When do the British “quit” India? What are the dominant religious

When do the British “quit” India?
What are the dominant religious groups during the time of partition? Are they historically divided?
Where is the population density of the Sikhs the greatest? How about Muslims?
Why do the British leave India?
There are two political parties identified in the video. What are their names? Who are their leaders?
What are their positions on possible partition? How would the religious groups be divided?
The Muslim League agrees to a “weak central government” with no partition. Why does the opposition
party not agree to this concession?
In 1946 in what city do Muslims gather to protest in favor of partition? Do these protests turn violent?
Do both sides engage in violence? How many people die in how many days? Be able to find this city on
a map.
Are Muslims supportive of Gandhi?
Which viceroy arrives in Indian in March 1947? What are his goals?
Be able to find the Punjab province on a map. Where is Lahore? What religious group is predominant in
the Punjab province? What were the Sikhs afraid of?
Who leads Sikh militants? Why do some Sikhs behead the women in their villages?
On what day do the leaders announce a deal has been struck regarding post-colonial structure? What
does the deal require? What happens to Punjab and Bengal? What day is the solution to take place?
When are the British supposed to leave as per the deal? When do they actually leave?
Who is in charge of picking the dividing line between India/Pakistan? Is a native of South Asia?
There are many princes in charge of their own territories throughout India. Under colonial rule, what
rights do the British afford them? What happens after the end of colonialism?