brandywine condominium association, inc. board of directors

March 17, 2015
Brandywine Hall
Board Members
Roger Hervey
Bob Alger
Audrey Murphy
Ron Alie
Mike Aneiro
Gary Steinhoff
Bob Meyerhans
Board Members Absent:
Owners Present:
There were 11 Unit Owners present.
Association Manager:
Rene Dahl, CAM
Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order by Roger Hervey, Board President, at 4:00 pm. A
quorum was verified.
Previous Minutes
By proper motion the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting for January 20,
2015 were declared approved.
Committee Reports
Gary Steinhoff did not have a Document & Policy meeting.
The Activities Report was presented by Mike Aneiro.
The Finance Committee Report was presented by Bob Alger.
Bob Meyerhans did not have a Personnel Committee meeting.
The Building & Grounds Report was presented by Ron Alie
The Transfers were presented by Audrey Murphy for the Communications Report.
Managers Report
The Manager’s Report was submitted by Rene Dahl.
By proper motion by Audrey Murphy, seconded by Ron Alie, the following transfers
were unanimously approved upon completion of the interview and all paperwork
requirements: Unit #194 – 1270 Arcola Dr., Veron Krause to Orlanda Kay Ecoff
2/13/15; Unit #194 – 1270 Arcola Dr., Kay Ecoff to her mother Dorothy Brinkley
as occupant, 2/23/15, Unit #65 – 1298 Mrdinah Dr., William Heck to Jewel B.
Williams 3/1/15. Unit #83 – 1355 Broadwater, Patricia Josephon to Duane Sadler
2/23/15, Unit 136 – 1362 S. Brandywine Cir. #3, F. Shane or Barbra Franz to
Patrice Knudsen 2/26/15. Unit #137 – 1362 S. Brandywine Cir. #4, Karen Baus
Brettingen to Charles & Elaine Clark, 3/6/15
Alterations Request
New Business
Unit 61 - Motion by Ron Alie, second by Mike Aneiro, as recommended by the
Building & Grounds Committee, which meets the Boards criteria, to approve
unit 61 to install new High Impact Windows and Sliding Glass Door. Motion
Unit 110 – Motion by Ron Alie, second by Mike Aneiro, as recommended by the
Building & Grounds Committee, which meets the Boards criteria, to approve
unit 110 request to install new storm door. Motion passed.
Motion by Bob Alger, second by Audrey Murphy, as recommended by the
Finance Committee, to approve the Collection Procedures as presented. Motion
Motion by Audrey Murphy, second by Bob Meyerhans, to accept the $6,038.96
proposal from Harmon’s Audio Visual to upgrade the Sound System in
Brandywine Hall. Motion passed.
President’s Remarks
The Documents need to be up dated to match Florida Statutes regarding any unpaid
maintenance fees on a unit with a foreclosed mortgage. The President appointed
Ron Alie to chair an Ad Hoc Committee, to review the documents and make
recommendations for amendments.
Comments from Owners:
The gate is left open and unattended when the gatekeepers leave to use the facilities.
Owner would like two trees removed from her area.
Discussion about the procedures for guest stickers.
Date of Next
Meeting Board:
April 21, 2015
By proper motion, the meeting was adjourned at Roger Hervey at 5:18 pm.
These minutes have been respectfully submitted by Rene Dahl to the Board of Directors for review.
Roger Hervey, President