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Electoral Candidates - APSA 2015 Council
For a President that’s carin’, Vote for Helen Marin
Hello, beautiful people of
pharmacy! I am running to
represent YOU as your 20152016 President-Elect!
Taking on the role of
President-Elect is one that
communication and public
speaking skills, and my experience as the Second Year Class
Representative has enabled me to finely develop these abilities.
In addition, strong organizational skills and working within deadlines
are an integral component in this position. Through balancing my
current APSA role with academics and personal life, I have been
able to develop a strong system in achieving my goals, a system
that will translate towards achieving the goals of APSA.
I have been fully committed to my current role, and I intend to
uphold this dedication to APSA as I aim to place the concerns and
well-being of the student body first (alongside a healthy dose of
creativity and humor!).
So down to the nitty-gritty! Here are a few key points of my
platform and how I’m going to “ACT”
Advocacy: –
Clinical Experience –
Promote pharmacy awareness and interest by
implementing pharmacy information sessions
(about admissions, role of the pharmacist, etc.)
in locations outside of Edmonton such as
Calgary and Red Deer.
Develop a hospital/community pharmacist
shadowing system with pharmacy managers
and students will be able to sign up for available
times. The specialties of the pharmacists
available will vary between months (ex. January
is cardiology, February is travel medicine, etc.)
Transparency –
Implement an anonymous submission system
through Google Forms for comments, concerns,
or improvements in order to increase student
body feedback.
Institute a short (~2min) APSA monthly update
video/newsletter addressing feedback from the
submission system as well as highlighting 2 main
points APSA has accomplished that month and
what we are planning to do in the next.
On March 19th and 20th, I ask that you come out and vote for me as
President-Elect. I would be honoured to have the opportunity to
represent APSA and achieve our vision of "inspiring students to lead
the future of pharmacy by creating an experience like no other”!
1. To support students and
councillors by using the tools
and experience that I have
acquired throughout my term
as VP External.
2. To encourage and help
execute new volunteerism
initiatives focused on the
Edmonton community,
especially those brought
forward by members of the
student body.
3. To negotiate with our Dean and faculty for more supportive funds
from our Market Modifier allocation.
To my amazing peers from all years of Pharmacy,
As the current VP External on APSA’s Executive Council, I have
acquired the right tools and skills to be your favoured President Elect
candidate. I have learned from working with my talented
committee members, my council peers and through planning and
executing some of the most successful pharmacy-led events to
date. This past year, I have worked alongside both the APSA
President and President Elect, and I have witnessed the level of
commitment and hard work that it takes to succeed in this position.
I hope that I have demonstrated what I have learned through
leading the preparations and execution of Mr. Pharmacy. As Chair
of the Community Support Committee, I worked alongside amazing
teammates, dedicated members of the student body and our
Faculty to host the most successful Mr. Pharmacy to date, effectively
raising $33 000 for men’s health.
I was also Co-Chair of the Pharmacist Awareness Month committee,
I have learned to oversee all operations of an effectively planned
event through delegating appropriately and working closely as part
of a team.
I hope that I have proven to my peers and colleagues that I am an
incredibly hard working individual with a passion for our profession.
For a President Elect that will voice your concerns and represent
each and every student of our faculty, place your confidence in me
by voting on March 19th and 20th. Believe in my experience and
please provide me the honour of serving my student body.
To find out more about my platform, ideas and answers about
questions regarding this councillor position, please visit my Facebook
event at:
Electoral Candidates - APSA 2015 Council
“Pharmacist’s #1 recommended choice for VP
Focus on student-centered care!
Explore the pass/fail options for the current and entry level
PharmD curricula
Provide strong advocacy for the student body to the
faculty and the ACP
Work with the faculty committees to continue improving
Experiential Education funding, selection and assessment
Hello there my fellow pharmacy
enthusiasts! My name is Aliaksandr
Savin and I am running to be your
VP Academic. This is my third year
at the University of Alberta and my
first in the Faculty of Pharmacy and
Pharmaceutical Sciences. Within my
short but continuously growing
tenure in the program, I have
become passionate about bringing
the changes that I believe could
improve the academic experiences
for the current and incoming
students. Going out to the various
pharmacy lunch and learns, career
presentations and participating in this year’s
Mr. Pharmacy has really exposed me to the wonderful and diverse
student body that this faculty is fortunate to have (that includes
you, reader) and their opinions on what they would like to see
done. It is you, the wonderful and diverse student body that I
would like to represent academically. My main goal is to make sure
that your voices are heard and appropriately addressed. A key to
continuous improvement is the participation of those involved the
program. If elected, I promise to continue on with the amazing
work done this year, put every bit of effort possible into tackling my
platform points and most importantly, to serve you to the best of
my abilities.
A bit about myself: I was born and raised in the little country of
Belarus until I was 12 years old. In my spare time, I have a passion
for following the current events, flower picking with my cat, playing
guitar/bass and telling kids in Galaxyland to get off their
skateboards. I used to play on my high school’s drumline and also
played bass for a small local band called Shock The Monkey
(shameless plug) until we got so good that we had to break up.
1. Advocate for students - collaborate with Dr. Ken Cor to
identify student concerns related to courses and faculty
and work towards implementing change
2. Empower students – share knowledge about academic
policies, so students can make proactive decisions
regarding exam deferrals and appeals
3. Support students – continue improving the
Accommodation Support Network by recruiting outside
resources for accommodation such as university/college
campuses and pharmacists
Tap of the keyboard, morning coffee, papers shuffling, pens
scribbling, students murmuring…it’s a typical morning pharmacy
lecture. Academics is about more than just the classroom; it’s
about higher learning, innovation, and a better student
Fellow pharmily, my name is
Mehnaz and I am asking for
your support to be your next
APSA VP Academic. Similar to
the university’s focus on
students’ mental health, I
would like to extend that
vision to pharmacy students. I
will work towards improving
courses and resolving issues
that are important to students.
