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MUMBAI, WEEKLY, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29, 2015, 16 PAGES, RS.4, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 16, PH: 77188 07071-72
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An in-depth investigation by Mumbai Messenger has once again revealed that Hemant Nair, (the
controversial Secretary of the Samarth Nagar Lokhandwala Complex Co-operative Housing Association Ltd.,
which runs the Celebration Sports Club at Lokhandwala) has repeatedly been misleading and misguiding the
honorable members of the club by misinterpreting and misquoting the High Court orders and observations.
Nair claims the intervention petition has
been disposed off, in his favor.
Court order dated April 24 says the
applicants are permitted to intervene.
Nair filed a petition on February 25 seeking
access to all bank accounts, which he
claims was granted.
Only limited access to the bank accounts
has been granted, and that too for day to
day expenses.
Open meeting to be called to clear his
stance on various issues.
No open meeting has been called till
Nair claims that all his account books are
Then why he sought court order to avoid
an audit
We share the grief and tragedy of
quake hit people of Nepal. We wish
an healthy and speedy recovery of
those who got injured and pray for
the soul to lie in peace for those
who lost their preciously lives.
Operation Demolition
Mumbai Messenger
craves to become the voice of the
local residents. We are open to all
your suggestions, problems and
information that you think can
bring a change in the society.
All it takes is a small step to bring
out an big change... Be in touch
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Lokhandwala Complex
Andheri west
Fresh Malai Paneer
Model raped by cops
The Mumbai Police crime branch on
April 23 arrested seven persons,
including three policemen, for
allegedly raping and extorting money
and jewellery from a model last month.
The arrests came two days after the
model sent an SMS to Mumbai Police
Commissioner Rakesh Maria, seeking
his help. Police said Maria met the
model at his office before directing the
crime branch to register an FIR and
begin a probe. The accused have been
charged with rape, molestation,
wrongful restraint and causing hurt. In
her complaint, the model claimed that
at Saki Naka police station, two of the
policemen extorted money from her
and forced her to part with her diamond
jewellery and bangles, while another
sexually assaulted her, before letting
her and her male friend leave.
Baby Patankar revels
her suppliers name
Alleged drug peddler Shashikala alias
'Baby' Patankar, who was arrested by
the Mumbai Police Crime Branch on
April 25 named the supplier from
whom she bought a total of 150 kg of
mephedrone, commonly called meow
meow, over a period of one year.
Patankar has also reportedly described
the events leading up to the raid at
former Mumbai police constable
Dharmaraj Kalokhe's Khandala
residence to Crime Branch officers.
Kalokhe was arrested in March this
year with 114 kg of mephedrone in his
house. Patankar, with whom he was
allegedly having an affair, is said to
have been the one who gave him the
drugs. She said in her interrogation that
she, along with Kalokhe, would meet
Samuel at dhabas on the Mumbai-Pune
highway, where she would buy the
drugs from him.
Dog trainer detained for
stealing a dog
The Charkop police was in search of a
dog that went missing from her owner's
home since two weeks. On April 24 the
police have now detained a dog trainer
on the suspicion that he may have
stolen the Labrador Retriever.
Sally, a 9-month-old female, went
missing from her Kandivali residence.
Just a week later, the owner, Pawar's
building watchman claimed to have
seen her with her trainer, Ansari.
According to the watchman, Sally was
on Ansari's bike in Malad. She had
even responded when he called her by
name. The watchman didn't know that
Sally was missing and so did not find
the encounter strange.
IT Commissioner held in
molestation case
A 35-year-old joint commissioner of
the income-tax department from
Gujarat was arrested by Kasturba Marg
police on April 25, for allegedly
molesting and abusing a woman in
Earlier the Azad Maidan police had
booked him in January, for allegedly
molesting and sending lewd messages
to the same woman, and her minor
sister. The IT officer, SR Sridhar,
posted in Gujarat, had proposed
marriage to the woman earlier, but was
rejected. The woman had gotten
married three months back. The
woman's husband met the IT officer
along with his wife and told Sridhar to
leave immediately. The commissioner
started abusing the woman and
threatened her, saying he would throw
acid on her if she informed the police.
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Kritika Sharma
LOKHANDWALA: Thousands of members of Celebration Sports Club are
allegedly being misguided and fooled by messages sent to them through the
club's automated system. The Honorary Secretary of Celebration Sports Club,
Hemant Nair, has reportedly been instrumental in sending the same.
In a recently rotated message, he writes: We are happy to inform that the
intervention petition filed by M/s Maheshwari, Motwani and K.L. Arora along
with Rakesh Seth and Gadhok in order to sabotage the development work and
paralyze the functioning of the club and operation of the bank ac's as per the
order passed by Bombay High Court on 10.03.15 was disposed off by the
Honorable High court today. This clearly vindicated the stand taken by the
committee excluding above members. We take this opportunity once again to
thank all members for their support and co-operation during our difficult time.
The above message states that the opposition party, comprising of Ajay
Maheshwari, Umesh Motwani, K.L. Arora, Rakesh Seth and Vipin Gadhok's
intervention petition has been disposed by the High Court. Whereas the High
Court orders state: The Chamber Summons is taken out for permission
to intervene in the Writ Petition. Whereas this prayer is vehemently
opposed by the learned counsel for the petitioners. However, taking
into consideration the contentions raised in the affidavit in support
of the Chamber Summons, we are inclined to allow the Chamber
Summons. The applicants are permitted to intervene in the Writ
Petition. Chamber summons is disposed off accordingly.
The High Court order clearly states that the opposition is now 'allowed' to
intervene, whereas the message by the Secretary states the opposite. Nair has
cleverly put in the message that the application has been disposed off in his
favor whereas according to the order, the application is disposed off in the
other party's favor. Along with the acceptance of intervention application, the
High Court also gave a period of six weeks to the present committee to conduct
elections. These were the only orders given by the High Court on April 24
whereas nothing to this effect was mentioned by Nair in his message rotated
on the same date.
According to the opposition lawyer, Rajesh Gihani, “He filed a petition in
Court on February 24 in which he sought permission to operate all the bank
accounts for day to day expenses till the elections took place so that daily
activities could be smoothly carried out. In fact, that petition was filed by him
without seeking any permission from the chairman or committee. The moment
we got to know about the petition, he already had the permissions for it. Then
on March 10, we sent an intervention application in Court that Nair is not
speaking the truth and Court should allow us to intervene in the issue. And for
the intervention, let us form a party. Our application was accepted by the Court
and on April 24, we were allowed to do the same. So the message he has sent
to the public is totally misguiding.”
Umesh Motwani said, “The message he has sent to the members is totally
opposite to what the truth is. The order that came out on April 24 is in our favor
and we are now allowed to intervene as per orders of the High Court.”
Nair said, “I have got all the clearance from the Court. They are not allowed
to intervene and the application has been disposed. All the false allegations
that they have been trying to put on me has also been disposed by the Court.”
In our past reports, the opposition members have put many allegations on
Nair including having a Secret Bank account, dictatorship, falsely evicting
members out of the committee and much more. In reply to the same, Nair had
said in one of our issues: I will prove myself right and others wrong in an open
public meeting on Republic Day. Everything will be cleared on that day. Months
have passed but no open meeting has been held and no clarification has been
given in public. All we can see are some messages which are being rotated to
the members without any sort of proof.
The opposition advocate said, “An audit of the club's account was supposed
to take place but Nair procured a stay order from the Court on it. We have given
an application in Court to make us a party so that we can oppose the same.”
Umesh Motwani said “If he is not wrong then why did he take the stay order?”
Senior member, Umesh Motwani said "He has
taken over the authority of sending messages to
club members and he doesn't let anyone else use it.
Just because he has power, he is now totally
misusing it to misguide the members and keep
them in his favour." The same thing has been
repeated by the previous committee members and
the Chairman of the club many times earlier.
“There is a spat amongst
the committee
members. Five people on
one side and three on
the other and just
because of them,
members are suffering”
– Sanjay Parashar
Kritika Sharma
LOKHANDWALA: Sanjay Parashar is
one of the 17 people of the club who's
membership has been suspended
after he raised his voice against the
working of the club. The other
members who were suspended at the
time moved High Court and gave a
consent letter to cancel suspension.
However, Parashar refrained from
doing so.
He explains, “I didn't move court
because according to me, we should
be able to garner public support and
bring it to the notice of people. When
K L Arora told me about the
suspension, I told him not to do
anything just because he was my
friend, but to do what was
fundamentally right.”
Parashar says that the biggest
problem of the club is that it is being
run by the same people back and
forth. He says, “Since the very
beginning, the same people are
continuously running the club. This
proves that the participation of
members is negligible.”
He added that the club had
fundamental flaws. He said, “The
worst thing is the minimal use of
technology. My concern from the very
beginning has been this. The most
important thing for any club right now
is a website. I told them to make a
website and include all club activities
in it. Whosoever wants to complaint,
could also do so on the portal.
Also, there could be a committee of
some retired court Judges or lawyers,
who could routinely address
grievances. People can do all sorts of
things online like order a car sticker,
register for membership, view
committee members and founders of
the club. Transparency can also be
maintained on the website in a brief
manner. Every renowned club has a
website, then why can't we?”
One of the most important things
required for a club according to
Parashar is the empowerment of sub
committees. He says, “If we check
any of the largest clubs, all have sub
committees. There are departments
made, for different people to manage.
This makes things easier and
grievances can be forwarded through
the same people. But in this club,
there is just one committee that does
not even respond properly. For
example, I just wrote a letter few days
back, asking for information on
elections. I don't care who the
chairman is or who the secretary is
but if I have voted for them, they
should reply to my letters. Letters are
usually manipulated and answers
come from just one person. The
letters are sent to the club's
committee, then why is just one
person seen everywhere? There is a
spat amongst the committee
members. Five people on one side
and three on the other and just
because of them, members are
suffering. I am frustrated by both
sides and seek a solution.”
