$784,398 generously invested in prevention, evaluation, treatment, and research

generously invested in prevention, evaluation, treatment, and research
Thanks to you
Over $100,000
Pesky Family Foundation/Pesky,
Alan and Wendy
Bernice and Milton Stern
Foundation/Stern, Bernice
Theodore and Renee Weiler
Weatherley-White, Matthew and
Andrea Sparrow
Winston C Mitchell Foundation
Good Samaritan, Inc
The Big Wood Foundation
The Lois E and Neil J Gagnon
Bennett, Marshall and Arlene
Blaine Trust
Blinken, Alan and Melinda/Blinken
Byron, Greg and Cindi
Coe, Buzz and Penny
Curran, Terry and Nancy
Daniel and Mary Reeves Foundation
Dinapoli, Alec
Dozoretz Private Foundation
Feldman, Bill and Joan
Feldman, Joyce
Feltman, Mike and Leslie
Fery, Patty and Mike
Filoon, Fred and Randi
Ford, Anne
Frazier, Diana
Friedman, Norman and Joyce
Golden, Morley and Deana
Goodman, David and Edyth
Guillemin, Evan and Ricki Stern
Helzel, Larry and Rebekah
Hoffman, David and Susan
Joseph, Peter and Theresa
Kalkstein, Shawn and Karen
Litowitz, Ron and Pat
Marvin, Steve and Samantha
McElhinny, Wilson and Lisa
Mercy, Jr, Gene
Miller, Butch and Susie
Pesky, Andy and Elaine/ProTravel
Rosen, Lois
Roy A Hunt Foundation
Shafran Family Foundation
Cheston, Jr, Gene and Elsie
Gladys E Langroise Advised Fund in
the Idaho Community Foundation
Liebich, Don and Marcia
The Kapp Family Foundation
The Thomas W Smith Foundation
Andrus, Lesley
Fastow, Joe and Ellen
Halpern, Mimi
Hare, Dick/Hare Family Foundation
Marvin, Mort and Suzanne
The CAPRock Group, Inc
The Marshall Frankel Foundation
Minnick, Walt and A K Lienhart
Moore, Jim
Murphy, Cynthia and Kingsley
Nixon, Diane
Offit, Morris and Nancy
Pesky, Greg and Naomi
Rapaport, Peter and Bitty
Rivetts, Jaime
Rose, Melinda
Runswick, Deida and Dwayne
Schwartz, Barbara
Select Equity Group, Inc
Street, Paul and Peggy
The Campfire Foundation
The Fletcher Jones Foundation
Thornton Byron LLP
Tillinghast, III, Charles and Cindy
Traub, Barry and Marjorie
Walker, Mallory and Diana
Walter and Leona Dufresne Fund in
the Idaho Community Foundation
White, Ron and Casey
Worcester, Heidi and Rick
Worcester, Robin
Ackerman, Charles
Altman, Don and Stephanie
Anonymous Family Foundation
Baxter, Andy
Biggs, Judy
Bradburn, Jill
Chrin, John and Maria
Darman, Patty and Gary
Ehrlich, Alvin and Elaine
Donations received between October 1, 2010 and September 30, 2011
r generous con
Family Foundation/Willian Bohrer
Faulkner, Joe
Frank, Lori and Jerry
Galpin, Cally
Goldenberg, Jeff and Susan
Goldwyn, Peggy Elliot
Gray, Peter and Betty
Hamachek, Tod and Barbara
Holmes, David and Toni
Joseph, Stan and Harriet
Kantor, Bob and Sondra
Karetsky, Skip and Nancy
Katz, Joan
Kelly, Hallie and Selim Star
Kreizenbeck, Ralph and Jo An
Levitt, Richard and Vivian
Liebich, Mark and Kim
Lindenauer, Arthur and Susan
Lufkin, Elise B
McElhinney, Gwynne
McLean, Lanny and Anne
O’Neill, Peter and Barrie
