Friday 20th March 2015

By: Ray Mamo
Journal Prompt
By Elizabeth
Starting off with a video clip which led to the title
‘Giving is the Best Communication.’
 Next came the Workshop by Claire and Amy:
’ R o o m o n t h e B r o o m ’ based on the book by Julia
 The aim was to create a writing
activity through S t o r y t e l l i n g
for Grade 3.
Workshop 1
 Explanation of why use the book ‘ Room
on the Broom’.
 There was a group discussion about a
picture with ‘WH questions’.
 Who are the characters? The Witch, the
cat , the dog, the bird and the frog.
 Quick narration of part of the story until
the broom snapped.
(The rise in the story line.)
Workshop 1
• Activity 1 : Create a Witch’s Broom.
• Activity 2: We were divided into three groups to
perform three tasks.
• Group 1 Witches, Group 2 Designers, Group 3 Authors.
• ‘The Witches created a Magic Potion. ‘A beautiful
being inside and out you shall become.’
• The Designers were given a pre-writing sheet for the
Design of the Broom. (What type of material was used? What size?
And what the broom was used for?)
• The Broom was named ‘Broomy Zoomy – Red/Black’
Workshop 1
The Authors would present a
different ending to the story which
ended up by a striking performance
wherein we had the Witches mole stuck in the
dragon’s throat then….
Obladi Oblada
and the dragon was turned into a
Workshop 2
 ‘The Great Vacation’ aiming at English
Creative Writing.
 This started off with a Video for the
participants to guess the title of the topic
which was VACATIONS.
 Elizabeth and Wendy had a dialogue
about different types of Holidays.
 Disneyland, Camping in Italy, a
Beach holiday and a Mountain holiday.
Workshop 2
 Participants were asked to select
flashcards related to the different
holidays and fix them on the board.
 Props were set up in different areas and
the participants split into groups.
 The groups were given a ready-made
website taken from and
where they had created their website
called ‘ Holiday Abroad’.
Workshop 2
 The groups filled up a pre-writing sheet
about their holiday abroad and used a
cube as a word mat for ideas.
 They watched the video which helped in
the writing
 Sharing of the pre-writing
 The actual writing
 PQPA followed
Reading Presentation
By Amy
Why do children Hate Writing?
The main points were:
• Make if fun and relevant by using music/ lyrics
• Eliminate barriers to writing by creating a word
wall, teach the basic techniques, create a
personal word list and teach how to use a
• Make expectations known
Reading Presentation
By Amy
Why do children Hate Writing?
More points were:
• More ideas: provide group writing
experiences, give roles, write for an audience
• I’m a poet – allow children to explore different
types of poetry
• Motivate children with music
• Provide books
Why write Poetry ?
by Sandro Spiteri
Teach children how to experiment
with the pleasure of hearing the
sound of words.
Acrostic Poem
Inside a cage
Roar like
Acrostic Poem
Bexxaq u ħares ’l ġewwa
Imxi ! Idħol ! Le stenna qabel tidħol
Ersaq viċin, ħares sewwa u tkunx
Copy Change
Kull fejn tħares u tilmaħ
Lellux ma kullimkien
Lellux ġo nofs is-silla
Lellux ...
Marija Kullimkien
Marija ismagħni
Marija titlaqa
Marija fejn tlaqtli
Marija ġa għidlek
Marija għax tlaqt?
Marija, Santa
Using Colour
Red is the colour of roses that grow in Spring and Summer
Red is the colour of sunburn
Red is....
Red is....
Red is in my kitchen, a fire in my stove
Red is in my head, burning, sending me to bed
Red sends me to heaven, to meet my friends- taken
Red smells like a cake, my mother used to bake
Red’s like no other colour, red is everywhere
Red hot, blood orange, red rage, angly bull
Red roses, TOO MUCH