I want to provide students with
the tools for success by educating them on academic policies
through round-table discussions and Facebook posts. How do I
defer an exam? What options are available if I’m on academic
probation? With this knowledge, students will be empowered to
take a proactive approach before an issue occurs rather than
stress out after.
I will continue to improve the Accommodation Support Network so
students are better prepared for rotations. Who wants to worry
about where you’ll live during rotations…we have therapeutics,
pharmacokinetics, and patient-centered care to focus on. I will
spend my summer contacting universities, colleges, and
pharmacists all around Alberta to find more permanent and
sustainable solutions.
I’m currently a 2nd year pharmacy student and APSA’s Recruitment
Director. I was the councillor announcing job opportunities,
helping with resumes, and organizing networking events like the
pharmacy career fair. I also gave the occasional high five to
students who landed a job! Before I was accepted into the
pharmacy program, I worked as a Performance Coach at a
technical solutions company. I lead meetings, mentored my peers,
and helped implement changes for a better work experience. I
have collaborated previously with different Faculty members to
organize events, support International exchange students, and
provide important resources to students. With these skills and
qualifications, I know I will be a great candidate for this position.
Electoral Candidates - APSA 2015 Council
“I’ll handle Student Services so you can focus on
Clinical Services”
Want more gains? Vote
for James
Create an environment
within the new APSA
student space that is
inclusive and welcoming
to all students. I plan on
tidying up the lounge to
create a more spacious
Invest in Wellness events
that have a return for
students. Examples include dance lessons, Zumba, or
yoga where you can gain a skill after completion. Before
these events are held I will gauge interest within the
classes via class reps rather than the conventional
method of APSA decision making in which the APSA
executive decides by themselves and then informs
Schedule regular events within the student space
alongside pharmacy groups (like grad committee)
interested in utilizing the space. Options include bubble
tea/ice cream sundaes/ smoothies distribution once per
semester, moving board games out q7days into the APSA
board room and hold a “board game” evening, and
holding a movie night q30days PRN.
Work with the faculty including Rae Beaumont and Frank
Hanta to ensure seamless communication of concerns
with the appropriate contacts including faculty advisors.
I will convert used textbook sales to an online format,
promote the rock climbing club, continue the tradition of
streamlining both locker and new textbook sales online,
and provide effective leadership to the Space committee
to carry out our duties.
Hello, my name is Yasir and I am a 2nd year Pharmacy Student.
Over the past two years I have developed many fond memories
with the pharmily and have had the opportunity to serve as your
Publications Director in my second year. I have learned a lot about
APSA as a councillor and believe I have developed the skillset and
qualifications to be successful in this positon. My goal is to
effectively utilize the available resources to APSA in order to
enhance the student experience. I plan on fostering strong
relationships with the faculty to help deliver these services to
students. I also believe in involving the student body and to elicit
student input when deciding where to allocate funds.
My name is James Tao and I
am running for the APSA VP
student services. I am currently
the first year social rep and I
am looking to expand into a
position where I can provide
more services to the students
and improve student life. A
few of my hobbies are: lifting,
playing basketball, and singing
to Taylor Swift.
As the VP SS, I want to continue providing the same high level of
services in terms of maintaining student space, textbook sales, and
locker sales that Jon has provided the faculty during his term and
work on improving pharmacy students’ wellbeing and sense of
To do this, I wish to first increase the number and quality of wellness
events. My goal is to bring more sources of stress relief to the
students by the likes of dance/Zumba classes, pet therapy,
massage therapy, yoga sessions and many more. In a faculty
where the course load gets hard to manage at times, it is critical to
have access to sources of stress relief and other support systems to
stay healthy both mentally and physically.
Next, I will be working with the VP social to host events within the
faculty where students of all four years can come together and
form new relationships. As a first year student, it has been
challenging to form meaningful bonds with students in higher
years; but I think it is critical for these supportive networks to take
place in order to create an optimal environment not only for
learning, but for living.
Third, I wish to retain most if not all of the current APSA membership
card sponsors as well as seek out new ones. I plan on surveying the
student body to determine the stores and services we would value
as sponsors and reach out to all of them within reason.
Aside from these highlighted points, I will devote my efforts to
improving our already excellent student space by introducing new
and improved items to the student lounge and PBL rooms.
So let’s stop playing games and vote for James.
[email protected]
Electoral Candidates - APSA 2015 Council
Bank on me; I will treasure your vote.
1. Simplify, secure, and unify APSA payment systems.
2. Transparent financial accountability.
3. Accounting that you can take to the bank.
Karlson Kennedy is a small town
boy with big city dreams. As an
avid APSA member with a
passion for financial
management, Karlson strives for
excellence in all he does. With
experience as an APSA
counsellor, he hopes to
translate the knowledge and
skills he gained and apply it to
APSA finances in order to
improve and better serve APSA
First off he wants to revolutionize APSA payment systems by
finding solutions to some of the difficulties that currently plague
the payment systems. By simplifying payment processes he
hopes to enable counsellors to provide better services to APSA
members of all years. In turn this will result in less stress on
members and counsellors alike. One way this will be
accomplished is by making it easier for counsellors to use APSA
money rather than their own money when doing group buys for
things such as intramurals.
