Listings for 4/15/2015

UPDATED CHURCH LOCATION POSITION Current Update: 04/15/2015 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION CONTACT INFO UPDATED 04/15/2015 CHURCH LOCATION House of Prayer AG Columbia, MO POSITION Worship Pastor Volunteer 10 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION Looking for a local worship leader for our church plant who is sensiGve to the Spirit's moving in a service. CONTACT INFO Mitchell Easter P.O. Box 30681 Columbia, MO 65205 417-­‐350-­‐7742 [email protected] UPDATED 04/08/2015 CHURCH LOCATION Praise Assembly Springfield, MO POSITION Worship Pastor Full-­‐Time 500 -­‐ 600 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION Seeking an individual to develop music and visual arts and incorporate these into the worship ministries of the church so that the worship of the congregaGon is enhanced to the glory of God. Applicant needs congenial leadership ability, theological grounding, training encompassing music from a variety of genres and generaGons, and a college degree is preferred. ResponsibiliGes include the leading of worship in various services, recruitment and organizaGon of volunteers for music and technical (sound, lighGng, etc.) ministries, oversight of music ministry resources, and other responsibiliGes as required. CONTACT INFO Alan Beauchamp 3535 N Glenstone Ave Springfield, MO 65803 [email protected] UPDATED 04/08/2015 CHURCH LOCATION Living Waters InternaGonal Church Riverdale, GA POSITION Worship Pastor Full-­‐Time 250 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION Looking for young musician/lead worship leader for a growing church in the South Atlanta Metro area in an urban community. Music is current black gospel music intertwined with current mainstream worship. Knowledge of sound, recording, design, lighGng, general ministry responsibiliGes/operaGons is a plus. Please provide resume to email provided. CONTACT INFO Jason Rowland 374 Valley Hill Road SW Riverdale, GA 30274 678-­‐448-­‐2058 [email protected] UPDATED 03/23/2015 CHURCH LOCATION Life Church Rainbow City, AL POSITION Worship Pastor Full-­‐Time 200 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION We are in need of a worship pastor. We are looking for someone that wants to reach out beyond the four walls of the church. Must also have a desire to reach the next generaGon. CONTACT INFO Keith Frix 4545 Rainbow Drive Rainbow City, AL 256-­‐413-­‐3010 [email protected] UPDATED 03/20/2015 CHURCH LOCATION Church on the Rock Outreach Center Less Summit, MO POSITION Worship Pastor Part-­‐Time 350 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION Spirit-­‐filled worship leader who can lead from the keyboard and/or guitar. Responsible for leading Sunday AM, Wed PM & other events. Can direct, recruit and develop worship team. Contemporary worship.
hcp:// CONTACT INFO Pastor Toney Hensley 1700 SW Market St Lees Summit, MO 816-­‐246-­‐7625 [email protected] UPDATED 03/18/2015 CHURCH LOCATION Calvary Faith Fort Gibson, OK POSITION Worship Pastor / Youth Minister Full-­‐Time 150 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION I need a music minister/youth minister. 3 bedroom parsonage will be provided with all uGliGes paid if the person is able to fill both posiGons.
