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Repeated raids fail to deter lounge
owners, who explicitly flout norms
Owners operate fearlessly since
they are allegedly hand in glove with the local police
We have done our job of raiding the place. If it's still serving
hookah, we will be raid it again. – SS Branch official
While Fil Fil restaurant continues to serve hookah, the other
restaurant Heavens Dog, which was also reportedly raided,
has stopped serving the same.
Versova police officials deny having knowledge of any such
Mumbai Messenger Correspondent
VERSOVA : In a blatant defiance of official
ban, several hookah parlours continue to
operate with immunity all over Andheri West.
Even repeated raids by the Social Services
Branch (SSB) has failed to deter the parlour
owners who seem to be hand in glove with the
local police.
One such case is that of Fil-Fil, a bustling
hookah joint near Versova telephone
exchange, which was raided by the SSB on the
night of March 15. The SSB duly informed the
Versova Police Station about the raid.
However, the local police failed to take any
follow up action resulting in the parlour
resuming operations the very next day. When
contacted, the Versova police officials denied
having knowledge of any such raid, which was
disputed by the SSB, who stood by their
On the same night, the Mumbai Messenger
(MM) team was tipped off that Fil Fil was
allegedly serving hookah to customers. Two
MM reporters, in the guise of being
customers, visited the
joint at around 9pm, on
the pretext of wanting to
book the premises for a
party. The manager
wanted to know about
the person who referred
us and our reporters gave
the name. Even after that
the manager refused to
permit them entry into
the premises, observing
that the two were above the age of 35 years.
The premises was raided the same night by
the SS Branch.
When contacted the Versova Police Sub
Inspector Shailesh Pawar said, “We don't
have any such information. If the SS Branch
has conducted the raided, then they should
be giving required details.”
On the very next day when the Mumbai
Messenger team visited the place, five-six
youth were seen rushing out of the premises,
which was fully operational.
Faizan (18) who visits the place often said,
“I come here regularly. I didn't know hookah
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Molester taught a lesson
On March 18, 20-year-old Pradnya
Mandhare was molested at
Kandivli station by a drunken
person. Mandhare, a third-year
Bachelor of Mass Media student at
Sathaye College in Vile Parle, was
on her way home after attending
her lectures when the incident took
At Around 2.30pm she boarded a
local train from Vile Parle station
to return to her home in Borivli.
When the train reached Kandivli
station, there was an
announcement that it would arrive
at platform number 8 on Borivli
station. So she decided to get off
that train and board another one to
avoid making the long walk to the
western end of Borivli station.
While she was waiting at the
platform for another train, a visibly
drunk person came to her and
started touching her
inappropriately. When she tried to
avoid him, he grabbed her. She
was shocked for a second, but then
she started hitting him with her
bag. But no one from the crowded
station came to her aid.
Dragging him by the hair she
handed him over to the police. The
accused was a drug addict and was
also drunk when the incident took
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was banned. As per my knowledge, I thought that it's allowed.” Another
customer Ali Khan (18) said, “We come here regularly. The place has been
serving hookah since long, costing Rs350.”
On March 18, when two other reporters from our team went to Fil Fil
restaurant claiming that they wished to organise a party, they noticed that the
second floor had 20-25 people smoking hookah. There was a cloud of smoke
and the air was filled with the fragrance of hookah. The place was bustling with
people and activity, as if no such raid had taken place. They didn't ask for any
reference from our reporters, who were in their 20s.
An official from the SS Branch office said, “We have done our job of raiding
the place. If it's still serving hookah, we will be raid it again.”
Rotary Club celebrates
13th Anniversary
One more arrested for
plotting multiple crimes
On March 16 the Anti-Extortion
Cell (AEC) of the Mumbai Police
Crime Branch made one more
arrest in connection with the
alleged plot to commit three
crimes in Thane district, including
the murder of two influential
people. The accused, who was
allegedly in direct touch with the
wanted fugitive who sanctioned
the killings, is also suspected to
have played a similar role in an
earlier plot to kill a Dombivlibased politician, which was also
busted by the Anti Extortion Cell
last month. The three accused from
Bhandup were allegedly paid Rs.2
lakh and were promised more
money in exchange for killing a
Dombivli-based politician and an
Ulhasnagar-based builder, as well
as for firing bullets at the office of
a construction company in
passing by the crossroad can stop hundreds of people but a RED LIGHT
on the traffic signal has failed to do that for a long time.
Violating traffic norms is a common sight. People are seen zooming by
with their cars and bikes even if the traffic signal turns red. Whereas,
when they see a black cat crossing their path, they stop. It would have
been better if people become a bit practical and would follow the traffic
rules, so that there are less accidents and traffic jams.
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Commuters get new lifeline!
Kritika Sharma
Mumbai police gets new
Crime Branch Chief
On March 18, the state home
department appointed a new
Mumbai Crime Branch Chief.
While Inspector General (IG) Atul
Kulkarni who until March 17 was
in-charge of Establishment in the
office of Maharashtra Director
General of Police (DGP), was
appointed as the Joint
Commissioner of Police (Crime),
Mumbai; the Additional Director
General (ADG), State Reserve
Police Force (SRPF), Param Bir
Singh was appointed as the
Commissioner of Police, Thane.
