Adult Education April/May 2015

Adult Education April/May 2015
Sundays 9:15AM – 10:15AM (unless noted)
Following Our Mission Money
All that we do together challenges us to act in ways that bring God’s transforming Word to our community and
the world. Through dedication to deep mission partnerships and widespread, informed congregational involvement,
Nassau’s Mission and Outreach efforts will bring food, justice, peace, empowerment, help in times of emergency, and
the good news of God’s love and Christ’s saving grace to people in Princeton, Trenton and around the world. In this
series you will hear about how some of your mission money is being well and carefully spent.
“On the Edge of Campus and in
the Heart of Town”
April 12, Assembly Room
“On the edge of campus” – Come and learn about
Breaking Bread, a 1001 New Worshipping Community,
Theology on Tap and the role of a Campus Chaplain
intentionally and creatively seeking to bridge the gap
between “town and gown.”
Tara Woodard-Lehman is an ordained PC(USA) minister.
For six years Tara has served as the Executive Director of
Westminster Foundation and Presbyterian Chaplain at
Princeton University.
“And in the heart of town” – Send Hunger Packing
Princeton (SHUPP), “Because NO child should go home
hungry,” is a collaborative Princeton effort to distribute
weekend food backpacks to local children who qualify for
free or subsidized school lunches. Learn more about the
problem and the SHUPP solution.
Ross Wishnick, founder of SHUPP, currently serves as
chairperson of the Princeton Human Services Commission.
“To the Other Side of the World”
April 19, Assembly Room
Founded in Burma by Nassau’s own Lois Young and her
family, the Cetana Educational Foundation is one of
our Church Mission
partners. Cetana
focuses on developing
Myanmar’s future
leaders by educating
their young people.
Explore the educational
system in Burma right
now--the limitations,
the new possibilities,
and why Cetana’s work
is so important.
Chenault Spence is the president of Cetana Educational
Foundation-U.S. His interest in Myanmar dates from
1987 when he made a visit to Yangon, Mandalay, and
Bagan arranged by long-time Nassau Church member Lois
Young and her sister, Jean Dickason, founders of Cetana.
He spends two months each year working with the Cetana
administration and learning centers in Myanmar. Spence
is a lighting designer for dance and opera in the United
States, Europe, and South America, notably with the Alvin
Ailey American Dance Theatre and the opera Company of
Nassau Presbyterian Church
61 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ 08542
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Following Our Mission Money (cont’)
“Across the Nation”
May 3, Assembly Room
The Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) program is a ministry of the PC(USA) that sends young adults, ages 19-30, into
a year of service in the United States and around the world. Come meet both of our impressive PC(USA) YAVs
and listen to them talk about living a year of Christian
service “they’ll never forget.”
YAV Kelli Miller comes to us from the Miami Rescue
Mission in Miami, Florida and YAV Caroline Tonarely
from San Anto Cultural Arts, San Antonio, Texas.
Preparing for the End of Life: An Act of Faith
9:30 - 10:30AM, Niles Chapel
End of life decisions and practices are again on the front page and there is so much to know and do that will prepare
us for the hard conversations, significant discernment, and purposeful decisions that will offer a faithful course of response and action. Explore this always timely issue from many angles, informed by leaders whose life work includes
caring passionately about these issues, those that struggle with them, and the lives they touch.
Negotiated Death: Choices in
Dying Through the Prism of
Medicine, Morals and Faith
April 12, Niles Chapel
Explore how technology has forced us to bear a new
responsibility in end of life decisions. Are our only choices
to acquiesce to unrestrained life-sustaining technology
or abandonment by the health care system? How can
patients and their families facing terminal illness take
some control over the time and manner of their demise,
informed by medical options and ethical guidelines that
are rooted within our Christian faith?
Abigail Rian Evans is currently a senior scholar-in-residence
at the Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics and Adjunct
Professor in the Dept. of Family
Medicine at Georgetown
University Medical Center, and
coordinator of the Princeton
Theological Seminary Womenin-Ministry Project. She has
taught courses on death and
dying for over 25 years and is
author of Is God Still at the
Bedside? Medical, Ethical, and Pastoral Issues in Death
and Dying, which provides a comprehensive examination of
all end of life issues.
Pre-Funeral Planning: An Act of
April 19, Niles Chapel
To help you prepare for
necessary arrangements
made at the time of
death, consider the
decisions and details
included in a funeral
or memorial service.
Pre-funeral planning
enables you to give expression to your faith through
choosing and ordering what is to take place. It also helps
make your wishes known to family and pastors. Come
and work through the details of “A Service of Witness to
the Resurrection.”
