RCLRC Match 2015-8-8 ServiceRifleChamp

Racine County Line Rifle Club
Hosting Wisconsin-FORCE invitational 2015
Wisconsin Service Rifle State Championship Matches
Saturday, August 8th: Individual Service Rifle Championship
A 1 or 2 shooter “rattle-battle” will follow the individual match. Proceeds go to the
Wisconsin-FORCE Junior High Power Program. Contact Sarah Holub at Wisconsin FORCE for
more information.
Sunday, August 9th: CMP Excellence in Competition Match (“leg” match).
Check-in at RCLRC clubhouse from 6:30-7:30 each day.
Individual Service Rifle Championship Match August 8th 2015
80 rounds for record, with 2 sighting shots at each stage.
Fee: adult $25 Senior: $20
Junior: $15
Entries: advanced entry accepted and encouraged, but not required.
You must be eligible to possess firearms in the State of Wisconsin.
You must be a member of the NRA, and your state association to compete for awards. Only
Wisconsin residents can receive Wisconsin-FORCE State Champion awards.
Advanced entry preference given to WI residents until 7-29-2015, followed by open entry.
Entry can be made up to 7:30 am on 8-8-2015 or until entry limit of 60 competitors is
Rules: Current NRA rules will apply.
Firearms: U.S. Service Rifles, as defined by NRA rules, must be used in these matches.
Spotting scopes, shooting coats, ground mats, slings, etc. allowed.
Targets: Decimal SR, SR3 and MR
Course of fire: (competitors will shoot, score and perform pit and other duties as assigned)
Match 1: 200 yards offhand slow fire with 2 sighting shots and 20 shots for record in time
of 22 minutes.
Match 2: 200 yards rapid fire sitting or kneeling with 2 sighting shots and 2 strings of 10
shots, with reload, in 60 seconds.
Match 3: 300 yards rapid fire prone with 2 sighting shots and 2 strings of 10 shots, with
reload, in 70 seconds.
Match 4: 600 yards slow fire prone with 2 sighting shots and 20 record shots in 22 minutes.
Match 5: The aggregate of Matches 2 and 3.
Match 6: the aggregate of Matches 1 and 4.
Match 7: the aggregate of Matches 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Matches 1 and 2 will be run consecutively for efficiency of the match.
Awards: Wisconsin-FORCE State Champion will receive a $250.00 Gift Certificate from
Creedmoor Sports. Wisconsin-FORCE Junior Champion will receive a $100.00 Gift
Certificate from Creedmoor Sports and 1,000 Nosler 77gr. Custom Competition Bullets.
Cash awards to match (aggregate) winner, winners in class and category (woman, junior,
senior, military, and police). Award for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place only if there are 5, 10 and 15 etc.
competitors in class and category. If there are fewer than 5 NRA classified High Masters
they will compete for match winner only. If there are fewer than 5 competitors in any
class they will be combined with the next higher class. High Master class will not be
combined with any other class. Unclassified competitors will be combined with the Master
class. Awards for high aggregate slow fire and high aggregate rapid fire scores. Award for
High Service (active/retired/honorably discharged). High Marine
(active/retired/honorably discharged).
Wisconsin-FORCE travelling trophies, as available, will be awarded to Wisconsin resident
Wisconsin-FORCE members only. Only Wisconsin resident Wisconsin-FORCE members will
earn Wisconsin-FORCE State Champion titles and receive travelling trophies. There will be
a trophy awarded to the High Score – Out of State Competitor.
Equipment: eye and hearing protection required on the range while the match is being
conducted. Add brimmed hat in the pits.
Only factory new or safe reloaded ammo is allowed. Only safe firearms are allowed.
The use of an approved Empty Chamber Indicator is required. Empty Chamber
indicators will be available for purchase for $1.00
A fee of $3 is charged for each lost challenge.
There will be no lunch break but there will be ample time to eat between relay changes, pit
changes, etc.
Competitors must bring their own lunch and drinks. Cold water and portable toilets will be
available on the range.
Camping available, with advanced request, beginning at 5 pm on Friday night 8-7-2015.
Location: entrance to The Racine County Line Rifle Club is located on 7 Mile Road ~ ¼ mile
east of WI Hwy 32 in Racine County, WI. Exit I-94 at 7 mile road and travel east ~5 miles to
WI Hwy 32 and turn right, south, and proceed to 6 Mile Road. Turn east on 6 Mile Road and
proceed ~ ¼ mile and turn left on Michna Road. Proceed north on Michna Road for ~ 1 mile
and turn left on 7 mile road, proceeding ~ ¼ mile to the access road, east of the RR tracks.
Follow the road to the club entrance. Watch for the RCLRC signage and come to the club
house for registration and check-in every day. Do not enter the sheriff’s range at the north
end of Michna road. Observe the speed limits, be aware of bicyclists, free ranging fowl and
livestock on Michna road and watch for power plant construction traffic.
Individual and EIC entry forms for the Wisconsin FORCE 2015 Service Rifle
Last Name_________________________________________First Name_______________________________________
City_________________________________________________________ State________________ Zip___________
Phone #_____________________________
NRA# _________________________________
WI FORCE # ________________Date of birth: month__________day____________yr_______________
Are You a Member of RCLRC? Y
Badge Number ____________
Category: WO
Prior/Current Military Service (please print Service Branch) _______________________________
(circle, if applicable)
I will shoot the Individual Service Rifle Championship match (adult $25, Sr. $20, Jr. $15)
A 2 shooter “rattle-battle” match will follow the individual match. See WI-FORCE .org for
more information.
I will shoot the CMP Excellence in Competition Match (the “Leg match”) $15
I have # _____________ CMP points toward the Distinguished Rifleman Badge.
Mail entry information (and fee) to:
Steve Suhr
3944 W. Valley View Dr.
Franklin, WI 53132-7803
Questions? Call Steve Suhr at 414-421-2024 or email at [email protected]