about PACP Version 7.0.
This was the second highest attended webcast in WEF
history (next to the Ebola Webcast), which confirms
the widespread use of the program and interest in
the next version. On April 29th, NASSCO’s Lateral
Rehabilitation Committee held NASSCO’s first
webcast in cooperation with Trenchless Technology
titled “Lateral Assessment, Rehabilitation, and
Results”. There was a very high level of interest
in the municipal perspectives of the different
technologies available. Thank you to the excellent
speakers, as well as the sponsors of these webcasts,
including Jack Doheny Companies, t4Spatial, ProPipe, and BLD Services, LLC.
Since the last edition of NASSCO Times, many of
us attended the No-Dig conference in Denver, CO
and WEF Collections in Cincinnati, OH. Both were
excellent conferences in terms of the quality
May ‘15 Edition
of the technical presentations,
as well as the attendees’
common interests in trenchless
Next up is a trip to Atlantic
City for NJWEA’s 100th
Anniversary Conference,
which will include NASSCO’s
Sewer History Exhibit.
NASSCO has several presentations on the agenda and
we will also be judges for the Operations Challenge
It seems the Sewer History Exhibit is mentioned
in almost every edition of the Times, and this is no
exception. Because of the huge popularity of the
exhibit and the incredible learning experience it
provides, NASSCO will be soliciting sponsorships
to help transport this exhibit to local conferences
and trade shows around the country. Sponsorships
will be $2,500 for 2015/2016 ($1,500 for those who
sponsored the WWETT show in February) which
will be used to defray the costs to other conferences.
We believe these opportunities will be a win-win
for everyone involved, and will provide profound
educational opportunities to those in our industry who
cannot make it to some of the national conferences.
Stay tuned to the NASSCO Pipelines for more
Finally, as you read through this edition of NASSCO
Times, I encourage you to look for opportunities
to get involved, and in doing so, get to know other
members of this great industry. Together, we can
have a profound impact on this industry!
Ted DeBoda, P.E.
Executive Director
Technical Director’s Forum
By Lynn Osborn
ITCP CIPP Manual Update
I was fortunate to attend
the Inspector Training and
Certification Program for
CIPP conducted by Gerry
Muenchmeyer in Madison,
WI. Although the CIPP course
was developed 8 years ago, the
presentation material is still
pertinent and remains current
with the times. However, there are improvements
that need to be made, and we have started working
through the manual deleting, changing or adding
material as needed. One area where help will be
needed is updated photos; more on that later.
ASTM Activity
One of NASSCO’s core competencies is setting
standards for the rehabilitation of the underground
infrastructure for the industry. Several NASSCO
members are active in ASTM and help to maintain
the integrity of ASTM standards. Current activity
includes an update of ASTM F 1216-09, the
cornerstone CIPP ASTM standard. This update
is being led by Kaleel Rahaim with several other
NASSCO members involved. Other ASTM activities
include proposed changes to ASTM F2561-11, which
covers the rehabilitation of sewer service laterals
and the connection to the main sewer and a proposed
standard for the use of video micrometer/calibrator
measurement technology for rigid pipe cracks.
Annual Conference Technical Day: Maui 2016
As the Annual Conference continues to grow, we are
continually looking for ways to improve Technical
Day. Because of this, the NASSCO Board set up
an ad hoc committee, under the Annual Conference
Committee, to help with the planning of Technical
Day. The 2016 Technical Day Committee has held
two meetings and has made significant progress.
To date, more than a dozen potential presenters
have responded to the “Call for Papers” or other
notifications. Also, the technical committees have
been encouraged to submit abstracts. If you are
interested in being a speaker at Technical Day 2016 in
Maui, please contact me at [email protected] by
May 30.
