June 7 MG Challenge Super-sprint: Mallala. Dennis Hawkins

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June 7th MG Challenge Super-sprint: Mallala.
I was invited by the MG club delegate on the MSCA committee to try and organise a full grid of MX-5
only cars to take part in the MG Challenge Super-sprint at Mallala on June 7th this year. This is a
great honour for our club and pays quite a tribute to the reliable performance of our chosen make of
sports car and of course our gifted drivers.
Towards this end I have contacted directly and by e-mail some 24 drivers of which 3 have already
taken entry form details. The response from all those whom I spoke with face to face has been a
unanimous yes we are interested.
On Saturday morning (last) I received approval from the MG organising committee so it is official,
MX-5’s are invited exclusively to participate in the MG Challenge event with their own grid. Can you
imagine the sight of 24 MX-5’s?
This is a rare honour so do not miss the chance to see a mass of your type of car competing
together. Though this is not outright full on circuit racing, it is the very next best version where you
can come see how each model compares to each other and what difference a little tuning can make,
relative to a stock standard model.
The faster cars will start ahead of the slightly less brisk cars so the speed differential will not be a risk
as passing will not occur either under braking nor in corners so it is all very safe. All drivers have skill
and experience in Super-sprint events so this will not be a rookey event.
I have been asked if our club could provide a few people for flag duties as the MG club has the same
trouble as we have experienced in attracting helpers. If we had say 4 people who wanted to get
close to the action and have a bit of fun at the same time it would help our hosts so think about it
and please let me know if you are up for it.
Dennis Hawkins
Sporting Secretary
Mazda MX5 Club of SA
[email protected]
Ph: (08) 8337 0934 Mob: 0413 353 830