Orb, Alex and Sue
Ormsby, David and Lindsay
Peterson, Scott and Karen
Schlesinger, Richard and
Sheila/Schlesinger Family
Philanthropic Fund
Siegel, Howard and Roberta
Stern, Peter and Margie
Tennille, Jocelyn
The Gibney Family Foundation
The Saint Paul Foundation
Thornton, Jack and Gail
Walker, Willy and Sheila
Wallace, John and Ellen
Weisberg, Don and Erin Gathrid
Easton, Greg and Lisa
Edelstein, Norman and Diane
Edwards, Dwight
Egertson, Eric and Bini
Ehrlich, Jon and Noa
Fallowfield, Criss and Bob
Fields, Bob and Joan
Fine, James and Marcia Lee
Firestone, Julie
Fishman, Mike
Forman, Mel and Susan
Frank, Bob
Frankel, Barry and Nina
Freilich, Cecilia
Freilich, MD, Michael and Brooke
Friedlander, Terry and Robin Leavitt
Friedlander, Woody and Margery
Friedman, Merrill
Glaser, Deb and Andrew Rafkind
Goff, Mary and Dick
Goldstein, Sam and Janet
Goodman, Nick and Mindy
Greenspon, Stuart and Camilla
Griffith, Michelle and Harry
Up To $500
Agamalian, John and Dana
Anawalt, Joan and Hal
Ayer, Hildy
Bailey, Lynn and Claire
Baker, John and Peggy
Bartoccini, Judi
Bastian, Morris and Elaine
Bauwens, Jeanne
Bellissimo, Inc/Murphy, Mike and
Berg, Egon and Marge
Bierbaum, Ben and Annabelle
Blair, Ed and Francie
Blair, Susan and Arnold
Blum, Scott and Joanne
Boeger, Bill and Lisa Stelck
Bonde, Deborah and Alan
Boswell, Barbara
Bradley, Jen
Brooks, Bob and Marilyn
Brown, Rufus and Liz
Buck, Pete and Nancy
Respect is a big issue for our son and
Campion, Tom and Ellen
one that, because of his learning
Cassell, Jay and Gay Weake
challenges he has not always received
Clohessy, Anne and Steve
from education providers. Knowing
Cohen, Jerry and Elaine
this, Dr. Clohessy went out of her way
Condon, Leon
to make sure that he was respected
Conn, Charles and Beverly
and treated as an equal throughout
Cooper, Drury and Jean
the evaluation and testing process-Dondero, John and Carey
and even designed the report to be
Dyer, Darlene and Ted
personally addressed to him.
Donations received between October 1, 2010 and September 30, 2011
tributions, we w
Lyon, Mila and Marty
Guicheteau, Patti and John
Mahoney, Carrie and Matt
Gund, Sarah
Maksik, Jon and Leslie
Gunther, Noel
Mannschreck, Barbara
Hagenah, Becky and Mark
Marble, Robert
Hall, Bob and Jenna
Markhoff, Mike and Nancy
Hahn, Holly
Marks, Dorrie and David
Hall, Bob and Jenna
Hanson, Chris and Joseph
All three of my children have
Harris, Buck and Julie
dyslexia, as does their Dad. Two
Harris, Tim and Lynne
Heller, Caroline
of our children are in college
Henges, Jay and Carolyn
now and one is still in high school
Hirschheimer, Larry and Randi
and they are all doing very well.
Hirsh, Jamie
The Pesky Center gave our children
Homburger, Jeffrey and Louise
the confidence they needed to
HP Company Foundation
succeed in school. Mostly they
Jager, Diane
made our children and us feel that
Jaquet, Wendy and Jim
were not alone in this journey.
