Treatment For Stage IV Cancer Patients

For Stage IV
Cancer Patients
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The first two years I was researching alternative cancer treatments, I did not fully
understand that some alternative cancer treatments were FAR STRONGER than
other alternative cancer treatments.
It actually came as a shock to me that some alternative cancer treatments were
simply not strong enough for some situations that advanced cancer patients were
Armed with that revelation, I started to research which of the alternative cancer
treatments were strong enough for almost any cancer patient. It was this
research which led to this article and the "ranking" of the strengh of alternative
cancer treatments on this unique website.
I also learned that "testimonials" need to be understood in context. For example,
a testimonial for a newly diagnosed liver cancer patient, who had been cured with
carrot juice and a strong cancer diet (i.e. the "cancer diet" is a list of the foods
which are allowed and are NOT allowed during treatment) may not be strong
enough for an advanced cancer patient and may even inadvertently mislead an
advanced cancer patient into using a treatment which was not strong enough for
their situation.
The point is that for advanced cancer patients, a completely different and
complex set of concepts, attitudes and treatments must be used to treat their
cancer to give them signficant hope for survival.
At any given time the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. is
researching several alternative cancer treatments. It is critical to check back with
this article from time to time to see if any new treatments qualify as "Stage IV"
alternative cancer treatments (or see the home page of this website to see if
there are any new "Stage IV" treatments).
This article for advanced cancer patients, over time, grew to such a size it has
been broken down into "Chapters." There was simply no other way to deal with
the massive size of this article due to the vast number of issues which advanced
cancer patients must understand.
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Treating Advanced Cancer
This chapter is the "Big Picture" of dealing with advanced cancer. It provides the
overview of what the patient needs to understand about treating cancer.
What Causes Cancer
Every adult has some cancer cells in their body and they routinely develop new
cancer cells. This is usually no big deal because the immune system is usually
perfectly capable of dealing with a routine number of cancer cells.
A person "gets cancer" when there is an imbalance between the number of new
cancer cells and the strength of the immune system. Cancer is caused by an
abnormally high number of cancer cells being formed or the immune system is
weaker than it should be, or both.
Thus, when you see some substance being mentioned as a "cause of cancer," it
is almost always something which either causes more than a normal number of
cancer cells to form (e.g. exposure to asbestos) or suppresses the immune
system (e.g. excessive alcohol consumption). In other words, the things that
"cause cancer" disrupt the balance between the number of cancer cells in the
body and the strength of the immune system.
However, neither the number of cancer cells in a person's body nor the strength
of their immune system has anything to do with the actual formation of new
cancer cells.
We can compare this to an infestation of cockroaches in your basement. You hire
an exterminator to get rid of cockroaches (e.g. your immune system) and the
number of cockroaches in your basement is a function of how fast they breed
(e.g. the number of cancer cells in your body).
But neither your exterminator, nor how fast the cockroaches breed has anything
to do with why the cockroaches got inside your basement in the first place.
Learning what causes a normal cell to revert into a cancer cell can be equated to
learning how the cockroaches originally got inside your basement. Once inside
your basement, the battle between the exterminator and the breeding begins.
You might wonder why knowing how a normal cell changes into a cancer cell is
important. It is important because cancer treatments can be designed to revert
cancer cells back into normal cells.
But also, it is important to understand because an understanding of how cancer
cells form in the first place can help you understand why some alternative cancer
treatments are better than others.
How Normal Cells Revert Into Cancer Cells
The formation of new cancer cells is caused by a very special type of microbe
called a "cell wall deficient bacteria." This bacteria is highly pleomorphic,
meaning the bacteria can be smaller than a virus (e.g. a somatid state) or as
large as an amoeba (e.g. the size of a trichomonad). This bacteria frequently
changes it shape and its size. It can do this because it is "cell wall deficient."
These bacteria, which can be "filterable" (i.e. as small as a virus), can actually
get inside of a normal cell. Once inside a normal cell it blocks the formation of
ATP energy inside the mitochondria and this is what turns the cell "cancerous." It
is this microbe which is actually what causes cancer cells to form. See this article
for details on how cancer cells form:
The Theory of Cancer –
Thus, we have two main players in the formation of cancer:
1) The cell wall deficient, highly pleormorphic bacteria, which is actually what
causes cancer cells to form and determines how many cancer cells there are,
2) the strength of the immune system to deal with the quantity of cancer cells.
Thus, curing cancer can be perceived as doing one or more of three things:
1) Killing the microbes inside the cancer cells, which allows the cancer cells to
revert into normal, non-cancerous cells (this reduces the number of cancer cells),
2) Killing cancer cells (which also reduces the number of cancer cells), and/or
3) Building the immune system.
Of course, there are multiple ways of doing each of these things.
But there are other problems in treating cancer. A very high number of cancer
cells in the body can do severe damage to the non-cancerous cells because
cancer cells literally "steal" glucose and nutrients from non-cancerous cells.
Thus, we need to add the protection of non-cancerous cells and key organs to
our list of things we need to do.
Another problem for cancer patients is that 95% of all cancer patients who seek
out alternative cancer treatments have had extensive chemotherapy, radiation
and surgery. All three of these things also do severe damage to the noncancerous cells, the ability to digest foods and supplements and can damage the
immune system.
Actually, most cancer patients die because of the damage to non-cancerous cells
and/or key organs.
Thus, an advanced cancer patient has a very, very weak immune system, a high
number of cancer cells, and highly damaged non-cancerous cells.
In fact, the immune system is so weak that for advanced cancer patients there is
usually not enough time to try to strengthen the immune system to the point it
becomes a factor in the treatment. However, it is necessary to build the immune
system for the long term.
There are many other factors (e.g. surgery to the stomach which interferes with
the bodies ability to digest foods, as one example), but for now these are the key
factors. Thus, when a person first seeks out alternative cancer treatments, there
are almost certainly four things to deal with:
1) A very high number of cancer cells,
2) A very, very weak immune system,
3) Severe damage to non-cancerous cells due to the high number of cancer cells
and orthodox cancer treatments, and
4) A significant level of cachexia (i.e. the lactic acid cycle).
Treating Stage IV Cancer
Since beginning to research alternative cancer treatments in mid-2002, my
approach to treating cancer has changed several times. This is due to both
feedback from cancer patients, feedback from vendors who work with cancer
patients and feedback from other cancer researchers.
Before going on let me say that treating a typical newly diagnosed cancer patient
versus treated an advanced cancer patient who has had extensive chemotherapy
and other orthodox treatments is like comparing flying a model airplane to flying a
B2 bomber!!
For example, when treating a typical newly diagnosed cancer patient,
strengthening the immune system is critical because obviously the balance
between the immune system and the number of cancer cells is out of balance.
However, for advanced cancer patients the immune system is usually irrelevant
for the first few months of treatment. You might wonder why. The reason is that a
person who has been on extensive orthodox cancer treatments doesn't have an
immune system. The first priority is keeping the person alive. This involves safely
killing cancer cells and strengthening the non-cancerous cells and protecting the
Another way to understand the treatment of cancer is to compare treating cancer
to putting out a house fire. For example, suppose an electrical appliance in your
house catches on fire. As long as only the electrical appliance is on fire, the fire is
generally easy to put out. For example, a fire extinguisher can put this kind of fire
out without the need to use a garden hose or call the fire department.
This scenario can be compared to most cancer patients when they are first
diagnosed. Scores of alternative cancer treatments can cure most cancer cases
when they are first diagnosed.
However, just because someone is recently diagnosed does not mean they have
a simple situation. Some types of cancer need a fire hose right from the
beginning, either because they are a dangerous type of cancer (e.g. squamous
cell carcinoma) or the patient was diagnosed at a late stage.
For those who have had some chemotherapy and radiation, we can compare it to
at least a fire which has spread to some kitchen cabinets. In this case a fire
extinguisher may not be adequate to put the fire out. A garden hose may be
necessary and the person may call the fire department just in case the garden
hose is not adequate.
The reality is that if you are reading this article, and you have cancer, or if you
are the caregiver of a cancer patient, you or the cancer patient has probably
been through extensive orthodox cancer treatments plus have lost many months
of treatment time.
This might be compared to a house fire where the fire is already consuming two
or more rooms and the roof is on fire. In this case a garden hose is no longer
adequate. It is necessary to call the fire department immediately.
This, in fact, is the situation of more than 95% of all cancer patients who seek out
alternative cancer treatments!!
Think for a moment about an extensive house fire. The more extensive the fire is,
the faster the fire is spreading.
Likewise, the more cancer a cancer patient has, the faster it is spreading, simply
by virtue of the number of cancer cells that exist and are dividing.
However, just like a fire in some houses will spread faster than other houses (for
example, a fire in a wood frame house will spread faster than a fire in a concrete
and metal frame house), some types of cancer spread faster than others.
Thus, to treat advanced cancer you need to know several things:
1) How much cancer is in the body,
2) Where are the key locations of the cancer (e.g. brain, lungs, bones, etc.),
3) What kind of cancer is it (e.g. is it spreading quickly based on the type of
4) What are the tools you have to work with to "put it out."
The last item might be somewhat confusing to the reader. Can't any cancer
patient choose any of the "Stage IV" alternative cancer treatments, meaning the
fire hoses? The answer is absolutely NO!
There are many situations where a specific treatment would be dangerous to
use. For example, in some cancer cases the slightest swelling of a tumor, even
temporary swelling, may cause a serious and even fatal result. Thus, it is critical
to know how much swelling and inflammation can be tolerated and which
alternative cancer treatments may cause temporary swelling and inflammation.
This is one example of why some alternative cancer treatments should not be
used in certain situations, or should be used only under expert supervision.
As another example, with lung cancer (including cancer that has spread to the
lungs), if there is congestion, this is almost always the primary concern when
treating the cancer, no matter what other concerns there may be. If the cancer
patient has to go on oxygen, in the past it was almost impossible to save the
patient because of how far the cancer had already spread. However, new
alternative cancer treatments, such as the Cellect-Budwig protocol, have
overcome the cancer of people who were on 18 liters of oxygen a day because
they are powerful treatments and the treatment did not add to the existing
Another issue is whether the patient is taking any prescription drugs, including
chemotherapy or any other prescription drugs. Some alternative cancer
treatments cannot be used while a cancer patient is still taking any type of
prescription drugs.
Brain cancer can also be a number one priority. If there is brain swelling it can
slow the heart rate down even to the point the heart completely stops beating.
Another issue is bone cancer (including cancer that has spread to the bones).
When bones become brittle and start breaking it can create severe depression in
the cancer patient, especially if the bones that are breaking are in the spine. This
fact will elevate the importance to treat the bone cancer first (though lung cancer
that includes congestion is almost always the highest priority).
As other examples, some cancer patients cannot digest or consume
supplements (e.g. they are fed through an I.V.). Many alternative cancer
treatments require the ability to take and digest supplements.
The point is that there are many issues that affect which alternative cancer
treatment(s) can be used in a specific case and which cannot be used. Once this
list is known, it then becomes an issue of which one is the best, based on the
In one individual case, even the slightest swelling would cause potentially fatal
problems for the patient (a tumor was wrapped around an artery). This alone
eliminated almost all alternative cancer treatments because almost all alternative
cancer treatments create temporary swelling and congestion. However, the man
also had had 5 feet of his intestines removed, thus he could not digest
supplements very well (fortunately he was not on a feeding tube). That eliminated
some of the remaining treatments. But he was also on several powerful pain
killers. That eliminated the rest of the powerful alternative cancer treatments.
When the analysis was done, there was not a single powerful alternative cancer
treatment that was available to him. The only option was to pick a treatment that
did not cause any swelling, modify it slightly so more of it could be digested, then
add a couple of treatments that are rarely used to insure there was not even the
slightest swelling.
There are many factors to consider before a treatment can be chosen. This
article will discuss many of these issues, and the chapters will link to other
articles, in some cases, which go into more detail if they apply to your situation.
These things are mentioned to prepare you for the fact you are going to have to
do a lot of reading. While it is always best to work with a vendor or a clinic, you
should do your homework before (and after) you pick a vendor!!
