Specialists in Indoor and Outdoor Laser Light Shows

Specialists in Indoor and Outdoor
Laser Light Shows
Definitive Special Projects Ltd comprises a long established
team with many years experience in the laser light show
industry. Definitive specialises in providing creative and original
laser light shows using a combination of powerful single and
multi­coloured lasers, customised control equipment and
special effect enhancements to provide your event with an
exciting and original dimension for both indoor and outdoor
shows. Definitive has a comprehensive range of single
coloured and multi­coloured lasers, ranging from 5 to 40 watts
in output, the largest lasers being used for outdoor laser shows
and the smaller lasers being more suitable for small indoor
Whatever your event, Definitive can provide dynamic laser light
effects and tailor each show to fit in with your budget and
individual requirements. Definitive takes particular care with
regard to the Health and Safety aspects of your event. All necessary paperwork is carefully
prepared and adhered to in order to create a safe but spectacular event. Liaison with official
bodies and safety site inspections of the lasers are undertaken where required before any
show takes place, and for all outdoor events, all necessary communication with the Civil
Aviation Authority is attended to without the need for your intervention or cause for concern
about public safety.
The strength of Definitive is our record of reliability and professionalism when working on your
show. Senior members of the company, assisted by additional highly trained and motivated
crew, personally attend all laser events. All lasers and auxiliary equipment are regularly
subjected to rigorous testing, and fully checked in our workshop prior to any show taking
place. Definitive has provided laser shows at numerous occasions attended by HM Queen
Elizabeth II and The British Royal Family,
such as VE Day Celebrations, The G7
Conference for World leaders at
Buckingham Palace and perhaps one of
the most exciting outdoor laser light
shows where Her Majesty was present,
was the lighting of the Millennium Beacon
which took place from a barge on The
River Thames on Millennium Eve.
Definitive has also provided outdoor laser
shows for various Middle Eastern Royal
families and Governments in Oman,
Libya, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.
Moving on to "Greener" Lasers
Although in recent years there has been a large move to the air cooled YAG lasers in order to
cut down on power and eliminate water requirements, they were generally only available in
green. Definitive, the laser projection specialists in
the UK, have now acquired state of the art
technology for laser lighting displays, allowing full
colour, high­powered laser shows with minimal
power (<13A @ 240V Single phase) and no water
requirements. This obviously has a less negative
environmental impact than traditional ion laser
systems requiring large amounts of power/water and
also means full colour, large scale laser lighting
displays and laser shows are now possible in
locations with limited utilities.
Using new small and large frame multi­coloured
lasers and green YAG Lasers from 5­30 Watts, both indoor and outdoor laser light shows are
available. All lasers are fully checked and tested prior to your event in our UK workshop, to
ensure reliability and maximum performance to live up to client expectation at their bespoke
show for all types of occasions.
Laser Light Shows at
corporate events
A laser light show can add an exciting
dimension to a conference, presentation,
meeting, and product launch or awards
ceremony. Definitive carries out numerous
laser light shows for such events in popular
and well known venues such as The
Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane and
The Royal Albert Hall, London.
During such a laser light show, beams of light combined with spatial effects choreographed to
music can enhance an event in a way that cannot be mirrored by conventional lighting. Within
the show, lasers are used to project graphics and corporate logos which are then manipulated
into myriad forms. Sheets or cones of laser light can also be used to reveal new products or
guest speakers in a spectacular way ­ each show is individually designed and programmed. Out­
door shows at corporate events can entertain and amuse large numbers of people or highlight a
particular venue or product.
Laser Light Shows for concerts
Multicoloured lasers used in conjunction with conventional lighting greatly enhance concert
productions. Laser special effects by Definitive have been an important part of the Raymond
Gubbay Classical Spectacular Concerts since 1991. Indoor laser light shows in such venues as
The Royal Albert Hall in London are extremely entertaining. Large outdoor shows using our most
powerful lasers are also part of the classical programme. Shows choreographed to favourite
pieces of music add an extra dimension to such events and outdoor laser shows can be
combined with pyrotechnics to add a truly spectacular climax to a concert.