Transparent financial accountability are some big words,
however, they can only be accomplished with practicality in
mind. Increased accountability will be accomplished by ensuring
appropriate and efficient checks and balances are in place that
will both simplify and secure APSA finances.
Karlson’s hobbies include balancing budgets, fulfilling audit
regulations, and calling his mother (who is good by the way).
When he is not busy demonstrating financial accountability, he
likes to simplify payment systems. He loves solving complex
problems and looks forward to the exciting new challenges that
this position will surely hold.
Establish a more streamlined method of transferring
money to Councillors and APSA members using electronic
means (e-transfers, PayPal, Square Invoicing), resulting in
more timely reimbursements.
Demonstrate effective usage of APSA budget to the
student body by implementing summaries at the end of
the Meeting Minutes consisting of all transactions
proposed and passed by Councillors during these
Exercise transparency by maintaining close relationships
with Councillors and committee members, having open
dialogue with regards to budgets and expenditures, as
well as regularly reviewing transactions records.
Hello! My name is Roy Tram and
I’m a 2nd year student currently
running for the position of Vice
President Finance for the
upcoming 2015-2016 school
year. More than anything,
pharmacy school has opened
my eyes to the value of having
a cohesive and vocal student
group advocate for your
As someone that benefits
greatly from what APSA does for
pharmacy students, I am
convinced that becoming an
Executive Council member is one of the best ways to not only give
back to the community, but also to build meaningful relationships
with other students and associates of the organization.
In light of this, my goals are orientated towards managing APSA’s
budget, as the VP finance, so that resources are better allocated
to serve our members. As a potential candidate, I am organized,
diligent, very much a team player, and adept at conflict resolution.
I hope to augment current reimbursement methods by introducing
more efficient means of expenditure tracking and also to continue
to promote transparency within the Council. Additionally, I put forth
a slight revision to the Meeting Minutes to give members an
improved understanding of what their money can do.
If there are any questions, comments, or concerns - please feel free
to contact me at [email protected]
Vote Roy Tram for your VP Finance!
Electoral Candidates - APSA 2015 Council
Vote for Sam for more fun with your pharmacy fam!
Lower B&G ticket costs through fundraising events and
mini tournaments. Re-format B&G to shorten and
distribute the awards section. Have B&G theme.
Coordinate Orientation, Welcome Back Beach
Volleyball, and increase the involvement of sports reps
within the social committee.
On top of TGIFs, include more interactive and diverse
events which involve inter-class teams and pre-drinks,
outdoor events, sports and activities, dance classes,
meet the faculty, inter-disciplinary, summer events, and
much more! Display monthly social calendars and polls
for your event preferences! If there is interest I would
also be willing to coordinate a camping/Vegas/Mexico
Before pharmacy I got a degree
with a major in Chem and Bio. I
played Pandas soccer during my
first two years of university and
being involved with varsity and
inter-varsity relations gave me a
lot of experience in planning
events and fundraisers.
My interest in the VP Social
position stems from my time as
social rep for the class of 2017
throughout my first year. I booked
dinners, activities such as
Launchpad, game nights,
Christmas potluck and exchange,
hosted multiple themed parties
like Olympic night, organized dance classes, I started our annual
class beer pong tournament, and coordinated an interdisciplinary
bowling night with the med and dentistry students. I think our social
experience is really what makes our program unique and
memorable. I had a great time planning all the events and getting
to meet new people so now I just want to do the same thing but on
a much larger scale.
Getting involved and attending events is not only a good time but I
have found that it is also a huge learning opportunity. You’d be
surprised at how much you learn about our career by just talking
with each other and faculty about their experiences. One
relationship leads to the next which networks our pharmacy
community together. If elected, I hope to make it the busiest year
yet with something for everyone!
For more information check out my event page:
Hello everyone, my name is
Will Chan. I’m a 2nd year
Pharmacy student and I am
running for the position of Vice
President Social. As future
colleagues, I strongly value
and believe in the importance
of establishing a strong
relationship with each other
right from the beginning. I
have planned ideas I would
like to share that I believe will
foster great unity while
creating perpetual bonds
between students of all 4
years. Working closely with the social representatives from each
class as well as other members of APSA, we would be preparing
and hosting a variety of inspiring inter-year bonding events. Some
of which include board/video game nights and tournaments,
foose-ball tournaments, dinners, get-togethers, wine night and
Coming from Toronto and starting a new life here in Edmonton was
a very scary yet exciting experience. I remember during my 1st
week of 1st year when I didn’t really know anyone, found myself
eating lunch alone in a corner of the ECHA cafeteria. I wasn’t sad
– don’t get me wrong, just lonely. I knew I was going to make
friends eventually but I couldn’t help but think of other students
who wanted to make friends but have yet to step outside their
comfort zones. Even though I had an amazing orientation with
awesome leaders and swell classmates, I couldn’t help but feel the
loneliness again when orientation came to an end as everyone
dispersed and formed into flocculent masses with what was next
on their agenda. I wondered, “What now?” I waited outside the
classrooms in the hallway hoping someone would invite me out – or
at least meet someone who was in the same position. But nothing
happened. That feeling as a child who was constantly moving from
school to school and never getting a chance to make stable long
term friends started to resurface. Luckily for me, I’m no longer that
child. I’m a bigger child. Since my lonely days, I have learn to
adapt and can now make friends without being bashful and
awkward. As a candidate I plan to bring forth events where
students from all years can communicate freely, ask questions, and
interact openly and happily with each other in a judgment-free
environment. I understand that there are many different types of
students, many of which are not extroverts. This is important to me.