A vendor will probably take your business even if they are not the best choice for
your situation. This is because the vendor probably doesn't know about other
alternative cancer treatments (i.e. they may only know about their treatment) and
probably doesn't know which treatment is best for your situation. They will just do
the best they can with their treatment. It is up to the patient or their caregiver to
do the best they can to pick the best treatment the first time. The purpose of this
article is to help them do just that.
Also be aware that due to massive persecution of alternative medicine by the
FDA, vendors are no longer allowed to tell you how effective their treatment may
be in your situation.
For example, a vendor may know that his or her treatment will cure your cancer,
based on extensive experience. However, this vendor may have to do a "tap
dance" with their words to make sure they do not say things the FDA doesn't
want them to say.
The goal of the FDA is to separate the truth (i.e. how potent an alternative cancer
treatment or device may be) from the product.
This is not because the FDA cares about your health or survival, it is because the
FDA executives want to retire to a vastly profitable job funded by the FDA.
Because there are unscrupulous vendors and because the honest vendors
cannot tell you everything and cannot use certain words, it is really up to the
patient, or their caregiver, to do the bulk of the research.
Chapter 2 - The Key Issues of Treating Advanced Cancer
This chapter digs a little deeper than the prior chapter and gets more specific
about what an alternative cancer treatment needs to do.
Issue One - The Fire Hose
Every alternative cancer treatments needs to have at least one "Stage IV"
alternative cancer treatment. This is the main treatment that puts out the fire. It
is what the "fire department" brings to the house fire.
Most of this article is on the "Stage IV" treatments. But remember that every
cancer treatment of a "Stage IV" cancer patient needs at least one of these
treatments (and usually only one of them).
Having said that new advances in alternative cancer treatments are changing the
landscape of getting rid of cancer cells. With the addition of a frequency
generator (i.e. Rife Machine) to the Cancer Tutor website in May of 2009, an old
concept suddenly became a reality!!
Even before its inception, the researchers of the Independent Cancer Research
Foundation, Inc. were working on treatments which reverted cancer cells into
normal cells. This means they were working on treatments which killed the cell
wall deficient microbes which were inside the cancer cells.
Why is this important from a theoretical standpoint? By reverting cancer cells into
normal cells the process of getting rid of cancer cells can be much faster. For
example, when you kill cancer cells you create a lot of debris from dead cancer
cells. This is why treatments that kill cancer cells take so long - it is dangerous to
kill a lot of cancer cells quickly.
But reverting cancer cells can be done almost immediately. The only issue is that
you do have to deal with a lot of dead microbes, but that is a minor issue
compared to dealing with dead cancer cells. Cancer cells are a lot larger than
microbes, thus they create a lot more debris.
The frequency generator article on this website was the first protocol which was
designed to quickly revert cancer cells into normal cells. The technology goes
back to the 1930s, but was lost to the world for over 70 years due to government
corruption and a number of other reasons.
Another advantage to treatments which revert cancer cells into normal cells is
that these treatments can be used with other Stage IV treatments. In other
words, the primary reason Stage IV treatments cannot be combined is that you
don't want two cancer treatments killing the maximum safe number of cancer
cells. This would lead to too many cancer cells being killed.
But reverting cancer cells into normal cells does not kill any cancer cells, thus
treatments which revert cancer cells into normal cells can usually be combined
with the treatments that kill cancer cells. But more importantly, these treatments
work so fast it doesn't really matter if they are used with other Stage IV
But also understand that all of the Stage IV alternative cancer treatments which
kill cancer cells ALSO contain supplements and foods to protect the noncancerous cells, to protect the organs, etc. Thus, a treatment which only reverts
cancer cells into normal cells cannot be the sole alternative cancer treatment for
advanced cancer patients.
The treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells only solve half of the
problem (safely getting rid of cancer cells quickly), but do not solve the other half
of the problem (protecting the non-cancerous cells and organs).
This is important to understand: even if a treatment reverted every cancer cell
into a normal cell in one week, this would only solve half of the problem!!! The
patient would still be at major risk for dying because it is the long-term damage to
non-cancerous cells and organs that cause the death of most patients.
By a wide margin the research of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation
is focused on reverting cancer cells into normal cells. As these types of
treatments are developed they will be put on this website first.
The faster you can safely get rid of cancer cells, the higher the chance of
survival. The reason is that as long as a large number of cancer cells exist they
are literally sucking the life out of the non-cancerous cells. The faster you can
safely get rid of the cancer cells the faster the non-cancerous cells and organs
can start to recover.
Issue Two - Protecting Non-Cancerous Cells and Buying Time
Many cancer patients die because of the spreading of their cancer. However,
many other cancer patients die because their non-cancerous cells become so
weak and sick that the body simply shuts down.
Cancer cells literally "steal" glucose from non-cancerous cells. Cancer cells also
"steal" minerals and other nutrients from non-cancerous cells. Cancer cells also
create what is called a "lactic acid cycle" which robs the entire body of energy in
more than one way.
Treating cancer must be done on two fronts. You must work on getting rid of
the cancer cells, but at the same time you must protect and strengthen the noncancerous cells.
Never lose sight of the critical non-cancerous cells. It is these cells which
determine how long you are going to live and thus how long you have to treat
your cancer. They are what "buy-time" for the cancer treatment to work.
Thus, "buying time," by protecting the non-cancerous cells, can be just as
important (and even more important at times) than dealing with the cancer cells.
Another key issue in this section is dealing with the damage done by
chemotherapy. Those who have had high doses of chemotherapy have had
damage done to their stomach and/or colon which likely reduces their ability to
digest supplements and foods. But the digestion of supplements and foods is
always absolutely crticial to the treatment of cancer!!
For this reason, those who have had extensive chemotherapy, and have had
damage to the stomach lining and/or colon lining, need some way to get key
nutrients into their bloodstream.
Actually, the frequency generator, mentioned above, does not need any digestive
abilities because it is an electromedicine device. But whether you use a
frequency generator or not, a patient may need to take liquid supplements such
as Limu juice (, Eniva Vibe (liquid vitamin and mineral
supplement) and other liquid supplements. See the Colon Cancer article for more
Issue Three - Stopping the Spread of Cancer
There are three things which will help stop the spread of cancer, in addition to the
primary cancer treatment a patient is on.
First, is alkalinity. This is discussed in the "Cancer Diet" section of this article.
Microbes and cancer cells simply cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. There
are also alternative cancer treatments (e.g. the Cesium Chloride Protocol and the
Barefoot Calcium treatment) which provide alkalinity to the cancer cells.
(Note: This is an introduction section, but you should realize you do NOT want to
raise the pH of your blood, such as with high levels of baking soda, as that can
be very, very dangerous. This is one reason you must work with an expert, who
will usually be your key vendor, and make sure the expert knows everything you
are doing.)
Second, is oxygen. Things like hydrogen peroxide (e.g. 12 drops of 35% food
grade hydrogen peroxide a day), stabilized oxygen or chlorine dioxide (e.g. 12
drops taken transdermally, meaning through the skin) can quickly raise the
oxygen level in the blood. Chlorine Dioxide is made from stabilized oxygen (i.e.
Miracle Mineral Supplement, MMS, which is 28% stabilized oxygen).
Hydrogen Peroxide Protocol
Third, for those whose cancer is in tissue (as opposed to leukemia), the Dr.
Matthias Rath treatment is superb at slowing down the spread of cancer, to "buy
time" for other treatments to work. Here is an article on the Dr. Rath protocol:
Dr. Matthias Rath Protocol -
Fourth, electromedicine, especially the frequency generator (e.g. "Rife
Machine"). This device can kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, thus allowing
the cancer cells to revert into normal cells.
This is an excellent way to stop fast-spreading cancers because it does not
interfere with most alternative cancer treatments, thus it can be used as an
addition to almost any other "Stage IV" treatment. See:
Frequency Generator Protocols
Issue Four - After You Are In Remission
The purpose of an alternative cancer treatment is to put the cancer patient into
"remission," meaning the symptoms of the cancer are gone. But even if every
cancer cell in the person's body is killed, removed, or reverted into normal cells,
your treatment is not finished.
There is a very high chance that even when your cancer symptoms are gone,
your immune system is not strong enough yet to deal with new cancer cells
(everyone gets new cancer cells) and it is possible not all of your cancer cells are
dead or reverted into normal cells.
Thus, it is critical to continue building your immune system and killing new cancer
cells (which your immune system is probably not ready to do yet).
In other words, once the cancer patient is in remission, it is quite possible for the
cancer to return (which is called: regression) because they haven't fixed the
original problems that caused the cancer in the first place or the cancer returns
because the patient returned to their old lifestyle. Or perhaps everyone thought
the cancer was gone, but it wasn't completely gone.
For example, almost all breast cancer cases involve root canals as a causal
factor. Thus, if a breast cancer patient does not have their root canal teeth
removed by a biological dentist or holistic dentist, their cancer may return.
As another example, a cancer patient on the Cesium Chloride Protocol may hit
their "cesium limit" (as determined by their vendor) before their cancer is totally
gone. Or perhaps the cesium chloride treatment works so quickly the person's
immune system is not completely restored (especially if the patient had been on
In any case, even when the cancer is "cured," the work is not done. A "remission"
treatment is needed to:
1) Build the immune system,
2) Kill any remaining cancer cells,
3) Repair the electrical balance in the cells,
4) Flood the body with ionic minerals, and so on.
Many things need to be done after the cancer patient is in "remission" in order to
prevent "regression." Even those who are able to be treated at a clinic need the
remission treatment because you cannot rebuild the immune system in a few
There are two articles on remission you need to read. One of these articles is on
this website and is linked to later in this article. But first, read this remission
article on the ICRF website:
Making Sure Remission Does Not Turn Into Regresssion –
Chapter 3 - For Those on Prescription Drugs
This is a critical chapter for those who are using alternative cancer treatments
and prescription drugs, such as chemotherapy or pain killers or even radiation.
There are many conflicts between these two types of treatments.
If you are on ANY prescription drugs, or even over-the-counter drugs, such as
aspirin, you should check with your pharmacist or doctor to see if there is a
potential problem with using natural foods or natural supplements with your
prescription drugs. A problem can occur:
1) when one substance negates another substance, or
2) when one substance interferes with another substance, or
3) when one substance enhances the effectiveness of another.
For example, enhancing a prescription or over-the-counter drug can be just
as dangerous as blocking their actions. It is impossible for this website to
keep track of all possible conflicts. This warning is especially important for drugs
that are being used as heart medications (such as hypertension drugs), blood
thinners or pain medications (to name but three categories).
Sometimes it is prescription drugs that interfere with alternative medicines. There
is one very rare situation where a conflict can be directly fatal: the combination of
tranquilizers with hydrazine sulphate.
If you are on a blood thinner, you should not take proteolytic enzymes as part of
your alternative cancer treatment. Proteolytic enzymes are also blood thinners.
It is common when talking to a cancer treatment vendor to accidentally forget to
mention something. For example, if someone is talking to Larry of Essense of
Life and forgets to mention they are on a blood thinner, there could be problems
because his complete protocol (as well as most complete protocols) include
proteolytic enzymes (also called: pancreatic enzymes). This could happen
because the cancer patient, or their representative, didn't know it was important
and the vendor forgot to ask. However, it is likely part of the instructions that
come with the protocol.
The point is that a cancer patient, or their representative, should continue to
study and read even after the treatment begins. In my dealings with cancer
patients I have run into many cases where a dangerous supplement (for the
situation) was being used and no one knew about it. This is more likely to happen
when a patient, or their representative, designs the treatment. But it can happen
with any treatment.
If you are on blood pressure medication you need to buy your own blood
pressure monitor. Take your blood pressure at least twice a day. If your blood
pressure drops too low, quit taking your prescription drug for blood pressure.
Continue to monitor your blood pressure. Many alternative cancer treatments
contain supplements that lower blood pressure.
Many cancer patients are on more than a dozen prescription drugs. It is difficult,
if not impossible, to accurately transition from being on several prescription drugs
to a pure alternative cancer treatment.
