Autumn Ridge Homeowners Association

Autumn Ridge Homeowners Association
PO Box 46744
I{E 68145
rrvw. nyautumnridge. com
March 3,2OL5
Memo to: All Autumn Ridge Homeowners
From: ARHA Board of Directors
Dear Homeowners:
We wanted to update you on a few things going on
in our neighborhood.
Remember, you can always find out the latest information on our website
www. myautumnridqe. com
The Autumn Ridge Homeowners Association's annual meeting will be Monday,
May 11, 20L5 at 7:00pm at Willowdale Elementary.
Three of the nine board. mernber positions are open and must be filled. There
is also one additional board member position open. Please consider running
for an open board position. Any homeowner interested in serving on the ARHA
Board of Directors should submit their name to Chad Langford by April l7th.
He can be reached at 4O2-891-8937.
On February 25,2015, the Autumn Ridge Homeowners Association Board of
Directors voted to set the annual association dues at $125.00 for 2015. The
Board also voted to adopt an early payment incentive for association dues. If
payment is postmarked on or before April 1,2A15, tJre amount due is $f OO.OO
for 2015. Additionally, to more closely align the dues collection process with
the fiscal calendar year, the annual dues invoice is being mailed to
homeowners with this letter instead of in April, as has been done in the past.
Annual dues are used to pay for such expeflses as neighborhood mainteflaflce,
website fees, insurance, legal expenses, social eveflts, and miscellaneous expenses to
make sure our neighborhood remains a great place to live.
Please note our new address listed at the top of this letter and on tJre
remittance invoice for the 2015 association dues.
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The Homeowners Association is sponsoring a neighborhood progressive dinner
on April 11, 2015. See the flyer included with this mailing for more details.
Other events, such as arr Easter egg hunt, neighborhood garage sale
(scheduled for May 14- 16), and the July 4e parade, are also in the initial
planning stages. Volunteers are needed to help organir* these events. If you
are interested in helping with the organization of these events, please contact
Tim Nowell at 4A2-861-8815.
You may have noticed tllat the replacement and maintenance of multiple trees
has been continuing along Q Street. The board has enlisted the assistance of
an arborist to assess the health and longevity of all trees in the neighborhood
common areas. More information will be provided at the Annual Meeting.
If you are in the planning stages of replacing your roof, remelnber there are
specific roo{ing requirements and an inspection of materials is required prior to
installation. Please contact an Autumn Ridge board member prior to
installation of your new roof. See our website for more
A recent report of a car being stolen overnight from the garage of one of our
neighbors should serve as a good reminder for everyone. If it's getting late and
you notice your neighbor's garage door still open, give them a call to iet them
know or close the door for them. If you notice anything suspicious, call the
authorities. Be vigilant and watch out for one another. We can all use a
helping hand every now and then.
As the calendar turns to spring, it's a good time for a friendly reminder about
our covenants. Please remember that storage of trash receptacles on
driveways, except on your assigned trash collection day, is not permitted per
Omaha Municipal Code and per Autumn Ridge Covenants Article I.9. We ask
tlrat you_please,move^your lragh ca+[s) to a localion whefe tJrey cannot be seen
from the street. This helps our neighborhood look better. Similarly, our
covenants do not permit boats, trailers, campers, etc. to be stored in
driveways. We also have covenants covering swimming pools, signs, antennas,
car repairs, junk, rubbish, roofing materials, etc. You can find further
information at our website www. my auturnnridge. co m.
Thank you to everyone for your efforts in keeping our neighborhood looking
neat and clean. The ARHA Board of Directors as well as your neighbors extend
our tJ'anks!! Please let us know if you should have any questions about any of
these topics.
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