General interview questions for sbi associate clerk

Tell me about yourself
ans: Don’t give answer like for an IT interview. Better start like this
I am, (your name), coming from (your native place and mention your district or your state), I did my
graduation in (your college) as a/an (your course profession) (no need to mention your marks or passed
year). My father is a/an (job professional, mention if he is retired) and your mother (job or homemaker).
I have a brother/ sister (mention number and elder or younger) working as (mention if working).
Now you start telling about yourself (your qualities)
I am a very hard working person sir, I have experience in (your previous job profession, if no experience,
don't mention it.) if you have experience tell about roles in job, your tasks, your day-to-day activities, your
projects, why you left the job (for this you better answer as career development). I’m very adaptable, I have
been in many places like (places other than your native places, where you have been resided in 1-4 years), I
have acquainted with many friends and professionals. I have a quality sir, where I can learn things and grasp
things quickly. I will take time to research on things which I don’t know. I try hard my level best to know all
the details and will never waste my time, if I don’t know the facts. Instead I approach person who better
know of the subject, which I don’t have much knowledge in it. I’m a steady person, will always stick on to
the promise which I make, like I took a strong determination of cracking SBI clerk exam sir. Now I’m
appearing before you sir, for the interview. (If you qualified in other exams like bank or profession exams,
please do mention him. If you got selected, mention why you didn’t opted for that job and if you didn’t
qualify for any job, tell reason why you didn’t).
Now tell about your family
Tell about your father, problems faced by your family about financially (don’t tell any other problem other
than financial, because they don’t care), how hard each day goes by and comes. Just tell few things, don’t
tell all the families issues or your secrets. (Just creating a fine sympathy about yourself. If your family is
upper middle class or upper class, please don’t say too much about your high living, better keep optimum).
The whole answer for this question “tell me about yourself” should has to come for minimum 3 minutes of
speech, so take a pen write down this whole text with your own name and everything. Keep thinking all the
positive points of yours, never say a negative.
Tell me about your native place
(Famous food and any famous things about your place. Write only relevant matter about your place.)
About your hobbies.
(it plays a vital role in SBI interview, interviewer spend time only on this to know about you, you better buy
time to know about your hobbies)
ans: If your hobbies are any games or sports - be sure you get all details about that, no. of players, length
and width of the ground, ball weight, rules and recent game news (1 match is enough for example) easiest
way of scoring marks for this is tell some simple mind pleasure hobbies like yoga, gardening, painting,
listening to songs, dancing, tech savvy.. So on
For these hobbies you will be asked questions, where you can able to answer by your own... Prepare well
for your hobbies. Without preparation you can’t answer well..
Tell me about your college life
ans: (please friends never ever tell all rubbish for this question, as it determines your character)
I completed my graduation in (your college name) college, as a/an (your profession, like in (your
course, like Computer science).
My first year of college is really a blissful experience, as I came out of the school, where I have been with
parents all the time. I felt now I’m in a real world, where I need to act like an adult, and an individual. My
seniors helped me in many ways like studies, my shyness, my fear, my naive, my speech, my personality..
Later helped me to develop well in next year, i.e. my 2nd year till final year. Once I became a senior, the
experience was totally different. Learning is different from teaching. When I became a senior, I learnt a lot,
when I was helping my juniors in their queries and everything. As one has to know best, if we have to teach
someone. And at final year, days went like jet speed, with projects, placements, and finally completed the
course with whole man's life sustainability, integrity, discipline and team work. (These are all my words, you
can write your own, but everything should be clear and crisp and should be informative not rubbish)
How your graduation or your course will be useful to bank
ans: Please prepare well for this, this is important.. (I cannot provide answer for each profession, you better
know about your course, its practical application)
If I recruit you in SBI, and made you an employee in a rural area,
how can you bring yourself as a best employee in that bank branch
ans: Chance of asking this question is more, as SBI opened many branches in rural area, and it is compulsory
to know the environment you gonna face, if they put you up in a village). Start saying like this
As I did my graduation in (your profession), this will be a good chance for me to get acquaintance with
people who really need help. Generally in rural area, most of the customers are farmers and coolie based
workers. There may lack in education, and hence it will be difficult for them to get assistance from others.
As a bank employee, I will help them by providing knowledge on “How a bank will be useful to them, and
make them open a no-frill account or a saving account, according to his daily wages. I give him financial
assistance, if he or she are having problem, by providing them loan according to bank norms and
regulations. Make them aware about the Jan Dhan Yogana, where there will be getting 1 lakh life-insurance
(learn about Jan Dhan Yogana), and technical knowledge on how to develop their skills in their professions
like for farmers, equipment used for farming, organic fertilizers, crops and other things. Its will be a really
pleasure sir, as I will learn “How a hard life can be”. It is a good chance for me to learn about farming,
fishing, weaving. I am comfortable at working in rural places.
I remember only these questions right now, if you do come across any other questions that’s for sure
questioned in interview, please send your questions to [email protected] I will only answer to questions
which are likely to be asked in interview, don’t hurt your feelings. I too have to appear for this interview.