Technical Briefing

Technical Briefing
at the UN Climate Change Conference June 2015 (SB 42)
Nationally appropriate mitigation actions
and support for them under the NAMA registry
Thursday 4 June 2015
13:15– 14:45
Room Bonn II, World
Conference Center
Programme overview
Making the NAMA Registry a
success: updates on status of the
The NAMA registry
The NAMA marketplace
The NAMA registry is a public online platform,
developed by the UNFCCC secretariat in 2013. It
aims at expediting implementation of mitigation
actions in developing countries. This side event
provides : i) updates on operational status of the
registry and ii) assessment of its usefulness and
future role.
Realizing the potential of the
NAMA Registry, by Ms. Maria
Kolos (Thomson Reuters)
Lessons learned & (future) roles and
expectations by some registry users
Queries & solutions: let’s discuss
Mr. Gopal Raj Joshi: [email protected]
+49 228 8151475
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