An association with various clubs is
also mandatory for growth, according
to Parashar. He said, “Every club has
tie ups so that if a person has a
membership of one club, he can
simply go to the associated clubs and
get a membership through it. This is
the only club which no such thing.”
“Clubs shouldn't only work for
entertainment purpose, but must
have some social activities too. What
the club can do is call for open
meetings once a month with the local
corporator and the MLA. At the same
time, residents and members address
their issues to them, wherein the club
will serve as a platform. We can also
collaborate with different NGO's and
social activists in the area and people
can directly contact them on our
Sanjay Parashar is the
representative of his society and will
be fighting elections this time in the
MLA Amit Satam kick starts surprise drive to
evict illegal hawkers; efforts to continue every
second day in whole of Andheri
Gajendra Goswami
Satam surveyed the constituency in a BMC
vehicle along with Municipal officer and his BJP
Team of Satayajeet Sharma VP-BJP Andheri W,
Rohan Rathod VP BJP-Yuva Morcha Andheri
West and Abheshek Tiwari VP- BJP Yuva Morcha
Andheri West. Numerous illegal small stalls
were demolished in areas of Manish Nagar, JP
Road, Ceasar Road, Ratan Nagar and Bon-Bon
lane. The entire area at Ratan Nagar and
Manish Nagar was cleared off the illegal
settlement of hawkers. The initiative was part
of MLA Amit Satam's illegal hawking surprise
drive, which started on Tuesday and is set to
continue almost every second day in Andheri.
The demolished shops had encroached upon
the area since the last 20-25 years. Those
affected were food stalls, fruit and grocery
vendors. “MLA Amit Satam covered the entire
area within 3.5 hours, wasting almost 2 hours
waiting for the BMC to organize trucks to carry
he rubble. Our question to the BMC is if an MLA
can clear the area within 2 hours, what are they
doing since ages? Doesn't this raise questions
about the non performance of the BMC and also
that they are hand-in-glove with the illegal
hawkers settlements?” said Abheshek Tiwari.
“This feels like an earthquake; like the one in
Nepal,” loathed Prem Kumar, an auto rickshaw
driver. Kumar started driving an auto rickshaw
after a demolition similar to this one, last year.
He exclaimed, “Everyone will return by evening.
Earthquakes have taught us to recover as well.”
A 38-year-old furious vendor, Sanjay Gangaram
Jaiswal said, “I have been doing my business
peacefully here. Since the last 20 years, I have
never seen such a massacre. They have seized
our goods in the past, but this looks like a
cleanliness drive and makes us feel like filth. We
moved our gaze around only to see debris and
remains of the stalls.” The vendors had
reportedly been paying hafta to the BMC
officials regularly to carry out business. “We
have no hopes from the local authorities or the
current government,” said a vendor. They
blame BJP MLA Amit Satam for their apathy.
Satyajeet Sharma added, “We salute MLA
Amit Satam's
efforts. We want to
support the
welfare of citizens
and whenever a
need arises, we,
along with citizens,
will collectively
Satyajeet Sharma, VP, BJP, fight against illegal
Andheri West
“If an MLA can
clear the area
within 2 hours,
what is the BMC
since ages?”
- Abheshek Tiwari
Yuva Morcha
Andheri West
“This looks like a
cleanliness drive
and makes us feel
like filth”
– Furious
settlements.” Abheshek Tiwari
added, “We want to create this
awareness among other wards as
well. We salute MLA Amit Satam's
intent to support the cause.”
Rambo Romances Andheri
“We have members from other international
circuses who come to us to learn and we
have members from our Circus who
perform internationally - a great platform
for all artists to unite in harmony and that's
our endeavor”
- Sujit Dilip, owner of Rambo Circus
“I love performing and I love India. I wish
to do this stunt for the rest of my life”
– Wheel of Death stuntman, Carlos
“I have seen few circus shows in Dubai, but
this one's been the best”
– member of the audience
Shrutika Sukhi
MODEL TOWN: The famous Rambo Circus is in town to entertain the residents
of Andheri. The camp is set up in Model Town, Versova, till May 24, 2015.
At the ongoing International Circus Festival, there are spell binding feats
performed by Indian and International artists from around 6 countriesincluding India, Africa, South America, Russia, Nepal and Mauritius- which are
the highlights of the festival. Acts of human skills and wonder include the most
spectacular and dangerous act 'The Wheel of Death' and others like RollaBolla, Body Contortion, Arials, Flying Trapezee, Skywalk, Sword Act and much
At the show, the audience was spotted going through varied emotions –
laughter, shock and happiness. The children gathered near the stage just to
shake hands with the little joker who made them laugh. Few of the audience
also clicked pictures with artists whose acts they liked most.
Mohammad Sadiq (8) from Dubai came to watch the show with his
grandfather. He said, “I loved the show. It was very nice and entertaining. I
have seen few circus shows in Dubai but this one's been the best,” Komal Sheth
(30) had come with her year old toddler. “My daughter loved the joker. She kept
smiling throughout. Even I liked the show.” Kiyoni Gandi (5) “The show was
nice. I like the act of the trapeze.” Prachi Chokhawala (30), “It is difficult to say
which was the best act as all were good in their own way. The show was very
Circus artist Davron Majido (16) from Russia expressed, "I have always
loved the Circus and my experience here in India has been a happy one. I came
to India to understand the culture, enjoy and experience its exotic heritage.
Rambo offered me a memorable and great learning platform with some
amazing friends which I will cherish forever" Davron joined Rambo troupe for
the special tour and can converse in good Hindi which he learnt in just
Komal Sheth & Diya (1)
Mansoof Ahmed &
Mohammad Sadiq (8)
Victoria (22) the belle of the group is equally enchanted. "My family and
friends back in Mauritius are excited to hear of my travel experience. Despite
the hardships, extreme climate and rigorous training we have to discipline
ourselves with, I feel so much at ease here because of the welcoming members
of Rambo. This wasn't a career that I had planned. I wanted to pursue a career
in dancing, but that didn't seem possible. So I chose circus as I have a flexible
body and I am loving the experience."
Another international artist, Carlos, from South America, Columbia, who
does the most dangerous stun, the Wheel of Death, said, “I've been doing the
stunt since 7 years now. I've had a fall only once in these years. I love
performing and I love India. I wish to do this stunt for the rest of my life.”
Amongst all the artists, Shamsher Singh was the one who has been with the
circus for the longest time, ever since it started. “I joined this circus when I was
9 years old. The circus had come to my town Kashmir and I showed interest to
join them. Ever since, I have been here. This is home to me. It feels great to be
part of the circus. One feels even more motivated to perform when the
audience enjoys the show.”
The artists practice daily in the morning and even between the shows. They
know the risks involved and a few times have even met with accidents but they
love their work and wish to continue it for a long time.
Sujit Dilip, owner of Rambo Circus today runs his family business started by
his father P T Dilip in 1991. Sujit has put India on the world map by associating
with the Federation Mondiale du Cirque and it's founder President HSH,
Princess Stephanie of Monaco. He is actively involved in the promotion of the
culture of Circus and its artists globally.
His endeavor bears further results with his association with the Kapoor
family who encouraged him to experiment with showcasing the Circus in the
indoor premise at Prithvi Theatre. Since then every year on World Circus Day,
Rambo has participated with great pomp, introducing a crisp and compact
show for the patrons of Prithivi Theatre.
“It's definitely not easy to run the circus with overheads mounting, various
licenses and permission required, lack of facilities and concession to this
industry, all this coupled with the declining audiences. But I just can't pack up.
Today I am responsible for the welfare of all my artists and families who are
with me!" says Sujit Dilip, owner of Rambo Circus. He added, "The show must
go on! Our circus has been actively promoting talent exchange. We have
members from other international circuses who come to us to learn and we
have members from our Circus who perform internationally - a great platform
for all artists to unite in harmony and that's our endeavor.”
Prachi Chokhawala &
Kiyomi Gandhi (5)
Carlos, an international
Shamsher Singh, artist
Safety issues haunt
Serenity Society
Distilling begins
Lokhandwala Lake
Efforts by a group, 'Friends of the Environment'
founded in 2014 to save the environment and the
lake finally pays off
The work will complete
before the onset of
monsoon, and post
monsoon, the lake is
expected to be clean and
full of life
- Dr. Chandrakant Jain, a
member of Friends of the
Kritika Sharma
LOKHANDWALA: Finally some good news for nature lovers - after
continuous efforts of the public, the BMC has decided to entirely de-silt and
clean Lokhandwala Lake.
Over the years debris has found its way into the lake as direct dumping or
then run off from debris dumped at the side of the road. The lake begins to dry
up by the end of May. Many citizens from the past 2 decades have been
spending time in activities protecting the lake including planting trees and
cleaning the area. Then in 2014, a group called 'Friends of the Environment'
came into picture which included three likeminded people who had worked for
the environment. The group started initiating efforts towards various
environment protection activities and also towards
saving the lake.
Finally after an effort of few months and many
meetings with different authorities, their hard work
paid off. A meeting with different personnel like
Corporator Bala Ambedkar, BMC Ward officer
Parag Masurkar and many more was held near the
lake on April 25. Few days back, an official tender
was awarded which promised that the distilling
work will be done by June 1. On April 25, Friends
of the Environment invited Chief Conservator of
Forest N Vasudevan, Additional Municipal
Commissioner Sanjay Deshmukh and Mhada
officials for a felicitation function. They pointed
out that various breeds from the common koel to
Bala Ambedkar
kingfisher, purple heron and parakeet, starlings and
tailorbirds had all made homes in the forest.
One of the members Dr. Chandrakant Jain said, “We are a group of citizens
to save the environment and give a better future to our children. The group was
created about a year ago by Dr. Chandrakant Jain, Sumesh Lekhi and Ashish
Mehta. We can now say that we have made our first achievement by getting all
the approvals and initiation of execution by the MCGM to save Lokhandwala
Lake. The work will complete before the onset of monsoon and post monsoon
we expect to see the lake clean and full of life. The area around the lake will be
maintained as natural as it is without any kind of beautification, etc. Friends of
the Environment is not an organisation but a philosophy through which
everyone who cares for the environment becomes a part of it.”