Having said all of these things, let's be logical. If you are Stage IV, the
chances of you surviving your cancer without alternative cancer treatments is
VIRTUALLY ZERO. If you take both prescription drugs and alternative cancer
treatments, you are in a paradoxical situation. Here are two of the several
possible options:
1) the combination can do severe damage and shorten your life or
2) the alternative cancer treatment can cure you.
Does it make sense to do the best you can at avoiding conflicts, but at the same
time make sure you are using an alternative cancer treatment strong enough to
maximize your chances of survival? The only hope you have of surviving is with
alternative cancer treatments. Do the best you can at preventing conflicts, but
stick with the potent alternative treatments.
I liken this to a person who is drowning in the middle of a large pond. A person
standing on the side of the pond knows they cannot swim to the person in time to
save them. The only thing available to the person to throw to the drowning
person is a large branch. But the person on the bank thinks about it and says to
himself: "If the large branch hits the person on the head it will kill them." That
may be true, but if the large branch is not thrown to the person, the person will
drown. Thus, the only possible way the person can be saved is to throw the
large branch.
Likewise, orthodox medicine cannot save a person's life after the cancer has
spread beyond what they can cut out. Thus, the only hope to save the person
is with alternative cancer treatments.
If You are Currently On Chemotherapy
Almost all alternative cancer treatments can be used by someone still on
chemotherapy. However, there are two alternative cancer treatments that are
very effective for those on chemotherapy. One of them is the Cesium Chloride /
DMSO Protocol and the other is the Tony Isaacs Oleander Protocol. Fortunately,
both of these are Stage IV treatments and will be discussed later in this article.
If You are Contemplating Chemotherapy
Many families of cancer patients insist the cancer patient be treated by a medical
doctor and that the medical doctor uses chemotherapy.
Fortunately, there is an alternative cancer treatment which fits this description.
Thus, both the family and the cancer patient can be made happy at the same
In fact, the chemotherapy treatment, administered by an M.D., is a superb
treatment!! It is the Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). It combines very low
doses of chemotherapy with insulin.
Be sure you do NOT tell the rest of your family it uses very low dose
chemotherapy (i.e. 1/10th the normal amount).
Why do they use very low doses of chemotherapy? The reason is that the insulin
opens up the cell membranes of cancer cells so that the chemotherapy will
target the cancer cells and leave the healthy cells alone. Because this treatment
allows chemotherapy to target cancer cells, very low doses of chemotherapy are
used and there are virtually zero side-effects. It uses about 1/10th as much
chemotherapy as a normal chemotherapy treatment, but more importantly it
allows the chemotherapy to target cancer cells, thus eliminating side-effects.
The reason I mention this is because some families of a cancer patient insist the
person use a medical doctor and chemotherapy. Fine, use IPT. IPT is one of the
orthodox cancer treatments which can cure cancer. Orthodox medicine does not
allow its use in most states so you may have to do some traveling.
Here is an article on IPT:
Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) -
There is an even better orthodox cancer treatment than IPT which uses
chemotherapy; but it is not allowed in any state. In fact, the last medical doctor to
use it was raided and shut down by the FDA.
Also, note that some of the German cancer clinics use hyperthermia with very
low doses of chemotherapy. They are another option for families which insist on
chemotherapy. A link to a list of clinics will be given later in this article.
When To use Radiation and Surgery
Generally speaking, there is no reason for surgery, however, there are situations
where it is critical. These situations are generally when a tumor is blocking, or
potentially blocking, the flow of bile or an artery or the flow of some other fluid. In
these cases, surgery may be required. Follow the advice of your medical doctors
when key fluids in the body may be in danger of being blocked. This includes the
total blockage of the colon or stomach.
Do not depend on alternative cancer treatments to reverse inevitable
blockage of key fluids.
Likewise, generally speaking, there is no justification for radiation. But again,
there are times when it is essential. These cases generally involve inflammation
and pressure in the brain.
When there is pressure inside the brain, it can literally slow down and eventually
block the heart from beating. Obviously, if the heart stops beating, or slows down
to the point it is dangerous, this can be fatal.
In these cases, medical doctors will normally give steroids and/or radiation to
reduce the swelling. Follow their advice.
Do not depend on alternative cancer treatments to reverse existing or
potential swelling and inflammation in the brain.
In fact, many alternative cancer treatments will increase swelling and
inflammation in the brain. Be very aware of this issue if you are dealing with brain
cancer. Any cancer patient with brain cancer should take their heart rate at least
twice a day - period!!
The good news is that there are alternative cancer treatments which will not
increase swelling and inflammation in the brain. Discussions on indiviudal
alternative cancer treatments will mention which ones do or do not cause
additional swelling and inflammation in the brain.
Chapter 4 - The Cardinal Rules
Going into even more depth, and even discussing specific supplements to
accomplish specific tasks, this chapter details the "Cardinal Rules" an advanced
patient needs to understand. For example, one cardinal rule explains how to
determine whether your alternative cancer treatment is working or not. This
chapter is the first of the very critical cancer treatment chapters!!
Cardinal Rule #1: "Buy Time" To Treat the Cancer!!!
Cancer is very stressful on non-cancerous cells, meaning normal cells. Cancer
steals vital nutrients from non-cancerous cells. Cancer steals glucose from noncancerous cells. In addition, chemotherapy is extremely damaging to noncancerous cells.
In short, the non-cancerous cells in a cancer patient's body generally need as
much attention to details as do the cancer cells.
But there is actually a very key reason to focus on treatments which help protect
the non-cancerous cells.
An example will explain this concept.
Many years ago, two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, PhD, and an
associate, Ewan Cameron, M.D., did a study in Scotland that proved beyond any
doubt that Vitamin C, given by I.V., of 10 grams a day, could extend the length of
time a terminal cancer patient lived by six times or more.
While the alternative cancer treatments of today are far more potent than the
Pauling/Cameron protocol, there is something very important to be learned from
their study - the concept of "buying time" for a cancer patient. When you protect
the non-cancerous cells you will "buy time" for the MAIN cancer treatment to
In other words, "buying time" means you are using a treatment specifically
designed to extend the life of the cancer patient in order to give more time
for the primary cancer treatments to work!!!
To understand what this means, consider what would have happened if the
patients in the Pauling/Cameron study ALSO took a more potent alternative
cancer treatment at the same time. Because these patients lived longer due to
the Vitamin C therapy, the more potent alternative cancer treatment would
have had six times longer to work and be effective!! In other words, there
would have been a much higher probability that the more potent treatment
would have cured the cancer because it had six times longer to work due to
the vitamin C!!
This is the concept of using a product that does not cure cancer, but it can
extend life and "buy time" for other treatments to work because the treatment
protects the non-cancerous cells.
Most people do not have access to taking 10 grams of vitamin C by I.V., but here
are some examples of products or protocols that can literally extend life and "buy
time" for more potent treatments to work, leading to a higher probability of
You do not need to take all of these treatments, but pick at least one plus any
others you feel will support your treatment.
By a huge, huge margin, the number one recommended supplement to "buy
time" is Cellect. It is a powder that can be mixed with certain types of fruit juices
(to kill the horrible taste). Use one of the Maxi-Blend powders.
Cellect has been shown to "buy time" for even super-advanced cancer patients in
hospice! It is actually at the heart of one of the main Stage IV treatments
mentioned below, but if you are not on that treatment (the Cellect-Budwig
Protocol), you need to add Cellect to your protocol in most cases.
Cellect is a super-nutrient product that literally revives the non-cancerous cells,
giving the cancer treatment much more time to deal with the cancer cells.
However, if you are on Protocel(R), Entlev(R), Paw Paw or graviola (e.g. the
Amazon Factor Protocol), do NOT take Cellect. These types of treatments lower
ATP energy (in the mitochondria) whereas Cellect will raise ATP energy, thus
offsetting these treatments.
Another treatment which Cellect should not be added to is the Cesium Chloride
Protocol of Essense of Life. Essense of Life has a similar product called Essense
(yes, that is the way it is spelled), which can take the place of Cellect.
If you use Cellect for your "buy time" treatment, build up to at least four to eight
scoops of the powder a day with whatever primary cancer treatment you are
using. Use even more scoops for fast-growing cancers and cancers which have
spread extensively.
Note #1: Cellect should NOT be used with hydrazine sulphate because Cellect
contains amino acids which should not be used with hydrazine sulphate.
Note #2: For those who are very weak from their cancer treatment or their
cancer and are not on hydrazine sulphate, Cellect is a REQUIRED supplement. It
provides a huge boost in energy. Also, one of the super-nutrient juices,
discussed later, is also a REQUIREMENT.
Note #3: Cellect may not be an option for those being fed through a feeding tube
or by I.V. A liquid super-mineral supplement is an excellent substitute. The
product is called Vibe (liquid). Here is a vendor:
Vibe Liquid Vendor -
Here is the website where Cellect can be purchased (Maxi-Blend powder): Website -
DMSO - Vitamin C Protocol
Like the Pauling-Cameron protocol, this protocol also uses 10 grams of Vitamin
C a day. However, this protocol is designed very differently than the PaulingCameron protocol.
This treatment was designed by a cancer researcher to do several things. First, it
is designed to revert some cancer cells into normal cells. Second, it is designed
to slow the spread of cancer. Third, it is designed to "buy time" by providing key
nutrients to the non-cancerous cells.
This is a research treatment of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation,
Inc., however, it is perfectly safe and uses doses and substances which have a
vast, vast history of absolute safety at the recommended doses.
DMSO - Vitamin C Protocol -
The Super-Nutrient Juices
The super-nutrient fruit juices will add minerals and a lot of key phytonutrients
and other nutrients, including glucose. For advanced cancer patients whose non-
cancerous cells have been stressed and weakened, one or more of these juices
are required.
Get out of the mentality of only thinking about the cancer cells. You need to
always be thinking about both the cancer cells and the non-cancerous cells.
Rather than give one product, several will be listed. The patient can pick and
choose from these brands of products, or they may find another super-nutrient
product or another brand of juice. The important thing is to flood the body with
highly dense super-foods or super-supplements:
1) Tahitian Noni Juice,
2) XanGo Mangosteen,
3) Berry Young Juice, from Young Living (wolfberry or Goji juice)
These, and similar products, are usually sold through Multi-Level Marketing
(MLM) and are usually available locally.
Important Warning: Due to the fact that many cancer patients have liver
damage, frequently due to chemotherapy, and due to the fact that high doses of
these super-fruit juices have been known to contribute to liver damage due to
their detoxification properties; doses of these three products, COMBINED,
should not exceed 3 or 4 ounces a day.
Those who already have liver damage should avoid these products and should
use a coffee enema several times a day.
Important Note: You may have noticed that the super-fruit juices above
(mangosteen, noni and wolfberry juice) are not allowed on the Robert O. Young
diet because they contain too much glucose. Actually, these super-fruit juices are
all right for a cancer patient. The intent of the Robert O. Young diet is to force a
person to avoid foods that feed the cancer cells. The super-fruit juices "feed" the
cancer cells with things that can kill them and also protect the non-cancerous
BOTH the dense mineral supplement (e.g. Cellect or Essense) and a supernutrient fruit juice are required for any advanced cancer patient, with few
The Budwig Diet, Plus Fish Oil
The Budwig Diet, consisting of organic cottage cheese and flaxseed oil, is the
cure for type 2 diabetes. One type 2 diabetes patient started on the Budwig Diet,
but quit the treatment within a few weeks because she gained so much
The point to this true story is that the Budwig Diet has high quality oils that will
provide an energy boost to the non-cancerous cells of a weak cancer patient.
The Cellect-Budwig Protocol and the Bill Henderson Protocol both include the
Budwig Diet. The Cellect-Budwig also adds fish oils so the cells get the critical
long-chain good fats.