I’m running for this position because I want to fill in some of these
gaps making the smoothest and most welcoming transition for all
students into this extraordinary program – especially for those not
from Edmonton. I don’t intend to stop there though. I have the
vision of building a tradition where trust, treasurable bonds,
moments, memories, but most importantly, unity will be shared
between all 4 years and that will continue and carry on even after
Pharmacy school.
Electoral Candidates - APSA 2015 Council
APSA’s next sexy secretary
Standardize online room booking
Improve communication to APSA members
Streamline workflow of APSA office
APSA's current Fundraising Director
entering third year pharmacy in the
upcoming academic year.
During my term as Fundraising Director, I
have had the opportunity to put my
organization and communication skills to
the test. Some of my roles included
managing the two silent auctions at Mr.
Pharmacy and Blue and Gold and
communicating with sponsors for various
events including orientation, the curling
funspiel, APSA awards, and PAM.
These skills will carry over to the VP
Administration position as it involves
organizing the APSA office, its files, emails,
and communication with the Faculty.
Standardized online room bookings
Online forms (eg. Google forms) to submit requests to
book rooms for events. With a standardized format,
all the requirements for booking a room will be met
so that requests can be sent to student services
Improved communication to APSA members
Weekly “calendar” post on APSA Member's Corner
outlining major events as accessible supplement to
the APSA calendar
Work with VP Student Services to make the lounge a
pharmacy information hub
Streamline the workflow of the APSA office
Keep payment and pickup forms in specified area to
reduce confusion for other councillors
Use the whiteboard in APSA office as
communications board
Continue and encourage use of councillor mailboxes
Electoral Candidates - APSA 2015 Council
”Got international desire, then vote for Mariah!”
1. Advance initiatives set out by previous IPSF Reps and raise
awareness around the major health campaign released
in May
2. Promote and fundraise for other health campaigns and
keep students informed using tools such as the PQ and
social media
3. Work with APSA to allocate more funds to scholarships for
students interested in travelling abroad
Hey everyone! My name is Mariah
Anderson and I am from the Class
of 2017. I am so excited to be a
candidate for the IPSF Local
Representative for 2015-2016. I think
that it is really important to bring
aspects of pharmacy practice from
around the world to the U of A.
Having visited the UN Headquarters
in Geneva, Switzerland in 2013, it
was very neat to see how countries
are working together to promote
health and awareness.
I plan to continue on with the initiatives set up by previous IPSF Reps
including Lunch and Learns and Did You Knows. I will utilize social
media as a means to connect globally with other students and
promote world health campaigns. Raising awareness for the major
health campaign, which was diabetes this year, will be one of my
top priorities.
Additionally, IPSF works closely with the International
Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) which has been focussed on
involving pharmacists more in maternal, newborn and child health.
Prominent Homes is a company based out of Calgary that I am
quite familiar with, which has two clinics in India (location of the 61st
World Congress this year) that work to provide women with regular
check-ups, medicine, nutritional supplements, and a safe, hygienic
delivery for free. I would love to hold some fundraising events
during the upcoming year for these amazing clinics!
Lastly, I hope to work with members of the APSA council in terms of
allocating more of the budget to scholarships for those students
interested in the student exchange program, as well as those
wanting to attend World Congress. I think the experiences students
bring back from opportunities like these are vital for the growth of
our profession in Alberta.
”Winnie Lo can help make your travel opportunities
Hello! My name is Winnie Lo, in
my first year of studies in the Faculty of
Pharmacy. I am currently the VP
Programming for the HUB Community
Association as well as the VP Internal for
the Taiwanese Students’ Association. In
both positions, I have had the pleasure
of planning, organizing, and promoting
events for numerous occasions, and
would love to bring this experience to
the role of this year’s IPSF
Representative. I have always been
interested in travelling and immersing
myself in different cultures – and the
role of IPSF Representative allows me to
share this passion with the rest of my pharmacy peers.
As the IPSF Representative, I will run a number of IPSF’s
Humanitarian Campaigns throughout the year, such as the
“Vampire Cup” (an international blood drive) or the “Books for
Africa” program. In this way, our faculty can help make a
difference to public health on a local scale, and reach out to the
international health community by promoting literacy.
In order to promote next year’s Health Campaign and
international pharmacy, I will write about pharmacy practice in
different countries for each issue of the Pharmacy Quarterly. I will
also look for new ways to reach out to pharmacy students with this
information by using social media apps such as Instagram.
Lastly, I will help streamline the application process for the
Student Exchange Program (SEP) by creating a visual guide on
how to apply. I will also compile the needed documents into one
space to make it easier for interested students. I would distribute
this information at the first IPSF Lunch and Learn of the year.
If I am elected as the IPSF Representative, I would like to
bring more IPSF programs to our faculty, provide new ways for
pharmacy students to learn about pharmacy across the world,
and simplify the application process for students interested in the
Student Exchange Program. If you are interested in seeing these
changes, please take the time to vote this year on March 19th and
20th, and vote for Winnie!
I know that it is very easy to get wrapped up in the busy life of a
pharmacy student, so I will ensure to keep you updated on what is
happening in the world of pharmacy. I would love to be “The Real
Ms. Worldwide” and Pitbull does say my name in his latest song, so
it has to be fate! Vote Mariah for IPSF Rep!