Another member, Sumesh Lekhi said, "Lokhandwala area with its
mangroves and lake is a fantastic habitat for wildlife. The desilting of the lake
will be a big step in making it a perennial lake attracting more wildlife as
constant silting over the years has reduced its depth. We have requested and the
authorities agree that the vegetation and wildlife around the lake and nesting
sites of birds are maintained during after the de-silting. A year of follow up with
the authorities and their fantastic execution will go a long way in protecting the
environment in Lokhandwala."
not wrong and nobody can stop them from continuing the
good work. People should shed their fear in order to
benefit from society. Cynical individuals shall be
automatically taken care of”
Parking nuisance: A new predicament for the society is
parking space for the buses of City International School.
Those who own the buses, park them outside the society
and cook and reside there as well. This creates fresh
problems for the residents. Although, Ramnani commends
the efforts of the new Corporator, Raju Pednaker. “Water
logging was a big problem for us, construction of storm
water drain has solved this and we are thankful to him,”
says Ramnani as he congratulates the new Coporator.
Other Issues: Apart from the above, cleanliness, security
and play area for children remains the chief concern of
Serenity Society. Ramnani informed us that 100 CCTV
cameras were installed in the society compound, after a
This week, Mumbai Messenger confronts the drug racket was busted in the building two months back.
predicaments faced by residents of Serenity Society. Our There have been enormous efforts to keep the society safe
correspondent Gajendra Goswami had a chat with Rajiv for all the residents. Apart from this, pipelines are being reRamnani, Secretary of Serenity Society and here is what installed in the society and fresh paint is being applied on
he had to share...
the walls. A new road is being constructed in the society
compound, which eroded earlier this year. Fresh layer of
People's mindset: Ramnani believes there are plenty of grass is being laid out in the lawn for children to play. The
society has a cultural committee
individuals willing to contribute
S P E A K too, which organizes cultural
positively to the society, but such S O C I E T Y
events in the society, bringing
cases thwart them from coming
forward. “We have many social workers living in the together all the residents.
society, but no one wants to be a part of the Society Ramnani believes Mumbai can be a much better place to
Committee. Their reluctance is a result of fear of backlash live in if people shed their fears of backlash. Working for
from cynical minds. We want to send out a message in the the committee might be a thankless job, but it sure
community, that judiciary inclines in their favour if they're benefits for the society as a whole.
“Shed your
fear and
contribute to
– urges
Woman murdered over money dispute
Shrutika Sukhi
D.N.NAGAR: A 48-year-old woman, Prabahwati Khochade, was
killed by a man after a dispute they had over money which the accused
owed the lady. The accused has been identified as Sameer
Ramchandra Kharkar (25). The incident took place at Gaodevi Ekta
Society, Andheri West. A murder case has been registered at
D.N.Nagar police station.
Sameer had gone to the victims place on Thursday night at 10pm.
They discussed the Rs.30,000 which he had borrowed from the victim
of which he had returned Rs 15,000. The two had a dispute over the
same, to which Sameer got angry and stabbed the woman in the neck
with a knife. The neighbours heard the woman's cry and reached her
house. They opened the door and saw the accused in the house with a
The D.N.Nagar police was informed and arrested the accused. The
complaint was filed by the victim's neighbour Vikrant Bhatvakr, who
saw the accused. PI Balwant Deshmukh said, “We have recovered the
weapon which was used to kill the woman. The accused is in police
custody.” Kharkar has been arrested under IPC Sections 302
(Punishment for murder), 342 (Punishment for wrongful
confinement), 452 (house-trespass after preparation for hurt, assault or
wrongful restraint).
Bill to ensure
transgender rights passed
The Rajya Sabha, in a rather progressive move to secure transgender rights,
unanimously passed a private member's bill. The 'Rights of Transgender Persons Bill
2014' promises social inclusion, financial and legal aid, two percent reservation in
government jobs, creation of welfare boards and prohibition of discrimination in
employment in its 58 clauses wrapped in 10 chapters. The bill comes in the backdrop of
Supreme Court's historic decision which includes transgender as the 'Third Sex' in 2014.
Gajendra Goswami asked residents their views...
I support the bill. It is annoying to see
transgender begging at signals. Such a bill
offers equal opportunities to them too. Sexual
discrimination is disgraceful and must be
I am a doctor by profession. I understand that
it's a choice to be a transgender and so, they
must be free to live as they choose to in a
democracy. Their sexuality doesn't change their
heart and mind. It's a noble bill and we all must
support it.
I am strictly against
reservation. Quotas create
more rift among the
masses. But if we really
want to uplift them, we
should treat them equally.
Only awareness and
education can ensure this.
I think we need to change our thinking before
enforcing such a law. We need to reform our
conservative ways into a more modern
approach. Only then such differences can be
removed. If a law passes ensuring that this bill is
executed rightly, I would support and abide by
This bill was due since a long time. Its good,
they've finally passed it. It is a step forward. All
sexes must be treated equally. I heartily
congratulate our politicians for addressing their
problems in a positive manner. The bill is
It's a good decision. There shouldn't be any
discrimination on the basis of gender or
sexuality. If there is reservation for OBC, SC
and ST then why not transgender? All
minorities should be uplifted equally.
Nepal Needs You!
Kritika Sharma
ANDHERI: A resident of Andheri, Bicky Vijani is collecting some essential medical products from
residents for the Nepal Earthquake victim, where she is scheduled to go to on May 2.
She has received a list of urgently required products from Nepal Gurudwara which includes: Chlorine
and other chemicals to purify water, electral, paracetamols, painkillers, antiseptic creams, first aid
medicines bandages, sanitary napkins, garbage bags, disposable masks, disposable gloves, glucose,
emergency lights and mosquito repellent creams. She said “I am doing this work in association with
the Golden Temple, Amritsar and Nepal Gurudwara.”
Another local resident, Shomu Mitra has already started sending help on an individual level in
association few other local women. She has already sent 5000 homemade theplas to Nepal by air.
Many known personalities like Aparna Talpade, Deepshikha, Jaya Bhattacharya, Anju Mahendra and
Sneha Paul are also helping in the cause. They are keen on sending a lot of food to Nepal so that
people don't starve of hunger.
Mumbai Messenger appeals to residents to come forward and donate whatever possible towards this
noble cause. Simply get in touch with us on 7718807072 to facilitate the same.
Mentally ill boy commits suicide
Shrutika Sukhi
Transgenders are God's
creation as we are and all
have a right to relish the
legal rights that we enjoy.
Their voices must be
heard and this bill is most
VERSOVA: A 26-year-old boy committed suicide, after jumping off a five-floor building on April
23. He was reportedly mentally ill since a few months.
Bhushan Jadav, a B.Com graduate lived with his retired father Vijay Jadhav (72) and his
mother. He was the only child. Bhushan had dinner on Thursday evening at around 9:45pm and
took his medicines. Everything was fine until then. After dinner, he told his father that he was
going for a walk. After 15-20 minutes his father was informed that his son had jumped off the
building terrace. The incident took place at Daulat building, Model Town.
PSI Rohit Bhishe, Verosva police station said, “The boy was mentally ill since a few months
and he used to get attacks quite often. Even the neighbours knew about the boy's condition.”
I don't support the reservation. However, social
differences must be eradicated and the
transgender community must be treated equally
in society. It is important to convert this bill into
a law and implement it nationwide.
The bill will open new arenas of success for
them. This would give them a chance to display
their abilities and bring them at par with other
social classes.
This bill should be soon introduced as a law and
the government should ensure its
implementation. In the end, it's their life - they
should live it as they wish.
Stand-up comedians Sunil Pal and VIP attended the music launch of their upcoming comedy flick “Hum Sab Ullu Hai” along
with Director T. Manwani Anand, actress Amruta Chabbria and others at Celebration Club, Lokhandwala. The attendees
throughly enjoyed their amazing performance,
Convert your Passion into profession
Brigadier Sushil Bhasin
What profession shall I choose? Which career
will suit me well? How will my life be? These
are some serious concerns of any student.
When I was in school, there were two well
known options - become an engineer or a
doctor. And if you can't do that join the Army. I
picked the third choice.
The scenario has changed. In 2003, when I was Chairman of
Army School, Bareilly, we had a company from Delhi to talk to
students on career options. I remember there were 144 careers
listed. Now there may be many more. With the effect of media
and Internet, a student has overload of information. His decision
making has become that much more complex.
There are many factors one needs to consider while choosing
a career. Interest, capability, competence, aptitude etc are a few.
However, I will talk of something that has an overriding emphasis
and importance in choosing a career. And that's Passion. Convert
your passion into profession and your life takes a different turn.
Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire
for something. It leads to a feeling of unusual excitement,
enthusiasm or compelling emotion, a positive affinity or love,
towards a subject. Passion is something that you love doing. It
gives you pleasure, is interesting and relaxes you.
It is not always easy to identify your passion. Sometimes it is
hidden. You need to put in efforts to discover it. Let's move on to
'work.' Our careers. If our work can be matched with our passion
then life is great. You get to enjoy your work. There is no time for
boredom and there will be no pressure. If we were to break down
our activities we do in a day, it will broadly be as under:
• Sleep - 7 hours
• Work - 10 hours
• Commuting - 2 hours
• Routine work like meals, bath and change etc - 3 hours
• Unforeseen - 2 hours
This shows there is no time to enjoy life except on weekends. Of
all the above you will find that the only time you can consciously
work to enjoy more is work. And if you convert your passion into
your profession, thereby doing what you love to do, you will never
be tired.
To students I say, please convert tour passion into profession.
To those who are already into work, “If you could not marry the
girl you loved, please start loving the girl you married.” I have
known of two brothers who were crazy for video games. They
would spend all their pocket money playing games, and would
even pinch some cash from their mom's bag for that extra bit that
they were embarrassed to ask for. Later in life they got a job in a
gaming company. Their job was to identify bugs in the games.