Lauren McFeaters, Associate Pastor at Nassau, is a certified
pastoral counselor and a Fellow in the American Association
of Pastoral Counselors. She and her husband Michael
Brothers are parents to 13 year old Josie.
Hoping for a Miracle: Challenging The Gifts of Hospice Care
Conversations in End of Life Care May 10, Niles Chapel
Join us as a panel of folks offer their various experiences
May 3, Niles Chapel
of, and unique perspectives on, hospice care.
Communicating about end of life (EOL) care with
patients is one of the greatest challenges for the physician
but it can dramatically improve the dying experience for
both patients and their families. Patients with advanced
cancer desire frank discussions with their clinicians about
their prognosis and preferences for care at the EOL,
preferably early in the course of the disease. However,
only a minority of patients report having such discussions
with their physicians. Explore strategies to address EOL
care and barriers to implementing such communication
including physician, patient and institutional factors.
Deborah Toppmeyer is the Chief Medical Officer, Chief
of Solid Tumor Oncology and
Director of the Stacy Goldstein
Breast Cancer Center and the
LIFE Center at Rutgers Cancer
Institute of New Jersey. She is a
Professor of Medicine at Rutgers
Robert Wood Johnson Medical
School. Toppmeyer has expertise
in breast cancer with a focus on
the design and implementation of
clinical trials that offer promising
new-targeted therapies.
Our moderator will be:
Claire Mulry, who has worked in adult acute care, acute
rehabilitation, sub-acute rehabilitation and geriatric home
care, with a specialization in aging in place, environmental
modifications and geriatric home care.
Three panelists will offer their stories and insights from
their own experience:
Ann Schoonover is an
ordained PC(USA) minister
with a number of years’
experience as a hospice
chaplain, who offers her
services as a spiritual director,
retreat leader, consultant and
spiritual coach.
Brad Gulick is an architect
who grew up in this church, and cared for his mother through
a devastating three year illness that culminated in hospice
care at St. Francis hospital in Trenton in 2014.
Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger is Professor of Pastoral
Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary. In her home
here in Princeton, Deborah cared for her mother for a
number of years, until her death last spring, supported by
hospice home care. Allow these guests and our moderator to
provide a wealth of insights into this life-changing end-oflife support system.
Because of street closures for Communiversity,
Nassau Presbyterian Church will hold one service
of worship on Sunday, April 26, at 9:15AM.
There will be NO Adult Education classes that day.
Adult Education April/May 2015
Sundays 9:15AM – 10:15AM (unless noted)
The Vision and Impact of Pope
May 10, Assembly Room
Come and hear the words
and spirit of Pope Francis,
who is loved throughout the
world and who is opening
the eyes of all people to
see the face of Christ in
Enjoy hearing
the background of this
Pope and seeing the art of
Brother Mickey McGrath,
containing inspiration from
Pope Francis in the form
of quotations and tweets.
Colorful and sometimes whimsical art will illustrate
Francis’s vision for making the kingdom of God real in
our world.
Jim Knipper is a Roman Catholic deacon serving the Diocese
of Trenton, N.J. When not serving his faith community at St.
Paul’s in Princeton, he is CEO of J. Knipper and Company,
Inc., a principal of Clear Faith Publishing LLC, and
editor/contributor of award winning books released by the
Homilists for the Homeless, which include pieces by our own
Dave Davis.
Mickey McGrath, an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales, is
a popular and engaging presenter who happily travels to
conferences, parishes, and retreat centers throughout North
America to deliver the good news about deep and often
whimsical connections between art and religious faith.
Brother McGrath is the author and illustrator of eleven
books, many of which have received awards from Catholic
publishing associations. His own articles, or articles about
him, have appeared in America Magazine, Commonweal,
St. Anthony Messenger, and USA Today.
Proclaim Release to the Prisoners
May 17, Assembly Room
Centurion Ministries, Inc. was founded in 1983 by Jim
McCloskey. Recognized in North America as the pioneer
in this field, CM has successfully reinvestigated and freed
scores of factually innocent people within the U.S. and
Canada. As Jim retires as Executive Director, he and a
number of the prisoners CM has successfully freed will
join us for an hour of storytelling, celebration, and truth
telling about injustices in the justice system.
James McCloskey is a
who turned his theological
education toward working
for justice for the wrongly
imprisoned. Over thirty later,
he and CM have freed 53
innocent prisoners who have
collectively spent over 1000
years in prison for crimes
they did not commit. Nassau
Presbyterian Church has supported Jim and his ministry for
years, and Jim is a member of this congregation.
Ongoing Small Group
I Corinthians In-Depth
through May 17, 2015
10:45AM – 12:00PM, Room 202
George Hunsinger
Nassau Presbyterian Church
61 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ 08542
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