Jenner, Page and Maureen
Jessup, Jeri and Don
Mason-Davey, Pamela and Marc
Jewett, Link and T
Joseph, Felice and James
Mauzerall, Cynthia and Brad
Joseph, Jim
McGrath, Sherie
Keller, Bill and Celeste
McIntyre, David and Melody
Kleinman, Judy and Neil
McLaughlin, Jim and Willa
Kozin, DDS, Alan
Melmed, Jill and Fran Ellen
Landers, Tara
Merchant, Karim and Patricia Tobin
Landmark Charitable
Mitchell, James
Foundation, Inc
Mitchell, Steve
Lane, Cristianne
Moats, Louisa
LaVallee, Barbara
Munson, Liz and Bob von Stade
Law, Bob and Debby
Nalen, Skip and Kim
Leppo, Harold and Elaine
Limbacher, Jr, Richard and Michelle Necochea, Lauren
Nelson, Jennifer
Linder, Josh and Meryl Linder
Newman, Jerry
O’Donnell, Tessa
Lowe, William and Jo
Okun, Sandy and Bonnie
Lufkin, Elise and Amos Galpin
Olbum, Bing and Carolyn
Page, Hope and Al Norris
Passovoy, Susan and Bob Kaplan
Paul, Sue and John
Phillips Gold & Company, LLP
Pincus, Irwin
Pipal, Owen
Podhajski, Blanche
Post, Darcy and Ned
Poster Construction
Ratner, Hank and Sandy
Reeves, BD
Renick, Lud and Bixie
Reniers, Robert and Betsy
Renner, Leila
Reynolds, Bill and Jo
Ring, Carlyn
Roth, Dick and Leslie
Rothenberg, Bob and Robin
Rubin, Amy
Salmon, Ray and Dagmar
Scales, Lisa and Robert Walther
Schaefer, Susan and Richard
Schaefer III
Schorr, Marc
Schwerdtle, Liz and Bob Corker
Sehgal, Rahul
Service, Jim and Natalie
Shafran, Jay and Connie
Shutkin, Peter and Tippy
Sicher, David and Linda
Silvester, Judy and Thomas
Slattery Orthodontics
Smith, Wallace and Mary Clagett
Smooke, Richard and Judy
Spirn, Marion and Irwin
Donations received between October 1, 2010 and September 30, 2011
will all have a
St Francis Pet Clinic
Steele, Andy and Anne
Steidle Wallace, Gretchen
Steinberg, Richard and Judith
Stern, Louise
Stone, Barry and Carol
Stremmel, Carl and Frann
Stumph, Trent and Louise
Swan, Robert
The Draizin Foundation Inc
The Johnson Company
Thompson, Ann and Ted
Tryon, Susan
Turk, Blossom
Turteltaub, Adam and Rhea
Turteltaub, Saul and Shirley
Ventura, John and Kathy
Villegas, Kristine
Vogel, John and Judy Music
Weiner, Bob and Sandra
WEN Foundation
Werner, Harriet
Wilkins, Mason and Jaci
Williamson, Susan and Paul
Wilson, Lisa
Wirth, Bill and Marnee
Wolf Blahd, Elizabeth and Bill Blahd
Wolfson, Harold and Rita
Wood River Women’s Charitable
Foundation Fund in the Idaho
Community Foundation
Woolley, Virginia and Bill
Yusen, Walter and Jane
Zimmer, Ed and Amy
Zipper, Adam and Michelle
Zipper, Roberta and Gary
Donations of Goods and Services/
In-Kind Donations
Barney, Phil
Berryhill, John and Amy
Bogus Basin Mountain Resort
Cambria Suites
Cascade Raft & Kayak
Chapter One Bookstore
Coeur D'Alene Casino Resort Hotel
Double Tree Hotel - Riverside
Elkhorn Golf Club
Fishman, Mike
Goodwood Barbeque
Grove Hotel
Hotel 43
Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch
Idaho Steelheads Hockey Club
Jessup, Jeri and Don
Kitson, Carolyn and Walt
Lufkin, Elise B
Metro Express Car Wash
Opera Idaho
Pesky, Alan and Wendy
Petra Incorporated
Power House
Ritter, Alicia and Robert Deen
Shorty's Diner
Smith Sport Optics
Sturtevants Mountain Outfitters
Sun Valley Company
The Valley Club in Sun Valley
Trey McIntyre Project
Wood River Inn
Alan and Wendy Pesky's
Mimi Halpern
Skip and Nancy Karetsky
Howard and Roberta Siegel
Andy and Elaine Pesky
Egon and Marge Berg
Butch and Susie Miller
Harriet Werner
Andy Pesky
Diane Nixon
Judy and Neil Kleinman
Daryn Siegal's Bat Mitzvah
Barry and Nina Frankel
(continued on back)
Before we began Social Thinking
our daughter wore black, liked
being alone, had narrow thinking
and did not look people in the
eye, she was on her way to
becoming forgotten and a loner...
