mustang under the skin – Design

mustang under the skin – Design
Exterior Design
•• Low roof height and wide stance
•• Sleek profile enabled by steeply sloped windshield and
rear glass
•• Three-dimensional, tri-bar LED taillamps
•• Contemporary execution of signature trapezoidal grille
and shark-bite front fascia
•• Convertible features raised and straightened muscle
line on the rear haunches and re-contoured bootlid for
more linear quality roof up or down
•• Rear track widened by 70 mm for a more aggressive
•• Front and rear bumper shelves removed
•• Unified side glass with hidden B-pillar
Solid Colours
•• Shadow Black
•• Oxford White
•• Race Red
•• Competition Orange
Metallic Colours
•• Deep Impact Blue
•• Guard Grey
Unique to Europe
•• Daytime running lamps integrated into fog lamp
•• Ingot Silver
•• Magnetic
•• Ruby Red
•• Transparent taillamps
•• Foglamp integrated in the lower reverse light
•• Special-design power folding and heated door mirrors
Tri-coat Colours
•• Triple Yellow
mustang under the skin – Design
Interior Design
Aircraft inspired theme
•• Aluminium dashboard accents span doorto-door
Classic design cues
•• Double brow passenger-side dashboard
•• Twin large, round instrument gauges
•• Smaller, sporty steering wheel with reach and
rake adjustment
•• Selectable Effort Electric Power Assisted Steering
– Normal, Comfort and Sport modes
•• 40 mm additional seat travel
•• Arm clearance optimised for gear shifting
•• Industry-first passenger knee air bag housed in
the glove box door delivers 30 per cent more knee
•• Six-way power-adjustable front seats with power
lumbar for the driver
•• Heated and cooled front seats
•• Dual-zone climate control with advanced
particulate filters
•• Keyless entry and starting
Premium materials
•• Leather seats, steering wheel and gear
shifter surround
•• Aluminium pedals, dashboard accents and
premium door trims
Ambient Lighting
•• Choose from six ambient lighting colour effects
for the door pulls, footwells, cupholder and
illuminated scuff plates.
•• Owners can configure and store two more colours
of their choosing
•• Lockable storage beneath armrest with
interior light
•• Cubby hole at base of centre stack for
phones and media devices
•• Sunglasses holder on fastback and
•• Door pockets will hold a 0.5-litre drinks
mustang under the skin – performance
Charge motion control
valves plates
New cylinder head with revised high flow ports
Engine – 2.3-litre ecoboost
•• 2.3-litre EcoBoost turbocharged inline-four
Engine – 5.0-litre
•• Output: 317 PS, 432 Nm
•• 5.0-litre naturally aspirated SPFI V8
•• Valvetrain: DOHC, four valves per cylinder, TwinIndependent Variable Camshaft Timing
•• Output: 421 PS, 530 Nm
•• Construction: Aluminium block and
•• Valvetrain: DOHC, four valves per
cylinder, Twin-Independent Variable
Camshaft Timing
•• Straighter intake ports in the cylinder
head improve flow for high-rpm
•• Forged steel crankshaft balanced to
support higher-rpm operation with
less vibration
Larger intake and
exhaust valves
•• High-flow aluminium cylinder head with integrated
exhaust manifold
Stiffer valve springs
Sinter forged connecting rods
•• Forged steel connecting rods and crankshaft, steel
piston ring carriers for durability
Rebalanced forged steel crankshaft
Charge motion
control valve
(CMCV actuators)
Mid-lock variable intake
cam timing phaser
•• Balance shaft for smooth operation
Track Apps (for track use only)
•• Piston-cooling jets
•• Accelerometer
•• Steel piston ring carriers
•• Acceleration Timer
•• Premium bearing materials
•• Sinter forged connecting rods are
lighter and more durable for high-rpm
•• New intake manifold features charge
motion control valves to partially
close off port flow at lower engine
speeds for improved air-fuel mixing
resulting in better fuel economy, idle
stability and lower emissions
•• First use of a twin-scroll turbocharger on a Ford engine
for more power and quicker acceleration response
•• Brake Performance
•• Upgraded valve seat materials
•• High-pressure die-cast aluminium cylinder block with
ladder-frame bearing caps
•• Deep-sump, die-cast aluminium oil pan
New intake and exhaust cams
with increased valve lift
5.0-Litre V8
•• The first Ford engine to utilise mid-lock variable camshaft
timing phasers on the intake camshaft to provide a greater
range of timing adjustment. This enables more optimised
control of the valve timing for improved fuel economy and
Standard oil
2.3-litre EcoBoost
High-flow cylinder head with
integrated exhaust manifold
moves air in and exhaust out
for better performance
Light weight, high-strength pistons with
low-friction skirt coating, steel ring carriers
and increased compression ratio
•• Line Lock – available for the 5.0-litre V8, the
electronic system applies the front brakes only,
allowing drivers to the warm rear tyres or perform
High-strength forged steel
connecting rods with full
floating pins
•• Larger valves and new camshaft profiles for intake and
Piston cooling jets
for durability
•• Stiffer valve springs ensure valves close completely at high
•• Redesigned piston tops – deeper cutouts clear the new
larger valves
valve seat materials
•• Launch control – available for the 5.0-litre V8
with manual transmission, the system holds the
engine at a pre-set value between 3,000 rpm and
4,500 rpm with the accelerator fully depressed.