They did this the whole day long and worked overtime too.
Instead of spending money on games, they now earned out of
them. A hobby was now their profession.
My son developed a passion for photography while he was in
Class XII. He went on to make it a profession. I never saw him
getting tired. He was doing what he loved and would spend the
whole night if it was needed, without a problem.
So, the key to happiness is “Drive your life with passion.” When
you are passionate about something, and have a strong desire to
achieve it, nothing can stop you. The universe falls for you.
In 2013 I attended a workshop by John Foppe, a motivational
speaker who was born without arms. He said something that was
interesting. He said that passion by itself is not as strong as it is
when added with Mission. If you can identify a goal, a mission
related to your passion, and drive towards your mission with
passion, life can be great.
Riding your way to riches
Shaili Madan
Horses were our first wings and horse riding was man's first taste
of flight, with planes coming in much later. These speedy animals
are a discovery that will never go out of fashion. A riders
relationship with his horse is truly special – a bond of trust. It is
hard to put it in words, but is demonstrated often. For example,
when you've just made a mess of a jump, got the timing all
wrong, and the horse has graciously scooped you back to the
saddle, rebalanced himself and you, and cantered off on the
correct lead as though nothing had happened.
Horse riding as a career has come a long way from what it
used to be. Today, show jumping, venting, dressage, tent
pegging, polo, racing, endurance riding, rodeo and hunting are
just some of the events where horses are used in competition.
Though all these are more recognised at an international level,
horseracing is more common in India and confined to a faction of
society who do not wish to make a career out of it. Before
anything else, one needs to learn horse riding and obtain a racing
license, which is mandatory.
Stressing on horse riding, one of the most important criteria to
become a jockey is to be light weighted. This is because the
lighter you weigh, the faster the horse can carry you while racing.
Being one of the most important physical aspects, one needs to
maintain weight by constantly exercising, diet control, taking a
regular steam to help lose reduce the water content in the body
that also increases the body weight.
With respect to scope in the field, a jockey explains, “If one
wants to be a professional in this field, it is mandatory to be very
good at it to make a decent earning and a comfortable living out
of it. The scope for horse riding in India is not too much though it
has been increasing over the past few years. One can earn from a
few thousands a day to also a few lakhs, depending on the
specific race.”
Learning to ride seems like a daunting task, because unlike
learning to drive a car or ride a bike, you are in charge of a live,
large animal, with a distinct mind of its own. One of the unique
aspects of riding compared to other sports is that you are
entering into a partnership with a
freethinking animal, which can be
startled, frightened, stubborn,
exuberant, teasing or change just
like you can. Thus this sport
proves to be highly dangerous at
times when the horse is man
Go Green!
handled, or luck does not favour
We need to take care of our Earth.
you. Falling off the horse has
injured many and proven fatal for
How long we take shower,
just a few.
Being an adventurous field,
Reduce your bathing hours.
the jockey is required to be
Turn off lights when not in use,
strong at heart, willing to take
Think how much electricity you produced.
ricks and posses a strong
Throw away litter, pick up trash
determination to excel. In
Mumbai, one can learn horse
And we can save the Earth in a flash.
riding at the Race Course, Turf
bottles, Reuse bags,
Club, Mahalaxmi.
A special poem
for Earth Day,
which was on 22nd April:
Reuse containers and Reuse rags.
Just throwing away is not enough,
Recycle some things to make new stuff.
Go Green!
We need to take care of our Earth,
Go Green!
Name: Jahnavi Bali
Age: 11
School: Jankidevi Public School
Do you want to showcase your child's talent? Here is a
chance to do it...! Simply mail us his/her work of
creativity, be it poetry, drawings, or anything else along
with details of your child. We promise to put it here..!!
So what are you waiting for? Grab this chance for your
child's claim to fame...and mail us at:
[email protected]
Katrina Kaif and Sonam Kapoor showed their flashy ways at an event
hosted by L'Oreal Paris to unveil its new Cannes collection at Andheri
Stars support autism NGO
Farah Khan, Jeetendra and Singer and Composer Shekhar were at an event to support the cause of autism in children
through the NGO Mann. A video was launched, sung by Alka Yagnik and directed by celebrity photographer LUV Israni.
The chief guests were seen enjoying with the children. Farah and Jeetendra took time out to address the media and
speak about this cause and their support for it. Farah was seen having a good time post the video's launch and Shekhar was
gracious enough to go on stage and sing a line or two on the audiences request. Farah had to leave for another city right
after the event but made sure she supported the event and only then flew out.
Shahid Kapoor's look in his forthcoming film Udta Punjab is set to
create immense curiosity, however rumours have it that whether the
actor will be donning multiple looks in the film.
Infact we have also spotted Shahid in various hairdo's. The actor has
been seen in different avatars off late. Shahid was seen in a pony at an
event recently, post which the actor changed his look in which he is seen
wearing a blue hair strand, and last being his short hair look.
The makers have constantly kept the actors look under wraps,
however we wonder if the actor will yet again surprise his fans by
experimenting with his fresh avatar!
Sofia Hayat
wears Rs.1 crore dress
for bridal shoot
Sofia Hayat wore a Rs.1 Crore dress made especially for her to model in. The dress is covered in diamonds which have
been hand stitched.
The Italian designers Atelier Italia, made this for a photo shoot especially for the actress, singer and supermodel. The
headpiece by Louis Mariette, designer and judge of Americas Next top model was also an extremely expensive diamond
piece. Security was provided throughout the shoot, and the dress and head piece returned with the body guards.
bash at Andheri
Producer and Financer C G Patel celebrated his birthday with relatives and friends at Grand Imperial banquets,
Andheri West recently. Singer Madhushree and Music Director Robby Badal celebrated their wedding anniversary.
Rajpal Yadav was the first to come for the event. Tanisha Singh came with actor Ishu and Ekta Jain. Manisha Kelkar
came with her mother. Others who came were Rajkumar Santoshi, Firoz Nadiadwala, Yogesh Lakhani of Bright
Outdoor, Chandi from Srilanka, Shabab Sabri, Anup Jalota, Rikku Rakesh Nath, Saawan Kumar Tak, Chandrakant
Singh and many more. C G Patel cut a big cake also. Most singers who came for the event sang few songs.
“Be determined and things
will work in your favor”
From an assistant director to a scriptwriter in MTV to an actor in some big hits like
Slumdog Millionaire, Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Filmistaan, Sharib Hashmi is a self
made man who has formed his base in the industry. Here are excerpts from his
conversation with Kritika Sharma ...
How did you get into acting?
I was always keen to become an actor, as my father was an entertainment
journalist. But then eventually I got into scriptwriting. I first worked as an
assistant director in a movie called Hum Tumpe Marte Hai. Then I worked as an in
house scriptwriter with MTV for four years and with many more channels too.
While working in such channels, I used to do small acting roles as well. I did a lot
of MTV Bakra episodes, after which I decided to become a full fledged actor by
the end of 2008.
Your first break...
My first break was Slumdog Millionaire. Though it was a small role, it was a
good experience.
How was your experience in Jab Tak Hai Jaan?
Acting in Jab Tak Hai Jaan was like a dream come true. After doing cameos, I
wasn't getting good work so I switched back to my job. I gave auditions for Jab
Tak Hai Jaan while working and I was lucky enough to get the role. I got a great
feeling when I first stepped on the sets and saw Yash Chopraji, Katrina Kaif and
Karan Johar. Working with such experts and most of all the knowledge they
imparted was priceless.
From a supporting actor to the lead role in a national awardwinning movie Filmistaan..How did it happen?
It happened just because of Nitin Kakkar, the director. I was actually writing in
that movie when Nitin asked me to do the lead role of Sunny in Filmistan. I wasn't
sure at all about his proposal but I got selected for it. It was only because of Nitin
that I got that movie. Being his directorial debut, he could have taken a known
face. It was his faith in me that he chose me as the protagonist.
The best actor you have worked with?
It is surely Shahrukh Khan Sir. He is an amazing actor and a great person.
Usually superstars don't let anyone else get the limelight but Shahrukh Sir was
the one who used to tell me how to deliver many dialogues. He is really the best
person I have ever worked with.
Your pillars of strength till date...
My wife is the one who has always supported me in all my decisions and apart
from that Nitin Kakkar, the director of Filmistaan is one of my best friends and
strength as well.
What are your current projects?
Currently I am working on a thriller movie which actually is different from
whatever I have done till date. I am going to work with Anjali Patil and
Abhimanyu. There is another comedy movie I have signed in which I will be
working with Manoj Bajpayee and Zakhir Hussain, directed by Nitin Karnik. There
are few more movies in the pipeline too.
Message for aspiring actors...
I just want to tell all the actors not to lose hope at any stage. If you have
entered this industry, you need to give all of you. Be determined and things will
work in your favor.
the way to bliss!
Yin and Yang
Who are we? We are unique
expressions of life. We all know that
everything which is God made, Nature
is Unique. It's Unique because how
much the human or anyone tries, they
can't duplicate it. Still what do we
have that creates this uniqueness
between each of us?
The relevant proposition of Yin and
Yang we carry within us, makes us
unique. Every soul has a unique
combination of this energy. What is
Yin and Yang within us? Within each
person exists a flow of life energy. This
energy has two main expressionsThe outward flow and the inward
flow. The Yang is the expression of
our masculine energy, Yang is the
outflowing of creative energy. This is
the energy you feel when you are
moving your energy out into the
world, focused on completing a task,
as well as an extroverted personality.
Yang is also seen as light and
active. while the Yin is the expression
of our feminine energy. The Yin is the
receiving, or inward flow of energy.