CONTACT INFO MaJhew Brown 790 S. Lee Street Fort Gibson, OK 405-­‐763-­‐6530 [email protected] UPDATED 03/12/2015 CHURCH LOCATION Lifeway Church Indianapolis, IN POSITION Worship Leader / Media Director Part-­‐Time 240 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION We are looking for a part Gme worship leader/media director. CONTACT INFO Pastor Bell 3500 East Thompson Rd Indianapolis, IN 317-­‐786-­‐4277 [email protected] UPDATED 03/10/2015 CHURCH LOCATION Abundant Life Church (hcp:// Ocean View, NJ POSITION Worship Pastor Full-­‐Time 150 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION The Worship Pastor is a ministering member of the Pastoral staff at Abundant Life Church. This interacGve and charismaGc leader has a pastor’s heart and a passion for worship ministry to operate in our church family. This leader’s primary purpose is to provide visionary leadership for the Worship department, by establishing it and bringing it to the next level. He/she will be a leader/facilitator to the Worship Team so together they can provide a spiritual climate during our worship meeGng Gmes. These needs include, but not limited to, planning, organizing, leading & managing worship pracGces, services, & special events. As a Leader, the role requires a person of strong character, commitment to Christ and His bride, and a love for all people. CONTACT INFO Walter E Nistorenko 44 Route 50 Ocean View, NJ 08230 609-­‐624-­‐3377 [email protected] UPDATED 03/10/2015 CHURCH LOCATION Promise Church Cleburne, TX POSITION Worship Pastor Part-­‐Time 30 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION Start up church needs worship pastor who can play keyboard or guitar and lead contemporary worship. Looking for someone with a love for God and sincere desire to lead people in worship more than just entertain. CONTACT INFO Pastor Kevin Jones PO Box 2831 Cleburne, TX, 76033 817-­‐659-­‐5160
[email protected] UPDATED 03/10/2015 CHURCH LOCATION Life Church Germantown, WI POSITION Associate Worship Pastor Full-­‐Time 1,400 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION Looking to be a part of a creaGve team at a progressive mulGsite church? This job might be for you. ResponsibiliGes would include collaboraGng on setlist planning, leading worship as directed at one of our campuses or for events, be a key contributor of creaGve ideas in service programming meeGngs and assist with management of worship volunteers. Other responsibiliGes would include designing graphics for church series and major events, oversee the website (will be Wordpress), and assist with print and layout. Email resume and design and worship porlolio to Worship Director Nando Herrera CONTACT INFO Nando Herrera W164 N11325 Squire Dr Germantown, WI, 53022 262-­‐251-­‐5050
[email protected] | hcp:// UPDATED 03/10/2015 CHURCH LOCATION West Ridge Church Eau Claire, WI POSITION Worship/Young Adult Pastor Full-­‐Time 200 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION We are hiring a Worship/Young Adult Pastor. If you would like to see our cover lecer and job descripGon, email us at: [email protected] CONTACT INFO Paul Smith 3906 Kane Rd Eau Claire, WI 54703 (715) 834-­‐1930 [email protected] UPDATED 02/27/2015 CHURCH LOCATION gtChurch Decatur, IL POSITION Worship Pastor Full-­‐Time 1,200 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION Our ideal candidate would be skilled at leading worship as well as working with the band, vocal team, and choir. We are seeking a Spirit-­‐filled person passionate about guiding the people into God's presence. CONTACT INFO Anna Wilcoxson 500 S. 27th Street Decataur, IL, 62521 (217)233-­‐8400 [email protected] UPDATED 02/19/2015 CHURCH LOCATION King’s River Worship Center St. Albans, WV POSITION Worship Pastor Full-­‐Time 300 -­‐ 400 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION Seeking a Spirit-­‐Filled, Spirit led worship pastor with the ability to lead and direct musicians, singers, full tech/media dept. CriGcally important to have a Spiritual depth as well as the technical skill set to create and maintain a culture of worship. Equally commiced spouse is encouraged but not required. CONTACT INFO Andy Colagrosso 777 