No matter what treatment you are on, this is a good treatment to help rebuild the
non-cancerous cells. Here is an article on this protocol:
The Budwig Diet -
Anti-Fungal Supplement
If you read the article on cancer theory, you know that the final step to getting
cancer is that a microbe is able to get inside a normal cell and block the Krebs
Cycle and Electron Transport Chain, thus turning the cell anaerobic (i.e.
cancerous) and highly acidic (via mycotoxins).
Almost all cancer patients have severe microbe infections. It is critical to kill as
many microbes as possible as part of your treatment. The preferred treatment to
do this during a cancer treatment is the Chlorine Dioxide - DMSO Protocol.
Chlorine dioxide is the supplement which cured 75,000 malaria patients.
However, chlorine dioxide is neutralized by many alternative cancer treatments,
including those which use Cellect or Essense, among many others.
For this reason, to deal with fungal infections a person should use the old
standby colloidal silver. Here is an article on colloidal silver, the best alternative
to chlorine dioxide:
Colloidal Silver article -
Vitalzym and Barley Power
One of the products in almost all alternative cancer treatment protocols is
proteolytic enzymes. Their value in treating cancer was known about more than
50 years ago. Almost everyone uses them because they strip the enzyme
coatings around cancer cells which allows the immune system to identify and kill
the cancer cells. But remember from above, these enzymes are also blood
However, there is also a second type of enzyme supplement: the broad-spectrum
enzyme supplement. One such product is called Barley Power, which has
practically every important enzyme on earth in it. One of the many key enzymes
in barley (and fresh wheatgrass juice) is the critical Cytochrome Oxidase enzyme
which is essential for cell energy.
Barley Power is an organic "green" product that is cold-processed. The bottom
line is that every cancer patient, on any treatment, should use Barley Power
(or fresh wheatgrass juice). This product does not have high levels of the
proteolytic enzymes, thus it is not a blood thinner. However, it may contain
Vitamin K, so there may be limits to how much you should take. Use the vendor's
maximum dosage. Here is their website:
The combination of a proteolytic enzyme supplement (such as Vitalzym) and the
broad-spectrum enzyme supplement is very potent! Here is a source for both
Vitalzym and Barley Power Vendors –
The "Stage III Supplements and Treatments
Stage III alternative cancer treatments do not kill nearly as many cancer cells as
a Stage IV alternative cancer treatment. Thus, the Stage III treatments can
actually be used to "buy time" for the Stage IV treatments to work.
For a lot of ideas about using Stage III alternative cancer treatment protocols see
the "Stage III" Treatment article. However, if you plan on adding a "Stage III"
treatment to your "Stage IV" Protocol, ask your vendor if there are any
conflicts (by the way, don't bug your vendor too much, they are very busy
people, group your questions into one call or email).
Here is the "Stage III" Treatment article:
Stage III Treatment Article -
Ideas For Those Who Cannot Take Supplements
For ideas about what cancer patients who cannot eat can do to treat their cancer,
For Cancer Patients Who Cannot Eat Whole Foods
Cardinal Rule #2: Always Have At Least One True "Stage IV"
Alternative Cancer Treatment in Your Protocol
Many times people have sent me the alternative cancer treatment they have
designed, either for themselves or someone they are caring for.
The FIRST thing I do when looking at their protocol is to look for a true
"Stage IV" alternative cancer treatment (i.e. usually one of those discussed
on this page).
Without at least one true "Stage IV" treatment the person is not likely to progress
in their treatment.
One of the greatest mistakes a cancer patient (who designs their own treatment)
makes is to not have a true "Stage IV" treatment in their protocol. To understand
this, you should understand that you cannot put out a major house fire with 10
garden hoses. You need at least one fire hose and several garden hoses.
With cancer you need at least one fire hose, the "Stage IV" treatment.
However, it is equally important NOT to combine two "Stage IV" treatments at the
same time, except in a clinic setting. This is because each of the "Stage IV"
treatments kills the maximum amount of cancer cells which the body can handle.
To double the number of cancer cells killed would far exceed the safe number of
cancer cells that are killed. The body simply cannot handle that much debris.
Killing cancer cells is not the problem for alternative cancer treatments
because the potent alternative cancer treatments target cancer cells and
are capable of killing as many cancer cells as they wish to kill. The problem
is safely killing cancer cells! Dangers can be found in killing too many cancer
cells too fast or in situations where temporary inflammation and swelling are
A complete protocol for treating cancer will include several things, such as
detoxifying agents, immune builders, protecting the liver, etc. This may include
one or more Stage III treatments, etc. But a complete protocol will include
EXACTLY ONE "Stage IV" treatment.
There is one glaring exception to not combining "Stage IV" treatments. Hydrazine
sulphate is a substance which is for exceptionally weak cancer patients.
Whenever a cancer patient has lost their appetite due to their cancer, hydrazine
sulphate should be studied. Because hydrazine sulfate (H.S.) does not kill cancer
cells, it can be used with any other treatment. The only endorsed vendor of
hydrazine sulphate is Essense of Life, the Cesium Chloride / DMSO vendor.
However, there are many rules associated with using hydrazine sulfate and this
article needs to be studied very carefully:
Using Hydrazine Sulphate - The Cachexia Treatment
Cardinal Rule #3: The Cancer Treatment Can Only Be as Potent as the
"Cancer Diet"
A good cancer diet will not only help the non-cancerous cells it can also
"starve" the cancer cells. A bad cancer diet can "feed" the cancer cells!!
As I say many times on this website, fighting cancer is like fighting a fire. While
there are several very potent alternative cancer treatments, NONE OF THEM
can fight some kinds of fast spreading cancers without major outside help.
Where does that outside help come from: a highly alkaline diet!! Cancer simply
cannot survive, thrive and spread in a highly alkaline environment. It is your
cancer diet that really controls the "inner terrain" of your body and how hard your
cancer will be able to fight.
A bad cancer diet during a cancer treatment will FEED the cancer cells. It is like
spraying a house fire with both water [the treatment] and gasoline [the bad diet
that feeds the cancer cells].
A mediocre cancer diet will not feed the cancer cells, but it won't contribute to
the treatment.
While a strong cancer diet is critical for every cancer patient, it is especially
critical to have a strong cancer diet when the patient has a fast-spreading cancer.
A strong "cancer diet" can stop the spreading of cancer faster than anything else.
Too many cancer patients lose their battle with cancer because the cancer
spreads too fast and the treatment, even though the best there was, couldn't
keep up with the battle.
The only thing that will control a fast spreading cancer is a superb cancer diet
plus a superb treatment. If you are serious about surviving a very dangerous
type of cancer, such as a glioblastoma or pancreatic cancer, etc, then you have
no choice but to use your cancer diet as a major tool in your treatment.
Having said all of this, cancer patients who are extremely weak from their
cancer treatment or their cancer should eat whatever it takes to get their
strength and energy back, even meat (but NOT sugar).
Be careful with vendor-designed cancer diets. Make sure their cancer diet is as
strong as one of these two cancer diets.
Your first option is the Brandt Grape Cure. Grapes are alkaline. Grapes are also
a superb detox substance. This cancer diet is also a "Stage IV" cancer treatment
by itself, however, the Brandt Grape Cure is not powerful enough to treat
very advanced cancer patients. But is can be used to support (as the cancer
diet) the treatments that are strong enough for very advanced cancer patients.
Generally, you cannot combine two Stage IV cancer treatments. However, the
Brandt Grape cure is such a superb detox that you can use it with any of the
other Stage IV treatments.
The Brandt Grape Cure can be used as the "cancer diet" with cesium chloride,
the Bill Henderson Protocol, or almost any other alternative cancer treatment
(e.g. NOT the LifeOne Protocol). See this article:
Brandt Grape Cure (as the cancer diet)
Your second option is the Robert O. Young alkaline diet.
Here is an article that will introduce you to the diet, but the ultimate source is the
book Sick and Tired? Reclaim Your Inner Terrain, by Robert O. Young, PhD.
Use his 100% solution, NOT his 80% solution (e.g. if a vegetable has a
significant amount of glucose in it - don't eat it unless it is part of the
Simple Version of Robert O. Young Diet
As noted in the above cancer diet article, do not eat too high a percentage of
green vegetables! Green vegetables are high in Vitamin K and can cause blood
clotting, such as strokes.
You can use the above article to begin your cancer diet, but when you get the
time, you need to read the book.
Cardinal Rule #4: Work With an Expert
When you go to a clinic that uses alternative cancer treatments, by definition you
are working with an expert. This is always the ideal, but it is rarely possible
because insurance companies do not pay for alternative cancer treatments.
The best clinics in the world are in Europe. Germany has the highest
concentration of world-class clinics. They range in price from $20,000 to $25,000
and up.
For those with brain cancer (e.g. glioblastoma, medulloblastoma, etc.), NonHodgkins Lymphoma, an adenocarcinoma of the colon or any type of sarcoma,
one of the best clinics in North America is the Camelot Cancer Care Clinic in
Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their cost is only about $10,000, which includes lodging.
For other types of cancer, if you want to stay in North America, the Oasis of Hope
Clinic in Mexico is an excellent choice. They use treatments which are illegal in
the United States because they are so effective. However, you better be
prepared to pay $25,000 or more for their treatment. And don't forget no
insurance company will pay a dime of the treatment.
See this article for clinics inside and outside of the U.S.:
Clinics Webpage -
It should also be noted that some excellent clinics want to "stay under the radar"
of the FDA, thus they do not want websites such as this one mentioning them.
Most cancer patients can only afford several hundred dollars a month for a
treatment. This means the patient will have to depend on telephone or email
support. It is critical to work with an expert. An expert will likely have prior
experience with a case similar to yours. Their treatment for a situation like yours
may have evolved over the years as they have learned about new treatments
and new methods.
In short, do not design your own alternative cancer treatment. Generally your
expert will be the person who is selling you your "Stage IV" treatment products.
These experts are one of the main criteria for my choice of the "Stage IV"
If you want to use a "Stage IV" treatment, but for some reason cannot or will not
work with the vendor this website mentions, use Google to try and find another
vendor. I have made every effort to find the best of the best for each treatment,
but in some cases it was a tough choice, meaning someone else was not far
behind the person I chose. I do not like to list two vendors for the same treatment
because then people will pester both vendors with questions trying to make up
their mind which vendor to use. These people are very busy so I usually only list
one of the vendors.
For some treatments there is only one vendor for the major product.
Cardinal Rule #5: How NOT To Combine Protocols
Suppose you are researching the Internet and you see four cancer protocols
which look interesting. We will call them:
Protocol #1 - 5 items
Protocol #2 - 4 items
Protocol #3 - 5 items
Protocol #4 - 6 items
I cannot tell you how many times I have seen someone design their own protocol
by picking one of the items from each protocol. WRONG!! This is absolutely the
wrong thing to do.
What you need to do is pick ONE of the COMPLETE protocols (i.e. ALL of the
items in one of the protocols) and use that protocol as your main protocol.
Note that I said to include ALL of the items in that protocol!!
Then, if you want to add items to this one COMPLETE protocol, you can
research whether items taken from other protocols are safe and effective to add
to your main protocol.
Protocols are put together to be synergistic. When you do not use a complete
protocol you may be missing a major part of your treatment. That is why you
need to have a baseline protocol of at least one complete protocol. Then you can
ADD to that protocol, but do not take anything away from it.
Cardinal Rule #6: Using Stage IV Treatments In Sequence
In some cases, even advanced cancer patients can take care of their cancer with
a single treatment. However, sometimes a cancer patient is in such dire condition
that it is necessary to use several "Stage IV" cancer treatments in sequence,
meaning one after the other.
Here is just one example. Suppose a cancer patient has a fast-growing
pancreatic cancer that has already spread to their bones. Here is a sequence
they might go with:
First, go to a clinic that uses ozone I.V. to start killing the cancer cells
immediately, then
Second, AFTER finishing at the clinic, they go with the Cesium Chloride / DMSO
Protocol to start protecting their bones with key minerals, until their vendor tells
them they have reached their 'cesium limit', then
Third, AFTER reaching their 'cesium limit', they go with Cellect-Budwig for an
additional year. During this year they should continue to take the bone-building
minerals which are part of the cesium chloride treatment.