This is the energy you feel when
exploring your inner world. This
energy enrols your feelings and
intuition, using your imagination, and
being at peace with what is. Yin is also
seen as dark and passive. According
to yin yang philosophy, the universe
and everything in it, is both constant
and recurring in cycles. One force
dominates and then it is replaced by
the opposing force. This activity
continues constantly and repeats
itself over time. Usually because of
the families and societies conditioning
most of us learn to become overly
identified with either of our Yin or
Most of the people switch in and
out of these energies throughout the
day depending on what they are
doing or whom they are connecting
to. While in this process we forget that
we must have both the energies
within. A lack of balance between
these energies reveals its presences in
our thoughts, emotions and physical
body. By understanding these
energies better, we can consciously
change the flow of our energies. A
balance energy flow automatically
helps in natural emotional healing and
Anjali Nagpal is a life coach and
workshop facilitator certified to
present Heal Your Life
transformational workshop worldwide
approved by Hay House, US. She also
conducts workshops relating to Law of
Attraction and self healing. She is also
a therapist for different modules
(hypno, metaphor). She is an Angel
card reader.
is very important to have a wonderful
The Yin and Yang energies not only
exist within the human energy life, but
within all of life around us. These two
energies are constantly moving in and
out of constant change, creating
balance in the universe. Our internal
energy seeks this same balance. We
can see these cycles of energy within
the human experience as we are
constantly creating and destroying,
birthing and dying, opening and
closing. Often we give reality to our
masculine/feminine imbalances in our
relationships, attempting to balance
out our partner but often that's the
cause of much conflict in the
Beginning to understand your own
masculine and feminine energy is the
start of healing the divine within you.
The Yin/Yang energy always seeks
balance, and healing is the process of
getting out of the way and allowing it
to happen.
I was planning to try
out this new eatery for
quite some time but due
to various reasons could
not end up visiting it.
Tried reserving a table
on phone but was not
lucky. I was told they are
sold out but I could walk
in and try my luck.
Trying luck is not out
of place, me and my
Ananya Banerjee
friend walked in without
a reservation into the pleasant interiors of Bombay
Canteen restaurant located at Kamla Mills Compound,
Lower Parel. Quite a no nonsense kind of modern décor,
not to miss the well garlanded, predominantly pink
bicycle kept on its doorway. The receptionist waitlisted
me and suggested to use the well-stocked bar while we
I thought to myself that this is a fantastic policy by the
restaurant. People waiting for a table would order a drink
or two before they settle down to their table - the drinks
sale certainly can go up. While waiting for my table, I
ordered a ginger and basil margarita. One great thing I
noticed was, like Tapas bars in Spain, they had tiny plates
(costing Rs40) to go with the drinks. Thought what a
brilliant idea was that!! Tiny plates of deviled eggs and
crisp fried lotus stems. The eggs tasted great but the fried
lotus stem (recipe adopted from Thai cuisine but the
spices were all Indian and the fusion worked perfectly)
were addictive enough to ask for a second and a third.
Looking at the menu I did expect the food to be fusion.
While trying out a fusion recipe, the thumb rule is, if it
tastes good, it works - howsoever weird the combination
may sound.
45 minutes and still no table, decided to eat standing on
the Bar table. Ordered the signature dish “Pulled pork
taco” (the uniqueness here was the tacos were no normal
tacos, they are 'theplas'), and the famous Nigerian African
dish ”Bani pao”. 'Theplas' were wonderful. And served
with 'pulled pork' the slow cooked pork. But I feel pulled
pork tastes the best with a soft and bland bread. For me,
although both the elements, the thepla and the pulled pork
was perfect in their own right, but unfortunately the
marriage did not work in Bombay Canteen.
Loved the ” Bani Pao”. It is a huge bread bowl, where
the insides of the bread is scooped out to make it hollow. A
spicy curry is poured into the bread-bowl. The curry is
soaked into the bread and makes a very filling hearty
meal. The bani pao here was quite a delight. The
accompaniment had farsan, chidwa, vinegar, onions,
spring onions, methi leaves. It worked. The farsan gave a
nice texture and made it taste 'desi'. The curry was made
with goan sausages, broad beans and hold your breath 'pui
saag' (a type of green-leaves popular in Bengali cuisine).
Fusion in its ultimate form.
I found on the menu some more interesting and weird
combinations. 'Tandoori pork spare-ribs', and 'Uncle's
mutton curry with lotus root and lemongrass.'
Just when the main course got over, and all of it
standing, a table was offered to us. Hurrah, the fact that we
could sit and eat, ordered one more appetizer. That was
''char grilled calamari or squids'. The smoky flavor was
excellent but squid was rubbery and the gravy was too
Then to make a sweet ending to our meal, Ordered
desserts. I must confess the desserts were one of the best I
have had in a long time.
We ordered Guava 'tan ta tan'. I am sure the inspiration
came from the French 'Tarte-tatin'. This tan-ta-tan was
puff pastry tart base with guava, perfectly caramelized,
topped with insanely tasty lal-mirch ice-cream. The red
chilli hits your throat as you have the creamy ice-cream.
Very unusual but very tasty combination.
The second dessert was 'gulub nut'. The gulab jamun
shaped like a donut, deep fried and soaked in old monk
rum and sugar solution. Cut and filled with a pistachio
cream. The combination was heavenly and totally sinful.
It was like you sin and still go to heaven.
The bill for two came up to Rs 4,000. That included the
cocktails and a whole lot of food. Not too light on the
I am going to go back again to try and see whether the
other unusual flavor combinations works or not.
Rating on a scale of 10: (i) Ambience: 8; (ii) Food: 8;
(iii) Price 7; Overall: 8
(I visited the restaurant anonymous and paid my bills)
Ananya Banerjee
Opt for delicious and
yummy cakes at
“The Club”
Mewati Sitaram
There is a notion that The Club, located at D N Nagar, sells cakes to
their members only. In fact, the cake shop is open for all and anyone can
order world-class cakes from their cake shop.
Generally people assume that cakes would be more expensive than
other bakeries. But in reality they aren't. Their prices are comparable, but
their cakes are far better. You can't beat this place for quality, shape and
The Club is known for making mouthwatering cakes and desserts. The
bakery and confectionary is headed by Chef Patisserie Girdhar Gopal. Chef
Girdhar has a wide experience for working in leading hotels like Centaur
Hotel, Juhu and has also worked in Germany for more than two years. He
has learnt nuances of the finest cakes of the world while working in
The club is proud to make cakes for leading celebrities of Bollywood,
including Salman Khan. On his last birthday, a Motor Cycle shaped cake
was made at the club confectionary. The celebrity list that purchases
cakes from there includes Priya Dutt Roncon, Jimmy Shergil, Ronit Roy,
Archana Puran Singh to name a few.
The club is selling cakes at affordable
prices. The cakes of different shapes are
priced differently compared to normal cakes.
Black forest cake
Butter scotch cake
Nepolitan (choc-orange) cake
Caramel crunch cake
Pineapple cake
Chocolate truffle cake
Dutch truffle cake
Standard fresh fruit cake
Premium fresh fruit cake
Rs 800 per 01 kg.
Rs 750 per 01 kg.
Rs 800 per 01 kg.
Rs. 750 per 01 kg.
Rs 750 per 01 kg.
Rs 800 per 01 kg.
Rs 800 per 01 kg.
Rs 800 per 01 kg.
Rs 100 per 01 kg.
Compiled by Leading Hospitality columnist and Senior Journalist Mewati Sitaram
Keep yourself dolled up in Summer
Shrutika Sukhi
Trying to keep the make-up on all round the year,
especially during summers is surely a daunting
task. The sweat and humidity melts all of it, which
can be very annoying. The heat means you are
going to sweat, but it also means you are likely to
produce more oil. Here are some simple steps one
can take before, during and after applying makeup
to keep it all perfectly in place.
Owner of Binnies Hair and Beauty Care salon
Bina Karamchandani says, “The most important
thing to do is to first put on a primer or a matte sun
block before applying anything else. Not only does
A lady practicing summer
it protect your skin from the harmful UV rays but it make-up at Vannilla Salon.
also gives a smooth base and helps the makeup
stay intact much longer. If you are not very fond of sun blocks then even tinted
moisturisers are suitable, teamed with light bases and compacts.”
“During the summer one sweats a lot, so avoid too much make up. Keep it
light. Avoid heavy foundations, the lesser they are, the better. This will help you
get a sheer look with radiance. If you are fond of blush, then blushers or bronzers
would look great in very light peaches or pinks, with slight shimmer for the
evenings. Keep in mind we are looking at a natural blush, nothing too made up so
don't put on too much,” adds Bina Karamchandani.
She elaborates, “Summer is the perfect season to experiment with colours
and one can do that very well with the eyes, by making them look bright. Use
different colours that make the eyes stand out. Use coal kajals, eye pencils and
eye shadows to enhance eyes. Also make sure mascaras and eye pencils are
waterproof and smudge proof to avoid messy eyes. One can also use eye
shadow primers. In fact, use cream or pressed shadows, which have lesser
chances of moving or smudging.”
She suggests that when it comes to the lips, lipsticks and glosses could be
replaced with lip stains - they have longer lasting power and also help the lips
from drying. So go out and keep your favourite make up on by just being a little
careful. Be smart and stay stylish.
Air pollution can affect our health
in many ways with both short-term
and long-term effects. Different
groups of people are affected by air
pollution in different ways. Some
individuals are much more sensitive
to pollutants than others. Young
children, the elderly and individuals
with health problems such as
asthma, heart and lung disease often
suffer more from the effects of air
The extent to which an individual
is harmed by airborne contaminants
will depend on the person's total
exposure to particulates and
chemical substances, i.e. the
duration of exposure and the
concentration of the pollutants.
AMFAH Air Purifier feature the
most reliable and efficient air
cleaning technologies against indoor
Pollen, spores,
dust mite
allergens and
other particular
matter can
trigger hay fever,
asthma and other allergic reactions.
Even short-term exposure to
"With rising Air Pollution and humidity, the
need for Air Purifiers & Dehumidifiers are increasing."