Kulkarni, who hails from Solapur
and is an IPS officer from the 1990
batch, has served for 11 years in
the Intelligence Bureau (IB) in
Delhi and Arunachal Pradesh.
Kritika Sharma
On March 15, the members of the Rotary Club celebrated their 13th
Anniversary at The Club, DN Nagar. The president of Rotary Club felicitated all
the supporters and senior members during the occasion.
They also explained their upcoming event 'Cyclothon' in collaboration with
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, which is going to held on 5th April, 2015
in Lokhandwala. The event is supported by Celebration Sports Club and Swami
Samartha Nagar Vyapari Mandal. The cycle partners are Firefox and Trek with
the official media partner Mumbai Messenger – The Local Weekly Newspaper.
The holiday partner Club Mahindra will offer free stay to few winners of the
The Cyclothon aims at spreading awareness among the masses about
Congenital Heart Defect and also raise funds for operating underprivileged
children who are going through this.
The new Bombardier rakes have
started moving on the Western
Railway (WR) tracks from today,
after Indian Railways approved it on
March 16.
The first train started running at
11.30am from Churchgate on
March 18. Authorities are planning
to run these two trains on the slow
line for the first three months. They
will run at 70 kmph on the slow lines
between Churchgate and Borivli, at
80 kmph on the fast lines on the
same stretch, and on the BorivliVirar-Dahanu patch at speeds up to
105 kmph.
The trains are much more
spacious then the previous ones and
are also comfortable to travel in.
The stainless steel coaches have
straight sidewalls. It also has roofmounted forced ventilation to pump
in 16,000 cubic metres of fresh air
per hour into the train. It will
regenerate 35% of electrical energy
during braking. The new train has
Automatic Drop Device and Over-
reach Detection to prevent damage
to overhead wires due to entangling
of pantograph.
A commuter said, “I love the
space in the train because usually
this is the main problem in local
trains. Seats are little uncomfortable
because people cannot adjust as it is
made in the form of a chair.”
Another said “I love the new train;
it's upgrade after a long time.”
Though appealing to the eyes,
the train needs few changes from the
security point of view. One of the
recommendations made by the
Commissioner of Railway Safety
(CRS) is the need for a comotorman in the new trains,
something that motor men have
been demanding since 2012. CRS
letter to the railways stated that a comotorman should be present in the
driving cabin to inform the
motorman about signals.
The letter also said that signals
between Churchgate and Dahanu
Road are, on an average, 400 meters
Tempers run
high at Andheri
Safety issues
hound Andheri
Kritika Sharma
After society members complaint against alleged nuisance; family has them put behind bars.
Family threatens youth in the society; brings goons to beat them up
Shrutika Sukhi
they claim that the Patil family was
already present and had instead filed
a complaint against the boys. After
FOUR BUNGALOWS: Since a long
sometime Mangla Patil took back her
time, the Sidhdurg Darshan Society
complain but her son Deepak
at Four Bungalows has been living
threatened the boys that he would
under the threat of one family
beat them up by entering their
residing in the society. The society
members and the family have been
at loggerheads and have been
On February 28, the society boys
blaming each other for the
were sitting in the compound when
consequent nuisance. While the
20-25 goons entered the society and
family is annoyed by the youth that
started beating the boys. The
play volleyball in the society, the
worried parents and other members
society members can't bear the
called the police for help, and
constant threats and the abuses by
narrated the entire incident to them,
the family.
who asked the members to file a
complaint. But when they reached
The residents of society allege
the police station they saw that
that the lady of the house Mangla
Mangla Patil and her sons Deepal and
Patil had brought a few goons to beat
Ashwin were already present there,
up the society boys, to stop them
who had again filed a complaint
from playing the area. She later went
against the society boys.
to the police station and complained
that the area boys hit her and filed a
When the society members said
complaint against them. Since one
that they also want to lodge a
month, Mangla Patil and her two
complaint against the Patils, the
sons have allegedly been torturing
police said that the Patil family's
and threatening the youth. On 27th
complaint would be filed first. The
February, at around 10pm, the boys
police requested the society
were allegedly beaten up by the
members to wait at the police
Patils. Tired of all this, the society
station. However, instead of filing
members went to DN Nagar police
their complaint, the police detained
station to file a complaint against
Radhesham Kanojia, Yogesh Thakur,
them, but as soon as they reached,
Rohit Kanojiya, Govind Telkr, Nitin
Borod and released
them next day
When contacted,
Mangla Patil claimed
that on 6th March,
while she was
passing the building
she told the boys to
stop playing
volleyball, after
which they started
abusing her and one
of them allegedly hit
her. She then went
The allegedly harassed society residents.
to the Municipality
Mangla Patil
hospital for treatment as half her
face was swollen. She said, “I've
been tolerating their nonsense since
a long time now and this wasn't the
first time that they have hit me, so I
went to the police and filed a case
against them.”