When the clutch is released torque delivery to the
rear wheels is controlled for maximum traction
and consistent standing starts
Balance shaft for smoother
operation at all speeds
Forged steel crankshaft with
premium bearing materials
High-pressure die-cast
aluminium cylinder block and
structural ladder frame with
integrated main bearing caps
Deep-sump structural die-cast
aluminium oil pan with baffles to
help maintain oil delivery during
spirited driving
mustang under the skin – Performance
Performance Pack
•• Six-speed manual transmission – improved
internals, more precise shifting, limited-slip
Standard in Europe:
•• Six-speed automatic transmission – higher
torque capacity, rev-matching for fast and
smooth down-shifting, standard steering wheelmounted paddle shifters, limited-slip differential
•• 2.3-litre EcoBoost – 352 mm x 32 mm vented
discs, four-piston 46 mm aluminium callipers
Aluminium knuckle
Stabiliser bar
•• Uprated front brakes, radiator and additional oil
cooler boost performance:
MacPherson strut
Toe link
lower H-arm
Upper camber link
•• 5.0-litre V8 – 380 mm x 34 mm vented discs,
Brembo six-piston 36 mm aluminium callipers
Lateral link
Two ball joints
Integral link
Stabiliser bar
Forged steel knuckle
Tension link
Driving Dynamics
•• Non-isolated perimeter subframe stiffens chassis while reducing mass. Fully independent suspension
front and rear:
•• Double-ball-joint front MacPherson strut system enables large, powerful brakes without affecting
steering feel. Geometry prevents nose squatting under braking
•• Integral-link rear suspension optimises ride comfort and mechanical grip
•• Weight distribution – 2.3-litre EcoBoost fastback = 53 per cent
front. 5.0-litre V8 = 54 per cent front
•• Ford first Aero Curtains – front fascia channels
direct air to create a drag-reducing wall of
high-speed air around the front wheels
•• Grille designs optimised to tailor air feed to
engine type
•• Active Grille Shutter for the 2.3-litre EcoBoost
reduces drag to improve fuel efficiency
•• Front splitters and air dams minimise air under
the car
•• Drag reduced 3 per cent with better roadholding
and less wind noise in the cabin
•• Performance Pack standard in Europe – K-brace connecting strut
towers to bulkhead; thicker rear sway bar; heavy duty springs
•• Torsional stiffness increased over outgoing Mustang by up
to 28 per cent
•• Convertible tower brace increasse torsional stiffness 10 per cent;
V-brace increases torsional stiffness 35 per cent
•• Selectable drive modes adjust AdvanceTrac electronic stability
control, throttle response, automatic gear-shifting patterns, and
steering weight and feel to match: Normal, Sport+, Track, Snow/
mustang under the skin – Technology
BIW Materials
Background | Material Usage | Design Approach | Performance
BIW Materials
Martensitic &
Background | Material Usage | Design Approach | Performance
Bake Hard
•• Active Glovebox knee airbag – 65 per cent lighter
than a conventional knee airbag with an inflator
that is approximately 75 per cent smaller
•• Eight airbags: Active Glovebox, driver and
passenger front and seat-mounted side airbags,
two side curtain airbags for fastback, two seatmounted head airbags for convertible
Advanced Features
•• SYNC 2 – enables voice control of phone,
entertainment, climate and navigation systems
•• Rain sensing wipers – automatically respond to
wet conditions
•• Auto headlamps – automatically respond to light
•• Reversing camera – displays image behind the car
on the 8-inch centre console screen touchscreen
•• New safety belt pre-tensioners for the belt
anchors that further tighten the belt around front
seat occupants in the event of a crash
& side, roll rate
•• New crash sensors:
two front, four
sensor, to control the
of airbags and
safety belt pre-tensioners
•• MyKey allows parents to limit top speed and
audio system volume, and to set limits to prevent
the disabling of driver-assistance features
•• Hydroformed A-Pillar diverts forces to upper
•• Press hardened B-pillar provides resistance
to buckling
•• Press hardened floor cross-member and
advanced high-strength steel headers and
martensitic steel rocker reinforcement provide
paths to distribute forces
and structure
•• Reduced number of stampings in rear rail from
14 to 9 delivers more uniform structure
•• DP800 high-strength for the main rail stamping
and major reinforcement
•• DP1000 hydro-formed tube for A-pillar and roof
rail reduces weight 9 per cent
•• Lightweight aluminium used for the bonnet
and front wings to help reduce body mass and
improve the weight balance
•• Aluminium alloy rear suspension knuckles
help reduce unsprung mass for better ride and
•• Hydro-formed A-pillar for a convertible is a Ford
•• Aluminium rear axle housing for automatic
transmission, rear control arms, and rear brake
callipers help reduce weight
•• 27 metres of adhesive to support welding
•• Hollow rear steel stabiliser and new seats
intelligently designed to reduce weight
Hard steel B-pillar
•• Boron and DP500
•• C-shaped laser welds deliver strength in
multiple load directions