- Mansoor Ali (MD - AMFAH INDIA)
elevated concentrations of fine
particles can significantly contribute
to heart disease.
Volatile organic
(VOCs) are
gaseous chemicals
emitted from
vehicles, industry
and building materials. They can be
carcinogenic and cause damage to
internal organs.
such as viruses,
bacteria and fungal
spores are
responsible for
various infections
like tuberculosis, influenza,
aspergillosis, MRSA and SARS.
Pet allergens
(dander) are
mainly found in
saliva and therefore
on hair and skin of
pets. When the
allergens are inhaled they can lead
to serious allergic reactions.
Tobacco smoke
contains thousands
of chemicals and
particles which can
irritate the mucous
membranes and
lead to acute and chronic diseases.
Smog and ozone
can cause irritation
of the respiratory
tract even at low
concentrations and
can trigger asthma
attacks. While these pollutants are
mainly generated outdoors, they
enter buildings via doors, windows
and ventilation systems.
products, sprays
and solvents can
irritate the mucous
membranes and
aggravate allergies
such as asthma and hay fever.
Paints, varnishes
and adhesives
can contain a
multitude of
Inhaling the vapours can lead to
headache, nausea and allergic
reactions. Long-term exposure can
lead to chronic diseases.
AMFAH Dehumidifier- A Must to
Attain Product for House.
When summer season approaches
humid air keep on increasing day by
day. In living area increasing level of
moist air makes it uncomfortable to
live. Moist air also results in growth
of fungus and bacteria that causes
several skin problems, allergies and
disease like asthma. It is necessary
to control such health hazards. In
this regard, room dehumidifier is
technical advanced electronic device
that helps to eliminate humid air
from room and condense it with dry
air. This type of room freshener is
best to adopt for your household
area to keep your family members
This is especially manufactured
for household area that comes in
varied sizes as per your needs and
requirements. AMFAH dehumidifiers
are best to attain by customers
having limited space in their room.
Portable type of device is simply
great if you have big size house. It
has rolling wheels that help to
transport it to one room to another
in best manner.
AMFAH dehumidifier acts as room
freshener that keep the area cool
and dirt free. It has the capacity to
remove fungus, mould and other
harmful things from your living area.
In terms of functionality, it works on
the principle of extracting moist air
and stores water to give cooling
effect to room. The water turns into
water vapor after which it is released
in room.
As the judgement in Salman’s Khan hit and run case is due on May 05,
2015 it is to be seemed weather the actor gets a reprieve or a jail term. If
convicted he would be the second known star after Sanjay Dutt to go behind
the bars. Our columnist Baljeet Parmar recounts how he first broke the
Sanjay Dutt story in 1993.
It was April 12, 1993, exactly a month after
the serial blasts rocked Mumbai. I was working
for a city tabloid and was following the Bomb
Blast Case (BBC), as it was known then.
Late in the evening, I called YC Pawar, who
was heading the investigation team. I made
casual enquiries about the progress of the case
and Pawar dropped a bombshell. “Apke MP ke
bete ka naam aa raha hai,” he said, refusing to
divulge more.
I figured it might be Sunil Dutt. However, I
could not confirm it since senior officers
including the then commissioner AS Samra,
were tight-lipped.
Late that night, I called an IPS officer at Mahim and said, “Suna hai aapne kisi
MP ke bete ko uthaya hai?”
“No, we have not as he is shooting abroad,” he replied. There it was — my big
story. It had to be Sanjay Dutt. I tried to get in touch with Sunil Dutt.
On April 13, enquiries at Dutt's residence and office revealed that the MP was
out of country. I got in touch with Suresh Shetty (now a minister in the state
cabinet), who was very close to Dutt, and told him I needed to talk to the MP
Mind over Matter
Mind over matter - introduction
Are you still in doubt about the power you possess in your mind? Are you
ruining or building your life by your thoughts?
As “enlightened” human beings we always look to science to give us the
answers or to “prove” that something is true. However, it is often the case that
whatever science discovers or proves has long been known by the more wise
people around us and even revealed and talked about long before science ever
thought to investigate it.
Mind over matter – ageless wisdom
The theory of mind over matter is one example. The teachers of positive
thinking and those who believe in God’s word have long said that the mind and
thoughts have the power to influence the physical and to bring about what we
think about. This belief has been based on nothing more than faith and has
worked for countless numbers. Now science has jumped on it and is starting to
“discover” what has already been known for thousands of years to those that
Shaili Madan, Resident Editor
INDIA The next super power?
Progress cannot be made if half the population is excluded.
Women have got to learn the art of standing up for themselves
because if they don't, nobody else will
The popular idea of progress is
often contrary to what would really
make a nation great. Our goal of
'superpower' has to be unique and not
just be a rehash of what the US or
Europe did. We should strive to be a
superpower in technology, education
and lead the world in ideas just as we
did from the start of human
civilization. I would rather have
India known for its Zero or Yoga
rather than an India victorious in its
massive showdown against China or
Pakistan. We could do the following
in the pursuit of our new definition of
Education: This should be one of
the top most things to change knowledge is power! Education is
not knowledge and degree is not
intelligence. History will show that
knowledge leaders were also
economic leaders. The current
western-based system is most often
inappropriate. Many might disagree
but by the time an individual gets out
of the rat race and realises what was
lost, too much is lost and they have
other priorities in life as adults. A
polytechnic with short courses offers
a much better platform. For
advanced learning, a more dedicated
setup with real labs would be the way
to go.
Respect/empower women:
Education is the key here. Women
empowerment denotes inclusion of
women in society as assets where
women are not looked down upon as
being inferior. Empowering women
is extremely essential for the
progress of the family as well as the
nation. Progress cannot be made if
half the population is excluded.
Shetty called back and said that Dutt senior was in
Hamburg, Germany. I contacted Hamburg-based Stern
magazine photographer, Jay Ullal, who was a good Baljeet Parmar
friend of Sunil Dutt.
He said Dutt had left for London and did not know
how to contact him. I again called Shetty and told him why I wanted to talk to
Dutt. Shetty was taken aback, but promised to get in touch with him, and call me.
Two days went by and I fretted someone else might get the story. Early on
April 14, I received a call from Sanjay Dutt, who said he was shooting in
Mauritius, and wanted to know about the police case against him.
I told him that his friends Samir Hingora and Yusuf Nulwala had squealed on
him. “Oh my God,” said Dutt, and disconnected. Two hours later he called again,
wanting to know about the punishment if he got caught.
I told him. If he surrendered with weapons, he would be charged under the
Arms Act and could get bail. But if the police arrested him and recovered the
weapons, he could be charged under Tada — without bail.
Later Sanjay took Samra's phone number.
I too called Samra and informed him about my conversation with Sanjay. He
confirmed that Sanjay had spoken to him, but refused to say anything further.
I then filed the story, “Sanjay has an AK-56.” The very next day, I received a
Rs1crore legal notice from Ram Jethmalani's office, asking me to prove the facts.
My editor stood by me.
For the next five days, the police neither denied nor confirmed the story. On
April 19, 1993, Dutt was arrested from Sahar International airport, moments
after he arrived from Mauritius.
are truly enlightened.
Mind over matter – positive thinking works
The point is that positive thinking and mind over matter work. All you need to do
is believe this truth to utilize its immense potential. The book of Proverbs says of
a man, “as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Many people have utilised this truth
that don’t even believe in God and it has worked for them. Now science is
starting to understand the immense power of thought. Do you still doubt,
Thomas? You do so to your own peril and destruction.
Believe in the truth that your thoughts are the key to your destiny and your
future. It cannot be put any simpler. But you must first be clear on what your
thoughts are. What is your dream? Have you thought it out in all the detail that
is required to enable your mind to feed on it and bring it to pass?
Mind over matter –turning nothing into something
Rohn calls this turning “nothing into something,” but he goes on to add that
thoughts are really something and belief or faith is also something tangible.
“Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen,”
according to the Apostle Paul. So if you believe something, then you have its
substance and you have evidence that it exists. It’s just a matter of time before
it fully manifests. As long as you don’t give up and don’t doubt this fact.
However, women need to realize that
empowerment always comes from
within. They have got to learn the art
of standing up for themselves
because if they won't take a stand for
themselves, nobody else will.
Economy: It would be a huge
folly to move towards a consumerist
society like the US. There is a limit to
the resources and how much is
available. Plus a society built on
waste will turn the Earth to waste. A
move (back) towards products that
are nature friendly not only creates a
better environment, but it also hones
survival skills that do not require big
governments to think of big solutions
to save the day. India should move
"back" towards an agri-based society
that uses 100% natural products for
Respect for nature: Indians
excel at this - they did much better in
the past but haven't lost it completely.
This is our cultural heritage - respect
for everything around - take only
what is necessary and leave the rest
for others. India must increase its
green cover and bring back the
jungles and wildlife. Its sad that
people turn a blind eye to what
technology destroys in the name of
progress. Everybody has a right to
their dreams - you may dream of the
next shiny device, while another may
dream of an abundant life around.
Reality- the two cannot coexist in its
current form.
Infrastructure: This has been
deliberately sequenced after respect
for nature. Any infrastructure that
destroys nature is not good.
Investments should be made in nondestructive designs. A lot of nations
and India in particular have a lot of
land devoted to railways. How about
a rail network that runs exclusively
on electricity? Next instead of
building huge multi lane roads for
auto traffic, how about electric cars
and trains that have wagons into
which a car drive in?
Society: Modernize the Police
force. We have only 130 policemen
for every 100K people. First increase
that to world standards - 220/100K
people. Second, cut off politicians
from using massive fraction of police
force. Third, train and equip them to
handle modern law enforcement.
Without adequate law enforcement,
we cannot grow our economy.
Dear Editor,
I was shocked to see your front page
report 'Brutally Beaten Burnt.' Such
things make us wonder where
humanity has disappeared. If a 13year-old girl can be beaten like this
by a woman then what can we
expect from men? Is this an example
that a woman should set when
atrocities against them are increasing
by the day? The parents are also to
blame who have left their child to
work at such a young age. Not only
that, they have also instructed her to
be tolerant. This is ridiculous. I really
hope this woman gets punished by
law and anyone thinks twice before
doing any such thing again.