Fourth, they go on the Remission Treatment for one or two years.
Notice that these treatments are used in sequence.
The main cancer treatment should usually last at least a year!! However,
since some treatments last a very short time (e.g. the Brandt Grape Cure for 6
weeks at a time, etc.), it may be necessary to use several treatments in
sequence before starting the remission treatment.
Cardinal Rule #7: Break the Mental Cycle of Depression, Anger and/or Fear
While the cancer patient himself or herself is ultimately responsible for their
cancer treatment, there are some things only the family and friends of the cancer
patient can do. That "thing" is to insure the cancer patient does not lose hope
and to remove in their minds all possible fear and anger related to the cancer.
It is absolutely essential to break the cycle of depression, anger and/or fear. To
do this the cancer patient must make major changes in their mental attitude. Dr.
Lorraine Day says to forgive your enemies, researcher Lothar Hirneise says to
take a major trip or move. Some of the German cancer clinics use "Art Therapy"
to get the patient's mind off of their cancer and get their mind on being creative.
Whether you take them on a trip, teach them a new craft, or whatever it takes,
there is a high correlation between breaking the mental cycle and the ability of
the body to cure the cancer.
Family participation in helping break this mental and/or spiritual cycle is
important. However, it should be emphasized that the family can do as much
damage as be helpful. The entire family needs to know what is going on, and
support the actions of the patient, even if they don't believe in alternative
medicine. There is NO room for naysayers around cancer patients!! For
example, putting the cancer patient in a natural treatment clinic in Germany, or
moving the patient to another state, is one way to get rid of the naysayers.
Cardinal Rule #8: Measure, Measure, Measure Your Progress!!
Why do you have a gas gauge in your car? The gas gauge is an "early warning"
system to measure how much gas is in your tank in order to warn you when you
are about to run out of gas.
Likewise, if a cancer patient is using a cancer protocol which is not working, the
cancer patient needs an "early warning" system so they know as early as
possible that their chosen cancer treatment is not strong enough for their
Almost all cancer patients, or their caregiver, custom designs their treatment. As
mentioned above, their treatment will usually have exactly ONE Stage IV
treatment and this treatment may be supplemented by Hydrazine Sulphate (for
cachexia) or a frequency generator (for a myriad of reasons), a strong "cancer
diet," special supplements, etc. etc.
During treatment, it is critical to know whether your chosen protocol is strong
enough to win your battle against cancer. If it is not strong enough, the sooner
you know it is not strong enough, the quicker you can make adjustments in
your protocol!!!
But there is another very important reason for measuring how well your treatment
is working: Are you using the right doses of supplements and are you
implementing the treatment correctly? For example, you may be using the perfect
protocol for your situation, but you may not be taking the right doses of a key
product or you may be taking a supplement which is negating a more important
supplement in your treatment.
The sooner you know your treatment is not strong enough (or something is
wrong with the way you are taking the protocol) the better your chance of
While a P.E.T. Scan will measure your progress, a PET Scan is like having a
hundred X-Rays and having that many X-Rays is definitely not good for a cancer
There are also many different "protein" counters, such as the CA-125. The
problem with counting proteins is that they are generally VERY POOR measures
of progress. Alternative cancer treatments are not designed to lower protein
counts!!! Plus, there are many factors that determine how many key proteins
there are in a cancer patient's body. For example, existing proteins may not be
flushed out of the body even if you are winning your battle against cancer.
The answer to measuring your progress is a simple and inexpensive urine test
called the Navarro Urine test.
The Navarro Urine test was designed by the late Dr. Navarro of the Philippines
and is now administered by his son, who is also a medical doctor in the
It is a urine test which returns to you a number, generally between 50 and 60. A
'49' means you no longer have cancer (statistically speaking). A '50' or above
means you do have cancer (statistically speaking). The test, including shipping,
only costs about $75.
As a rule of thumb, a 56 or a 57 is typical of a very advanced cancer patient (see
the note below for exceptions).
Starting when you begin your first major alternative cancer treatment you need to
determine exactly how much cancer there is in your body.
The result of the first time you take a Navarro test is called the "1st Navarro
number." The result of the second time (6 or 8 weeks later) you take a Navarro
test is called the "2nd Navarro number.
The 2nd Navarro number is compared to the 1st Navarro number to see if the
Navarro number has gone down, stayed the same or gone up.
Your 3rd Navarro number is compared to your 2nd Navarro number. Your 4th
Navarro number is compared to your 3rd Navarro number. And so on. Every 6 or
8 weeks you take another Navarro urine test.
The purpose of comparing these consecutive numbers is that from time to time
during your treatment you must know whether your treatment is working and
whether you are getting better or you are getting worse. If you are getting
worse, you need to immediately change your protocol or fix the way you
are doing your current protocol.
The solution in your case may be to be more fanatical about your "cancer diet" or
maybe you are not taking a high enough dose of one of the key supplements. Or
maybe your protocol is simply too weak for your situation.
This is How To Measure Whether Your Treatment Is Working!!
The way to determine whether your treatment is working or not is to compare
consecutive Navarro numbers as described above.
If your Navarro Number has gone up (e.g. your 3rd Navarro number is
larger than your 2nd Navarro number), then your treatment is not strong
enough for your situation and you need to immediately re-evaluate your
current treatment or change your primary treatment!!
If your Navarro number has gone down, then the treatment is working as
advertised and keep doing what you are doing.
If your Navarro number stays the same, you may want to give the treatment
another 6 to 8 weeks or you may decide to change your protocol or switch to a
different primary treatment.
The real purpose of this methodology is to catch an increase in the Navarro
number quickly. If the Navarro number goes up by more than 0.2 points, that is
the real purpose for the test. If it goes up by more than 0.2 points it means your
treatment is simply not strong enough for your situation and you need to
immediately make a significant change in your overall protocol in most situations
(Note: some protocols are cumulative in nature, such as cesium chloride,
Protocel, Cantron, etc., thus it may be normal for the treatment to take more than
8 weeks to see an improvement in the Navarro number).
You take the test every 6 or 8 weeks until your Navarro number is below 50 or
below 51. Then you can go on a strong remission treatment when your protocol
is completed.
But even after you are in "remission" you need to have your Navarro
number taken every 3 or 4 months for a year, then every six months after
that. You need to know whether the cancer is "creeping up!!"
In fact, even people who do not have cancer should take a Navarro test once a
year to make sure cancer is not creeping up on them (are you paying attention
caregivers?). A friend of mine died the day after he was diagnosed with cancer
because he had no clue he had cancer (or he ignored the clues) until it was far
too late.
Important Note: While the Navarro number is usually between 50 and 57, for
certain kinds of cancer the number can be over a thousand. You need to look at
the instructions. But whatever your number is to begin with, it is the CHANGE in
the number which is important. If you have a type of cancer where the Navarro
number is above 80, then you will have to determine for yourself how to gauge
your progress.
Here is information about how to take the Navarro Urine test:
How To Determine How Much Cancer You Have (Navarro Urine test)
Cardinal Rule #9: Keep Doing Your Homework
Here is your homework - memorize these cardinal rules!! The order of these
cardinal rules is not important, but all of them are essential.
When you go to a medical doctor you are paying him or her to do your homework
for you. But medical doctors are not allowed to use alternative cancer treatments,
thus you must do your homework unless you can afford an alternative cancer
treatment clinic.
Chapter 5 - The Stage IV Treatments
This chapter is a listing, with detailed comments, of the "Stage IV" alternative
cancer treatments. These are the crown jewels of alternative cancer treatments
for advanced cancer patients.
Of the 400+ alternative cancer treatments, only a few are rated "Stage IV"
treatments, meaning they give an advanced cancer patient real hope for survival.
Obviously, their chance of survival depends heavily on their condition at the start
of the treatment.
However, families who are accustomed to dealing with orthodox cancer
treatments frequently have no clue how fast-acting and powerful the best of the
alternative cancer treatments really are. Thus, it is common for a family to
underestimate the power of the alternative cancer treatments and thus
underestimate the chances for a cancer patient to survive.
Read ALL of the treatment articles linked to in this section at least twice
before making a decision as to which treatment to use. There are
advantages and disadvantages to each treatment.
Also, later in this article (Chapter 7) there are discussions or links to articles for
specific types of cancer. Read any of the "type of cancer" articles (e.g. lung
cancer, brain cancer, etc.) which apply to your situation.
If, after reading about each treatment twice, and each applicable "type of cancer
article," you still cannot decide on which treatment to use, then pick the default
treatment: the Cellect-Budwig Protocol. This protocol has been shown to be
effective on every type of cancer it has been used on and it does not cause any
type of swelling or inflammation. This does not mean, however, that it is the best
treatment for every situation.
For those who cannot afford any of these treatments, there is an article on
inexpensive treatments which is linked to in the side-bar.
Here are the Stage IV treatments:
The Cellect-Budwig Protocol
This treatment was designed to do two key things. First, it was designed to start
protecting the non-cancerous cells very, very quickly. Second, it was designed to
get rid of cancer cells without creating any kind of inflammation or swelling. In
other words, this treatment was designed with very advanced cancer patients in
As an added bonus, this treatment usually shrinks tumors significantly within
several weeks.
Both the Cellect powder and the Budwig Diet help protect the non-cancerous
cells. Fish oil capsules come with the Cellect.
This treatment is highly recommended for lung cancer patients and brain cancer
patients, but it works well on every kind of cancer it has been used on.
Cost: About $400 a month, depending on doses.
Advantages: Works very fast and does not cause any type of inflammation or
swelling. It can be used with chemotherapy.
Disadvantages: Perhaps the worst news is that this treatment is so good at
detoxification that a coffee enema is frequently necessary. It is not as difficult to
do as you might think. Coffee enemas were used by Gerson, Kelley, and many
other top practitioners.
Working With an Expert For This Treatment
Mike Vrentas is the alternative cancer researcher who put together the CellectBudwig Protocol. While Mike does consultations for a very modest one-time
consultation fee of $150, because of his limited time he has developed a set of
audio CDs. These CDs include the offical and complete protocol. His CD set is
currently only available by download and ONLY if you have broadband. It will
soon be available on CD.
To see an overview of the protocol:
Cellect-Budwig Protocol -
To see a 7 minute video about his audio book:
Your Road to Health - Cellect/Budwig and More -
The Cesium Chloride / DMSO Protocol (i.e. the Essense of Life Protocol)
This treatment has been around for more than 30 years. It is the most flexible
treatment and has the overall best long-term track record of any other alternative
cancer treatment. It can be taken through the skin (e.g. for those on feeding
tubes) or in some cases it can be taken orally. It can be taken by those still on
chemotherapy (in some cases it is synergistic with chemotherapy), and so on.
This is the required treatment for those with bone cancer (unless another type of
cancer takes precedence).
This treatment generally starts working as fast as any other treatment protocol. It
is also excellent at shrinking tumors quickly. It also deals with the causes of
many types of pain.
Another advantage to this protocol is that a more generous "cancer diet" is
allowed because the cesium chloride and potassium block glucose from getting
inside the cancer cells. This means more foods with glucose are allowed on this
treatment. The expanded "cancer diet" allows patients to have more nutritious
foods during their treatment.
Also, for cachexia patients it should be noted that when using cesium chloride,
ATP can be used to block cachexia (ATP converts lactic acid into glucose, thus
taking a large burden off the liver). When doing this cachexia is blocked two
different ways (the second way is that cesium chloride blocks the cancer cells
from making lactic acid). ATP also increases the energy of weak cancer patients
almost immediately.
Also, for those with cachexia the recommended vendor for this protocol also sells
the best hydrazine sulfate product available in the U.S. For those outside of the
U.S. any compound pharmacist can make hydrazine sulfate. H.S. is critical
because it blocks the cachexia cycle or lactic acid cycle at the liver.
In fact, ANY cancer patient who has cachexia (i.e. they have lost their appetite)
should contact Essense of Life for hydrazine sulfate!! This is absolutely critical!!!