Deepak Khandekar, Registrar, the
owner of the society said, “I haven't
got any complaints from the society
members. If the society has any
personal issues, they should solve it
themselves or consult the police. We
don't interfere in their matters.”
Apparently, it is said that Mangla
Patil has been doing all this because
she wants the control of the society,
which she is not being given.
Senior Police inspector of
D.N.Nagar police station Dhanaji
Nalawade said, “The duty officer
should have taken the complaint. But
when they refused, the members
should have spoken to me about it. I
will see to it that the complaint is filed
and I will personally talk to both the
parties and will try to solve this
ANDHERI: On 14th March, two organizations, Safecity and Badal Ja took
on to the streets of Andheri West with a team of 20 members with a motive
of identifying key civic and safety issues in the area.
Each volunteer was put in groups which roamed around 10 streets in the
area with an audit print sheet which had to be filled during the walk. They
interviewed people on the way about missing street infrastructure and the
sexual offences committed within those 10 streets alone. “If you go out in
the night, you will see that the street lights are only on the center of the
road, so, on the far end, the light doesn't shine through. So when you walk
on that side, it gives a feeling that somebody could be stalking you and you
might be in danger” said Elsamarie D' Silva, managing director of Safecity.
During the walk, all volunteers engaged with the people and tried to
find out how safe they felt in the area and they discovered some serious
issues. “A resident near the Rajiv Gandhi Institute says that while she was
out on her evening walk, she noticed a man who though, was dressed
decently, was masturbating in the open. In fact, two old men were also
sitting there but didn't do anything” said Elsa. It's not only about the
evening or night but in the afternoon also many people complain that they
have seen people masturbating in the open. In fact, a girl said that it might
seem like mental harassment to others but it is a kind of sexual harassment
to her when she watches a strange man in front of her masturbating.
“While walking towards Banana Leaf, near Urban Tadka restaurant,
there is a footpath where flower pots are kept and then there are cars
parked which covers half the road. Now where are people supposed to
walk?” she said. Many also reported about innumerable chain snatching
cases that they have been victims of. According to people, chain snatching
cases happen every day in the area because no one is here to look out for
their safety.
There was a girl among the volunteers who found 10 non-functional
street lights towards Aaram Nagar. She then complained to the BMC about
it which took almost 30 minutes because the BMC didn't know who would
deal with the problem. Finally they managed to find the concerned
company and got those street lights repaired within 24 hours. While doing
a check on people about how many of them know that the BMC has a
helpline no. 1619 to report any civic issue, volunteers found out that none
of them were aware about it. “People always want someone else to fix their
issues. No one ever wants to do it on their own.”
Mrs. Elsa also insists everyone that if they face any sort of abuse and
harassment in public then they should contact 'Safecity' and leave the rest
on them.
National Immunization Day was first observed on 16th March 1995 when
the first dose of Oral Polio Vaccine was administered. The observance of
National Immunization Day is an attempt to enhance awareness for the
eradication of polio from planet earth. Every year on this day, millions of
children are immunized with the polio vaccine. Sikkim and Manipur has
100% vaccination coverage
The spot dug by telecom companies, lies unattended since one year.
Kritika Sharma
ANDHERI: Since nearly one year,
telecom companies like Reliance and
Vodafone have dug up the entire
ward no.59 of Andheri West, which is
under Corporator Vanita Marucha's
jurisdiction. Most dug up roads have
been left unrepaired, due to which
residents from Seven Bungalows,
Four Bungalows and Versova are
facing severe issues.
On 11th March, the residents
from the mentioned areas, gathered
near the Seven Bungalows junction
along with the Corporator, to
complaint against the BMC and vent
out their concern. Vanita Marucha
said, “Being a corporator, I have been
repeatedly complaining to the BMC
but there has been no response. The
Assistant Engineers of BMC like Borse
and Mistri are totally ignoring this
issue. In fact, the ward officer Parag
Masurkar refuses to take any action.”
When this correspondent
contacted officials like Borse, Mistri
and Masurkar, none of them gave an
explanation as to why the issue was
being ignored. Vanita Marucha tried
to call Sub Engineer Hiren Gandhi
and Junior Engineer Tanmay
Dangurde, to the spot, but only
Dangurde appeared. She
complained, “Gandhi never listens to
any of my grievances and even after
calling him repeatedly today, he has
failed to show up.” On contacting
Gandhi, he told this correspondent,
“I am not interested in replying to
this issue.”
The residents that had gathered,
showed the junior engineer an open
drainage, to which he replied, “I have
been working on this and I assure
you to complete it in 24 hours.” He
kept his words and completed it in
the promised time.
The digging has not just taken
place in one area, but every road and
every junction is dug up. Gorakh
Parar, a resident of Seven Bungalows
said, “These places are dug since
nearly 12 months and no one has
bothered to repair it. These telecom
companies had given contracts to the
BMC and as usual, they started the
work, but failed to complete it.” A
resident of Versova, Jay Prakash
Mandal said, “The BMC has earned a
repute of being useless and jobless.