Conference Workshops
Gerry Muenchmeyer planned and conducted a
preconference workshop at the WEF Collection
Systems conference in Cincinnati in April. The
8 hour workshop on CIPP and Pipe Bursting was
titled Trenchless Rehabilitation & Replacement
Technologies - Specifications, Quality Control and
Inspection. Gerry has also planned a preconference
workshop for the ASCE Pipelines 2015 conference
in Baltimore in August. This 4 hour workshop title
is Writing Performance Specifications for Cured-InPlace Pipe and Manhole Rehabilitation Technologies
Projects. What must be included? Several NASSCO
members served or will serve as presenters for these
Underground Magazine Article
Several NASSCO members were interviewed by
Underground Magazine for an article on non-styrene
resins. The article discusses various needs for nonstyrene resins and how this resin is being used in
today’s CIPP market. Participating were Kaleel
Rahaim, Bill Moore, Dave Kozman and Lynn Osborn.
Technical Inquiries or
Interested in Participating?
Send us an Email!
[email protected]
Cleanout System
Main to Lateral Lining
• VAC-A-TEE® Saddle Kits
• Minimally Invasive Installation
• Easy to Install
CIPP Lateral Lining
• Meets ASTM F2561
• T-Liner ®, Shorty™, and Stubby™
One-Piece Connection Lining
• Insignia™ Compression Gaskets
Mainline Repair
Gasket Sealing
• ASTM F2599 Compliant
• Inverted In-Place Sectional CIPP
• 100% Trenchless
• Performance Liner ® CIPP
• Lining Through A Cleanout
Manhole Rehabilitation
• Insignia End Seals
• 6 in. - 54 in. Diameters Available
• CIPMH™ Full Depth Lining
• CIPMH Chimney Lining
• One Size Fits Most
LMK Technologies’
T-Liner ® with Insignia™
Hydrohat Compression
Gasket Sealing System
was named a winner of
the 2014 Annual Chicago
Innovation Awards out of
500 plus nominees.
Phone: (815) 433-1275 Email: [email protected] Web:
May ‘15 Edition
From the Committees
Software Vendor Committee
Jeremy Wagner, Chair Person
Operations & Maintenance Committee
Joe Schotthoefer, Chair Person
Last meeting: 2/23/15
Last meeting: 2/13/15
We are waiting for the final release of PACP/LACP/
MACP Version 7. Once this has been completed and
should be before this goes to print, we will be sending out
the data dictionary for review and discussion by all the
members of the SVC. Once review has been completed,
we will send out the databases for review and discussion.
We are still hoping to start certifying software for Version
7.0 in July.
The committee has begun assigning modules in need of
update from the Manual of Practice as a segue into the
Jetter Code. The Large Diameter Cleaning and Inspection
Guideline is underway by the collection of existing
specifications and defining areas of improvement needed,
as well as objectives for the new guideline.
Certification will require valid import of older versions
4.4 and 6.0. Version 2.2 and 4.2 have been removed from
the certification.
NASSCO has asked the Software Vendors to help gather
PACP data from our customers for the “One-Voice”
program. Further information regarding “One-Voice” is
available on NASSCO’s website.
Discussion was had how NASSCO is going to handle
embedded software programs that are using NASSCO
codes. One idea was to create a standard export,
most likely XML that would have to be created by the
embedded software. They would also need to go through
data entry testing as the other Certified Software Vendors
do. This still requires further discussions.
During development of PACP Version 7.0, we discovered
quite a few inconsistencies between the manual,
data dictionaries, and databases. The manual review
committee has addressed this and the software vendors
committee will make sure that we have everything correct
with the data dictionary and the database.
Action Items In-progress/Pending:
• Consistency between the Manual, data
dictionaries and databases
• PACP/LACP/MACP Version 7.0 data dictionary
• PACP/LACP/MACP Version 7.0 database
• Guidelines for upgrading previous version data to
Version 7.0
• Embedded software certification
Action Items Completed:
Discussion of MOP work by committee
preceding Jetter code.
Action Items In-progress/Pending:
• Call for specs and defined large diameter sub
committee (by the time the newsletter is published)
MOP modules for the committee to work on.
