Wild Waves Theme Park Preparation Guide

Wild Waves Theme Park
Preparation Guide
Please read before your visit to the Theme Park
Registration Confirmation
All registration confirmations are sent via email. Please make sure you read your confirmation and all
attachments. Please contact us if you do not receive a registration confirmation.
Contact Information
If you need any additional help please contact the Group Sales Coordinator at 253-661-8043 or send an
email to [email protected]
Things to know before you come:
What will I need at the admissions gate?
Each student will need a ticket in their hand to make going through the turnstiles quick and easy.
How do I get my tickets if I am picking them up?
Once you arrive, you will need to visit the Will Call window. You will receive your tickets after signing an
agreement you received the tickets. You will then pass out the tickets to each student before they go
through the turnstile.
How do I purchase more tickets?
To purchase more tickets you will need to visit the Will Call window on the day of your arrival. You can
purchase more tickets at the same price as you did on your order form.
What about lunches?
During school days, each student may bring a sack lunch. Please remember they cannot bring glass or
coolers into the park. We do have Meal Deals available which can be purchased either on the Order
Form or at Will Call. A Meal Deal allows a student to carry around a voucher which they present at
selected food stands allowing them to choose between four different meal options.
Are there lockers?
Yes, there are lockers for the students to rent once they get in to the park. The Locker Rental stand is
located next to the Wave Pool and pricing can be found at www.wildwaves.com
Are there meeting places?
We do not have spots you can reserve for school groups. However, we do have plenty of open areas that
will fit large groups of students. We do advise you have a meeting place in case of lost students
throughout the day.
What if some students have Season Passes?
Students with Season Passes can use their passes instead of having to purchase a ticket, however they
do not count toward your group size when purchasing tickets. They must present their Season Pass that
day to get access into the park.
What is the cost of parking?
Buses can park for free during our school days.
Where do I get bus driver tickets?
Once bus drivers arrive, they can go to the Will Call window. They will need to present their ID as well as
their Bus ID and what school they are transporting and we will be happy to give them their ticket.
Do we get park maps when we arrive?
Yes, we will have park maps available to students, chaperones and teachers. They will be available at the
Front Gate as you come through the turnstiles.
Do you have resources I can use to connect our field trip to our classroom curriculum?
Yes. We have created a workbook that will help to link your school visit even more closely to the
classroom. Please email [email protected] requesting a workbook and we would be happy to send
you one.
Where can I find out what is happening on the day I visit?
We have lots of things going on throughout the summer. Please visit www.wildwaves.com and under
the tab events and deals will be a list of what is happening.