Aluma Eye AESTHETIC A quick, safe and virtually painless

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Aluma Eye
A quick, safe and virtually painless procedure designed
to treat common signs of aging in the eye area: wrinkles, fine
lines and skin laxity1.
Quick and Convenient
• An Aluma Eye treatment takes only 5-15 minutes to complete and
requires no anesthesia.
• Aluma Eye is a no-downtime procedure, which means patients may
return to work and normal activities immediately following treatment.
• For optimal results, a series of 4-8 treatments spaced approximately
a week apart is recommended.
• Independent safety testing performed on Aluma Eye states:
“My conclusion is that the instrument can be used safely without risk of heating any
ocular tissue when the user takes appropriate precautions to prevent mechanical contact
of the handpiece applicator with the cornea and conjunctiva.”2
Effective and Virtually Painless
• Aluma Eye uses FACES™ (Functional Aspiration Controlled
Electrothermal Stimulation) technology, which combines parallel
bipolar radio frequency with vacuum to more efficiently target energy
to deeper layers of the skin.
• Due to this unique delivery method, FACES provides a virtually pain
free treatment.
• Aluma Eye treatments are customized for the patient’s specific needs,
whether they suffer from sagging upper eyelids, crow’s feet wrinkles
around the eyes or wrinkles and bagging under the eyes. •
LUMENIS. Enhancing Life. Advancing Technology.
Aluma Eye - Treatment Guidelines
Courtesy of Michael Gold, MD and Phillipe Malet, MD
Eye Settings
Time: 1-2.5 seconds, Pulse level: 2-3, Vacuum: 1-2
Begin at the lowest settings, increase settings to the highest level that remains comfortable for the patient3.
Technique Position tip to overlap the previous pulse by 10%.
Upper Eyelids
When treating the upper eyelids, have the patient close their eyes. Position
the Aluma Eye tip slightly above the eyelashes so as not to vacuum the
eyelashes into the tip. Treat the entire area - from lash line up to the eyebrow.
Since there is no hair removal concern with Aluma Eye, the eyebrow hair will
not be affected.
Under Eyes
The under-eye area can be treated with the patient’s eyes open, avoiding the
eyelashes. Under-eye treatment should include the entire area where bagging
and wrinkles are noted.
Periorbital Area (crow’s feet)
The tip should be positioned longitudinally along the belly of the wrinkle.
Eyes may be open or closed when treating this area.
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1. Gold M, Goldman M, Rao J, Carmaco A. Treatment of Wrinkles and Elastosis Using Vacuum Assisted Bipolar Radio Frequency Heating of the Dermis. Dermatologic Surgery 33:3, 2007
2. David H. Sliney, PhD. Consulting Physicist Optical Radiation Hazard Analysis
3. Michael Gold, MD, Gold Skin Care Center, Nashville, TN
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