Manhole Rehab Committee
Bob O’Connor, Co-Chair Person
Last meeting: 4/8/15 Next meeting: 5/13/15
We established several goals at the annual conference:
1. A short monthly call
2. The need for 8 case studies of rehab products that have
had long term positive results in a municipality
3. Establishing an appendix to ASTM MOP 92 for
Manhole lining design and testing
Action Items Completed:
On our first monthly call we had six volunteers to write
case studies, and an article was submitted to NASSCO for
review and publication. It was a case study about manhole
inserts put together by Craig Gaul and Bob O’Connor.
Also a meeting was held in Cincinnati at WEF collections
to begin the process of coming up with a manhole lining
design and testing Method of Practice.
There has been great participation and energy in this
(more on page 8)
Pipe Inspection’s
We’ve analyzed the most
popular inspection vehicle
configurations and geared up
to deliver them faster and more
affordably. Order with confidence
knowing your build-out reflects
industry preferences.
Pan/tilt SAT is updated with
new controls, drive train and
camera; new RX400 crawler
inspects pipe up to 10’ dia.
push camera
Reaching as far as 330’ into
laterals, VeriSight Pro 360 tilts
±135 degrees and pans 360.
ROVVER X dominates our industry—it’s the most
agile, capable crawler out there, with a single
system letting you perform CCTV, lateral launch,
side scanning and laser profiling in any size line.
But let’s face it, even a performance crawler like
ROVVER X isn’t always the best way to see inside
pipe. That’s why Envirosight has pioneered gamechanging technologies like zooming and video
nozzles, and why we’ve perfected the push camera.
Ultimately, Underground Understood is about
having the best equipment to answer any
inspection challenge. Schedule a free on-site
demo and find out what it means to go all-star.
video nozzle
Now view lines up to 24” with
JetScan extension rollers, and
record up to 16 hours of footage.
May ‘15 Edition • 973.252.6700
inspection technology • asset strategies
More from the Committees
(continued from page 6)
Government Relations Committee
Dan Sisko, Chair Person
NASSCO’s Government Relations Committee has been
keeping a watchful eye on legislation and potential
funding mechanisms for our much needed sewer
projects across the United States. We will continue
to keep the membership informed on any important
updates. Here are a few noteworthy pieces of legislation/
developments taking shape at the federal level so far in
Partnership to Build America Act
Earlier this year, Congressmen John Delaney (DMd.) and Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) reintroduced the
Partnership to Build America Act in the House of
Representatives. The bill aims to leverage trillions of
dollars ‘trapped’ overseas. Instead of using appropriated
funds, the bill would create a $50 billion dollar
infrastructure fund that is capitalized by selling bonds
to private companies. In exchange for purchasing these
bonds, the companies will be able to bring back a
portion of their overseas earnings, one-time, tax free.
Sustainable Water Infrastructure Investment Act of
The Sustainable Water Infrastructure Investment
Act of 2015 was reintroduced by Reps. Bill Pascrell
(D-N.J.) and John Duncan (R-Tenn.) in the House of
Representatives in January. The bipartisan legislation
would remove water and wastewater projects from
restrictive private activity bond (PAB) state volume
caps, encouraging public-private partnerships and
enabling private capital investment for water and
wastewater infrastructure projects. At the time this
edition of NASSCO Times was published, Senate
introduction of the 2015 bill was imminent.
Water Infrastructure Finance & Innovation
Authority (WIFIA)
Signed into law last year, the five-year WIFIA pilot
program establishes low interest federal loan programs
that fund up to 49 percent of large drinking water,
wastewater and water reuse projects. In March, water
leaders urged Congress to increase the effectiveness
of WIFIA by repealing a ban on the use of tax-exempt
bonds in WIFIA-funded projects. Currently, the
program prohibits tax-exempt bonds from funding the
remaining 51 percent, taking away a cost-effective tool
for communities that seek WIFIA loans. According to
AWWA, if the ban were repealed, utilities would likely
use lower-cost tax-exempt debt for the non-WIFIA share
of project costs, lowering the overall cost of using the
WIFIA program. As a result, WIFIA could be a costeffective option for a broader range of utilities.