Special Effects & Laser Light Shows
In contrast to an actual laser light show, lasers are ideal for
producing special effects for film, TV and theatre work. Lasers
can be used as a 'reference
line', when the illusion of an
object moving through a
surface is required. 3­D grids
and cages constructed simply
out of laser light are very
Definitive is currently running
two laser light shows within a
show ­ The Queen Musical,
"We Will Rock You" in
London's West End and
previously on UK tour. An
outdoor laser show can consist
of just one special effect, for
example lighting a building or
other item of architectural
Laser light shows at
parties, award dinners
and celebrations
Lasers make an impressive feature for
parties and other celebratory entertainment
events such as weddings or charity balls. A
laser show can either start or finish an
event in a spectacular fashion. Together
with a live band or discotheque, a laser
show featuring spectacular beam
structures, sweeping sheets and cones of
laser light will transform your event.
Laser projection can personalise an event with images, designs or text relevant to the client and
their guests. An outdoor laser show for such an event uses large screens that are seemingly
invisible to your client during the laser show.
Laser light show
Installations for permanent or long term
laser light shows in nightclubs, museums,
theatres, theme parks or architectural
features are supplied and maintained if
In each and every instance a full work up of
ideas and possibilities are explored to make
sure that the end result is a an effect to
To obtain a copy of our DVD showing a selection of laser effects used within both indoor and
outdoor laser light shows, please call, e­mail or fax. The DVD features laser light shows using
large and small­frame lasers in a variety of applications. Laser light shows featuring both
multicoloured and single coloured YAG lasers are shown producing beams, spatial effects and
graphics for a number of varied clients.
If you have an event coming up where a laser light show could add an interesting and exciting
dimension to your event, contact us for a free site visit (UK only) to discuss what a laser light
show could do for your event.
Definitive's client list reflects the variety of different laser applications that have been provided in
both indoor and outdoor laser light shows . Corporate clients often request a laser show divided
into a number of different
elements such as an opening
sequence to shock and
surprise, a sequence featuring
a product, brand or logo or
focussing on changes within a
corporate structure, and a
concluding show to finish off
the presentation in a stunning
and original way. Evening
events frequently culminate in
such a light show featuring both
laser beam and spatial effects.
The laser shows for the
Raymond Gubbay Classical
Concerts use a combination of
multi­ coloured and single­
coloured YAG lasers and require extensive programming of laser effects to result in a truly
exciting and original performance. Each season, whole ranges of new effects are developed
using our recently acquired state­of­the­art laser control equipment to ensure that each effect is
unique to that event.
For the West End production of "We Will Rock You" Definitive has provided two extremely quiet
air­cooled YAG lasers to produce a 3D laser cage effect to create a laser cage within a show in
various scenes throughout the production.
Laser FAQ
Soo w
whhaat iss soo ssppeciaal aboout llaserrss annd whaatt can theyy do to add a diifferent dimennsion to yyoourr
mporttaannt eevveenntt??
Laser light is a coherent light source which means that the visual impact of the single beam
even when split into multiple beam formations retains a sharp edge which cannot be matched by
conventional lighting. These beams can be manipulated into a variety of visual effects,
structures, graphics and logos. All these different effects are able to be choreographed to music
of your choice. Lasers are a very effective alternative to pyrotechnics where noise and safety
requirements have ruled out the use of fireworks.
Caan tthheessee effffeecctss be pproojeecteed ontto annyy ssuurface?
Technically yes, but in reality no. The reason for this is that uneven surfaces are not laser
friendly so for corporate applications we often use standard projection screens or when the
element of surprise is needed, we can provide motorized screens which come in and out as and
when required.
Whhaat caann yyoouu ddoo w
with oouur ccoompanny lloggoo to lliivveen uup a presentationn?
Logos or text can be made to grow from a tiny point into the full logo in a variety of colours and
then be made to rotate, spin or grow, shrink or "morph" into different forms, perhaps to highlight
changes such as rebranding, add subsidiary company names or introduce promotional graphics
relating to new product launches.
w caann II uussee llaasseerss tto revveeal my neew
w pproodduct more dyynnamiccaallyy??
By using spatial laser effects combined with theatrical smoke, the product being launched can
be concealed by light then revealed very dramatically, this can be particularly effective with large
items such as cars.
II''vvee seeenn thhe B
Boondd ffillm
mss so are laasers dangerouuss?
Health and Safety is of paramount importance and our experienced crew comply with current
legislation and liaise with venues and local authorities to ensure that your event takes place
without incident.
These are a few of the most commonly asked questions by event organisers and clients but if
there is anything else you would like to know, just give Steve Hitchins a ring on 01438 869005 to
discuss your requirements or e­mail us at [email protected]
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