Page 1 Page 1 POSITION DESCRIPTION Position Number: 4005

 POSITION DESCRIPTION Position Number: 4005 Position Title: Property & Leasing Coordinator Division: Commercial Services, MUSUL Services Department: Tenancy Employment Status: Full Time (1.0), Continuing Classification Level: Professional Level 8 Reports to: Manager, Commercial Services & Business Development (MCS&BD) Reported to by: N/A Incumbent: Vacant Date Effective: April 2015 Background: MUSUL Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Melbourne which is governed by a board comprising University appointees and student representatives. MUSUL Services also provides support to the student representative organisation, University of Melbourne Student Union Inc. (UMSU), through the provision of physical and corporate infrastructure. MUSUL Services and UMSU Inc. have entered into a Facilities and Services Agreement that forms the basis of their partnership and details the provision of certain MUSUL Services infrastructure and procedures to UMSU. MUSUL Services employs the staff working within UMSU and provides the following services to students, and their organisations including: 
Corporate Services (Finance, HR, OH&S, IT) 
Facilities and Infrastructure; 
Commercial Services; 
Office of the CEO; Page 1 UMSU Student Council has 12 student representative departments and consists of four Divisions: 
Advocacy & Legal; 
Arts and Entertainment; 
Communications and Marketing; 
Clubs & Volunteering. United in our drive to enhance the student experience, we are committed to building a diverse, flexible and inclusive workforce. MUSUL Services embraces the policies and principles of equal employment opportunity and occupational health and safety. Divisional Overview: The Commercial Services division provides client focused and sustainable services in the following areas: Food & Retail Tenancies, Catering & Events, Regalia and Graduation Services, Retail (the Unistore), Vending machines and managing supplier arrangements. The division is continuously looking to add new and viable services for students and the University community. The main objective is to maintain and improve viability, deliver integrated and customer driven services adopting a team approach. Mission: “Creating and improving sustainable and socially responsible service for students, their organisations and The University”. Vision: “Supporting Student Life”
Values: Student Centred: Provide relevant, responsive and reliable services, facilities and student engagement opportunities that are valued by students and enhance their university experience; Provide informed and professional support, infrastructure and guidance to enhance student engagement. Respect: Courtesy and professionalism shown towards staff, students and the public in service delivery, communication and behaviour. Achievement: Deliver outcomes that support the organisations goals and values. Proactive: Sustainable: Informed, consultative and timely decision‐making, including relevant stakeholders, taking account of likely effects and impacts. Continually evolve while utilising resources responsibly. Page 2 Conduct and Behaviour: All employees are covered by the code of conduct and are expected to observe standards of equity and fairness in dealing with other employees, students and members of the public by: 
Acting in ways that foster and protect the business, reputation, best interests and welfare of MUSUL Services and UMSU and taking action to prevent unethical practices as appropriate; Maintaining appropriate confidentiality, regarding personal and commercial matters; Acting in good faith, ethically and in the best interests of MUSUL Services and UMSU; Complying with MUSUL Services and UMSU policies and procedures, laws, regulations and standards that apply to us in our professional conduct; Perform duties professionally and with skill, care and diligence; Ensure that during working hours activities are confined to MUSUL Services or UMSU work requirements, unless prior written approval has been received from your Manager; At all times treat students, colleagues and members of the public with courtesy, respecting their roles and duties; Act honestly and fairly in all internal and external transactions and dealings with individuals and organisations. Purpose of Position: Plan and manage all aspects of commercial leases, licencing, supplier and partner arrangements with multiple stakeholders and under the broad direction of the MCS&BD. Develop tenant related marketing, sustainability practices and Business Partners procurement strategies. The position liaises extensively with the Planning & Campus Services department of the University of Melbourne in managing common projects and tenancies. To work directly and provide support to the MCS&BD on the administration and management of commercial leasing agreements, vending agreements, licence agreements, retail planning and all other income generating licence and partner‐vendor arrangements, new and on‐going. Key Responsibility Areas (KRA’s): KRA1: Leasing / Licence Management 
Initiate renewals, develop terms and conditions, negotiate changes and propose solutions for property leases, vending, ATM (bank) and supplier arrangements; 
Provide comprehensive, timely, relevant and quality advice and information in relation to leases, ATMs, vending machines, suppliers, partners and stakeholders; 
Responsible for developing instructions and project co‐ordination in relation to fit out and de‐fit of MUSUL Services leased premises; 
Develop and maintain up to date records in relation to leasing, rental schedules, ATM and vending machines, supplier/partner income and expenses, relevant applications and project plans; 
Manage monthly rental invoice issues and debt recovery matters and reimbursements; 
Manage utility accounts and allocation to tenants; 
Develop the tenancy department annual budget projection and regular budget revisions; 
Develop and maintain best practice leasing guidelines, and 
Identify opportunities and implement plans to generate additional income streams. KRA2: Reporting 
Manage and report tenancy status when required, in areas of Compliance Auditing, OHS, leasing revisions in line with internal policies and legislative changes; Page 3 
Responsible for activities related to expressions of interest, tenders on leasing and licence opportunities within the parameters of the MUSUL leasing authority throughout the University campuses, and Develop and maintain business, financial and ad‐hoc reports. 
