I Pigmentation, brown spots, uneven skin tone?

brown spots,
uneven skin tone?
Safe and Effective skin care solution!
Dr. Luda Grobler
Consider a typical profile of a beauty
salon’s clients you will find the most
common problem is that of pigmentation
problems, skin colour irregularities and
dark spots.
n my cosmetic practice I often hear ladies
complaining: I have tried to get rid of my
pigmentation problems. I have used so many
different creams on my face but the dark patches
are still there.
We know that the reasons for these uncomfortable
brown spots or pigmentation patches on the skin
can be various including sun damage, hormonal
disturbances, ageing, taking birth control pills and
many others. The result is always disturbance of
melanogenesis, which is a natural process in the
skin whereby the melanocytes, specific skin cells,
produce melanin which rises to the epidermis.
This contributes to the skin colour or leads to the
pigmentation of the skin.
You will notice that darker skin tends to be more
sensitive to UV light and can have pigmentation
irregularities as a post-inflammatory direct result
to UV exposure.
What is the solution? Radical laser treatment
and peeling could be helpful in certain cases with
a short visible result. However, in many cases
these radical treatments can cause post-inflamed
pigmentation patches or irregularities leaving the
clients completely unhappy. In all these cases we
do recommend the use of DERMAPLEX skin care
products, which can be used after laser treatments
or even as safe alternative.
DERMAPLEX is unique and high- technological
skin care regimen specifically formulated to address
pigmentation problems of the skin and fair
com-plexion. The unique benefits of Dermaplex
skin care based on the latest patented complex
Melacetyl, which corrects, balances and gently
regulates the mechanism of melanogenesis leading
to more even skin complexion. This breakthrough
skin care technology was developed in
cooperation with French R&D, tested both locally
and internationally and used in all DermaPlex
products. The clinical tests proved that Melacetyl
diminishes the pigmentation patches and dark
spots and effectively works with visible results
after only 2-4 weeks. Clinical studies showed
that one of the components of Melacetyl strongly
decrease the melanin reactivity of the skin to UV
radiation and prevent fast tanning. All DermaPlex
skin care products do not contain hydroquinone,
arbutine, chemical bleaches and can be safely used
on all skin types.
The DermaPlex skin care brand includes
DermaPlex Triple Action Cleanser Wash, which
cleanses, exfoliates polishes and refines the pores.
DermaPlex Day Tone Moisturiser (normal to dry
and normal to combination skin types) protects and
defends against UVA/UVB damage, providing
moisture and even skin tone. DermaPlex Night
Restorative Cream nourishes and restores the skin
cell renewal process. Anti-Dark Spot Fix’n Fade
Serum diminishes the intensity of dark spots and
patches and can be used alone or in conjunction
with the rest of DermaPlex products. Blemish
Perfection Genti-Calm Gel fades imperfections,
calms blemishes and minimizes breakouts.
If you try to keep your clients satisfied with
your salon’s treatments using a quick and visible
skin care improvement free from the pigmentation
patches and dark spots on the skin – DERMAPLEX
skin care products can be the right choice!
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