NASSCO’s Government Relations Committee
is planning to meet with other organizations in
Washington, D.C., in the coming weeks to explore ways
we can coordinate our efforts in educating our elected
You Can Help!
Congress needs your help to advance important water/
wastewater infrastructure legislation. Your elected
officials want to hear from you to better understand the
urgency and scope of the aging and failing infrastructure
in their Congressional districts and states. Contact your
Congressmen and Senators 202-224-3121 or www. or
Lateral Committee
Dean Monk, Chair Person
Last meeting: 4/10/15 Next meeting: 6/12/15
The Lateral Committee has been preparing for the
Lateral Webinar which was presented on April 29th. A
reocording of the webinar is available on
We have also reached out to all committee members to
get specs for different methods of lining so we can write
our own specs for NASSCO. And we published our
February article in Trenchless Technology Magazine.
Action Items Completed:
• Completed Webinar presentation
• Published February Article
Action Items In-progress/Pending:
• Working on Lateral specs
• Registering to trade shows to give Lateral
(more on page 10!)
May ‘15 Edition
More from the Committees
(continued from page 8)
CIPP Committee
Casey Smith, Chair Person
Last meeting: 2/12/15 Next meeting: 9/26-30/2015
United are working on alternative formulations for
the industry. Some formulations will be classified
as Class II and some will remain as Class III. We
will know more about the performance and costs of
these alternative offerings this summer as field trials
commence and are completed and evaluated.
CIPP Design:
The ASCE task group reports that the second draft of
the MOP is progressing slower than anticipated due to
the workload of the group and their ability to get their
assigned chapters completed so that a final discussion
can be held. They are now shooting for completing
the draft by the first of August. They will be meeting
at the ASCE Pipelines at that time and hopefully
will be able to submit the document to ASCE and
the Blue Ribbon Review Panel for their review and
recommendations. This change puts the release of the
new MOP no sooner than the 3rd quarter of 2016.
UV CIPP Subcommittee:
Since the Savannah meetings, NASSCO was
approached by a group of UV CIPP manufacturers
and contractors, resulting in some willingness by
NASSCO to consider the development of a UV CIPP
subcommittee to the NASSCO CIPP Committee,
assuming that the UV CIPP subcommittee can
determine their leadership and goals. The Chair and
Co-Chair are attempting to facilitate their efforts.
NASSCO anticipates a need to develop a CIPP
Design certification course that would reflect the new
ASCE MOP, once the MOP is further along and there
is a better understanding of NASSCO’s relationship
with ASCE as pertinent to this program. The course
preparation and a marketing approach would need to
be developed to educate municipalities and engineers
on the benefit of the new design approach, although
further input from the committee may be required.
Last meeting: 4/10/15
Next meeting (tentative): 5/8/15
Styrene Issues:
The ruling by HHS has had little effect on the
industry up until this point. There have been some
labeling change requirements and some reporting
limits changes on SDSs. Most contractors continue
to use resins containing styrene in the vast majority
of CIPP projects. There are alternative products for
styrene containing resins available. These include
epoxy resins and styrene free vinyl ester resins.
Action Items Completed:
• Would like to develop a “Tech Tips” submittal,
for September 1, 2015; focusing on the importance
of Job Site Evaluations prior to work commencing
on a site.
Initiator Reclassification:
The NFPA reclassification of peroxydicarbonate
initiators (Perkadox 16 and Norac 600 or BCHPC)
will take these formulations from a Class III to
a Class I oxidizer effective January 1, 2016. If a
contractor continues to use these formulations, more
onerous handling and storage requirements will
come into play. Both initiator suppliers, Akzo and
Health & Safety Committee
Will Markey, Chair Person
On the last Conference call, we narrowed down our
focus for our goals for this year, and added one new
member, Dennis Piven from Insituform. Members
on Committee at this time are Will Markey, Daren
Williams, Michelle Mc Greal, Nathan Brooks, Dennis
Action Items In-progress/Pending:
• Distribution among Committee members of
any Job Site Analysis forms that might be in use,
for review
• Reach out to other Committees for some
specific input on their specific industries/
technology specific issues
(more on page 12)
Providing Trenchless
Solutions through our
network of certified
since 1975.