Mallory Lane St. Albans, WV 25177 (304) 727-­‐4907 [email protected] UPDATED 02/13/2015 CHURCH LOCATION New Life Oak Grove, MO POSITION CreaRve Arts Pastor Full-­‐Time 1,000 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION Need someone to lead our creaGve arts. hcp:// CONTACT INFO Todd Blansit 801 SW 1st Oak Grove, MO 64075 (816) 690 -­‐ 3514 [email protected] UPDATED 01/28/2015 CHURCH LOCATION Waukesha First Assembly Waukesha, WI POSITION Worship/CreaRve Arts Pastor Full-­‐Time 650 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION The role of the Worship/CreaGve Arts Pastor is to lead all components of worship programming including music, audio, video, lighGng, and creaGve elements. They will oversee all elements of service programming and media presentaGon for WFA. This pastor must be spirit-­‐led, high-­‐energy, a person of integrity, and have a heart for worship. They should be technically-­‐minded, leadership-­‐focused, a self-­‐starter, and looking to work in a team environment. hcp:// CONTACT INFO Michelle 1300 S. Grand Ave Waukesha, WI 53186 (262) 542-­‐4922 [email protected] UPDATED 01/13/2015 CHURCH LOCATION Faith Memorial Church Huron, OH POSITION Youth Pastor/Worship Leader Full-­‐Time 300 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION Searching for combinaGon worship and youth pastor. Immediate opening. hcp:// CONTACT INFO Steve Grasl 3309 Harvest Ridge Dr Huron, OH 44839 (419) 433-­‐7873 [email protected] UPDATED 12/12/2014 CHURCH LOCATION Trinity Assembly of God Licle Rock, AR POSITION Worship Leader Full-­‐Time 130 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION Our growing church in prime west Licle Rock locaGon is seeking an anointed and Spirit-­‐
filled Worship leader to lead worship ministries and also assist with various associate pastoral duGes. Person of interest should be skilled in vocals and keyboard (preferably) and able to lead a Pentecostal church into deeper levels of worship. Please submit resume and inquiries via email.
hcp:// CONTACT INFO Dwayne Maynard 11120 Cantell Road Licle Rock, AR 72212 501-­‐319-­‐3491 [email protected] UPDATED 12/12/2014 CHURCH LOCATION Bakersfield First Assembly of God Bakersfield, CA POSITION Worship Pastor Full-­‐Time 1000 CHURCH SIZE We are accepGng resume’s for Worship Pastor candidates. The church is an established church with a great JOB DESCRIPTION history in Bakersfield, California. The church runs approximately 1000 during the two Sunday morning services. With a new Lead Pastor, the church is ready to experience a fresh vision for the direcGon of the church and posiGon itself on a path of prolonged growth. This posiGon is a great opportunity for the right candidate. The posiGon requires a four-­‐year degree or an equivalent of successful experience. The candidate needs experience leading a worship ministry at a church of at least 500 in weekly acendance and with knowledge and experience in leading a choir, orchestra, tradiGonal service and contemporary service. Having credenGals with the Assemblies of God is also necessary. CONTACT INFO Joshua Long 8301 California Ave 93309 Bakersfield, CA [email protected] UPDATED 12/05/2014 CHURCH LOCATION Servants Church Carl JuncGon, MO POSITION Worship Leader/Pastor Volunteer 35 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION Looking for someone that has a desire to lead others in worship and see lives changed in the presence of the Holy Spirit. ALSO, we'd love to find someone that has a passion for youth as well. We are a new church plant but have a solid ground to grow upon! CONTACT INFO Pastor Chad DeGonia 205 Rocky Ln Carl JuncGon, MO 64834 417-­‐434-­‐6110 [email protected] UPDATED 11/21/2014 CHURCH LOCATION Praise Assembly of God Shawnee, OK POSITION Worship Leader/Pastor Part-­‐Time 300 CHURCH SIZE •  Worship Leader/Pastor JOB DESCRIPTION •  Plan 2 Sunday AM services each week CONTACT INFO Pastor Kevin Jennings 2301 E. Highland Shawnee, OK 74801 405-­‐273-­‐6122 [email protected] UPDATED 11/21/2014 CHURCH LOCATION Life Church Starkville, MS POSITION Worship Leader Part-­‐Time 60 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION The Worship Leader is a spiritual and organizaGonal leader