Electoral Candidates - APSA 2015 Council
Hello everyone! My name is Xing, which is pronounced as “sing”, as
in “singing a song”. :p I am delighted to run for the Canadian
Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) Alberta Student
Representative this year!
Although new to the Pharmily, I have joined several APSA
committees this year. Thus far it has been an amazing experience, I
have met some awesome people in our program – students and
faculty members; and this experience have truly opened my eyes
to the broadening scope of our profession.
As a proud member of CSHP, if elected as the CSHP
Representative, I have three ideas that I hope to implement in the
year 2015-2016,
Currently we have a student mentorship program for
members. I have met with my mentor over coffee where
she shared her experiences and offered me shadowing
opportunities. Shadowing with Alberta Health Services
facilities is a little complex and requires documents such
as the criminal record check. I would love to coordinate
this process to make it more convenient for our students
to enjoy job shadowing!
As Vyto has promoted this year, the Banff seminar is a
great opportunity to learn and enjoy nature. I hope to be
able to organize transportation (eg. Greyhound bus or
other tour buses) and accommodations (booking and
sharing hotel rooms) for those of us who are planning to
attend to make the process easier and more fun!
CSHP offers many career opportunities on its website for
members. I hope to discuss with Dr. Arden Barry (and the
Recruitment Director) and be able to share and promote
these opportunities to all students.
Last of all, through chatting with my classmates, I am aware that
many of us first years are not familiar with CSHP, only learnt it briefly
through the Pharm322 course, and think that its membership
comes with the APSA membership. I hope to promote membership
and CSHP events through social media as well as in-class
announcements to have more of our students enjoy the benefits of
a CSHP membership!
Thank you for your attention! 
”To me, life is
a colourful
palette, just
like this
colourful little
town named
Develop strong bonds between all pharmacy students
and CSHP starting with first year students, and help
educate them about CSHP and its opportunities (student
mentorship program, awards & grants, Banff seminar,
Professional Practice Conference, Summer Educational
Session…). In doing so, I hope that more students will
become members of CSHP.
Increase awareness and advocacy of pharmacists’ role
in hospitals to our faculty as well as other faculties (ie.
nursing, and medicine) in a presentation or an event prior
to students starting their clinical rotations.
In addition to promoting the three main events offered by
CSHP, develop a “shadow-a-hospital-pharmacist-for-aday” program to expose students to a variety of clinical
areas, in addition to their hospital rotations.
Hello students of pharmacy! My name is
Saleem Alsaadi. My family and I moved
here from London, Ontario in 2005,
where I attended Vernon Barford Junior
High and Harry Ainlay Senior High. I
began postsecondary at the University
of Alberta Science program when I was
16. Having pharmacy run in my family, it
gave me a vast amount of exposure to
the field; I practically grew up with it.
During my undergraduate studies I have
taken opportunities to become a well
diverse individual. I started off my first
year as the Vice President of Events for
the Canadian Red Cross Committee
(CRCC) where I gained a great amount
of leadership and organizational skills. Following that, in my third
year I became the Vice President of Treasury for the Student
Mentor Liaisons. I applied to Pharmacy upon completing my BSc.
Aside from school I have been involved in sports and music. I was a
member of the Middle Eastern and North African Music Ensemble
(MENAME) where I was taught the valuable lesson of teamwork,
which is crucial to developing a musical masterpiece with other
instrumentalists. As a CSHP Representative, I want all students,
including incoming first years, to be well equipped with knowledge
on CSHP as well as hospital pharmacy as a whole. I want to also
increase awareness about hospital pharmacy within other
faculties, and implement an all-new hospital shadowing program
as well as improve the current mentorship program.
Electoral Candidates - APSA 2015 Council
Indeed it’s guaranteed, I’ll provide exactly what you
1. Build on the current pharmacist mentorship program by
working with CSHP to make a list of all hospital
pharmacists will to let students shadow them in their
practice. This would provide the students with more
occasions to shadow pharmacists within hospitals.
2. Maintain a line of communication with CSHP (especially
nationally), especially concerning out of province
residency applications.
3. Provide more pizza! Haha just kidding, but I believe there
should be at least one more Lunch and Learn
presentation relating to CSHP during the year.
Hello, my name is Joshua
Simpson and for those of you
who don’t know me I am a
second year student. Like
many of you, it was long
before I applied for
pharmacy that I actually
knew what I wanted to do.
For me, that has always
been to become a hospital
I believe I am right for this position, as individuals do best when they
enjoy what they are doing and this is a position I would definitely
enjoy. My background has provided me with the skills I need to be
successful in this role.
Since my last pre-pharmacy year I have taken on a variety of
positions which have provided me with these skills. The most
applicable positions would be as a member of the Constitution
Committee for APSA, president of HSSA, and a founding member
of the Alberta Pharmacy Clinic. In my first year of pharmacy, I sat
on the Constitution Committee and this provided me the ability to
understand the context through which APSA works and to see the
dynamic which exists within APSA, through attending council
meetings. This year I decided to explore the interprofessional side
of healthcare and I became HSSA president. This role taught me
how important it is that everyone involved has the information they
need and the importance of working as a team. Over both years
of pharmacy, I have been involved with the creation of the Alberta
Pharmacy Clinic and this experience has been the most beneficial
so far. I found that I am capable of working with others to develop
and bring new initiatives and ideas into reality.
