June - NADKC - Western Region

Message from the Director
Western Regional Members,
Nuggy vom Trocken Bach
SG1 Junior Female
WW Zuchtschau – May ‘15
Owner Rae Brown
The Western Region has completed its spring testing
season with two very succeesful Derbies/Zuchtschau.
The twelve dogs participating in Walla Walla coupled
with the five that were tested in mid-April in Southern
California means that seventeen dogs were tested in the
WR Derbies/Zuchtschau’s in 2015. That is a huge
number for our Region. To view the results visit nadkcwr.org or click here to be routed to the site. It should
also be pointed out that all of the dogs tested received a
Prize 1 for their efforts. Congratulations to all the
handlers that worked so hard to prepare their dogs.
News from the National Board:
1. The Board has approved a semi-final draft of the bylaw changes that will be
presented to the membership for approval later this year. There are still two
items that need additional research to be sure we are in compliance with
Alabama state law. The NADKC is an Alabama Non-Profit Corporation.
Some of the changes you will notice include:
Major language changes have been made to the Purpose and Permitted
Activities sections to enhance the possibility of the NADKC being eligible
to receive a 501 (c)(3) tax classification from the IRS.
Annual elections of one or two of the Executive Committee and 1/3 of the
Regional Directors. Currently, three Executive Committee members and
all six of the Regional Directors are elected one year and the other two
members of the Executive Committee the next, with no one running in the
third year.
Changes to the Membership and Election sections are being proposed. If
approved the changes will enable the Board to make changes as a matter of
policy rather than requiring a bylaw change. Additionally, if approved,
elections could be conducted electronically.
Proposed changes to the meeting notices, both for the Board and General
Membership, will enable the meetings to be call in a timely manner and to
use electronic notification. Additionally, a new provision would be added
to allow for Special Board Meetings to be called if deemed necessary.
The procedure for amendments to the bylaws has also been addressed.
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2. Tattooing – Although encouraged, tattooing is no longer required by the
NADKC. This action was necessary to comply with the DKV rules and
3. The Incident Review Committee held its first meeting on May 19 th. Sherry
Cathey, from the Mid-South Region was selected by the committee as the
Facilitator. Randle Cherry, from the Denver area, is the Western Region
representative to the committee. I am encouraged that this committee will do
an excellent job handling any issues that come their way. The first thing they
did was request from the Board that some minor changes be made to the
procedure to improve it. It appears we have the right people on the committee.
As the warm weather arrives, the summer training gets started. The WR has four fall
testes scheduled in 2015. During our conference call this week it was determined that
there would be a need for each one of them, provided all of the committed dogs
participate. If fact we may have may too many dogs for the Walla Walla VGP in
October. If you have indicated you will be participating in a fall test, please submit
your entry ASAP. If you have submitted you entry and realize you will be unable to
participate please let the test coordinator know ASAP.
Have a good summer and good of luck with your training.
Best Regards,
Frank O’Leary
Western Regional Director
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