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Y o u r G u i d e t o S u c c e ss f u l T r a c t i o n
Extension compression traction exercises or ECT is used to restore the proper curve of your cervical spine. ECT is used to stretch the anterior longitudinal ligament which runs down the front of the spine and associated tissues,
making them more flexible and allowing the vertebrae to assume a normal
position. It will also help strengthen the muscles in the back of your neck.
These exercises are not going to replace your adjustment,
they are going to maximize the results of your adjustment
and help you hold the adjustment longer.
• Traction gives the spinal cord a chance to be in its most
relaxed position.
• Traction pulls apart the spine to rehydrate the discs and
relax the boney facet joints (which is where each vertebrae touch)
• Corrects forward head posture and shoulders that are rolling forward in a closed position.
• When improved posture of the neck and shoulders occurs
the person can breathe better, think clearer, sleep better
and recover from injury faster because the spine will be in
its most open relaxed position.
Getting Into The
Correct Postion
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Place the traction wedge
Extend your arms out to
Extend legs out so that
on the ground and lay
the side, palms facing up.
you look like a “T”.
down positioning your
head at the correct level
(see following pages).
Keep your knees bent.
If at any level you find that the stretch is too intense you can leave
your knees bent until your body becomes acustomed to the position.
The Belly Flopper
This is the first level of traction. This will introduce your
body to the exercise. To get into the correct position, first
find the spot where your scull and spine meet. You want
the ridge at the top of the wedge to sit right where your
scull and neck meet. Place the wedge on the ground and
get onto the floor keeping your knees bent. Lay down onto
the wedge and position your neck on the wedge. Your
head should hang slightly over if the ridge is where your
spine and head meet. This will create a stretch of the cervical spine. Stretch your arms out with your palms facing up.
Then slowly stretch out your legs. You will look like a giant
Start with 1 – 3 minutes a day. Make sure you start slowly
and listen to your body. Only increase your time if you do
not experience pain. Work your way up to 20 minutes a day
in total.
The Swan Diver
Once you have achieved 20 minutes a day and are comfortable in the level 1 position it may be time for you to move
to level 2.
To get into level 2, find the corner of your jaw and trace
a straight line back and you will be in the middle of your
neck at the correct level. Getting into the position is the
same as level 1. Make sure you start with your legs bent
as you lay down into the position. Remember to start at 1-3
minutes again and slowly work your way up to 20 minutes
The Back Flipper
Bend your head forward and slide your finger down the
middle of your neck until you reach the bone that is most
prominent. This should be right at your shoulder level. Slide
your finger just above this bone. This is where the ridge of
the wedge should sit. You may start to see the floor behind
you. Remember to start at 1-3 minutes again and slowly
work your way up to 20 minutes.
The Sky Diver
Place your neck at the same spot as level 3 then pull the
headband over your forehead so there is slightly more pressure and this is a better stretch.
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