Getting back to cesium chloride, this treatment is critical to alternative medicine
because many oncologists are keeping cancer patients on chemotherapy and
radiation far longer than they used to, thus there is a growing need for treatments
that do not require the ability to consume and digest large numbers of
It is absolutely essential to use the remission treatment when your vendor
tells you to quit taking the cesium chloride (i.e. your vendor has decided
you have reached your "cesium limit"). This is because you may hit your
"cesium limit" before all of your cancer cells are removed.
Cost: Between $600 and $900 up front, and between $300 and $400 per month
for refills. Newer technologies, when necessary, may add to this cost.
Advantages: Works fast, very long-proven treatment and a vendor with
extensive experience with a wide range of situations. This treatment can be
taken with chemotherapy.
Disadvantages: Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is that this treatment may
cause some temporary swelling and inflammation. For most situations, this is not
a problem, but for some kinds of cancer, especially brain cancer or lung cancer,
this can be an issue. When swelling may be an issue, the vendor may suggest
lower doses of cesium chloride or may suggest adding another supplement
designed to reduce inflammation and swelling.
Working With an Expert For This Treatment
While there are several people who sell cesium chloride, Larry of Essense of Life
clearly has the most experience with the most kinds of cancer. If you purchase
your materials from him the consultations are free. Here is his website for contact
information (leave your phone number):
Essense Of Life Website -
The LifeOne Protocol of Dr. Howenstine, M.D.
This protocol uses a very effective product called LifeOne as its main treatment.
Dr. Howenstine M.D., was trained in America, but now lives in Costa Rica. He
generally works with cancer patients by telephone. He can work with all kinds of
cancers using the LifeOne product and other substances as needed.
If a person has not had chemotherapy or radiation, LifeOne works unusually
quickly in patients with hepatoma, ovarian cancer, squamous cell cancer, cervical
cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, lymphoma and pancreatic cancer. These
patients may feel better in 2 weeks and can be much better in 4 to 6 weeks.
For patients who have had chemotherapy and/or radiation, the treatment takes
longer to become effective and other supplements are needed.
One thing to note is that if you have any concerns about your local doctor's
diagnosis, or if you have a type of cancer which involves hormone issues, male
or female, then this is the treatment you should use! Dr. Howenstine is an expert
in these issues and also consults with other experts in these fields.
LifeOne Protocol -
Cost: Unknown.
Advantages: Has been in use for more than two years so it has a long track
record by the standards of avante guarde alternative cancer treatments.
Disadvantages: While it would be nice to work with Dr. Howenstine face-to-face,
and this is possible if you wish to travel to Costa Rica, he is used to working with
cancer patients over the phone.
Working With an Expert For This Treatment
Contact Dr. Howenstine by email, but he is not a typist, so simply give your
telephone number, country or state, time zone and a little about your cancer.
Costa Rica is in the Mountain Time Zone. He charges by the hour and uses a
telephone service which is very inexpensive. [email protected]
Bill Henderson Protocol
Like the Cellect-Budwig Protocol, the Bill Henderson treatment is based on the
Budwig Protocol. The Bill Henderson Protocol does not cause nearly as much
inflammation and swelling as other treatments, if it creates any at all. Like the
Cellect-Budwig Protocol, it is a critical treatment of choice for just this reason.
Once the Budwig Diet is started it likely will need to be continued for life, except
at lower than theraputic doses. This is actually a good thing because the Budwig
helps prevent Alzheimers, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and a host of other
Like all good alternative cancer treatments, the Bill Henderson protocol includes
an extremely rigid diet that the cancer patient must follow! Also, Bill has studied
many different brands of supplements, it is absolutely critical to use the brands
he recommends (he does not sell any supplements or receive any commissions).
Bill Henderson's complete protocol can be found in chapter 5 of his book:
Cancer-Free - Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing. It is available as an
eBook on his website (if you need it immediately) or on Amazon.
Bill Henderson's Book -
For those on a tight budget, this treatment is the least expensive of all of the
"Stage IV" treatments.
Cost: Less than $175 a month (Bill Henderson does not sell any of the products).
Advantages: There are really two key things which treat the cancer. First, the
cancer diet. Second, the Budwig protocol. The cancer diet works very quickly to
start treating the cancer. The cancer diet, and the supplements, "buy time" for the
rest of the treatment. It causes little or no inflammation or swelling.
Disadvantages: Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of this treatment is that it
cannot be combined with many other alternative cancer treatments (e.g. cesium
chloride) because of a potential conflict with the actions of the Budwig Diet. Do
not add anything to the Bill Henderson Protocol without his approval (and don't
bug him to death either, read his book).
Working With an Expert For This Treatment
Bill Henderson has worked with more than three thousand cancer patients. He
charges a modest one time fee for telephone consulations. Here is Bill's website:
Bill Henderson Website -
Frequency Generators (aka "Rife Machines")
Frequency generators are designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells.
Frequency generators are the only "Stage IV" cancer treatment which safely
revert cancer cells into normal cells.
The significance of this is that frequency generators work quickly, they do not
create debris from dead cancer cells, and they do not create any inflammation
and swelling.
Because they are safe electromedicine devices, they can be used on multiple
cancer patients (but NOT during the same session).
In the 1930s a microbiologist, Dr. Royal Rife, discovered that cancer was caused
by a microbe. Dr. Rife did many, many experiments to prove his theory. He also
was well aware that the key microbe that needed to be killed was inside of the
cancer cells.
In other words, Dr. Rife proved that if this microbe which caused cancer could be
killed inside the cancer cell, the cell would be able to revert into a normal cell.
Dr. Rife then developed an "electromedicine" treatment for cancer which was
designed to do one thing and one thing only - kill the microbes inside the cancer
His theory was correct and on 16 terminal cancer patients he had a 100% cure
His "Rife Machine" was actually a frequency generator which had two key
frequencies. One frequency was to vibrate the microbes to death and the second
frequency was to "carry" the other frequencies past the cell wall (of the cancer
cells) so that the first frequency could kill the microbes inside the cancer cells.
The American Medical Association (AMA) tried everything they could to shut
down Dr. Rife. They failed. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) then
proceeded to shut down his clinic and take his equipment (though he had sold
almost a dozen machines prior to being shut down).
While there were many attempts to replicate his success, it took over 70 years to
duplicate his success. In May of 2009 this website posted the first successful
protocol for treating cancer with a frequency generator since the 1930s. This
protocol was the result of many years of a great deal of research and
experimentation by many people.
This protocol, while strong enough to be a primary cancer treatment can also be
used as a secondary or supplemental cancer treatment because it only deals
with reverting cancer cells into normal cells (i.e. it doesn't kill any additional
cancer cells).
While every cancer patient can benefit from frequency generators, there are
some situations for which frequency generators are critical:
1) The patient cannot digest foods (usually due to stomach or colon surgery),
2) The patient cannot extract nutrients from foods (usually due to chemotherapy),
3) The patient has a very fast growing cancer,
4) The cancer has spread throughout the body,
5) The patient has cancer in their bones or bone marrow,
6) Their type of cancer involves massive infections (e.g. uterine cancer),
7) They have significant cachexia (i.e. lactic acid problems).
These are situations where diet and supplements may not be enough to deal with
the cancer!! What electromedicine provides patients in these situations is an
"outside" source of safely getting rid of cancer cells without causing any swelling
and inflammation.
The article on frequency generators goes into a great deal of detail in explaining
the theory behind why this treatment is so important for almost all situations.
Cost: About $2,400 One Time Charge
Note: The cost of this device is actually less than most highly potent alternative
cancer treatments, but because it is paid in a lump sum, it may appear to be
more expensive than other protocols. Note also that this device can be used over
and over.
Advantages: Because it does not cause any type of swelling and because it
does not neutralize or interfere with any other Stage IV protocol (except the
cesium chloride protocol), it can supercharge any of the other "Stage IV"
protocols (except the cesium chloride protocol).
Disadvantages: It takes about 2 hours a day to use this protocol, however, it
does not require a caregiver because a cancer patient can easily operate the
device by himself or herself. Because it does create electroporation, a block of 5
hours is necessary where no other treatments (orthodox or alternative) can be
taken (this 5 hour block includes the 2 hours the device is used). It cannot be
used by those still using daily chemotherapy and it can only be used
sparingly by those still on any chemotherapy!! Because this device does not
strengthen non-cancerous cells, when it is the primary treatment it requires foods
and supplements to help protect the non-cancerous cells.
Working With an Expert For This Treatment
As mentioned in the main article for frequency generators, the FDA has been
persecuting frequency generators since the 1930s. Their tactics now include
forcing frequency generator manufacturers and vendors to say absolutely nothing
about the health benefits of frequency generators. For this reason, the
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. provides support for this protocol
(see the article).
Here is an article on this protocol:
Frequency Generator Protocol (aka "Rife Machine")
Tony Isaacs Oleander Protocol
I have been watching the development of oleander for several years. For a long
time you had to make a oleander soup at home, using oleander plants. But now
safe oleander pills are available!!
Due to the massive research efforts of Tony Isaacs, and several others, oleander
has slowly climbed to a Stage IV level cancer treatment. A cancer patient no
longer has to make the product at home and a reliable and inexpensive vendor is
The product comes out of South Africa because it is also used as a cure for
In addition to poisoning cancer cells, oleander also helps treat cancer in these
Tremendous immune boosting ability (six times that of the strongest patented
immune stimulators)
Inhibition of angiogenesis (the growth of tumors)
Inhibition of the NF-kB factor in cancer cells
Induction of apoptosis, or normal cell death, in cancer cells, and
Induction and enhancement of autophagic cancer cell death (which was tested
against pancreatic cancer cells)
In addition, oleander does potentiate chemotherapy and radiation when used as
a CAM therapy. It either eliminates or greatly lessens ALL known side effects of
chemo and lessens those of radiation (with the lone exception being hair loss
when the chemo drug of choice is Cisplatin).
In many cases, a caregiver of a cancer patient wants to put a cancer patient on
an alternative cancer treatment, but the cancer patient refuses. Most alternative
cancer treatments cannot be disguised. One of the interesting things about the
oleander protocol is that a cancer patient can take this treatment without even
knowing they are taking a potent alternative cancer treatment! The oleander pills
can be added without the cancer patient even realizing it.
Cost: About $60 a month for the main product.
Advantages: Can be used with chemo and radiation. Very inexpensive. After
years of research it is now a highly stable and very effective treatment.
Disadvantages: Does require the cancer patient, or their caregiver, to study the
Tony Isaacs book (about $15). This treatment does not treat the non-cancerous
cells, thus other protocols must be added for advanced cancer patients to protect
the non-cancerous cells.
For details on the treatments, and how to get the Tony Isaacs book, go to this
web page:
Tony Isaacs Oleander Protocol
Working With an Expert For This Treatment
Tony Isaacs has a Yahoo discussion group which actually has several experts
which monitor it. See his article.
The Brandt Grape Cure with Cellect - Using Black, Red or Purple Grapes
The Brandt Grape Cure has been around since the early 1920s and was
probably used in various forms for hundreds of years before that. It is the oldest
cancer treatment that is still commonly used.
While the original Brandt Grape Cure was strong enough for most situations, it
has recently been "supercharged" with newly developed supplements and is now
a true "Stage IV" protocol.
The Brandt Grape Cure article (linked to in a moment) talks about two different
ways to use this treatment. First, by using black, red or purple grapes to create a
mush or Second, by substituting a vegetable juice for the grapes. Only the first
method, using the black, red or purple grapes, is rated "Stage IV." The
vegetable juice method is only rated as a Strong Stage III treatment.
The Brandt Grape Cure is considered a "juice fast." What this means is that
absolutely no foods or liquids (other than a quality water) are allowed to be used
with this treatment. The reason for this is that when a person is on a "juice fast,"
the cancer cells have no source of food except for the grape mush. This is good
because red, black and purple grapes contain more than a dozen cancer-killing
In other words, the only thing your cancer cells get to eat is poisonous. But
grapes are healthy for non-cancerous cells. Thus, this treatment effectively
targets cancer cells (i.e. it only damages cancer cells).