I believe that by building on the mentorship program, providing
information needed regarding residency and by making sure that
you get all required information about hospital practice, that I am
a strong candidate for this position and you should choose me for
Electoral Candidates - APSA 2015 Council
As Community Education Director, I hope to:
Hi my name is Pawan
Gill, and I'm running for
Community Education
Director 2015. I am
currently a first year
student. I enjoy working
out, teaching kids, and
creating art. My platform
as follows:
1. Implement a process
high school students and
prospective students to
easily gain information
relevant to our
1. Create more opportunities for pharmacy students to engage in
community presentations in order to demonstrate their skills and
knowledge to the public.
2. Bridge the gap between pharmacy students and their patients
by fostering awareness and understanding of the social, health,
and economic issues patients often contend with. This will be
accomplished by providing the necessary tools pharmacy students
need in order to recognize what health-related education their
communities may need.
3. Organize more activities and pharmacy-related services that
target adults and seniors, in addition to the presentations already
provided to elementary, junior high, and high school students.
I am aware that within our community our role as pharmacists is not
well understood, especially as we embrace our expanded
scope. In order to increase awareness of our profession in youth, I
would like to focus on educating high school students regarding
our profession. I would like to implement programs that provide
high school students and prospective students easy accessible
information from pharmacists, and pharmacy students. This will
enhance their knowledge about the profession and our expanded
scope; while generating interest in our profession.
2. Tailor and enhance the information provided in admissions
The admissions presentations are important for creating interest in
our profession, as well as ensuring students are knowledgeable
regarding the admission process. For admissions presentations I
would like to create an opportunity for university students to submit
questions to me before the presentations. This will tailor the
information to the students at the presentation, and ensure that I
provide sufficient information for those attending.
3. Enhance the community education presentation experience for
first year students.
I would like to enhance the experience of community education
presentations, by giving teachers an opportunity to provide
descriptions of their students and policies. This will provide first year
students with background information about the class they will be
presenting to, increasing their comfortability within the process.
Easing the process for community education presentations for first
year pharmacy students will encourage their participation in later
My name is Eman Saleh and I
would like to be your APSA
Community Education Director
for the 2015/2016 year. I am the
most suitable candidate for this
position due to my previous
experience in providing APSA
community education
presentations and my
involvement in community
initiatives. Some of the APSA
presentations I have assisted the
previous Community Education
Directors, Melissa and Scott, with
in the past couple of years are
teaching grade 2 students
proper hand-washing, educating high school students about
pharmacy as a profession, and I have participated in the Women
in Scholarship, Engineering, Science, and Technology (WISEST)
conference teaching grade 6 girls about pharmacy and how to
compound an anti-itch hand cream.
My goal is to create an environment where pharmacy students not
only teach the community about various topics, but to also have
community members teach us about what their health-related
needs are and how we can help. Recently, I helped organize the
Teens for Jeans Campaign raising awareness about teen
homelessness in Edmonton in large part because I believe it is key
to recognize our patients’ multifaceted needs and to understand
what services and educational tools we can offer to better serve
our patients.
Help make this vision a reality by voting for me, Eman Saleh, for
Community Education Director on March 19-20!
Electoral Candidates - APSA 2015 Council
1. Increase student involvement with the PQ and Yearbook.
Getting more students involved with the PQ is key in
ensuring our voices, interests and ideas are presented.
Developing PQ sections such as “Student/Staff Spotlight”
or “A Day in the Life” will make our publications more
student-focused. Organizing a larger, more active
Yearbook committee of students working as
photographers or editors will also be a project for next
To broaden scope of coverage in the PQ. I plan to work
with the Interprofessional Director to feature more stories
about interdisciplinary work and events in the PQ. I plan
to build on the idea of creating a PQ section about
busting myths on interdisciplinary relationships in the
healthcare system. Highlighting alternate career paths for
pharmacists in the PQ is also a project I would like to
continue for next year in order to add diversity to the PQ’s
Enhance visibility. My goal is to maintain strong
involvement of the UAlberta in the national publication,
CAPSIL, to make our faculty’s presence more prominent
in Pharmacy news. To stay connected with the Pharmacy
community by setting up a PQ Instagram Account or a
Twitter Page would keep the PQ on the news and on the
go. To make our publications a versatile and accessible
source of Pharmacy news will be a priority during my
Hello, my name is Alyssa Aco and I am running for Publications
Director. For the past year, I have worked as an APSA Yearbook
Editor and have been a member of the PQ+2 Committee. During
this time, I have developed my writing, editing and photography
skills. My extensive involvement with APSA publications has inspired
me to become involved on a greater level as Publications Director.
Share the wonder, share the jobs!
1. Connect students with prospective employers by proactiv
ely sending out e-mails to local pharmacies instead of wai
ting for employers to
contact us
2. Host lunch and learns where local pharmacy employers c
ome in and talk about what they are looking for when ph
armacy students hand
in cover letters and resumes
3. Explore the different career paths that are available to ph
students not just at Career Night, but through bringing in g
speakers for Lunch and Learns as well
As a current 2nd year student, I would be honored if you
would elect me as your next Recruitment Director. I have put a lot
of thought into running for this position and have a lot of ideas I
would like to implement for next year.
In addition to organizing the Career Fair, Career Night,
and Independent Night, I will host different Lunch and Learns for 2
different purposes. The first purpose is to bring in local pharmacy
managers to have them talk about what they look for when going
through the cover letters and resumes that students submit. The
second purpose is to bring to light the pharmacy career
opportunities not often talked about. You can also count on me to
actively seek out local employers on your behalf.
My role as the IPSF Local Representative this year has
given me a lot of experience on organizing, promoting, and
hosting events. You may remember me from the World Diabetes
Day Eating Competition, the Global Health and Pharmacy
Discussion, and the Ring Toss for Diabetes Fundraiser. I have a lot of
creative ideas and I’m willing to take initiative. My goal is to make
finding that next job easier for you and to make sure we all know
what career opportunities are out there for us!
