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Stephen W. Coleman
Environmental Coordinator
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Stephen W. Coleman, Environmental Coordinator
February 19, 2015
2015 Downtown Beautification Projects for Chappaqua and Millwood – BAB
J.Shapiro, R. Snyder, G. Moerschell, S. Charney, BAB
As a result of the Town Board’s commitment of additional funding to support town-wide
beautification projects, the BAB wanted to provide you with an update of our progress and
Hanging Flower Basket Program:
A total of 96 hanging flower baskets will be installed in the hamlets of Chappaqua and
Millwood. This represents an increase of 46 baskets from 2014. The locations of
hanging baskets are as follows:
o The number of baskets on the bridge will be increased to 42, a total of 2 baskets
per pole
o An additional 20 baskets will be added in Millwood along Station Road, bringing
the total in Millwood to 25 baskets
o 17 Baskets will be maintained at the train station
o 12 Baskets will be maintained at existing locations throughout Chappaqua hamlet
(Marion Place, Bank of America, Susan Lawrence Parking, etc.)
o All baskets will be new, re-usable baskets, that are larger and wider (16 inch half
wire baskets, with a 9 inch bottom, and depth of 10 inches, with coco liners)
Plants will consist of an equal combination of the three supertunias (see attached photos)
as follows:
o Supertunia “Vista Bubble Gum” – a light pink color
o Supertunia “Royal Magenta” – a dark pink color
o Supertunia “Royal Velvet” – a dark purple color
The bid award went to Casa Verde Corp/Amodio’s in White Plains. They supply baskets
to Ossining, Briarcliff, White Plains, and many other municipalities.
A total of 44 new brackets have been ordered to be installed on the light poles on the
bridge and in Millwood.
Planters/Containers Program:
A total of 54 planters/containers of variable sizes are spread throughout the hamlets of
Chappaqua and Millwood and will be planted with annual flowers, and then the flowers
replaced in late fall with winter greens.
Plants selected for the planters/containers will match the hanging basket flowers and
include an equal combination of the three supertunias noted above.
The 5 larger containers at the Pizza Station will be planted with a more shade tolerant
flower and include Big Bounce Impatiens in lavender, pink and purple colors to match the
rest of the planters.
The Chappaqua Garden Club and BAB members will volunteer to plant all of the
Winter “Greens” Program – The flowers will be replaced with winter greens to create a
“holiday spirit” going into late fall and through the winter season. The Chappaqua
Garden Club and BAB members will volunteer to re-plant all of the planters/containers
with winter greens.
Maintenance of Hanging Baskets/Planters and other Planted Areas:
The Recreation Department will be overseeing the maintenance and watering of hanging
baskets and planters.
The Landscaping Services contract has been modified and expanded to include regular
landscape services such as routine maintenance and watering of planted islands, and
now also the watering and maintenance of hanging baskets and planters.
A contract will be awarded to an outside professional landscape firm to be responsible for
watering and maintenance of baskets and planters, which will provide consistency and
professional attention to routine watering and maintenance of all plants.
The flowers are scheduled to be delivered the week of May 18th, and planted/or installed
in time for the Memorial Day Parade. Flowers will be maintained until November 15th.
Flowers will be removed from planters in November and replaced with Winter Greens to
last through the winter season.
Holiday Lighting Projects:
A total of 20 new snowflakes have been ordered to expand the coverage of snowflakes
on the bridge and also coverage in Millwood. A total of 12 snowflakes will be added to
the bridge, and 8 new snowflakes added to Millwood.
An additional 150 sets of mini LED lights have been ordered to supplement lighting of
poles, trees and other areas throughout the hamlets.
New LED lights have been purchased to decorate the Train Station. The lights selected
are the same as previously selected for the Gazebo.
Note – the holiday lights were ordered now to take advantage of existing sales from
suppliers. We saved over 33%, for a total savings of $ 4,000.00.
Annual Clean Up Day:
The BAB has scheduled the Town wide Clean Up Day for Saturday, April 25th
2015 Budget Expenditures (estimated):
96 Hanging Baskets, flowers for 54 Planters/Containers
Brackets (44)
Materials (soil, boxwood replacement, etc.)
Snowflakes (20)
Holiday Light Sets (150)
Train Station Lights (12 sets)
Holiday Greens (54 containers)
Estimated Budget (total expenses to date)
$ 17,388.00 *
* Note – this year’s budget expenditures reflect purchase of necessary capital improvements.
Subsequent years will require less expenditure of materials costs, as most items are designed
to last several years. For example, the hanging baskets will be re-used year after year, the
brackets are permanent, and holiday lighting should last for multiple years. The only change
would be if we wanted to continue to grow the program.
On behalf of the BAB, we are excited about the opportunity to not only sustain, but expand and
manage properly the maintenance of our summer beautification efforts within the Town of New
Castle. Please contact us if you have questions. Attached are photos of the plants that will be
used in the hanging baskets and planters/containers.
Flower color selection for baskets and containers: