Pre-Algebra & Math 7 Semester 2 Review Part 2 Probability

Pre-Algebra & Math 7 Semester 2 Review Part 2 Probability
Probability Review: Remember to show your work! (set up and steps)
7. The six faces of a fair cube are numbered 1 to 6. If the cube is rolled 300 times, what is the expected
number of times a 3 will land face up?
8. The diagram below shows a spinner. The pointer is spun, and the player is awarded a prize according to
the color on which the pointer stops.
a. What is the probability that the pointer stops in the red region?
b. Complete the table below showing the probabilities of the three possible results.
Red Green Blue
c. Find the probability that the pointer stops on green or blue.
d. Find the probability that the pointer does not stop on green.
12. A restaurant owner wants to let his customers know how many different bagel choices the restaurant
offers. Bagels come in small, medium or large. There are nine different flavors of bagels and you can
have them sliced or not sliced. Determine how many bagel combinations the restaurant offers.
13. John’s movie theatre offers the following choices for snacks: Popcorn, candy, or nachos, in small medium
or large, with or without a drink. Which of the following shows the total number of snack combinations
available at John’s movie theatre?
a. Draw a tree diagram to display the number of possible outcomes of a spinner with 3 equal parts that are
colored RED, BLUE and YELLOW and then rolling a 6 sided number cube. (Record the outcomes like
RED- 2 for spinning a red and rolling a 2.)
b. What is the probability of spinning a Yellow and then rolling a 3 or a 4?
c. What is the probability of rolling a 1 and spinning a RED?
17 & 18
Determine if each is a permutation or combination. Do NOT solve.
22. In how many ways can a committee of 3 be selected from a class of 8 students?
23. In how many ways can a President and Vice President be selected from a pool of 6 people?
24. A political science professor must select 4 students from her class of 12 students for a field trip to state legislature. In
how many ways can she do it?
25. The professor was asked to rank the top 4 students in her class of 12. In how many ways can that be done?
26. A police chiefs needs to assign officers from the 10 available to control traffic at intersections A, B, and C. In how
many ways can he do it?
Evaluate each combination or permutation: (show work as always!)
27. If 12 horses are entered in a race, how many ways can the first 3 places be awarded?
28. A 4-digit PIN for the ATM must be created. How many different PIN’s can be formed if digits can be repeated?
29. How many 4 person committees could be created from a selection of 14 people?
30. How many different arrangements can be made from the letters in the word CHAIR if none of the letters repeat.
31. How many ways are there to choose 2 sides from a menu with 12 options?
Answer the following questions using complete sentences that interpret your mathematical answer. Show
all work, even if you think it is simple. You must PROVE your solution by showing your work!
32. Pat bought 3 planters for $12.98 each, 15 flowing plants at $2 each, and 2 bags of potting soil at $3.95
each. How much money did Pat spend for her purchases?
33. A stadium which had 4500 seats last year was remodeled. IF the stadium has 27% more seats this year,
how many seats does the remodeled stadium have?
34. Malik is paid 8% commission based on the dollar amount of sales he makes. IF Malik earned $1000 in
commission, what were his total sales?
35. Marina buys a couch for $835. IF the sales tax rate is 7.5%, what is Marina’s bill? Round your answer to
the nearest cent.