It is not yet known whether this treatment will create any type of swelling,
inflammation or congestion, so to be safe, if you would be at risk if there were
significant swelling, inflammation or congestion, do not use this treatment.
However, it is doubtful it does create swelling, etc. because grapes are a superb
An interesting thing about grape juice is that microbes cannot survive in grape
juice for more than a few seconds. Whether the Brandt Grape Cure kills any
microbes inside of cancer cells, allowing the cells to revert to being normal, is an
unanswered question.
Because of the volume of grapes you will consume, it is absolutely required that
you use organic grapes. Normal grapes are notorious for having a lot of
pesticides put on them.
Regardless of what the Brandt Grape Cure article says, for Stage IV cancer
patients they should go on the "juice fast" for 6 straight weeks.
After that 6 weeks is over, the cancer patient has two options. First, eat healthy
foods for two weeks, then go on the Brandt Grape Cure for another 6 weeks.
Then they can go on the remission treatment.
The second option is to go directly to the remission treatment, which means the
Bob Beck Protocol, then the Bill Henderson Protocol, etc. See the remission
article below.
Cellect has been added to this protocol, mainly because the Brandt Grape Cure
by itself does not appear to be as potent as it once was. Perhaps this is because
the nutrients have been leeched from the soil over the decades.
This is a very proven treatment and is something to seriously consider if you
have the will-power, especially with the addition of Cellect.
Remember, substituting vegetable juice for the grapes is not considered a
"Stage IV" treatment.
Cost: Free if you use only the grapes because they replace your regular food
expenses. If you add Cellect it is at most $400 a month.
Advantages: This treatment has been around for many decades. It comes with
its own detox and is simple to use.
Disadvantages: Many people cannot obtain the required organic grapes year
around. An important thing to keep in mind with the treatment is that it takes 3 or
4 weeks to start to become effective. For those with an estimated 8 weeks to live,
or less, this treatment may not work fast enough. For cancer patients who are
extremely weak and have already lost a lot of weight, this treatment may not be
the right choice because they may need a macrobiotic diet (see the "Cancer Diet"
article for more information).
NOT for children.
Working With an Expert For This Treatment
There are no vendors to support this treatment, see your orthodox medical doctor
if you have symptoms not mentioned in the Brandt Grape Cure article (or simply
quit the treatment). Most symptoms, however, will be harmless detox symptoms
and will occur at the beginning of the treatment. Here is the article:
The Brandt Grape Cure with Cellect
Ozone RHP
This treatment is rarely used, probably because people do not believe that pure
ozone gas can safely be injected directly into the blood stream. In other words, it
is a case of bad information that keeps people from using this treatment.
Or it may be that people don't want to do their own I.V. or injection at home. In
any case, this treatment is not used very often. The treatment, however, is one of
the rare oxygen treatments that currently can be done at home.
The medical grade equipment is pricy, at $5,000 or so, but it is a valid "Stage IV"
As with all "Stage IV" treatments, it is absolutely critical to follow this treatment
with the remission treatment mentioned below.
Cost: $5,000 up front, but this includes the pure ozone generator and daily
contact with the vendor for the first two months of treatment, and thereafter if
Advantages: This is a very effective ozone treatment. Ozone and other oxygen
treatments have been around for a long time and have been proven to be very
safe and effective. This treatment can be used in cases where the patient cannot
take supplements.
Disadvantages: Many people do not want to inject ozone gas directly into their
bloodstream. Also, because this treatment kills cancer cells, it may cause some
inflammation and swelling.
Working With an Expert For This Treatment
Here is an article on the treatment and contact info:
Ozone RHP Protocol -
[Also contact this site for information about the Malaysia clinic.]
The Clinics Which Use Stage IV Protocols
This website endorses several clinics. There are other clinics which do not want
the publicity that a website gives. There are also many clinics I do not endorse
either because I do not have enough information about them or I don't have time
to evaluate them.
Here is a list of clinics, some of which are endorsed, and others of which are
listed. It would be rare when one of these clinics only used one or two
treatments. Most of them use several treatments. However, just because a clinic
uses several treatments does not mean it is an effective treatment. Just like a
raging house fire cannot be put out with 10 garden hoses, a raging case of
cancer cannot be put out by 10 mediocre treatments.
The German clinics are the best in the world. If you can afford one of the German
clinics, use them. All of them use hyperthermia as their main treatment. Here are
all the clinics:
Clinics -
Chapter 6 - Special Situations
This is a critical chapter for almost all advanced cancer patients. This article
discusses dealing with special situations, such as very fast spreading cancers,
dealing with pain, dealing with tumors, etc.
For Those With Tumors or Areas of High Concentrations of Cancer Cells
(Congestion, Inflammation, Swelling and Blockage)
While alternative cancer treatments almost always use purely natural
substances, most alternative cancer treatments kill cancer cells slowly. As cancer
cells are slowly dying, the immune system "attacks" them, which can create
temporary inflammation or swelling. The inflammation and swelling is only
temporary, but it can cause very dangerous partial blockages or complete
blockages of key fluids or other things.
This can be a very important issue for many cancer patients.
It is mainly for this reason that in order to obtain the rank of "Stage IV treatment,"
on this website, there must be telephone support or a clinic setting. It is
necessary for the cancer patient, or their caregiver, to have someone to talk to in
order to know what to expect and how to deal with it.
Also, as cancer cells die, they do not always just disappear. In some cases the
debris from dead cancer cells is simply "eaten" by surrounding cells. However, in
most cases cancer cells are concentrated in several areas of the body and there
is simply too much debris for the surrounding cells to "eat." This places a burden
on the liver, lymph system, kidneys and perhaps other parts of the body.
This is another reason telephone support or a clinic setting is required.
These two situations can be extremely dangerous, especially for certain types of
cancer, such as lung cancer, brain cancer, any cancer of the digestive tract, and
a few other situations. Inflammation and/or swelling can create a serious health
MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is one supplement that is taken to keep
inflammation down.
Also, a magnetic pulser, such as the Klemens Electronic Magnetic Pulser, is
another way to help keep inflammation down and in fact helps cancer patients in
several different ways.
But the main way to keep inflammation and swelling down is to use the right
treatment for your situation, meaning not using a treatment which adds to the
swelling and inflammation.
For Very Fast Growing Cancers
There are several things that MUST be accomplished for someone with a fastgrowing cancer:
1) Stop the spreading of cancer,
2) Safely get rid of the cancer cells,
3) Protect the non-cancerous cells,
4) Deal with any lactic acid cycle,
5) "Buy time,"
6) Protect the liver (e.g. coffee enemas),
What really stands out is stopping the spread of the cancer. This is generally the
most critical part of the treatment.
For example, the "cancer diet" is always important for a cancer treatment, but for
fast-spreading cancers the cancer diet is TEN times more important than for
a normal cancer. This is to help stop the spreading of cancer and requires the
alkaline "cancer diet" of Robert O. Young.
The Alkaline Cancer Diet (use 100% solution)
Also, a treatment to "buy time" is critical. This was mentioned previously in this
article, such as the DMSO - Vitamin C protocol (but not with the Hydrazine
Sulfate protocol).
There must be a main "Stage IV" alternative cancer treatments, such as the
Cellect-Budwig Protocol. This deals with getting rid of cancer cells, protecting the
non-cancerous cells and helps stop the spreading of cancer.
Alkalinity is critical to stopping the spread of the cancer; thus adding a Stage III
protocol, such as the Robert Barefoot Calcium Protocol (alkaline protocol) may
add a great deal to the treatment.
An oxygen therapy, such as hydrogen peroxide or ozone is also required to help
stop the spread of cancer by creating an unfavorable "inner terrain" and to
oxidize toxins.
For cancers other than leumemias the Rath Cellular Solution is required. This
consists of Vitamin C, L-Lysine, L-Proline and a green tea supplement:
The Rath Cellular Solution -
Heavy vegetable juicing is generally a good thing even though carrots do include
some glucose.
To stop the cachexia cycle, for patients who are weak and have lost their
appetite, hydrazine sulfate should be used, but very strong warnings are needed
to be understood by anyone on H.S.
Hydrazine Sulphate -
There are also several other protocols to consider: laetrile (apricot seeds),
proteolytic or pancreatic enzyme therapy, the Budwig Diet (even though dairy
products are not on any cancer diet), etc.
The important thing to remember is that for very fast-spreading cancers you can
expect a highly intense alternative cancer protocol involving several different
treatments designed to do several different things.
Dealing With Pain
Dealing with the pain of cancer is a common problem. A separate article has
been written on this topic:
Cancer Pain Article -
Dealing With Tumors
"Stage IV" cancer treatments are designed to kill cancer cells, not to shrink
tumors. If you kill all of the cancer cells in a tumor, the tumor is harmless, even
if it still the same size as it was in the beginning!
A tumor is mostly made up of healthy cells. The myth that a tumor is mostly
cancer cells is total nonsense. A cancer cell is "undifferentiated," meaning it
cannot have a function.
A tumor is almost completely made up of healthy cells. That is why they do
Another lie that is spread by orthodox medicine is that biopsies cannot cause
cancer to spread. This is also total nonsense. When you cut tissue, such as a
tumor, it causes bleeding. Since cancer cells have no function, they are probably
not as strongly attached to surrounding cells as are healthy cells (cancer cells
actually have a totally different kind of enzymes on their surface than normal
cells). They may be released into the bloodstream when a biopsy is performed.
Because such a small percentage of the cells in a tumor are cancer cells, killing
all of the cancer cells in a tumor will not necessarily shrink the tumor. Eventually,
the body will shrink the tumor, but it may take a long time.
Nevertheless, some alternative cancer treatments do shrink tumors fairly quickly.
If you are dealing with a tumor, it is important to read this article:
Article on Shrinking Tumors -
Cachexia or Loss of Appetite
Advanced cancer patients sometimes lose a considerable amount of weight and
then lose their appetite for eating.
While it is common for a person to lose weight when they switch from a
"Western" diet of hamburgers and French Fries to a diet of whole, raw foods,
sometimes the loss of weight is caused by an aggressive type of cancer which is
so "hungry" for glucose that it literally starts to "eat" the person's muscles and
Over 40% of all cancer patients die of this problem, known as "cachexia" or the
"cachexia cycle" or the "lactic acid cycle."
Fortunately, there is a potent product that was designed specifically to break the
"cachexia cycle." The product is called hydrazine sulphate or hydrazine sulfate. It
is superb at breaking the cachexia cycle.
While cesium chloride breaks the cachexia cycle at the cancer cells (by blocking
glucose from entering into the cells), hydrazine sulphate blocks the cachexia
cycle in the liver (by blocking the formation of glucose from lactic acid).
When a cancer patient is in this cycle, and they have lost their appetite, the only
endorsed vendor of H.S. is Larry of Essense of Life (mentioned in the Cesium
Chloride / DMSO article). This is mainly because the FDA has shut down most of
the vendors who sold high quality hydrazine sulfate. Larry is the only hydrazine
sulfate vendor endorsed by this website - period, even if you use another vendor
for the main treatment.
By the way, do NOT take hydrazine sulfate and DMSO at the same time. It is not
a dangerous combination, but the DMSO will drag the H.S. into the cancer cells,
where it has no beneficial effect. H.S. needs to get to the liver.
The endorsed protocol for those with cachexia is the Cesium Chloride / DMSO
Protocol. There are three reasons for this choice. First, Larry has the only
acceptable H.S. product. Second, Larry's cesium chloride treatment is the best
choice for bone cancer and bone loss, and cachexia patients almost always have
some bone loss. Third, cesium chloride stops the cachexia at the cancer cells.
This means the cachexia is being stopped in two different places.
As mentioned previously, a new product called ATP blocks the cachexia cycle
yet another way, by converting the lactic acid into glucose. Again, the cesium
chloride treatment blocks the glucose from getting into the cancer cells. ATP will
help protect the liver, which is overburdened by converting lactic acid into
Reading this article is absolutely critical if cachexia applies to you (there are yet
other items important to cachexia patients in this article, but the main purpose of
this article is SAFETY ISSUES!!!:
Hydrazine Sulphate Article -
Treating Cancer is Highly Complex - Do Your Homework!!!