who oversees Life Church worship. This includes, leading our worship services; training and recruiGng worship team members; and ensuring each worship service is led in such a way that the congregaGon has an opportunity for an authenGc encounter with God. This posiGon is part-­‐Gme. QualificaGons: •Experience in leading worship •Proficiency in playing piano or guitar with the ability to lead while playing CONTACT INFO John Daniels P.O. Box 2555 Starkville, MS 39760 662-­‐684-­‐9099 [email protected] UPDATED 11/21/2014 CHURCH LOCATION Harvest Worship Center MarGns Ills, VA POSITION Worship Leader Part-­‐Time 50 CHURCH SIZE Seeking a spirit filled worship leader who can lead from the keyboard or guitar, JOB DESCRIPTION preferably keyboard. Part of the compensaGon for this posiGon will be free housing in the church parsonage CONTACT INFO James Craiger 142 Salmon St. MarGns Ills, VA 24112 276-­‐732-­‐7762 [email protected] UPDATED 11/14/2014 CHURCH Living Faith Church LOCATION Santa Barbara, CA POSITION Worship Leader Part-­‐Time 100 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION The Worship Leader is responsible for leading the Sunday morning worship Gme, youth worship Gme, and other Gmes of worship throughout the year, as needed. This will include song selecGon, rehearsals, volunteer recruitment and development, and team management to ensure a spiritually thriving worship ministry at Living Faith Church. This is a Part-­‐Time posiGon that reports to the Lead Pastor and Board of Deacons. CONTACT INFO Mike Moccardini 4597 Hollister Ave. Santa Barbara, CA 93110 805-­‐967-­‐5651 [email protected] UPDATED 11/07/2014 CHURCH LOCATION Oak Park ChrisGan Center Pleasant Hill, CA POSITION Worship Pastor Full-­‐Time 500+ CHURCH SIZE Hello all we have a full Gme posiGons open at our church Oak Park ChrisGan Center in Pleasant Hill Ca, paid with benefits. Worship Pastor looking for licensed or ordained AG JOB DESCRIPTION person who can read music lead choir and play a wide variety of music, also would be a plus if they could write, lead, direct producGons e.g. illustrated sermons. Our church is a mid sized church average between 500 and 550 people mulG generaGonal mulG ethnic. Senior Pastor Bill Machews has been here for 41 years. I was elected last April to be the next Senior Pastor and am currently being mentored by him. He'll transiGon April of 2016. Pray with us that God will lead us to just the right person where we will be a blessing to them and they will be a blessing to us. CONTACT INFO Pastor Elect Sean Fitzhugh 2073 Oak Park Blvd. Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 925-­‐787-­‐5919 UPDATED 10/24/2014 CHURCH Union CongregaGonal United Church of Christ, LOCATION Holly Hill, FL POSITION Music Director Part-­‐Gme 100 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION Direct 20 voice choir, play piano and keyboard for worship service. CONTACT INFO Rev. Steve Heath 1050 Daytona Ave. Holly Hill, FL 32117 386-­‐253-­‐1323 [email protected] UPDATED 10/14/2014 CHURCH Making Disciples of Christ LOCATION Jackson POSITION Worship Leader / Keyboard Player part Gme 25 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION We are doing a new church plant in an urban are of Mississippi. Would like someone skilled in leading worship and playing keyboard on a part-­‐Gme basis. CONTACT INFO Wesley Murray 1000 Winter Street Jackson, MS 39204 601-­‐592-­‐7060 Email UPDATED 10/16/2014 CHURCH Bethpage Assembly of God Church LOCATION Bethpage POSITION Worship Leader part Gme 300 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION Anointed worship leader for established team. CONTACT INFO Bethpage Assembly of God Church PO Box 429 Bethpage, NY 11714 516-­‐931-­‐23780 [email protected] UPDATED 10/06/2014 CHURCH The Gateway Church LOCATION North Muskegon POSITION Worship and Discipleship Pastor Full Gme 150-­‐200 CHURCH SIZE JOB DESCRIPTION The Gateway Church is seeking a Worship and Discipleship Pastor. The purpose of this posiGon is to provide leadership and vision relaGng to connecGng people to God through discipleship and worship. CONTACT INFO Mary Hardy 800 Lyncoc Street North Muskegon, MI 49445 231-­‐744-­‐2565 [email protected]