Permaformad#9030.indd 1
Smoke Candles Smoke Fluid Systems
4/15/15 4:56:31 PM
Superior Smoke Testing Technique
The Most Cost Effective Method to Find Sources of Surface Inflow
May ‘15 Edition
May - July 2015 Training
Go to to view the entire calendar!
May 2015
PACP 1-day Recertification Classes
- June 3: Tallahassee, FL
- June 4: Hartford, CT
- June 23: Marriottsville, MD
ITCP -CIPP Classes
- May 14-15: Marriottsville, MD
- May 28-29: Johnstown, PA
- May 28-29: Fountain Valley, CA
ITCP -Manhole Rehab Classes
- June 2-4: St. Paul, MN
- June 28-30: Des Moines, IA
ITCP -Manhole Rehab Classes
- May 20-21: Laurel, MD
- May 27-28: Johnstown, PA
PACP Classes
- July 13-15: Marriottsville, MD
PACP Classes
- May 12-14: Atlantic City, NJ
- May 12-14: Gresham, OR
June 2015
PACP Classes
- June 2-4: Raleigh, NC
- June 2-4: Joliet, IL
- June 2-4: San Diego, CA
- June 10-12: Lebanon, OH
- June 8-10: Marriottsville, MD
- June 9-10: Miami, FL
- June 9-11: Meridian, ID
- June 16-18: Birmingham, AL
- June 22-24: Manchester, NH
- June 23-25: Northville, MI
- June 23-25: Virginia Beach, VA
- June 30-July 1: New Orleans, LA
July 2015
PACP 1-day Recertification Classes
- July 8: Belmont, CA
- July 9: Burlingame, CA
- July 21: Northville, MI
- July 23: Santa Barbara, CA
ITCP -CIPP Classes
- July 16-17: Sioux Falls, SD
ITCP -Manhole Rehab Classes
- July 9-10: Sacramento, CA
- July 15-16: Sioux Falls, SD
Go to for
contact information associated
with each class listed here.
More from the Committees
(continued from page 10)
Latin America Committee
Luis Leon, Chair Person
Last meeting: 25 March 2015
Next meeting: 22 May 2015
March 2015. They have now started translating the
training modules
Action Items Completed:
• Translation of ITCP manual to Spanish
Action Items In-progress/Pending:
• Translation of ITCP training modules
The group working on translation of the ITCP manual
for CIPP completed translation of the manual in
US: 276.656.1904
UK: 44.1924.200535
Does Your Inversion
System Allow You To
Install 600 LF of CuredIn-Place-Pipe In As Little
As 10 Minutes?
Marketing Support Programs
Re-Training Support Classes
Certification Training Classes
24/7 Technical Support
Lead Generation Program
Exclusive Patented Technology
1-866-336-2568 Toll Free
May ‘15 Edition
1-727-507-9749 Int’l
Meet a Member
Tell us a little
about you –
how did you
end up in this
I am the
Regional Manager
for AP/M
Permaform. I
began in the
industry over 30
years ago working
through college
as a land surveyor
and draftsman.
Surveying was
a great way to
learn the basics of
construction site
layout, planning
and quality
promoted by
process. I still refer to that knowledge base often. Several
years after college I was blessed to begin working for
a leading specialty infrastructure repair company and
manufacturer in the Atlanta area. Over the next 11 years
I learned the art and science of concrete repair using
polyurethane chemical grouts, specialty construction
adhesives, coatings and other repair materials.
Construction and product application experience made
my transition to the Sales and Technical Service side
of the business very natural. This industry is full of
colorful and interesting people; I really enjoy meeting
those people and establishing great business relationships
that almost always turn into personal friendships. I’ve
worked for the last 10 years, consulting with owners,
engineers and contractors, sharing experience and know
how to solve difficult problems associated with concrete
construction and infrastructure. It is very gratifying to see
those projects and contractors become successful.