A Stage IV cancer requires a potent treatment (at least with today's technology).
In fact, it may require the combination of several potent treatments.
When combining all of these treatments there are a number of warnings and
possible conflicts. It is essential that you do your homework and note every
possible conflict. Key pages relevant to your current treatment need to be
read OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! If you read these articles only once or
twice it is a guarantee of encountering problems and possible failure.
As just one example, hydrazine sulfate requires that you take NO MORE THAN
250 mg per day of Vitamin C supplements, which includes what is in
multivitamins, but does not include what is in whole foods. Other treatments
suggest the use of 3 grams or more of Vitamin C per day. What should you do?
You should take no more than 250 mg per day of Vitamin C if you are on
hydrazine sulfate.
If hospitals were allowed to treat your cancer with effective treatments, some
nurse would keep track of everything. You don't have that luxury. Either you or
someone you know is going to have to do the homework.
With all of that in mind, these pages do change from time to time. You should
download the key web pages, but only use the downloaded web pages for a few
weeks, THEN download them again because the articles may have
Chapter 7 - The "Type of Cancer" Articles
This chapter offers specific suggestions for dealing with specific types of cancer,
such as lung cancer, brain cancer, etc.
Sometimes people are very concerned about where their cancer started.
Nothing could be more irrelevant!! What is important is where the cancer is
now and where is it spreading to. In other words, in what location of the body
does the cancer present the most immediate danger!!
When the cancer is in multiple locations, it is important to treat the location of the
cancer in the most dangerous location first.
Generally, lung cancer is treated first due to the dangers of congestion.
Pancreatic cancer is another type of cancer which is almost always given top
Brain cancer is potentially deadly if there is brain swelling. Thus, in many cases
brain cancer is the first cancer a patient should deal with.
The first thing you should do, is list all of the areas there is cancer, then decide
which cancer is the most dangerous. This is the decision of the family, after
talking to their oncologist (i.e. ask the oncologist which location of the cancer will
create the most immediate danger).
In addition to the locations of the cancer, the type of cancer cells can frequently
attract the attention of the cancer expert. For example, it doesn't matter where
the squamous cell carcinoma is, that type of cancer is always a high priority
because of the way it spreads and the speed with which it can spread.
When reading these comments about the locations of cancer cells, and the types
of cancer cells, you can get a feel for which location is the most dangerous (for
the situation you are dealing with) and thus which location should attract your
attention the most (i.e. triage). Of course, the type of cancer cell may override the
locations of the cancer.
Here is a list of types of cancer and the most dangerous types of cancer
cells (though there are several dangerous types of cancer cells which will
not be discussed):
Note: Choriocarcinoma
If you have the very rare and very dangerous choriocarcinoma [fast growing
germ cell/reproductive cell cancers], use chemotherapy combined with a good
"cancer diet" and oleander pills. Visit for links.
"Type of Cancer" Articles (e.g. Lung Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer)
Bone Cancer
Bone Marrow Cancers (e.g. Multiple Myeloma (MM), etc.)
Brain Cancer
Breast Cancer
Colon Cancer / Colorectal Cancer
Gallbladder Cancer
Leukemia (and Myelodysplastic Syndrome)
Liver Cancer
Lung Cancer and/or Emphysema
Lymphoma (e.g. Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma)
Mesothelioma / Asbestos
Pancreatic Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Rectal Cancer
Skin Cancer - Cansema, Can-X, Colloidal/Ionic Silver
Skin Cancer - Frankincense and Other Essential Oils
Skin Cancer - Vitamin C Treatment
Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Stomach Cancer
Throat Cancer
Chapter 8 - Other Supplements and Devices
Generally speaking, "Stage IV" cancer treatments are too strong to be combined
with each other because you do not want to kill too many cancer cells too fast.
This chapter lists a number of treatments and devices which can compliment the
Stage IV treatments without killing too many cancer cells too fast.
An alternative cancer treatment is more than just killing cancer cells. All of the
"Stage IV" alternative cancer treatments, and most clinics, include a complete
A complete protocol can frequently be enhanced by other supplements.
Sometimes an alternative cancer treatment can be improved by helping build the
immune system, protecting vital organs, keeping the lymph system functioning,
killing microbes, cleaning out the waste products of microbes, chelating heavy
metals, and so on.
Since the protocols mentioned above do not necessarily deal with every possible
part of a complete cancer treatment, these supplements are given as ideas to
cover a greater number of issues that cancer patients face.
The article on the treatment for Stage I, II and III cancers has even more ideas
and concepts.
Some of the products sold with the protocols mentioned above may cover some
of these areas, thus some of these items may not need to be added. The items in
this section are optional, but it is recommended you look at this list, keeping in
mind your situation.
Essense Health Blend ["Buy Time," Build Nutrition, Immune System]
First, Essense Health Blend is a superb immune builder which was mentioned
above. It is a powdered supplement which should be added to fruit juices. It has
key minerals, vitamins, iodine, Essential Fatty Acids, etc. etc.
Essense Health Blend Vendor –
SuperGreens or Wheatgrass Juice ["Buy Time," Build Nutrition, Immune
SuperGreens from InnerLight is a superb "greens" product which contains almost
50 different leafs, herbs and other plant extracts. Since this product is a
combination of natural leafs, herbs and plant extracts there is no limit to how
much you can take.
If you look closely, this product can be taken as a powder, meaning a drink, or as
capsules. Most people prefer the capsules. The powder is mainly for people who
cannot eat whole foods, such as those who are being fed through a tube.
It is recommended by the vendor to take Prime pH with the SuperGreens. Prime
pH is a stabilized oxygen product. This advice is strongly encouraged. Since
the leafs, herbs and plants have been dehydrated, it is critical to flood the body
with oxygen to increase the bioavailability of the SuperGreens.
The instructions for Prime pH is to take 1 drop per 2 ounces of water. However,
even with 1 drop per 1 ounce of water you will not taste the alkalinity of the
product. It is recommended to take at least 6 drops (in at least 6 ounces of water)
of Prime pH for each SuperGreen capsule. Since you should be drinking a lot of
natural water every day anyway, you can take a lot of SuperGreen capsules if
you wish.
You could also take fresh lemon juice or essential oils to help the bioavailability
of the SuperGreens.
For those who choose freshly made wheatgrass juice, it is not necessary to add
the Prime pH, lemon juice or essential oils. Wheatgrass juice should never be
dehydrated and should be consumed on the same day it is made (the sooner the
Here is a vendor of InnerLight products:
(You may have to search for this product, they keep changing their website)
Lymph III and Quantum Kidney Complex [Protects Lymph, Liver, Kidney]
These two superb products are from the same vendor and will protect your lymph
system, your liver and your kidney's!! Lymph III aids in the detoxification
processes of the liver and kidneys, as well as the lymph system, enabling these
organs to more effectively and efficiently remove toxins and wastes.
Lymph III, together with the proper ingestion of healthy water, also assists in
preventing dehydration and the resultant slowing of lymphatic circulation,
drainage and removal of toxins.
Quantum Kidney Complex contains Agaricus Extract and Cordyceps, both of
which protect the kidneys, and other products as well.
Lymph III -
Quantum Kidney Complex
Samento (TOA-Free Cat's Claw) PLUS Noni Concentrate [Infections,
Immune System]
Both of these products are from the same vendor. Infections are a major issue
with cancer patients, particularly those who have been on chemotherapy and
have had their immune system damaged or destroyed. These two products are
required to deal with infections.
It is critical to get the "TAO-Free" variety because the TAOs (tetracyclic oxindole
alkaloids) in normal Cat's Claw will significantly interfere with the effects of the
more important PAOs (pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids), which affect the cellular
immune system.
Diabetics should NOT use Noni Concentrate because of its very high glucose
level. By the way, the cure for Type II diabetes is on this website (there is a link
on the home page - search for 'diabetes').
Here is a vendor, NutraMedix:
Glyconutrients [Unique Immune Builder]
There are 8 critical sugars (monosaccharides) the immune system needs to
internally communicate (cell to cell). They are called: glyconutrients. The product
Ambrotose has all 8 of the glyconutrients, but it does not have the very rare verylong-chain acemannan form of the mannose sugar. It is this rare very-long-chain
glyconutrient that makes Aloe Immune, a competing product, recommended for
cancer patients.
The dosage for Aloe Immune is 6 (500mg) pills a day, but start with only 1 (150
mg or 500mg) pill a day and build up quickly.
Warning: Some people have a chemical sensitivity to this product (e.g. fever,
aches). If this is the case, work with the vendor as to what dosage you can
The vendor does not yet have a web page, so here are their phone numbers. In
the U.S. call: 800-807-4779. From outside of the U.S. call: 830-935-4292 (This is
a residence so you may get voice mail. Keep calling back, they may not have
been able to understand your phone number.).
Polysaccharides and/or Sterols and Sterolins [Immune Building]
The elements of the body's immune system need to communicate with each
other in order for the immune system to be effective. Glyconutrients (the
monosaccharides discussed above) and polysaccharides are two of the critical
things that allow this communication to happen. However, there are other
nutrients that have been shown to help build the immune system.
Here are some major products that can build the immune system. Item #1, by
itself, is very potent. Items #2 and #3 are very effective together.
1) Transfer Factor Plus (the 4Life brand)
2) MGN3 / MGN-3 (available in the U.S. only under the brand name:
3) A Beta Glucan Supplement: Immutol or "Beta-1, 3-D Glucan"
4) ModuCare (a sterols and sterolins supplement)
5) An AHCC Supplement: Immpower, ImmunoKinoko, Immune-Assist includes
6) Immune Fx
Chlorella and Spirulina ["Buy Time," Immune Building, Chelation, Vitamin
B12, etc.]
Chlorella and spirulina also contain polysaccharides, but they are not condensed
like the above supplements. These items are chosen for other reasons, namely
their chlorophyll, vitamin B12, proteins, chlorella's ability to chelate heavy metals,
Chlorella and spirulina can be taken in high doses, actually unlimited doses (after
all they are FOODS, not supplements). You may take from between 5 grams and
50 grams a day of each of these substances. However, a person should build up
to their desired level of chlorella to avoid diarrhea (start with 5 grams a day and
build up).
Here is a web page (from an ebook on chlorella and spirulina) that has
recommended vendors:
Reflexology and Acupuncture [Stimulate the Liver]
For Stage IV patients, it is critical to keep the organs functioning properly. These
organs include the liver and kidney, among other organs.
The standard alternative cancer treatment for stimulating the liver is the coffee
enema. It is a great aid in the elimination of the liver’s toxic wastes.
However, there are two problems with the coffee enema. First, many people do
not like to use the coffee enema because it is uncomfortable. Second, regardless
of what you may have read, the caffeine in the coffee WILL get into the blood
stream and shrink the blood vessels and capillaries. This is not good for a cancer
patient because many cancer cells are behind the capillaries (traveling through
the veins from the heart).
One solution to this problem is reflexology or acupuncture. These treatment will
stimulate the nerves, and may help protect the key organs.
Water [Hydration, Cleansing, Lymphatic Circulation]
Drink plenty of water for detox reasons. A half-gallon a day, or more, is strongly
recommended. Alkaline water is recommended, but not required. Tap water is
not allowed - use natural water or alkaline water. Willard water is perfectly fine,
as is distilled water.
Some people recommend adding one teaspoon of sea salt to each gallon of
water to allow the cells to better absorb the water.
Exercise [Pump Lymph System, Psychological/Reduce Stress]
Exercise is critical for cancer patients. It puts a stress on the heart and pumps
the blood faster. But perhaps more importantly, it pumps the lymph system and is
critical to getting the toxins out of the body. The lymph system has no pump
(such as the heart pumps the circulatory system), only muscles can pump the
lymph system.
Obviously, many people with advanced cancer cannot go for a walk. If going on a
walk is not advisable or possible, you should lift a book or something else and do
exercises two or three times a day for up to 10 minutes total each time.