They have done no work in our area
and even if they have, it is
incomplete. The monsoon is going to
begin and these roads will be a huge
issue then.
The road from Fisheries Institute
Road to Yari Road, Versova Link
Road, Joseph Patel Vadi, Flower Chal,
Sunder Vadi, Panchvati Marg, near
BMC Colony and Amarnath Road
have been dug up in some place or
the other and have been left
Manoj, a resident said, “There is a
I wonder when is this going
to stop. The BMC doesn't
even listen to our
corporator. Then where do
we citizens stand?
Suicide: A rising worry?
Shrutika Sukhi
ANDHERI: Eight suicides in two
months in the sprawling suburb of
Andheri have shaken its very
foundation. It is not the first time that
Andheri has witnessed such incidents.
There have been so many cases of
suicides involving the rich and the
poor. The social insecurity, high
expectations, insufficient incomes and
depression drives the gullible to
desperation, resulting in unfortunate
Andheri has been witnessing
innumerable suicide cases since
February, especially among the
working class. The reasons have been
different for all – from depression or
relationship issues to financial
Psychologist Kanan says, “Today's
world is of dual responsibilities,
wherein you have key role and
responsibilities at home also as well as
at work. An individually gets lost in
fulfilling the roles. There are various
reasons for suicides, it can be due to
shame or guilty or could even be due
to lack of self-love. She also
suggested that there should be some
subjects in schools and colleges
regarding the different phases of life,
wherein pupils are made aware of the
challenges and hurdles they are going
to face. Even organizations should
start such programs for their
employees and the media should also
Subhash Vele, Senior Police
Inspector, Oshiwara
bring awareness.
Seeing so many suicides in recent
years Senior Police Inspector Subhash
Vele said, “There have always been
suicides reported. Its not like they
have been reported more now.
Nowadays due to the media coverage,
more cases get revealed and Andheri
being a high profile area, it is given
more importance. Even the social
media has played a crucial role in this;
it takes minutes for a news to spread.
The suicides in slums are not really
reported so people feel that there has
been increase in the number of
Somnath Pal (20)
Bharti (25)
Shikha (45)
Manoj Patel (50)
-------Feb 21
-----------------(Mental Stress)
Neelam Singh (21)
(bhojpuri singer
Pawan Singh's wife)
March 8
(reasons unknown)
Karthika Devan (22)
March 13
(reasons unknown)
jumped from
Amit Subhash Kidwani (34)
March 13
due to loss in business
jumped from
Anmol Chandan (22)
March 15
domestic dispute
with wife
jumped from
19th floor
Pramod Torane,
Resident, Seven Bungalows
school, college and hospital in these
areas where little children, women
and aged people face problems. In
fact, there is a lot of traffic
congestion since the corners of these
roads have been dug up. Footpaths
are also totally broken and due to
this, people have to walk on road and
risk their lives. Out of all the roads of
this ward, 60% roads are half
Finally, the BMC plants new saplings
Kritika Sharma
D N NAGAR: The BMC has finally approved a tree for-a-tree programme.
With residents hassled by the number of diseased trees being cut in the area; the
civic body will now plant new trees at the same place where a bug-affected tree
has been uprooted. The authorities were chopping the trees at the DN Nagar
stretch and this week, they have started planting saplings.
In a recent survey by the BMC, of the city's 4,000 rain trees, as many as 700
have been affected by bugs, which eat the leaves and weaken the trunk,
eventually killing it. The people around say that 300 of the affected trees have
been cured, while 240 have been lost.
Recently, the residents of DN Nagar, where around 15 trees have been cut,
came together and proposed to the BMC that it should replace the dead trees.
Sahil Dutt, a local resident said, “We were really upset with the tree being
uprooted but now the tree for a tree program seems like the only hope.”
The BMC planted the first set of 15 saplings at New Link Road and DN
Nagar on 14th March.
Women's Day
Kritika Sharma
Gurpreet Kaur Chadha, the vice president of Mahilla Congress Committee
interacting with all the women present at the event.
OSHIWARA: The Mumbai Regional
Mahila Congress Committee
celebrated Women's Day on 15th
March at HVPS banquet hall,
Oshiwara. A huge function was
organized to felicitate the women of
Andheri West where prominent
members of the Congress party were
present like ex-MLA Baldev Khosa,
Ward 59 corporator Vanita Marucha
and Gurpreet Kaur Chadha, the vice
president of Mumbai Regional Mahila
Congress Committee.
Gurpreet Chadha felicitated all the
women by making them feel
extremely special and superior. She
even made everyone in the banquet
hall cheer for themselves. She said,
“We have gathered here to make all
you women feel special and beautiful
about yourselves. All of us feel great
while watching you sitting there with
such beautiful faces.”
Around 300 women were present
from different areas of Andheri who
received various gifts and
refreshments, bringing a smile on
their faces. Pushpa Singh from the
audience said, “I am here because my
neighbours told me that we will be
getting a lot of gifts.”
