Synergy SIF Agent by CPSI

Synergy SIF Agent by CPSI
SIF Agent for Synergy
This agent will provide the following SIF Objects:
StudentLocator (Subscribe)
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about our
CPSI is a leading educational software development and implementation
company providing robust automated solutions for Active Directory
Management, SIF Integration, Data Consolidation, Data Validation, Data
Warehousing and Reporting. CPSI brings over 20 years of experience in
applying our data integration technologies within educational
organizations with thousands of users and large data sets. Our mission is
to develop and implement solutions that are highly extensible, well tested,
dynamic, flexible and provide many years of service. CPSI and Edupoint
partnered in 2006 and produced the Synergy SIF Publishing Agent to
assist districts in sharing data across applications.
CPSI, Ltd.
Here are some frequently asked questions about our ZIS:
Okay, so how do I get the ZIS?
Just visit and filll out an
application or contact our sales team at
[email protected]
Who can take advantage of this offer?
Nearly all school districts, school boards,
charter schools, and private schools are
eligible. Statewide and regional offices
are not eligible. Please visit our web site
to find out more.
Is support free too?
No. Support and installation services
are offered at an additional, but very
reasonable cost. You may purchase
either a year of full red carpet support
or support by the incident as you need.
What about training?
We offer training services over the web
with Microsoft LiveMeeting for $500.
This covers training on installation, agent
registration and basic troubleshooting.
This does not include actually setting up
your ZIS at your site.
Will I need a key file or license key?
Yes. The key file for district and schools
under 15,000 students expires in two
years. Larger districts receive a one
year key file. Renewal is as simple as a
quick e-mail to us for a new key.
What are the hardware requirements?
For installations up to 15,000 students,
the recommended hardware/software is:
Double Intel Xeon or equivalent processor
400 GB Free HD Space, RAID 5
Windows Server 2003 Advanced
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard
Microsoft IIS 5 or higher
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Can I host the ZIS with this license?
No. Please contact our sales team for
hosting facility licensing.
Will this license cover upgrades?
Of course. We release new versions of
the ZIS as the SIF spec changes. When
you are ready to upgrade, just contact
us for the latest version.
How much does it cost for CPSI to
install the ZIS for me?
We charge a flat rate of $500 for
installation. This includes installing the
software, agent registration in the
appropriate zone, and ACL setup for
two SIF agents. You must provide us
with remote access to your server via
Is your ZIS open source?
No. You will receive our SIF-Certified ZIS
product that was previously offered on a
paid commercial basis.
is a company that believes in education. We believe
that you should be spending your time doing
the things that count,
not fussing with the technical aspects
of data management
and SIF Integration. We
believe in education
so much, that we are
offering our SIF Zone
Integration Server for
free. Yes, it really is free. This is our gift to the educational
world, no strings attached. Visit our web site to sign up today.
CPSI, Ltd.