Shamili Vegda
Dear Editor,
At first, I would want to thank your
team for addressing various issues
with equal importance. Talking about
issues, I want to tell you that
hawkers have really become a
nuisance in not just one area but the
whole city. They recklessly start their
business anywhere and no one stops
them from doing it. If the authorities
move them, they come back later. I
am glad to see how responsible
residents have started raising a voice
against them. We should all keep up
this good work.
Kabir Shah
Dear Editor,
I really love the quality of your
newspaper. I don't find this quality in
any other newspaper. The interest of
reading increases when we see such
good pictures and print quality.
Sameer Khan
Dear Editor,
Your newspaper has been working
towards a lot of social issues, which
is commendable. There are many
issues in every locality, which stay
unaddressed due to little attention
given to them. After your newspaper,
we see a lot of things changing.
People are aware about everything
happening around. In fact, your
approach towards local events is also
great as it motivates people to do
more good work and get coverage.
Thanks a lot for such a great
Chetna Jain
Dear Editor,
I am a regular reader of your
newspaper and your health section is
really great especially the 'Ask the
Doctor' section. Usually when
people have skin issues, they need to
consult a doctor and give fees for
that. But through your newspaper we
can simply ask our question and then
proceed to the doctor if required. It
won't just save money, but a lot of
time too.
Srishti Verma
Dear Editor,
I really love the quality of your
newspaper. I don't find this quality in
any other newspaper. The interest of
reading increases when we see such
good pictures and print quality.
Sameer Khan
Ask Our Expert
Fitness tips
for beginners
[email protected]
Skin Care Expert, Facial Aesthetic
Physician, Cosmetologist, Tricologist
98925 62634
Q. I have brown spots on my cheeks
but I have a fair skin which makes
them look odd. How to remove
them? - Urmila, 40
A. Dear Urmila, Its most likely
pigmentation caused by sun
exposure or u can also have
freckles on your face, need to see
your spots to make any diagnosis. If
it is a hyperpigmentation , Use
sunscreen every three hours and
use a lightening agent at night like
Ban A tan. I also use laser to
remove hyperpigmentation like a
q-swtched nd:yag laser or
Fractional laser .Regarding freckles
which appear as brown spots on
the sun exposed parts of the body
e,g face and chest etc on fair
skinned individuals. They can be
made lighter by sun avoidance and
using a skin lightening cream
containing one or more of the skin
lightening ingredients like kojic acid,
glycolic acid, hydroquinone etc.
Chemical peels can also make them
less visible . Strict sun avoidance by
using a broad spectrum sunscreen
through out the day is also
essential. Various other methods
that can be used for freckles are:
CO2 Laser, Radiofrequency cautery
as well as chemical cautery with TCA
Q. During Summer my hair get oily
everyday. What to do? - Diksha
Arya, 20
A. Dear Diksha Aarya, It is very
normal to have oil on scalp as every
hair follicle has a oil gland at the
base of it .This oil is the natural
conditioner which one has in body.
But there are times when this oil
secretion becomes more and causes
a problem,as in your case.
It would not be easy to reduce it
permanently as this is a very natural
phenomenon occurring in one's
If you have been your treating doc ,I
would advise you to wash your scalp
almost every day and not to use
any hair oil if in case you are using
any and start using shampoo ,
containing 2 % ketacenazole or
any other shampoo containing
salicylic acid in it .If this doesn't
work then you can even try one
containing cyclopiroxiolamine base.
Q. Because of wearing slippers, my
feet are totally tanned and now I am
not able to get rid of them. Chhaya, 19
A. Dear Chayya, You are right that
because of wearing slippers u have
got dark looking feet which is
because of sun damage and it has
given u tanning on your feet. Firstly i
would advice to stop wearing
slippers and use footwear which
covers your feet maximum, and also
start using sunscreen on your feet
about SPF 50 every time you move
out and also keep your feet
moisturised with good moisturizer
.Now regarding sun damage which
you can either use night cream
containing Hydroquinone or licoric
acid or can get the chemical peel
treatment done from the qualified
Gajendra Goswami
A perfect body tops the wish list of more than half the urban population, though
only a few posses the will to follow the quirky methods to do so. Whether it is
your slacking boredom, monotonous office routine or the gym being far away
from your apartment, whatever be your frivolous excuse for procrastinating
exercise and hitting the gym, drop them because only a few simple steps can
fulfil your desire to gain physical fitness.
It is mandatory to know your body-type before commencing any fitness
regime, as different exercise patterns are advised by professionals to different
body-types to achieve separate goals. For example, trainees seeking weight loss
follow a completely different set of exercises as compared to endurance training.
Fitness Trainers advice trainees to begin slowly to avoid unwanted strain. One
can start slowly with 2-3 days a week initially and gradually stretch it to 5 days a
week. Attaining physical fitness requires patience as much as your sweat and
“People come to me and demand 10 kg weight loss within days to get in
shape for a cousin's wedding or upcoming vacation, but they hardly understand
that weight loss doesn't necessarily implies they're fit,” confesses Dr. Salim
Deshmukh, a freelance gym trainer. “Losing body water, muscle, bone density
All about Pranic Healing
Shaili Madan
Alternative systems to bringing about a sense
of harmony and well-being in health have
increasingly been on a rise. However, this
week, Mumbai Messenger brings to you one
such unique method called 'Pranic Healing.'
This method is not just about healing, but
involves a lot more.
According to this system, our body is
composed of two parts; the visible physical
body and the visible energy body called the
bioplasmic body or aura. Pranic healing is
based on two laws: The law of self recovery, the
law of prana or life energy.
These laws are quite obvious but strangely they are the least noticed or least
remembered by most people. It is through these basic laws that rapid or
miraculous healing occurs. The healing process involves the manipulation of
the patient's chakras, ki (life energy) and aura. It has also been called medical
qigong (ki kung or ki healing), psychic healing, vitalic healing, therapeutic
touch, laying of the hand, magnetic healing, faith healing and charismatic
healing. Through the system, one not only learns how to feels or scan the aura,
but also determine which parts or which chakras may be affected. Accordingly,
one can treat the aura and chakras and heal many ailments. One can heal
oneself (self healing) and also heal people who are far away (distance healing).
According to an expert, Joshi, many ailments can be healed through Pranic
healing. Some of them are migraine arthritis, asthma, tuberculosis, respiratory
ailments, heart, liver, kidney, hypertension, eye defects, malignant tumour,
hepatitis, myoma, ovarian cyst, epilepsy, loss of voice and others. Some mental
and emotional disorders that can be healed are stress and tension, anxiety,
depression, phobias, trauma, grief, violent patients, compulsive behaviour to
name a few. It can also improve the concentration and memory, appetite,
growth of children, inter-personal relationship, to remove tensions from
married life and to maintain family health, unity, spirituality and prosperity.
Pranic healing also teaches Pranic Breathing. Just breathing right can make
all the difference in our lives. A few minutes of pranic breathing everyday can
help us in many ways – on the physical level we feel more relaxed, our heart
rate slows down, and our blood gets more oxygenated. At the energy level, our
aura and chakras are cleaned and energised, reducing tiredness and leaving us
feeling active. On the emotional and mental level, it leads to reduced stress, a
sense of inner peace and stillness of the mind.
Joshi elaborates, “Pranic healing is based on the principle of transference of
energy from a higher level to a lower level. This vital energy can be drawn from
air, sun earth or even the nature around the physical body of any living being.
The energy body and the physical body are closely interlinked. Any disease
first manifests on the energy body before it manifests in the physical body, a
phenomenon that has been proved scientifically. And since the chakra
corresponding to the affected organ is treated, the patient is healed.”
can equally affect your overall weight .In short, the term fitness is widely
misunderstood in India,” he claims with indefinite displeasure. It is recommended
to draft a schedule and train accordingly.
A lot of beginners report body ache after initial days, to which the co-owner of
Flux Fitness clubhouse, Prashant Shivalikar responds, “Our body follows a
simultaneous wear and tear process. Muscles break themselves in order to repair
and multiply which accelerates only after adequate rest and nutritious diet.
Therefore, fitness largely depends not only on exercise but a healthy diet as well.”
It won't be improper to state that physical fitness can only be attained by 100%
commitment to both physical exercise and adequate diet, he added.
It is important to mix your set of exercise to avoid boredom. Exercise
movements that require two or more muscle groups elicit better results. In order
to shed weight quickly, beginners are particularly prone to tensing up while
working out. Clenching your teeth and white-knuckle-gripping the bars only
waste energy, thus it is advised to relax the muscles not working, and focus on
the ones working. Staying loose – it saves energy, automatically yielding faster
results. Another useful task in order to save energy is to breathe regularly and
inhale deeply during the rest phase of an exercise. A powerful exhale can help
you generate more force and ability to do more work.
A fit body is a successful culmination of hard work, determination, persistency
and adequate planning. It needs time more than anything, and it is convenient to
keep things simple and real to achieve it. Fitness is congruent to happiness, which
can only be pursued with rigorous efforts. Beginners must find an inspiration that
would keep them determined to attain the desired fitness level. Remind yourself
that a fit body is the highway that leads to a healthy and happy life.
Osteoporosis means porous bone or bones that are weak and can fracture
easily. It is a disease in which the density & quality of bones is reduced.
Osteopenia is a stage of low bone mineral density that occurs before
osteoporosis. Having osteopenia means there is a greater risk that you may
develop osteoporosis.
Why should you worry about osteoporosis?
It reduces your functional capabilities, makes movement difficult and results
in lower back pain, hip dislocation, frequent fractures, reducing the quality of
Who can be at risk of developing osteoporosis?
• Females, especially post-menopausal
• elderly
• medications - steroids
• low calcium intake
• tobacco, smoking, alcohol, coffee use
• sedentary lifestyle
What kind of Nutrition is required for Healthy Bones?
