Stem cell series neW! The naTural anTi-aging skin care

Stem cell series
The natural anti-aging skin care
Stem cells
skin care
With both regular medicine as well as
skin care we are only at the beginning!
Different to the human cells, plant
cells have special repair systems
which – for the duration of the
repair process – produce stem
cells for recovery. Plant hormones
control this process and are also
responsible for the retransformation
to regular at a later stage.
How can cells of plants
and other living organisms
improve the human skin?
Skin stem cells within the squamous
epithelium above the basement
Hair follicle stem cells are situated in
kind of cavernous-like areas of the
follicle canal and are transported to
above the basement membrane by
movement of the hair.
Plant cytosine’s are involved in the
development of nucleic acid and
promote and improve the protection and functionality of human stem
With most living organisms, the
genetic code is implanted within the
sequence of bases. Means, this code
is the bearer of genetics and of the
functionality of the skin’s repair system that is influenced by the DNA.
How do stem cells of plants
and other living organisms
influence the human skin?
Accompanying effects:
» the osmosis – products with a
high concentration in active agents
and cell activity influence skin regions with lower activity
» the absorption of active agents at
best conditions
Regulative influences by the DNS
(desoxynucleic acids)
salve-in-terr a® : bathe in
The effects of pure nature!
The valuable vitamins, proteins,
soluble active agents and numerous
minerals of the red caviar are now
available for skin care with our new,
innovative Caviar skin care crème.
Wherever applied on the skin, best
results can be expected. In order to
transport the active agents to the
deeper skin layers, we only use highquality products of current scientific
knowledge. The cytoplasm (soluble
active agents) unfolds its rejuvenating effect by the DNS information
and makes the skin look distinctively
younger, firmer and fresher after
only few treatments. With impressive results!
world innovation Salve-in-terra®
Freshly hatched from
Egg oil (Charismon®)
An alchemistic separation process is
used to extract the base oil holding
the DNS from the egg yolk.
Applied on the skin, it is a rejuvenating and reepithelisating potion.
The egg
Uttwiler Spätlauber a very special apple
When picking an apple, it is cut
off the supply of water as well as
nutrients and protecting agents.
The decomposition begins.
Usually, apples are aging rather quickly and get wrinkly and dry when
When storing the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple variety, it was noticed
that even after long storage times it
still looked as fresh as on the day of
Different to other apples, it was
found that this special apple variety
has nutrients and protecting agents
stored in its cell structures close to
the peel which allows it to keep a
fresh appearance.
Plant hormones, enzymes and
deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA) are
controlling these processes and lead
to a genetic preservation of the
apple peel.
The Uttwiler Spätlauber contains
substances which can positively influence the upkeep of a young skin.
The mermaid
thalassa vita ®
Do you know the “Rose of Jericho”?
On first glance, all you see is a dried
up, grey-brown bulb, which looks
to be dry for a long time. You might
think “no chance - this one is over
and done”.
Wrong conclusion! If you put it into
water, it will start to bloom and
become a beautiful desert rose within only a few hours, as the “Rose
of Jericho” is a so-called genetically
modified plant.
There is also an algae from the
brown algae variety with the ability
to revive its dried leaves. In order
to do so, this algae needs sea water
from coastal regions with a high
share in phytoplankton.
Once the algae leaves are put inside,
they swell and start their cell activity.
If those revitalized algae leaves are
applied to the skin, a strong revitalizing effect on the skin cells is taking
place. This can be even intensified
by direct day light exposure, as then,
the so-called photosynthesis begins.
The plant cells are binding CO2 and
toxins from their surroundings and
produce oxygen. The production of
oxygen is actually quite visible, as
small bubbles are formed under the
leaves which are easily to be seen.
Which of the effects is the dominating one is still not known. It may
be the DNS with its message to the
cell nuclei or the osmosis, or, maybe,
it is the two of them together?
kurland ® stemm cell
series products
professional use
Fresh preparations with the Unguator
The Unguator blender by Haslauer
allows you to freshly prepare skin
care in top quality.
Stem cell
base crème
+ 500 g
fresh caviar
preparation in
front of the guest
skin care crème
50 ml
Stem cell
base crème
+ 50 ml
fresh caviar
preparation in
front of the guest
skin care crème
50 ml
skin care crème
15 ml
body crème
500 g
face crème
50 ml
face crème
15 ml
body crème
500 g
face crème
50 ml
face crème
15 ml
Thalassa Vita®
500 g
Thalassa Vita®
100 g
Thalassa Vita®
Charismon ®
Malus Domestica
Thalassa Vita ®
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