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Friday, 17 April
Junior Recital: Patrick Walker, organ.
Works by J.S. Bach, Buxtehude, Howells, Barber and Rorem.
Saturday, 18 April
Senior Recital: Matthew Mendoza, piano, and Sam Fritschel, guitar.
Assisted by Max Goldstein ’15, bass, Sam Judkis ’14, drums, and
Chris Rosenberg’15, saxophone. An afternoon of contemporary jazz
solo, duo, and combo performances featuring works by
Kurt Rosenwinkel, Robert Glasper, Wayne Shorter,
Thelonious Monk, Sam Fritschel, and Matthew Mendoza.
Martel Recital Hall
Senior Recital: Ella Middleton, soprano.
Assisted by Richard Mogavero, piano, and Madison Hayes ’15,
mezzo-soprano. Music of Handel, Schubert, Mozart,
Fauré, Gluck, and Verdi.
Martel Recital Hall
t h e d e pa rt m e n t o f m u s i c
Vassar College Choir
Christine Howlett, conductor
Julia Boscov-Ellen ’15, conductor
We Will Be The Gladdest Thing
Vassar College Madrigal Singers. Drew Minter, conductor.
Assisted by Michael Pisani and Jane Cardona, pianos.
“Animal Tales” featuring Hans Werner Henze’s Moralities,
and songs by Wilbye, Jannequin, Ravel,
Hindemith, and others
Martel Recital Hall
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Saturday, 11 April 2015
8:00 PM
Martel Recital Hall
Skinner Hall of Music
Please silence all cell phones or other personal electronic devices and refrain from
texting. Use of these instruments may disturb other audience members and will cause
interference with in-house recording and webcasting.
Sicut cervus
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
Sancta Maria
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Julia Boscov-Ellen ’15, conductor
Christ lag in Todesbanden, BWV 4
Chorus: Christ lag in Todesbanden
Duet: Den Tod niemand zwingen kunnt
Tenors: Jesus Christus, Gottes Sohn
Chorus: Es war ein wunderlicher Krieg
Basses: Hier ist das rechte Osterlamm
Duet: So feiern wir das hohe Fest
Chorale: Wir essen und leben wohl
Johann Sebastian Bach
Swing low, sweet chariot
Tarik O’Regan
(b. 1978)
Between us and the stars
Max Vladimiroff
(b. 1968)
Eric Whitacre
(b. 1970)
Afternoon on a hill Eric Barnum
(b. 1979)
My soul’s been anchored in the Lord
Carol Barnett
(b. 1949)
Vassar College Choir
Lydia Ciaputa ’15
Corinne Cotta ’16
Sophie Dewil ’17
Asia Howard ’16
Chiara Mannarino ’18
Ruby Pierce ’16
Malinda Reese ’16
Sarah Rodeo ’17
Imani Russell ’18
Hannah Snyder-Samuelson ’15
Gileann Tan ’17
Nora Telford ’18
Ana Isabel Torruella ’17
Mira Villesvik ’17
Victoria Abut ‘18
Julia Boscov-Ellen ’15
Anna Brashear ’15
Andrea Friscia ’15
Alex Gittens ’17
Sara Goldberg ’18
Sarah Johnson ’16
Bailey Kenny ’17
Jay Leichtman ’18
Alexandra Prow ’15
Allegra Robertson ’15
Margaret Yap ’15
Savannah Holcomb ’15
Patrick Brady ’15
Joshua Bruce ’16
Nick Ginsburg ’18
Jeff Kim ’16
Francis Kundi ’18
Benjamin Liu ’15
Jordan Peyer ’18
John Rezes ’18
Jack Rowland ’15
Nick Ruggeri ’18
Lukas Sarnow ’17
Joseph Sopchak ’16
Daniel Young ’17
Ari Bell ’18
Zack Brashear ’18
Tymon Dickson ’15
Dylan Fruh ’17
Jason Goldman ’18
Jeremy Middleman ’18
Andrew Murphy ’15
Michael Oosterhout ’18
Kevin Ritter ’15
Byron Todman ’15
Spencer Virtue ’16
Patrick Walker ’16
Linda Quan, violin
Maria Ramsey ’15, violin
Mariah Carlson-Kirigin ’15, violin
Catherine Belleza ’18, violin
Amy Selig, viola
Jaylin Remensperger ’17, viola
Laura Flachbart, cello
Henry Carroll ’16, double bass
Sarah Johnson ’16, organ
Darren Motise, harpsichord and piano