In the event, all the members of
the committee gave a speech on how
Ex- MLA, Baldev Khosa was welcomed by all the ladies with a huge round
of applauds.
they have developed the whole area
and also about how they keep doing
different activities for women's
welfare. A member, Nimmi said, “If
you take a look around Andheri, you
will see that all good activities are
being undertaken by only us, even
though we do not hail from the ruling
party.” The event was all about
making women feel great and draw
them towards the Congress party.
share your views & information with us
[email protected]
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High on Music
Roshan Mansukhani is a DJ since many years and has been working towards the
rehabilitation of youngsters through his music. Recently he has collaborated with
the Anti-Narcotics squad for a drug free drive in the city.
Kritika Sharma takes a sneak peek into his musical life...
When did you get involved in music at
I was in Jamaica until my college days and
then I moved back to India in 1996. Music has
always been my passion. Earlier I used to play
music for one hour every day just for myself
because that gives me immense satisfaction, as
I am enthusiast. Then I got the idea of starting
a music class in Mumbai and I would have also
been the first to run a DJ school 9 years ago. I
now have nine commandments of music,
scripted by me, which work positively in any
aspect of life.
How did you begin rehabilitating
addicts through music?
I planned to open a DJ school but I wasn't
excited about it at all because I wanted a
certain kind of a high or a feel that when I am
teaching someone, something positive should
unfold. I already have an event management
company and I have slowed down its activities
since I want to create more awareness towards
the field of music. Then I started teaching
music and disciplining people, by involving
them in a hobby.
When did the idea occur?
It was eight months back when I started
teaching music. The idea of involving the youth
into this and helping them just came by itself.
The concept just took off with time.
How do you reach out to people?
I have taken my concept of teaching music
from complex to complex. I go everywhere and
talk about music, about the pros and the cons
of today's technology. I explain to them the
importance of pursuing a hobby, and making it
a part of their daily lives, since it acts as a stress
buster. Now I also have students as far as
Panvel. One doesn't need to be a drug addict to
come to me; it can also be way before you get
into any addiction.
How does your music help people?
I work on the old school thought of what
goes around, comes around. So when I teach, I
teach all the genres so that one should know
everything. I challenge people,which everyone
appreciates. One starts accomplishing what
they enjoy which leaves no time for people to
indulge in chemicals and drugs because music
is already doing them so much good. Basically,
a drug only gives you high for around 1 hour, you
forget everything but once you come back to
reality after that, things are even worse. In the
case of music, it takes you on such a high that
even after you finish playing; the tunes are still
playing in your mind, giving a positive high, with
no adverse affect. I talk to addicts about their
symptoms and even ask them if they really need
such a thing in life. A person indulges in such
things only when something is troubling him or
her. A person has 10 fingers on hand, 10 toes on
the feet, so if you can count your problems on
your fingers then you can also get out of them as
easily! All you need is a drive and that drive one
can channelize through the medium of music.
Tell us something about your students...
First of all, I don't wait for batches to start. Till
date, I have taught 22 children. I am very slow
with teaching process, and I give a lot of gyaan,
which students look forward to. I have not limited
the age to learn music. I have had students right
from the age of 14 years to a recent 52-year-old
lady, who came to me because she wanted to
pursue a hobby. I even call her my youngest
student because of the kind of passion she has
for music. I don't teach kids at all because
according to me, you need to be mentally stable
first to be able to understand such deep thoughts
behind music.
What is your aim in life?
I just want to teach music my whole life and
spread its knowledge as far as I can. My vision is
to create a community of musicians, and that will
be achieved, I am sure.
LAW DENIES BAHU'S RIGHTS “Women in the area
Recently the Supreme Court passed a judgment wherein a daughter-in-law has no right on the
property owned by her in-laws. Here is what the people of Andheri had to say about the same...
If she is married to me then
she holds an equal right on my
parent's property. She is a part
of family then why keep her
away from any right that her
husband has?
Ajay Sawant, 29 years
I being a woman, do a lot for
my kids and my in laws too
then why should I be kept away
from the property rights? If I go
out and earn I will not be able
to take care of my family. There
needs to be a way for me to be
financially secure.
Wahida, 28 years
I think the Supreme Court has
done the right thing. A girl
should be independent enough
to earn on her own and never
think about their in-law's
property. Every girl should
have her own financial stability.
The parent's property will be
that of her son and a wife has
all the right on her husband and
his valuables. If a girl is married
to the man then it indirectly
becomes her right to the
Pappu Bhai, 45 years
I belong to a middle class
family and we don't have any
sort of property. This judgment
will make no difference to
people like us. It is all about
the rich, not us.
Shyam, 28 years
A girl must have all the right to
her in-law's property. She is
married to the man who is
their son. Then why is she
being kept away?
Vijay K Yadav, 28 years
If she is a member of the
family, living in the same house
and taking care of everyone,
then why should she have no
right over property?
Vishal Singh, 26 years
Jyotsana Dighe, the corporator of K-West ward no. 55, shoulders
responsibilities in Lokhandwala, Shastri Nagar, Millat Nagar, Samartha Nagar
and Yamuna Nagar areas. Besides, she has also been part of the Standing
committee for 5 years and education committee for 8 years. She is now the
member of improvement committee and also the President of Mahila
Committee North West District.