I would be more than happy to answer any questions you
may have for me. Feel free to send me a message at
[email protected] or just stop me if you see me walking around!
I believe our publications
represent our voice as a
student body and therefore
require utmost dedication.
Equipped with time
management and
organizational skills from
years of leadership
experience, I believe I have
the necessary abilities to
make our publications
student-focused, versatile
and visible.
Electoral Candidates - APSA 2015 Council
”Only those who dare, drive the world forward”
Bringing U to the SU
1. Advocate the expanded scope of pharmacy
2. Represent the students’ voice on CAPSI National
3. Ensure students receive the full benefits of their CAPSI and
CPhA membership.
1. Advocate for pharmacy students at the University level.
2. Act as a conduit between APSA and the SU.
3. Provide involved representation at SU events and meetings.
Hello, everyone! My name is
Marline Aizouki, and I am
running to be your CAPSI
Junior Representative. First, a
little bit about myself. I
graduated from the University
of Alberta with a degree in
Chemistry, and I currently
work part-time as a jewellery
designer. I love travelling the
world to experience different
cultures, sample local
delicacies, and learn new
languages. I grew up in a
coastal city on the
Mediterranean Sea where the winters are like summer in
Edmonton. Despite living in Edmonton for the past nine years, I still
haven’t gotten used to the cold!
This is my sixth month as a pharmacy student, and I am truly proud
of the path I have chosen. Growing up in a small community, I
have witnessed first-hand the impact pharmacists have on the
health of the patients they treat. It’s wonderful to have found
something I can approach with unreserved passion, and it would
be an honour to represent and advocate for the expanding scope
of this profession.
Running a campaign is about proper, intelligent representation. If
elected as your CAPSI Junior, I will be a conduit for the students’
voice on CAPSI National. My ideas will be shaped and reshaped
by the feedback I receive from you and the rest of the student
body. I will be advocating for our profession through presentations
to key organizations, while always keeping the interests of our
pharmacy students at heart. Your voice matters. I warmly invite
open feedback about events that take place throughout the year,
such as “CIBC Run for the Cure”, “Mr. Pharmacy” and many others,
to allow your ideas to directly influence policy improvements. I will
use the skills I have acquired through volunteering with local
diabetes/cardiovascular disease prevention programs, “Feed a
Child” movement in Tartous, and other programs to ensure that our
students receive the full benefits of their CAPSI and CPhA
If you have any questions and/or ideas, please feel free to contact
me, or if you see me in the hallway, come say “Hi!” I would love to
chat or answer any questions you may have.
I’m Bryan Hodgson and I
am asking for your
support in my bid to
become the next
Student Union
Representative. Over
the past year I have
been YOUR VP
Academic and I hope to
continue serving you in a
new role. Prior to getting
into pharmacy, I
completed a BSc. in Biology, worked for Revenue Canada, managed
a comic book store and worked for an engineering firm. While these
positions helped me grow; they were not fulfilling and I couldn’t see
myself enjoying them in the long run. After much consideration I
decided I wanted to work in a field where I would be giving back to
the community every day, where I would be challenged and where I
would be constantly learning. I have found this and more within
For two years it has been my privilege to serve on the APSA Council,
initially as the First Year Class Representative and recently as the VP
Academic. After my previous university experience, I wanted more
than a series of demanding lectures; I wanted to become actively
involved in our education. I wanted to help shape our learning
experience into the best education possible. Through my roles on
APSA I have worked to achieve this goal. I am honored to have had
the opportunity to represent each of you and while this has added
many responsibilities to an already busy course load I have enjoyed
every moment. I feel that I have made substantial improvements to
student life, that I have acted as a student advocate to the best of my
ability and that I have grown as a leader.
Outside of my educational and political interests, I’m a huge comic
book geek (seriously, I wholeheartedly believe I have the largest
comic book and paraphernalia collection of anyone in pharmacy!), a
dodgeball player (rubber rules over foam) and I’m married to a
wonderful 2009 pharmacy alumni. My wife Lisa is a great support and
we both share a passion for pharmacy which I hope shows in our daily
Electoral Candidates - APSA 2015 Council
I would love to be the Female Sports Representative next year,
because I have a passion for athletics and being active, and I
want to help foster that passion in all of you too! As female sports
rep, I can’t wait to organize intramural teams for the faculty and
get as many people involved as possible.
Our intramural program is such a great way to socialize with peers,
meet students from other years, and get rid of the stress that
pharmacy school brings to us. The curling funspiel and the alumni
hockey game are awesome traditions that I look forward to
I am currently in first year and loving it so far. I am originally from
Lethbridge AB, and sports have always been a large part of my life.
Having participated on the pharmacy volleyball, dodgeball, and
ultimate frisbee teams, I hope I am qualified to take over the reins
from Dana and Callen (and hopefully fill in the big shoes that they
are leaving behind).
Electoral Candidates - APSA 2015 Council
Hello Class of 2017! I am SO excited to be your class representative
for the 2015-2016 school year. With the upcoming year being our
final one together as a whole class, I want to ensure everything is
as streamlined and effortless as possible for you.
This past year I was extremely lucky to serve as the Female Sports
Rep for APSA. As you all know, I’m a health and wellness fanatic,
and I was so fortunate to be able to combine my passion for sports
with a leadership position. Class Representative is an entirely new
realm for me, but I’m ready for the challenge and looking forward
to all the new knowledge this position will bring.
