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Spring 2015
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Annual Meeting!
Health Care Credit Union announces that its Annual Meeting will be held on
Wednesday April 22nd
Registration starts at 6:30 PM and the general meeting will start at 7:00 PM.
Doty Education Center at the Intermountain Medical Center
5121 South Cottonwood Street, Murray, Utah.
All members are invited to attend this meeting.
Refreshments and prizes will be provided afterwards.
As part of our Annual Meeting process, the Credit Union holds elections for Board of Director seats. This year there
are six nominees for the Board election. Members are asked to vote for the three open board seats. A separate ballot is
being sent to eligible voting members. A short biographical sketch of the six nominees appears below:
Randy Evans -- Incumbent. Randy
has served on the Health Care Credit Union
Supervisory Committee for 3 years and on the
Board for the past 21 years, currently as the Board
Chairman. Randy’s work experience includes
37 years with Intermountain Healthcare, with
leadership roles in the Engineering and Facility
Departments. Randy has a degree in Economics
and Accounting.
Dave Adams. Dave has been a member of the credit
union since 1992 and has an interest in banking and
finance. He has an undergraduate degree in Finance
from the University of Utah (1987) and an MBA from
Westminster College (1995). Dave has worked for
Intermountain Healthcare for 22 ½ years as a Retirement
Representative, Retirement Plans Operations Manager,
Retirement Plan Director and for the past 9 years his title
has been the Assistant VP of Compensation and Benefits.
Dan Stober -- Incumbent. Dan Stober has been
a member of the Health Care Credit Union since 1995.
He joined the Credit Union immediately upon taking
his new job twenty years ago. Dan believes in credit
unions and what they stand for: offering members an
alternative to banks and high fees, providing loans
at fair rates, and cooperative membership. He began
to give back to the Credit Union by serving on the
Supervisory Committee before joining the Board of
Directors in 2011. Dan holds a BS in Accounting
and currently works on the EDW team at the Central
Ted Adams. Ted has worked for
Intermountain Healthcare for over 40 years.
Ted holds 6 college degrees or fellowships
including Math, Biomedical Engineering,
Exercise Physiology, Masters of Public Health,
and Doctorate of Public Health. Ted has been a
member of the Credit Union for over 35 years.
Ted enjoys working with people and appreciates
their needs to meet life’s goals.
Brett Bringhurst. Brett has 20 years
of proven leadership experience. His position
responsibilities have been in operations management,
financial oversight, budget planning, leadership,
communication, and working with individuals of
diverse backgrounds and needs. Brett has been
with Intermountain Healthcare for the past 10
years. Brett holds Masters Degrees in both Business
Administration and Healthcare Administration. Brett
understands financial statements and investment
Glenn Buma -- Incumbent. Glenn has been
employed with Intermountain Healthcare for 31
years at Cottonwood Hospital, LDS Hospital and
is currently the Director of Safety and Security for
the Urban Central Region. Glenn has a BS degree
in Political Science and Criminology. Glenn’s
family has been members of the Health Care Credit
Union for over 35 years. He previously served as a
member and Chair of the Credit Union Supervisory
ave you ever had your wallet stolen or left your
credit/debit card behind somewhere? Not many
of us think about the plan of action that needs to
take place immediately if this does happen. Knowing
what to do right away can save you time, frustration
and even money. At Health Care Credit Union, we
make it easy to protect yourself from fraud if this ever
happens to you. It is crucial to call us as soon as you
realize your card is missing. If it is during our business
hours, call us directly at any of our locations so that
we can block your card and order you a replacement
with a new number. If it’s during non-business hours, please contact the Visa lost/stolen line at 800-991-4961. It would be a
good idea to have this number as well as the Credit Union’s number saved in your phone or kept somewhere handy so you
can eliminate time trying to find it.
What happens if your card isn’t missing, but you see an unauthorized charge on your account? The quickest solution is to
contact the merchant immediately and see if they can reverse the charge. If this isn’t possible, contact the Visa dispute line at
800-600-5249 to start a formal claim. Depending on the situation, you may also need to contact us for a replacement card.
We are dedicated to protecting our members’ confidential information and accounts. We take extensive measures to do
this, but what can you as a member do to further protect yourself? The Federal Trade Commission has given the following
Do not give your account number over the phone unless you are the one who initiated the call.
Never leave your account information in the open for others to see or find.
Do not sign anything blank like a debit slip or check.
Shred or cut up old cards before throwing them away.
Always check your monthly statements right away and compare them to receipts. Be sure to report any discrepancies or
mistakes immediately.
• Only carry cards you use on a consistent basis.
• Always memorize your pins on your debit and ATM cards. Do not write them on the cards or keep them in the same
place as your cards.
• Always check your account frequently.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns you may have with your account and especially if you think there may
be fraud. We are here to protect you and keep your finances as secure as possible. Visit our website at MyHccu.org for a list
of our locations and phone numbers closest to you.
Source: “Lost or Stolen Credit, ATM, and Debit Cards.” Federal Trade Commission. Federal Trade Commission, 1 Aug. 2012. Web. 27 Mar. 2015. <http://www.
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In need of a notary?
There usually comes a time when everyone needs a
notary for their important documents. Don’t waste time
and effort trying to find one. We are happy to offer our
members this service. A notary is available at both our
Main and Cottonwood branches. We make it quick and
convenient so keep us in mind the next time you need
something notarized!
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We are excited to announce that
we will soon have an App for
Health Care Credit Union that
will allow our members remote
depositing along with other
features! Keep checking our
Facebook, Twitter and website
to find out when it is live and
how to download it.
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