She has had a great past in the field of politics as each time she fought an
election, the results have been exemplary. Dighe doesn't hold any family
background in politics; it was just her good work for the society that led her to
it. She says, “I have been doing a lot for the women in society and this is one of
the major reasons that led to my victory. In fact, the women in the area love me
a lot.”
Even though she did not hail from a very rich family, her entry into politics
has brought about an improvement in her standard of living. She holds
movable assets worth Rs.11, 97,000 and immovable assets such as land,
buildings and house or apartments worth Rs.1, 00, 00,000. It is her dedication
towards the society that has made her this successful. She has three daughters
who are settled in foreign countries like Australia, Singapore and Dubai
Last year, she had around 5990 civic complaints by the citizens. 18461
crimes were reported in her area in the year 2013-2014. In the year 2015, many
people complained against her regarding many issues like pigeon feeding at
Lokhandwala, abandoned health dispensary in Samartha Nagar to name a few,
which she has somehow tried to resolve.
It's fine to keep the girl away
from any right to her in-law's
property. But what after her
husband dies? Who will get the
property? Will she be left with
nothing then too?
Vijay Ahire, 37 years
If the girl is well to do, then she
should have no rights on her inlaw's property but if she is not
financially stable, then she
should be given the right to
Till the time the girl is serving
the family of a man, she must
have all the right but from the
very day she gets divorced or
leaves the family, she mustn't
have any such right.
Why is the girl kept away from
the right to property of her
husband's parents? She must
have all the right.
Kritika Sharma
Rajesh Tiwari, 32 years
I, being the mother of two
daughters feel that they should
have all the rights to her inlaw's property. I don't why
such a judgment has been
Mubarak, 60 years
Gaurav Jhanwar
I feel that a girl should have all
the right on the property of her
in-laws. She has left her home
and has come to another family,
then why should she have no
right in their property.
Raghuvir Thakur, 44 years
What kind of nonsense is this? I
mean, if the daughter-in-law is
taking care of your family then
why will you keep her away
from the property?
Jyotsana Dighe
Bashir, 44 years
Younus, 45 years
Mrs. George, 69 years
love me a lot”
Congress Corporator for K – W ward,
Dear Madam,
I would like to bring to your notice the plight of the pedestrians and
residents of Shastri Nagar and Sundervan Complex near Four Bungalows –
Lokhandwala Road. As it might have gone unnoticed by your eyes that the
footpath after Versova Telephone Exchange on the way to Lokhandwala Circle
has been encroached upon by slum dwellers rather they are not even slums
but actually people living on the footpaths of your Ward and forcing the
pedestrians to walk on the road.
The problem has only increased over the past years and now it is
also been encroached upon by Bullock Carts covered with Photos and idols of
Hindu Gods and Goddesses. These carts are parked on the road, further
compelling the pedestrians to walk alongside moving vehicles.
This problem is creating a huge traffic problem and also is a threat
to life of people leaving apart the fact that it also has led to an increase in the
incidents of chain snatching in the area since the pedestrian is practically in the
middle of the road trying to reach his destination.
By this Letter I hope you to address the problem of thousands of
people accessing the stretch on a daily basis and fulfill your duty as the area
Ajeet, 26 years
I earn for my kids and if I have
a property and my son wants to
give it to his wife or children
then he can. I have no issues.
Let Supreme Court do anything
they want.
Nawab, 50 years
It is such a stupid judgment. I
really want to tell the Court that
if the daughter-in-law doesn't
have the right, then you come
and take away all the property.
Zalaluddin, 62 years
According to law, a daughter-in-law has all the rights to her husband's belongings. So indirectly,
she has all the right to her in-law's property as well, because her husband inherit that will
eventually. A girl should not be given any right on the in-law's property instantly after marriage
but yes once she has served the family for a while like 20-30 years, then she must also hold a
share in the property. So, in my opinion the Supreme Court has done the right thing.
P.K Bone, 71 years, Senior Journalist in a Marathi Daily
Rohit Kamra
A 101, Panchdhara building
Off Yari Road,
Here is a chance for all our readers to have their grievances regarding the
area heard and answered by our local Corporators. All you have to do is
write in to us and we assure answers to your queries/concerns.
You can email us at: [email protected]
Pathway to your career
Shrutika Sukhi
Students who are out of schools and colleges are
perpetually in a dilemma and so are the parents about what
career path should they choose. Most don't consult a career
counsellor and the guidance they get online is either
incomplete or limited. With so many options to choose
from, Shrutika Sukhi talks to Shaheen Khan, Director of
CEDP Vocational Institute (Council of Education and
Development Programmes Pvt Ltd) to help students make
an informed choice...
Post the 12th standard, what are the career
choices for students from Science, Commerce and
Arts fields?