As your 3rd Year Class Rep, there are a few main areas I will focus
my attention on:
1. As a member of the APSA council, I will work as your liaison to
get you the most current information regarding the happenings of
APSA. I will also work to ensure any concerns will be brought up
with APSA council when needed. Outside of APSA, I will work
closely with the faculty to make certain that the needs of the Class
of 2017 are well looked after. I will make sure you are in the know
through class emails (sorry I’m not as punny as Daniel), and in-class
2. Since Daniel did such as awesome job with the
exam/assignment google calendar, I will continue that for next
year as I found it was extremely helpful to have all those dates in
one, easily accessible place.
3. I will be working closely with the 4th year class reps, and VP
CAPSI respectively to organize the mock OSCE and CAPSI OTC
competitions. I would love to hear your feedback from past events,
or any ideas you may have to improve on them.
4. I am extremely approachable and ALWAYS willing to listen.
Please come talk to me at any time with your questions or
concerns and I will see to them in a timely manner.
I look forward to being your Class Representative for the 2015-2016
school year, and let’s have the best year possible!
Dana Moynihan
Electoral Candidates - APSA 2015 Council
Wanna meet your peers? Get friendly! Vote Wendy!
Hello everyone! My name is Carly Maxwell and I am running for the
Class Social Representative for the Class of 2017. I am from a small
town east of Edmonton and very familiar with opportunities for fun
in the city. Being involved with various social events through APSA,
such as Mr. Pharmacy and Blue and Gold, has truly inspired me. As
Social Rep, I will work tirelessly to bring a variety of events
throughout the year for everybody to enjoy and start work early on
our Blue and Gold presentation. Events may include outings to
sports events, movie nights, game nights, or post-exam
celebrations. I hope to try and organize a variety of events that
appeal to most of our class. I hope to start a Blue and Gold
committee that will coordinate our winning plans right from
September. I will work with APSA council to coordinate events with
the other years of pharmacy as well as with other faculties. I am
undoubtedly committed to this position and want to work to make
our third year the most enjoyable and memorable year yet. We all
need events that help us unwind from the stress that this workload
puts on us. So lets study, sleep, socialize; repeat.
1. Creating a balance of drinking vs. non-drinking events
2. Increased inter-professional events
3. Increased class participation in event ideas and dates
Third year is the last year that our
class will be together in the same
city! I really want us to be able to
take full advantage of this time
memories as a class. In the past
two years, I have been a very
social member of the class,
participating in most events, and
getting involved in the punchbowl
Therefore, next year I want to take
on a more active role by planning
and organizing our social events!
One focus is to create balanced events to satisfy the entire class
and that means planning both drinking and non-drinking events.
Some events that I want to plan for next year include: the annual
beer-pong tournament, Halloween pumpkin carving, Thanksgiving
potluck, Christmas party, as well as games nights and movie nights
for the whole class.
I also want to create more inter-professional events. Since we had
our Inter - Disciplinary class this semester, we have all gotten to
know and made friends with members of other faculties. I want to
work with the social reps of other faculties to create events such as
the Pharmacy & Med bowling night from first year.
Finally, another goal is to increase class participation in events. I
want to do this by using more polls to see what the class is
interested in doing and to find dates that work for everyone. I
would also love to take in ideas from the members of the class,
especially for the Blue & Gold punchbowl competition. Since I was
involved in both years’ punchbowl presentations, I have a good
understanding of what needs to be done. I plan on setting up
committees for different tasks so that everyone can be involved!
I am excited to work with the class to create events that both help
us de-stress from school as well as build lasting memories with our
classmates and future colleagues! So remember: Be friendly! Vote
Electoral Candidates - APSA 2015 Council
Dare to vote Dairy
A vote for Parmhope is a vote for...
Bone Density
Work it, eat it, cheese it, makes bones harder, better,
faster, stronger. In collaboration with students and
osteoblasts everywhere, Parmhope is here to make APSA
the most fortified it’s ever been. Parmhope will represent
YOUR best interests – not just in the diary aisle, but in all
aspects of student life!
Mental Wellness
Got 99 problems but stress ain’t one.
Have you ever felt personally victimized by Rebriena
George, or any other stinker? Parmhope has the curdage to stand up for you in your time of need. Hundreds of
exams got you worried? Parmhope will institute
beverage-and-cheese breaks throughout your lectures to
help make you feel FETA.
Dietary Synergy
Sweet dreams are made of cheese.
Got an idea? Don’t be fooled by the absence of physical
ears – Parmhope is always listening! Parmhope will make
every lecture more tasteful and every meal more savoury,
so bring your cheesiest ideas forward and Parmhope will
put them into action, Lactose intolerant? Not to worry –
Parmhope only has trace levels of lactose compared to
its dairy-licious peers, and has also partnered up with
Lactaid® to ensure everyone can have a GOUDA time!
Parmhope started its life like every udder young cheese, as milk. As
Parmhope was in transportation to a dairy facility, it wondered
what dairy product it would ever become...
Parmhope turned to an online community to discuss its
qualifications. Eventually its fate was decided, and Parmhope
went to Parm school. Only, Parmhope was too late to realize that
he had been misspelling Parm as Pharm, and ended up at the
University of Alberta. Now a cheese and pharmacy student,
Parmhope adapted the ability to become a human when
needed, and plans to take its newfound love of Pharmacy into
Want to know more? Find Parmhope on Facebook at
www.facebook.com/parmhope and visit Parmhope’s website at