Scott Kelly!
S.E. Regional
AP/M Permform
Covington, GA
Tell us about your company.
Action Products Marketing Corp. (AP/M) manufactures
materials and equipment for lining and protecting sanitary
sewer structures, pipelines and large diameter storm
drains. AP/M pioneered application processes like spincasting cementitious linings into manholes (Permacast)
and expanded that technology into the horizontal plane by
spin casting linings into pipe systems (Centripipe). AP/M
Permaform materials are applied through a nationwide
network of over 40 licensed certified contractors who
work closely with the factory to ensure the highest caliber
What are the top challenges facing our industry?
Convincing politicians that buried assets (ones you
can’t see) are just as important as the assets you can see!
Proactive maintenance is much more cost effective than
replacing the structure after it fails.
An additional challenge is finding qualified personnel for
both field and project management positions.
How should NASSCO help address this issue?
By promoting the reduction of red tape needed
from municipalities to receive federal funding for
infrastructure repair and maintenance projects. Current
funding practices favor new construction when proper
maintenance could delay or eliminate those new
Outreach to high schools, technical schools, and
vocational schools to promote our industry as a secure,
stable career path may help increase awareness of
the opportunities available to interested students and
How has being a NASSCO member helped your
career or business?
I have relied on NASSCO studies, specifications, white
papers, and training throughout my career. It provides a
great networking platform with many opportunities to
meet and associate with infrastructure professionals and
their families.
What else should other NASSCO members know
about you? your business? My professional life is balanced by my wife of 24 years
and beautiful daughter who is now in nursing school.
Jesus Christ is my Savior!
Contact Scott:
[email protected]
May ‘15 Edition
Industry News
CUES Releases New MPlus+ XL w/ P&T
Portable Mini-Mainline Push System
February 16, 2015
Orlando, Florida USA – On the heels of the successful
launch of the MPlus+ Lateral and Mini-Mainline Push
System, CUES has released the new MPlus+ XL with
P&T capabilities which offers the most flexible and
feature packed mini-mainline push systems on the
market. The modular design of the MPlus+ XL will
now accommodate the most demanding users with
P&T capabilities on the new XL Coiler configuration
designed for larger pipeline applications up to 500ft.
Manufactured for rugged reliability and designed to
handle rigorous field use, the MPlus+ XL is the most
versatile Push system available in the market today.
About CUES - CUES is the world’s largest and
oldest manufacturer of pipeline TV inspection and
rehabilitation equipment. For more information, visit or email [email protected]
The advanced MPlus+ XL system stands out by
integrating all of the most sought after features
including swappable camera heads, P&T Camera with
360 deg rotation and pan, video observation coding,
observation coding interface and digital recording into
an easy to use and intuitive package. This lightweight
system includes large and durable wheels for easy
portability and a balanced footprint for stability.
NSF/ANSI 61 Certified
Meets ASTM F3110-14 Standard
QuickLock Mechanical Point Repair
No Dig Trenchless Pipe Repair
- For Sewer and Water lines QuickLock sleeves with the locking gear mechanism for pipes
ranging from 6”-32” ID offers many advantages over relining
the entire pipe or using other point repair technologies. The
renovation extends over a predetermined length of the host pipe
as a continuous, tight-fitting, leak-free and corrosion-resistant
repair. Adapts to modern camera/crawlers on the market.
– Cracks and holes
– Root intrusion
– Water infiltration
– Leaking joints
– Abandon laterals
– Augment structural integrity of pipe
Can be installed with flow present!
[email protected] | (717) 709-1005 | 4757 Innovation Way Chambersburg PA
From a Scholarship Winner
Nick Spano was one of the recipients of the 2015 Jeffrey Ralston Memorial Scholarship Awards. We received a
nice thank you note from and that we’d like to share below.