Students from Science, Commerce and Arts can opt for
any diploma or certificate courses. The courses are
Paramedical, in which Pathology is a good option. Nursing
Assistant course is in demand and has a 100% job
guarantee. Diploma in Ophthalmic technology is one in
which the person can work with doctors - someone who
wants to pursue a career in medical and later can even opt
for a bachelor's degree. They are paid well, with salaries
ranging from Rs.25000 – Rs.30,000. There are even
technician courses. For students who have studied
Commerce, they can pursue a career in Human Resource
(HR). They can work in a consultancy or in an MNC or can
start their own organisation. They can do a Diploma in
Hotel Management wherein the students work in Five-star
hotels and can further do a BA degree in Hotel
Management. There is even an MBA in hospitality. They can
even do financial accounting, as many companies need
Which are the trending careers for students?
Aviation is now picking up and is in a lot of demand. One
can do a Diploma or a certificate course in the same. They
can further do an MBA in Hospitality. Industrial Safety is
another booming career. As per the Supreme Court Act,
everyone should comply with industrial norms and have an
emergency planning. All units have such openings, be it
industries, hotels, hospitals or high-rise buildings. They can
be a security manager, construction field supervisor, etc.
They can earn anywhere around Rs.30,000-Rs.40,000.
Online Marketing is also in demand, as every company
wants their own online marketing these days. But since
they don't get the time to do it themselves, they outsource.
Solar Power Making industry will be a boom in the next 5
years. The Government is also having a new ministry, which
is into renewable energy. So there are lot of opportunities
and subsidies. People can start their own business.
Ayurvedic courses are ignored but there is a lot of scope in
it. It has Panchkarma, which is a one-year course. People
can start their own wellness clinics. Cosmetology will also
help make cosmetic products through Ayurveda.
Which are the not-so-known career options?
The Government has started Bachelors in Vocational
Training, which very few people are aware of. The
government says that as per the AICT norm, if you
complete a certificate course which is at the A level, level
one and two then post that you can work in the industry.
The working hours will be converted into points, which are
considered as the hours of learning. Post that the student
can again sit for another level, then the certificate which will
be received will be equivalent to 12th. There are such
certificates in Photography and in Automobile Technician or
Automobile Vehicle Testing. The 5 years of training in the
industry will be certified as a B-vocational and will be
specialised as automobile testing technician. The students
HSC students are finally relieved that
their exams are over and they can
spend some leisure time. They won't
be forced to sit with their books to
study. This is a time for them to get
out of their house and enjoy the
freedom (as they call it). From
roaming with friends the entire day to
taking short trips, it's their 'free' time!
Digging deeper, Mumbai Messenger
discovered that from visiting places
that are a drive away, to travelling the
long way, a lot is on their itinerary.
Students have packed their bags and
are all set to enjoy.
A student Prakash Dedhia said,
“I'm going with my gang of guys to
Goa. We were so looking forward to
this trip. We had actually planned to
The dilemma begins
Shaili Madan
can further work in workshops or start their own business.
They can earn from Rs. 3 lakh to Rs.50 crore.
What is the scope for students who opt for
B.Com and BA?
There is a limited scope for such students. They have to
go into Finance, MBA or management related work, or
secretarial work. Later they have to do some specialisation.
The students need to have multiple skills. They should be
good in compute, should have leadership qualities, or
communication should be very good.
What should be the role of schools and colleges
in a student's life in shaping their career?
They should have a special unit in schools or colleges.
They should be given basic knowledge of all courses. The
problem is that the students are shown no pathways.
Everyone is clueless about the various courses. They want
to follow their peers, they want to follow careers that are
glamorous. But they don't want to follow career oriented
How many consult a career counsellor to take
such decisions?
Very few come as there is cost involved in counselling
and nobody wants to spend on that. Instead, they ask their
peers and do what they are doing.
When should one start planning his/her future?
A student should start planning their future by the 10th
grade. This is because they can have some vision for their
future, otherwise till the 12th, it is difficult for students to
take a decision. I know some people who are 30 years old,
but are still clueless about a career. They don't take their
career seriously when they are young, as that time they just
want to earn due to which they don't have any job
satisfaction. Career choices should be made at the right
Finally, students can let loose
Shrutika Sukhi
go after our SSC exams, but our
parents didn't allow us. But now, there
is no stopping. It's going to be one big
Students have not only made plans
with their friends but some are
evening going with their families. Few
have even opted for solo trips through
travel agents and are looking forward
to spending some time alone or with
strangers, trying to win new friends.
Rishabh Rawat, who loves to
spend time with his family said, “It has
been a long time that I have spent any
quality time with my family. So we
have a big trip planned to Nainital, my
favourite city.”
There are others who choose to
stay put. Akshita Sharma, “I'm not
allowed to travel out of town. My
parents are too protective about me.
Though I wish I could join my friends,
I won't be able to do so. So till the
time my friends return, I will spend my
time reading books and watching
television.” The students' schedules
are tight and they have filled their
vacation dates with some exciting and
fun loving plans.
