2015 Service Project Flyer - Munich International Community Young

Service Project
April 4th - 11th, 2015
Steps to sign-up
1. Fill out and email the enclosed registration form to Erin Miller or Aaron Kalms.
2. Pay the initial deposit of 400 Euros.
3. Come to one Young Life event or meet with Young Life leader to become familiar with
Young Life.
4. Fill out the medical and permission forms that you will receive after your initial sign-up.
5. Pay full balance of trip cost by Feb. 4.
6. Come to the mandatory pre-trip meeting in March.
7. Parents, come to the mandatory information night, also in March.
8. Pack, get on plane, and have an amazing week.
Contact Information
Aaron & Liz Kalms: North & Central
Munich Young Life
Erin Miller: South & Central Munich
Young Life
[email protected]
[email protected]
+49 8133 996 7166
+49 171 128 0410
+49 171 409 5446
More Information about Young Life
the food won’t be as good as home, we
will work in the sunshine or rain, but we
will have one great week. Students will
have the opportunity to engage in
thought provoking conversation
throughout the week. Each night we will
have “cabin time” where we will discuss
life and the Christian faith. Most
students enjoy this time. Come ready to
share your personal beliefs and
How much will the trip cost?
Join us…Best Week of your year
What will we do?
Join students from Munich and all over Europe to help communities in Greece
during your Easter Break from April 4-April 11, 2015. We will build and
refurbish playgrounds at local schools and parks. Each day will be spent on
the same job site constructing a playground and refurbishing the grounds. It
is an amazingly rewarding and fun way to serve others, make a difference,
and earn CAS and/or CS hours.
In the evenings we will have Young Life
Club with music, crazy games, laughter,
and a message about faith and life. We will
take a look at who God is from the
Christian perspective. There will also be
time for students to discuss openly their
thoughts and feelings about the message
and their daily experiences with their
friends and leaders after each club.
Where will we stay?
1160€ includes all flights, transportation, meals, lodging, and cost of building
supplies. Spending money will be necessary to buy food at the airports and for
snacks at the camp snack bar.
Those who have gone on the service project in the past would say that it was a
great life experience. The service project
is a phenomenal way to deepen
Basic Information
relationships with friends, and to
accomplish meaningful, satisfying work. A
Week of adventure
400€ deposit is due with the registration
and fun!
form in order to book flights and purchase
building materials. The remainder is due
April 4-April 11
by Feb. 4.
Paralia Ofryniou,
Payments can be made to:
Young Life gGmbH
Evangelische Kreditgenossenschaft eG
grade-ESM:Year 4-7
Kto: 706601561
IBAN: DE 6452 0604 1007 0660 1561
60 - Act soon!
We will stay near Paralia Ofryniou, Greece at Alexandra Camp
(www.alexandracamp.gr/en/). It’s 90 minutes east of Thessaloniki, Greece.
The job sites are located in the nearby villages.
Note: 24600/student name
How will we get there?
Since 1941, Young Life has been making a difference in the lives of teenagers in
90 countries around the world. Young Life (www.younglife.org)
(www.munich.younglife.org) offers hope with Christian spiritual values to over
1.5 million teenagers each year and is for every teenager, regardless of ability,
race, religious tradition, or culture. All activities will be supervised by Young
Life staff and volunteer leaders. Young Life is not sponsored by the Bavarian or
Munich International Schools or the European School in Munich.
We will fly to Thessaloniki and bus two hours to our lodging facility.
Other things to consider.
Hundreds of students have had an amazing week during the service project.
It is important that you come with an adventurous and positive attitude. The
service project is not about comfort. Your bed won’t be as comfortable,
What is Young Life?
2015 Young Life Service
Project Registration
Please fill out the following form and pay the 400€ deposit to sign up for the
2015 Service Project. Return this form to your YL Leader or mail it to: Aaron
Kalms, Young Life Munich, Hauptstr. 11E, 85778, Haimhausen. You may also
email a scan of this form to: [email protected]
Payments can be made to (note: 24600/students name)
Young Life gGmbH - Evangelische Kreditgenossenschaft eG - Kto: 706601561
- BIC: GENODEF1EK1 - IBAN: DE 6452 0604 1007 0660 1561
School_____________ Grade (year 2014-2015)________________
Phone Number(s)_________________________________________
Parent’s Names___________________________________________
Student’s Email___________________________________________
Parent’s Email____________________________________________
Special Food Requirements (Vegetarian/other)___________________
T-Shirt Size_______________
Signature ___________________________ Date ____________
Place of Signature ____________________
Note: The deposit is due at the time of booking and is not refundable. The
balance is due by February 4th and will be refunded in full in the event of
cancellation more than four weeks prior to the date of departure. By signing
you confirm agreement.
Note: Travel insurance recommended incase of sickness or injury before trip
which causes trip cancelation.