It is a great honor to have been awarded the Jeffrey
Ralston Memorial Scholarship.
Though the award has taken a great financial burden
off of my family, the honor is about more than
money. It’s about the feeling of being supported by
both my employer, Compliance EnviroSystems, and
by the people that comprise our industry to help me
achieve my educational goals.
I humbly and sincerely thank you.
Nickolas Spano
If you or someone you know needs assistance with
their education, please submit an application by
January 31st. More details can be found on nassco.
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Upcoming PACP Classes:
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Other Available Classes:
Confined Space Entry
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Operator/Mechanic (for a variety of
manufacturers’ equipment)
May ‘15 Edition
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ECO Series
Greener for the Planet
and Your Bottom Line
Now there’s a dependable CIPP product that lets you repair partially or fully deteriorated underground pipes with
environmental safety in mind. Interplastic’s ground-breaking Eco Series Resin has no styrene, no VOCs and no HAPs.
Making quality CIPP resins
for over 30 years.
With the same polymer backing approved for today’s pipeline remediation, the new resin is a proven solution in gravity
pipelines that provides consistent quality, fast wetout, trouble-free processing, superior strength and higher flexuralmodulus properties. It meets ASTM F1216 requirements and reduces the likelihood of stress cracking and shrinkage
with a lower exotherm.
You now have a “green” resin that will eliminate your environmental concerns.
© 2014 Interplastic Corporation. All rights reserved.
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Media Partners For
Their Ongoing Support
March 2012
Randy Mather
program manage
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the collection BETT
roach helps Ola
Proactive appp system running smoot
August 2012
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Collections system
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Fort Knox I&I
requires carefureduction project
l coordination
and timing
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proud to be working together
with America’s sewer,
water and storm
infrastructure professionals.
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From the Divisions
International Pipe Bursting Association
Matt Timberlake, Vice-Chair
Last meeting: 3/16/15 at No-Dig
Next meeting: 2016 UCT Atlanta,
GA- Date TBD
Committed to working with
UCT 2016 in developing and
coordinating a pipe bursting
track at UCT 2016 in Atlanta,
completion of the IPBA lateral guidelines and
publication through NASSCO and magazine outlets,
evaluation and update of the five year strategic plan,
appointment of officers, update of the short term and
long term goals for our government affairs committee
and specifically as related to ACP.
Action Items Completed:
• Complete IPBA lateral guidelines and
associated article for release in May 2016
Underground Construction Magazine
Action Items In-progress/Pending:
• WEF Collection system specialty conference
in Cincinnati, Ohio April 2015
• Publication timelines with
oUnderground Construction Magazine
oTrenchless Technology Magazine
• 2015 IPBA Leadership Team
oChair – Mike Woodcock
oVice-Chair – Matt Timberlake
oImmediate Past Chair – George Mallakis
oSecretary – Matt Werth
oMarketing - Vacant
oMembership - Vacant
oEducation & Training - Mike Woodcock
oSpecifications - Troy Freed
oGovernmental - Edward Alan Ambler
oLateral - John Galligan
Participation at our semi-annual meeting at NoDig was fantastic with new faces and an active and
engaged membership. We are a small but committed
group and continue to work to move pipe bursting
Attendees included: Mike Woodcock - Chair - PUCC
LLC; Matt Timberlake - Vice-Chair - Ted Berry
Company Inc; Mike Rocco - AUI / Past IPBA Chair;
Michael Lein - TRIC Tools; Ted DeBoda - NASSCO; Gerry Muenchmeyer - Muenchmeyer Associates / Past
IPNSA Chair; Lynn Osborn - NASSCO Technical
Director; Rob Morrow - MOCON Trenchless;
Alan Goodman - Hammerhead Trenchless; Robert
Carpenter - Underground Construction / Oildom /
UCT; Edward Alan Ambler - City of Cassleberry, FL;
Jay Garrett - Utah Pipe Bursting / Western States Pipe
Bursting; Mark Randa - Hammerhead Trenchless
NASSCO BC 040715_Layout 1 4/7/15 12:21 PM Page 1
Living up to our name.