Bone health is determined by mainly two essential factors; nutrition and
lifestyle. Protein, calcium, magnesium, vitamins D, A, K, zinc and
omega 3 are specific to bone health & should be consumed in adequate
recommended allowance.
What age does Osteoporosis occur?
The prevention of osteoporosis begins with optimal bone growth and
development in youth when, building bone density and mass is particularly
important. Bones naturally become thinner as people grow older, beginning
in middle age, existing bone cells are reabsorbed by the body faster than
new bone is made. Everyone begins losing bone mass after they reach
about 30 years of age. The thicker your bones are at about age 30, the
longer it takes to develop osteoporosis.
Are women more at risk for Osteoporosis?
Post-menopause because of less estrogen there is an increase loss of bone
mass. Thus, one needs to take appropriate amount of nutrients even before
Building Strong & Healthy Bones with HOMEOPATHY at Urjaa
Homoeopathic Centre
Homeopathic remedies can bring the body into better balance and help its
minerals & nutrients be used efficiently, thus helping to nourish, build &
maintain bone health. Remedies are also helpful for aching bones and
prevention or healing of fractures. At Urjaa Homeopathic Centre we aim to
understand the psychodynamics behind your illness. Carefully selected
Homeopathic remedies help heal not just your bones & joints, but also
restore a state of wellbeing. Dr.Urvashi S Guglani, Director at Urjaa is an MD
in Homeopathic Medicine. With her profound
professional knowledge & clinical experience she has
designed the treatment protocol focusing on
concerted efforts to provide the Integrated Approach
of Homeopathy & Nutritional.
For details call @ +91 9769283173 /
[email protected]
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REQUIRE teacher for kids activity
class @ Heera Panna Mall
Oshiwara, Andheri ( W ) Contact
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Experienced/Fresh graduates
Male/Female office Assistants,
telecallers, marketing executives,
freelance graphic designers .
Fluency in English Tel: 02240140603
WANTED Graphic Designer
who will be responsible for
creating newspaper pages for
an English Weekly
Publication. Send your Latest
CV and Portfolio to
[email protected]
“From Where I See”
launched on World Book Day
(L-R) DR.D.K.Giri, Gurinder Singh, Harish Narang, Dr. Ajay Yadav, GVG Krishnamurthy, Dr.Ashok Chakradhar,
Dr.Shakeel Ansari, Deepak Singh
MUMBAI: On April 24, author Ajay Yadav launched his new
book "From Where I See' on the occasion of 'World Book
Day.' The book was launched at the Constitution Club of
India, in the presence of Dr. GVG Krishnamurthy, former
election commissioner of India, Dr. Ashok Chakradhar renowned Hindi poet and writer, Dr. Gurinder Singh member Press Council of India, Deepak Singh - Editor of
Indian Observer and Cultural Ambassador of Seychelles,
Prof. Harish Narang - Retd Professor of JNU and member of
Sahitya Academy, and many other eminent personalities.
At the launch of the book, Dr. CVG Krishnamurthy (Chief
Guest of the Event) said, "Mr. Ajay Yadav has raised those
valid questions which come to every mind, but people
deliberately condone these to avoid furious confrontations
with the society. Consequently, the entire world is
experiencing divisions, conflicts, hatred and diabolical wars.
'From Where I See,' showcases the anxiety of a curious
mind and an unflinching crave to change the world with
rationalism and foresightedness. There are several
important issues which need immediate attention in the
society. Aren't we trying to change what is not possible and
ignoring what needs to be changed? With this aim, I made
an effort to understand the basic and evolving concept of
social norms, culture, religion and the institution of
marriage. This book is meant for those, who are open
minded, have courage to accept the truth and desires to
bring a change in this world.”
In 'From Where I See' Ajay Yadav mustered up courage
to talk about many sensitive issues pertaining to social
norms and religious dictums. The book instigates readers to
think about the prevailing social stigmas and religious
taboos which are mostly manmade, but guised in the garb
of religious and moral values.
Globus ProCon studio launched by
Raj Thackeray and Ritiesh Deshmukh
GUIDANCE About Health and
Fitness at Home. (By oil treatment,
Exercise Therapy, Relaxation
Techniques) Certify Masseur.
Contact : Mr. Khatri - 9819542412
ROLLER Skating Activity Classes
in Skating Club of Oshiwara
Lokhandwala. Swimming Classes,
Air Rifle Shooting. Contact :
77188 15386 - 87
(RS. 375/- ONLY)
MUMBAI: Globus ProCon is a business
advisory and consulting company
having presence worldwide. It is
known to provide varied services and
advises to foreign companies who are
willing to enter into Indian market in
the field of Finance, Technical, IT and
Manufacturing. This time Globus
ProCon has extended its arms into
international trading by becoming the
sole importer and distributor of a wide
range of premium products made in
Italy, Globus ProCon is proud to
launch Lapitec, Maistri and
MinottiCucine which are innovative in
their respective fields. Globus ProCon
is targeting cites like Mumbai, Delhi,
Bangalore and Hyderabad.
Ecstatic on the new studio launch
Akash Chavan, Executive Director,
Globus ProCon said, “We three
partners add something innovatively
constructive for our country, seeing
the way our Nation is evolving. We
plan to further serve as a platform
that will bring the architectural and
interior designers' community
together for knowledge share and
Vinay Shrivastava, Chairman, Globus
ProCon said, “After a lot of research
about latent industry needs and how
these needs could be addressed, we
could venture into an association with
these esteemed brands- Lapitec,
Maistri and Minotti. We are proud to
be their sole importers in India as we
shall be cutting across geographical,
logistical and service barriers.”
An elated Ritiesh Deshmukh said, “I
am really glad that Globus ProCon has
associated with international brands
like Lapitec, Maistri and Minotti. It has
become easy for me being an
architect myself. I wouldn't have to fly
all the way to Milan to source products
anymore- no custom issues plus, I can
have a touch and feel of all the
Anushka Sharma
May 1, 1988
Place: Ayodhya
Indian Film Actress
PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar
20): A sudden burst of
inspiration for a creative
project might keep you busy. You
will need information and
materials you don't have at home,
finding them might require a larger
expenditure of time, energy, and
money than you initially thought.
Don't give up on the idea. It's likely
to be a good one and you will want
to pursue it.
ARIES (March 21 to April
20): Too many people
may be vying for your
attention. You will want to make
them all happy, so you may feel a
little frazzled. Your temper might
also be on edge. It would be better
to put off the less urgent demands
than work yourself into a frenzy.
Those who matter would rather
have you enjoy life than tire
TAURUS (Apr 20 – May
20): Your love, generosity,
and sense of beauty are
heightened. If there's one thing
you need to do, it's go outside and
watch the sunset. The romantic,
creative, and beautiful side of all
things, including you, will resonate
strongly and create a lasting bond
with your inner core. Your sense of
self will be restored through tender
moments and sensual
GEMINI (May 21 – Jun
20) : Let your guard
down. Don't feel like you
need to perform for anyone.
Accept the notion that you're
perfect the way you are. You don't
have to prove your self-worth to
anyone. Let your heart expand and
your mind rest. Make sure the pure
glow within you is lighting the
path. Don't allow an artificial mask
to block the reality of your true
CANCER (Jun 21 – Jul
22): If you have no sense
of fear and restriction, it
may be hard for you to experience
joy and expansion. Incorporate the
good with the bad and let these
two powers settle harmoniously
within your being. Make the
preparations that will let you soar
to great heights. Make sure you're
ready to accept all the challenges
that come with growth.
LEO (Jul 23 – Aug 22):
Do something that
inspires the passion within
you. Don't be discouraged by
setbacks. Use discipline and
patience to set your dreams in
motion. The time has come to face
the music. Whatever you do, don't
shrink into the background and
expect others to take care of things
for you. The only one who acts in
your best interests is you.
VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sep
22)Take control of your
power. Strip any excess
baggage out of your life. Things
are coming to a critical climax. This
isn't a time to back down. If
anything, it's a time to push the
limits even further. Look to the
future with the same perspective
you had as a child. Rid yourself of
jaded thinking and a clouded mind.
LIBRA (Sep 23 – Oct
22):There's a powerful
force moving through
your life that can't be ignored any
longer. Adjustments may be
needed in order to take full
advantage of the energy in your
hand. You will find with a healthy
balance of restriction and
expansion that you can take the
reins. There's a great intensity that
will seep into every facet of your
SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov
21): This is the time
you've been waiting for.
Don't back down from the
intensity. You have the power to
get ahead in whatever it is you
wish to accomplish. You will find
your willpower and discipline. It's
time to grab the opportunities that
are presented to you. Take the
plunge toward a brighter future
and be confident of your success.
– Dec 21): Your quest for
t h e n e w a n d
unconventional, the latest
gadgets, and the best technology
may come into conflict with a
sobering force. New ways of doing
things may suddenly be
challenged by a more traditional
approach. Realize that the
opposition's strength may also be
its biggest downfall. It's time to do
away with the old and bring in the
Jan 19):For dreams to be
actualized, they must
have a vehicle through which they
could be manifested. Use the
incredible grounding force to
simultaneously expand your mind
and bring it down to Earth in a
realistic manner. Combine ancient
wisdom with practical planning to
help set a powerful wave in motion
for the future. You have all the
tools you need.
AQUARIUS (Jan 20 –
Feb 18) : You might feel
the urge to get unfinished
work done. You could suddenly be
in a frenzy to work quickly but
perhaps not as conscientiously as
you should. You may spend a lot of
time going through paperwork and
discarding what's outdated. It
might be a better idea to slow
down a little and look closely at
what you're doing.
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Sir gusse se: Kyun?
Student: “Ye Duniya… Ye
Duniya Pittal di.
India's first rocket was
brought on cycle and a satellite
on bullock cart. And despite
budgetary constraints, India's
space program is one of the top 5
space programs in the world.
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