Now a year later she laughs,
smiles, no black, and is more open
to new things and looks everyone
in the eye. The work you do at the
Pesky Center is amazing! You
helped our whole family.
Donations received between October 1, 2010 and September 30, 2011
Elaine Pesky's Birthday
James and Marcia Lee Fine
Jeffrey and Louise Homburger
Harriet Werner
Elle Mann
Joan and Hal Anawalt
Ellin Delsener
Mort and Suzanne Marvin
George Knoll's Birthday
Mort and Suzanne Marvin
Marshall Bennett
Leon Condon
Maryellen Rooney Moreau
Gwynne McElhinney
Nick Goodman
Caroline Heller
Mort and Suzanne Marvin
Barry and Nina Frankel
Roberta and Gary Zipper
Saul Turteltaub
Irwin Pincus
Saul and Shirley Turteltaub
Michael and Brooke Freilich, MD
WH Taft Elementary Teachers,
Parents, & Students
Susan Williamson and Paul
Zachary Rappaport
Patricia and Gordon Loveland
Financial Summary - FY 2011
Dr. Alvin J. Feldman
Joyce Feldman
Donations 42%
Fees for Service 54%*
Joyce's Father
Norman and Joyce Friedman
Janet Shafran
Norman and Diane Edelstein
Robert Marble
Grants 4%
*includes Congressional Appropriation
Fundraising 11%
Lee Pesky
Barbara LaVallee
Mike and Nancy Markhoff
Leila Renner
Peter and Margie Stern
Blossom Turk
Walter and Jane Yusen
Rosemarie Fishman
Mike Fishman
Selma Rapaport Pressman
Elaine and Andy Pesky
Eliza Lesher
Jack and Gail Thornton
To Thank
Greg and Naomi Pesky
Richard and Vivian Levitt
Administration 12%
Program Services 77%
As a nonprofit, we rely on grants and
generous donations from our supporters
to help cover program costs and financial
The listing on these pages reflects names
and cumulative gifts of those who
contributed to Lee Pesky Learning Center,
October 1, 2010 through September 30,
2011. If we have mistakenly spelled,
listed, or omitted your name, please
accept our apologies and contact our
office at 208-333-0008.
On behalf of our families and clients, thank you for your continued generosity.
Your gifts have expanded services to those struggling with learning disabilities.
15 years
improving the lives of people
who learn differently through ...
pr evention
Some learning challenges
can be prevented when
children are provided
with quality early learning
experiences, appropriate
classroom instruction,
and targeted support in
reading and math. We
provide training and
consultation for teachers
(preschool through
college) nationwide to
support their efforts in
providing high-quality
learning experiences for
all students.
We conduct psychoeducational evaluations
to determine the learning
profile of individuals who
learn differently. Our
evaluations focus on an
individual's academic,
cognitive, and
social/emotional profile
and directly inform
treatment plans that
address the needs of the
whole person.
We provide individual and
group academic
intervention, social
cognitive intervention, and
counseling to meet the
various learning needs of
children and adults with
learning differences.
We are partnering with
Boise State University to
establish a research agenda
that helps us to better
understand the complex
causes of learning
disabilities, to identify new
interventions for students
with learning disabilities,
and to replicate those
services in areas beyond
our current reach.
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