800.837.9711 •
Every city battles groundwater migration
in the sewer system. Infiltration attacks the
integrity of underground infrastructure
resulting in excess flow, reduced capacity,
higher maintenance, shorter lifecycle, and
greater expense to rate-payer. Unresolved,
the cost to rehabilitate or replace
increases exponentially.
Injection grouts are the low-cost, highreward solution engineered specifically to
mitigate infiltration at all four points of
entry: mainlines, laterals, lateral
connections and manholes. Acrylamide
grout creates a positive seal outside the
structure by forming a protective gel/soil
matrix, and according to the U.S. DOE, has
a 362 year half-life in soil.
May ‘15 Edition
More Industry News
LMK Technologies and the Chicago Innovation Award
Winners Ring NASDAQ Bell
Ottawa, IL (March 23, 2015)– LMK Technologies joined the
Chicago Innovation Award winners, in New York City on
Monday, March 23rd to close the NASDAQ Stock Market,
the premier exchange for technology companies. The event,
arranged by the Chicago Innovation Awards, emphasizes the
surge of innovation that is occurring in the Chicago region, and
shines a spotlight on the organizations that make up its vibrant
“This annual event is an excellent example of how the Chicago
Innovation Awards celebrates the spirit of
innovation in organizations across all industries, sizes and
sectors,” said Tom Kuczmarski, co-founder of the
Chicago Innovation Awards.
“We congratulate LMK Technologies for winning the
Chicago Innovation Awards, and applaud their commitment to
innovation,” said Dan Miller, fellow co-founder.
“We are honored to be part of such an elite group, the Chicago
Innovation Awards is a wonderful program that not only
supports innovation and creativity but also serves as recognition
to the Chicago entrepreneurial community,” stated Larry Kiest,
President and CTO of LMK Technologies. Joining Larry at the
closing was Mike Reardon, CEO,
Greg Norgaard, EVP Sales and Marketing, Jim Conners, CFO
and Rick Gage, VP Sales.
LMK was joined by other winners of the 2014 Chicago
Innovation Awards, including: 640 Labs, alligatortek, Auctions
By Cellular, Beltone, Caremerge, dough, Horizon Pharma,
Keeper Security, KENTECH, LuminAID, Mattersight, Options
Away, Packback, Pangea, Radio Flyer, Rippleshot, Rise
Interactive, Shiftgig, Strata Decision Technology, Swingbyte
and ThinkCERCA.
For more information regarding LMK please visit www., call 1-815-433-1275 or email [email protected]
For more information about the Chicago Innovation Awards,
What’s your next move to fight infiltration at laterals ?
For the past 20 years, Logiball Lateral Test &
Seal Packers have been used to seal thousands
of leaking laterals from the mainline sewer a few
feet in the lateral or all the way up to 30 feet from
the mainline sewer.
Seal annular spaces at reinstated laterals in relined pipes and the surrounding bedding
adjacent to the infiltration points.
Make the right strategic move, include Logiball lateral sealing with
chemical grout and get the most bang for your buck on your
trenchless rehabilitation projects !
May ‘15 Edition
Setting the Industry Standards for
the Assessment and Rehabilitation of
Underground Infrastructure
2470 Longstone Lane
Mercersburg, PA
Permit #15
Suite M
Marriottsville, MD 21104
Phone: 410-4442-PIPE (7473)
Fax: 410-4442-7788
E-mail: [email protected]
Laser Pipe Profiling
3-in-1 System:
- Laser profiling
- Joint and crack measurement
- CCTV pipe inspection
Highly accurate: Arguably the most accurate system
currently on the market.
Easy to use: Compact, built-in integration with Rausch
camera system - not an obtrusive attachment.
Immediate results: No 3rd party analysis required - all
pipe profile reports are generated instantly on-site.
[email protected] | (717) 709-1005 | 4757 Innovation Way Chambersburg PA