Lanyon Hotel Directory

Lanyon Hotel Directory
Lanyon Hotel Directory is your most effective tool to ensure
your travelers choose your preferred hotels for business travel
and small meetings. That’s power to drive savings from negotiated deals back to your organization! As soon as you accept
• Enforce lodging compliance
• Promote negotiated meeting rates
• Mine traveler feedback
• Customize your directory
a hotel’s bid, your negotiated room rates and amenities are
automatically added to the Directory. Travelers simply log into
the Directory on your corporate intranet travel site, find hotels
using multiple, powerful search options, and review results
­organized by negotiated rates and amenities.
Enforce Lodging Compliance
Make it easy for travelers to choose your hard-won negotiated hotel discounts. Consider the ways travelers search: by
Corporate travelers searching for hotels in the Lanyon Hotel Directory
see negotiated rates and hotel descriptions prominently displayed—
helping them comply with lodging policy.
brand, amenities, country, state, and distance. Search results—­
organized by property name and address, negotiated rates and
amenities, as well as negotiated cancellation terms—help travelers abide by your lodging and booking policies. Plot points
on Google Maps show hotel distances from office locations,
specific addresses, cities, and airports. Other detailed results
include: hotel star-rating, property photos, and virtual tours.
Companies boost traveler compliance by uploading their travel policy to
the Lanyon Hotel Directory.
Make it easy for travelers to find their way on business trips—with map
plot-points for hotels, office locations, and airports.
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Promote Negotiated Meeting Rates
Mine Traveler Feedback
Ensure your travelers book pre-negotiated meeting rates at
Use information from traveler feedback on your preferred
preferred hotels. In the Lanyon Hotel Directory, travelers search
properties to quickly address service issues and negotiate future
for and confirm sleeping and meeting room rates and dates for
deals. In the Lanyon Hotel Directory, your travelers can rate
small meetings (10-100 attendees).
their overall experience, as well as comment on issues such as a
hotel’s service and cleanliness.
Customize Your Directory
Help travelers make the right booking decision by uploading
your corporate travel policy that spells out travel rules. Brand
the Directory with your organization’s logo and welcome message. Add a link to your designated corporate booking system.
Boost your negotiating power with information from traveler feedback
on your preferred hotels.
Save money and boost compliance! Request and confirm meeting
rates and dates that have already been negotiated.
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