KRA3: Relationship and Management 
Plan and Chair regular tenancy meetings; 
Provide tenancy support in relation to marketing and sustainability, in line with the Food and Retail Master Plan; procurement and storage strategies and agreements; 
Liaise with the University to develop a whole of campus approach to a Food and Retail master Plan; 
Work with tenants and other stakeholders to develop and implement the Tertiary Access Group’s Business Partners procurement strategy that is of benefit to tenants, MUSUL Services and customers; 
Under direction from the MCS&BD undertake other projects and activities reflecting the dynamic nature of Tenancies and Commercial Services; 
Develop and implement marketing strategies, promotions and plans to ensure that Building 130 and other on campus tenancies are a favourable destination for food and retail; 
Refer Emergency maintenance enquiries from tenants directly to the Facilities & Infrastructure Manager; 
Direct MUSUL Services legal representatives in all tenancy and licence agreement matters in conjunction with the MCS&BD; Develop and present to the MCS&BD details related to commercial arrangements and leasing 
matters, including but not exclusive to approaches for new business arrangements, and 
Comply with all OHS requirements, keep records, undertake reviews and maintain documentation in line legislation, MUSUL Services and University policies. KRA4: Projects: 
Actively participate in all organisational, divisional and Commercial Services projects, meetings and activities; 
Promote a team approach and provide support to all Commercial Services, and 
Assess, recommend and lead joint initiatives and projects. To promote collaboration and development lead, participate and provide assistance with ad hoc and special projects from time to time to assist other staff within Commercial Services and broadly within MUSUL Services, the University and externally. Please note, current workloads will be taken into consideration. JOB COMPLEXITIY, SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE Level of Supervision, Accountability & Extent of Authority: Under broad direction, and working at times with a degree of autonomy, the position is accountable for providing effective and efficient leasing management of all leases and licences and promotes Building 130 as a preferred campus destination. The role is accountable for effective stakeholder relationships (with tenants, external parties, authorities, Facilities & Infrastructure and University Departments) and ongoing financial viability. Develop and submit proposals capturing emerging trends, innovation and business improvements. Page 4 Judgement, Independence & Problem Solving: Work is performed in adherence with guidelines, policies, procedures and financial targets and astute judgement is required in completing projects and implementing solutions. Provide strategic advice and support to the MCS&BD, CEO and Board to meet operating and organisational objectives. Professional & Organisational Knowledge: Requires detailed knowledge and professional skills and experience in lease/licence management, tenancies, contract and commercial management.. Undertake regular assessments and make policy and best practice recommendations. Health & Safety and Environmental Responsibilities of Staff General Responsibilities Staff shall be responsible for: 
the reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of other personnel who may be affected by their conduct;  cooperating with others in relation to actions taken by MUSUL Services to comply with Occupational Health and Safety legislation;  not wilfully placing at risk the health or safety of any personnel;  not wilfully or recklessly interfering or misusing anything provided in the interest of health and safety or welfare of any personnel;  undertaking tasks in accordance with relevant standard operating procedures or work instructions;  wearing correct personal protective equipment specified in standard operating procedures or working instructions;  seeking supervision and guidance from the relevant supervisor for all new or modified work procedures;  using University and/or MUSUL Services divisional procedures to report hazards and incidents;  where required, participating in health and safety consultative arrangements, including meetings;  where required, participating in health and safety information, training and induction procedures;  following MUSUL Services and divisional procedures for emergencies, and  implementation of relevant specific responsibilities described in the University’s and or MUSUL Services’ health and safety policies and procedures. Authority to Act Staff have the authority to act to: 
commence an emergency response in accordance with emergency procedures; report workplace hazards and incidents to the local manager or supervisor; raise health and safety issues in accordance with the Issue Resolution Procedure; after consultation with the local manager or supervisor, cease a task and seek alternate duties where the nature and degree of the health and safety risk results in an immediate and serious threat to the health and safety of the staff member. Page 5 Essential Skills and Qualifications: 
An appropriate tertiary (Business, Real Estate Management, Economics, Law etc.) and post‐
graduate qualification; Extensive relevant experience (at least 5 years); Demonstrated knowledge together with practical skills with interpreting Retail Leases Act 2003 and apply these to administrative practices; High level of attention to detail and the ability to work within timeframes; Strong communication, relationship management and service orientation skills; Demonstrated strong commercial acumen; Substantial experience in negotiations and conflict resolution; Ability to plan, evaluate, track and analyse complex projects, including refurbishments, promotions, architectural and interior designs; Ability to recognise the need for and maintain security of confidential information and exercise judgement, tact and diplomacy in handling sensitive or confidential information or situations. Desirable Skills and Qualifications: 
In‐depth understanding of facilities issues; Conditions of Employment: Terms and conditions are in accordance with the MU Student Union Ltd Collective Agreement 2013. Flexible working hours in line with business requirements during low and peak business periods. I have read, understood and agree to comply with the position description. Signed: _______________________________________ Date: ___________ (Incumbent) Signed: _______________________________________ (Supervisor) Signed: _______________________________________ (Senior Officer) Date: ___________ Date: ___________ Signed: _______________________________________ (Human Resources Manager ‐ MUSUL Services) Page 6 Date: ___________