It's that time of the year again when
parents are busy deciding on the
board for their children – one that is
the best for them. This indeed is a
harrowing experience
for most parents – a
decision that is going to
lay the foundation of
their child's growth and
affect his overall
development in the
years to come.Many
parents are confused
with which board to
choose. There are namely four
common boards like the CBSE
(Central Board of Secondary
Education), ICSE (Indian
Certificate is Secondary Education),
IB (International Baccalaureate)
and the SSC (State Boards). A
common misconception is that
CBSE and ICSE are both education
boards similar to SSC boards of the
state government. CBSE is an
education board but ICSE is the
certificate offered after completion
of the course and it is not a board.
Still ICSE board is commonly used
to mention this course. Here are
details of various boards by
Educator L. Dhir, helping parents
make a more informed choice:
SSC (Secondary School
Certificate): SSC is a public
examination taken by students in
Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh,
Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Goa in
India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan,
after successfully completing at
least ten years of schooling. It is
followed by Higher Secondary
(School) Certificate (HSC). SSC is
an equivalent to GCSE in the
State Boards are comparatively
limited in the content and subjects
as compared to other boards. The
syllabus is easier and hence less
stressful to the students. These
schools being state centric are
excellent for parents planning to
stay in the same state for life. The
State language is compulsory. As
the concepts are generally lagging,
the kids have to be given external
coaching, if planning for IIT, CAT
and other competitive exams.
CBSE (Central Board of
Secondary Education): Known as
the CBSE board, it prepares the
syllabus for students up to Class 12.
The curriculum is set by National
Council of Educational Research
and Training (NCERT). The board
conducts India's two nation-wide
board examinations: the All India
Secondary School Examination for
Class 10 and the All India Senior
School Certificate Examination for
Class 12.Many schools are affiliated
to CBSE syllabus. All major cities
have CBSE schools, hence easy to
move around in the country. This
board prepares kids for competitive
exams like the IIT, CAT, IIM and all
entrance exams which are held at
national level and it gives better
chances for appearing for Armed
Forces Exams, NDA,
IAS, IFS, IPS.etc. The
schools also focus a lot
on extracurricular
activities Most of which
are compulsory thus
assuring an overall
growth of the child. One
disadvantage is the
length of the syllabus. It
has vast syllabus.
ICSE (Indian Certificate for
Secondary Education): This was
established by the University of
Cambridge Local Examinations
Syndicate. The council conducts an
all India exam for Class 10 called
ICSE (Indian Certificate for
Secondary Education) and for class
12 called the Indian School
Certificate (ISC).
The ICSE board follows the
basic strengthening syllabus. The
introduction is repeated and then
quadratic equations are handled.
Even questions are based on the
basics. This makes the basics of the
topic very strong. This helps the
student build a lot of confidence
when higher studies are involved.
As his basics are very strong, half
the job is done. There is lot of focus
on language and literature. So good
for kids wanting to make a career
which involves writing, reading,
talking, debating, arguing,
surveying, historians, geologist etc.
This board is also good for
competitive exams like IIT, IIM,
CAT, All India entrance exams, but
needs extra time and coaching.
Even Armed forces exams can be
appeared after this board. ICSE
syllabus is particularly important for
students who prefer higher
education abroad. Exams like GRE,
TOEFL and GMAT have a lot of
verbal ability testing. Its also
excellent for those who are
migrating from abroad as the
curriculum is close to international
board. One important distinguishing
feature in ICSE syllabus is the
importance given to projects.
IB Board: This board is
excellent for kids whose parents are
globetrotters as it enables kids to get
admission into any IB school across
the world. There are very few
students in each batch, hence
ensures quality focus on each child.
The syllabus is taught in most
interesting and interactive way with
the best of equipments. The overall
atmosphere in the school is
international, with kids taking
teachers as their equals. However,
these schools can be extremely
Do you want to showcase your child's
talent? Here is a chance to do it...! Simply
mail us his/her work of creativity, be it
poetry, drawings, or anything else along
with details of your child. We promise to
put it here..!!
So what are you waiting for? Grab this
chance for your child's claim to
fame...and mail us at:
[email protected]
Bollywood Actor
poor, Vivek
Kriti Sa
Grover, Kain a
irza and Aksh
Arora, Dia M assan
ring the
were spotted du
end in Mumbai.
16th IIFA
the Internation is
The 20
y Awards (IIFA ysia
lywood fans in y will be
rize-giving cerem
as the annual p of Kuala Lumpur in June.
held in the city e second time IIFA
This is th
awards will be
in Malaysia.
Bollywood filmmaker C.G. Patel, actor Sangram Singh, singer Madhushree
Bhattacharya, actor Johnny Lever, filmmaker Anil Sharma and Robby Badal
during Madhushree Bhattacharya's album launch of Bawara Na Ban in
Mumbai, India on March 16, 2015.
In a recent television award,
Arpit Ranka won the 'Most
Stylish Villain' award for the role
of Duryodhan in the new
Mahabharata which was being
telecast on a national TV channel.
In conversation with our
correspondent, he said, “I feel
really great about it. I have
worked very hard for this role and
this award has come to me like a
reward.” When asked about what
was the response of his near and
dear ones, he said “They were
literally surprised and happy
knowing this as they know the
efforts I have put in.”
Arpit Ranka feels that his
costumes and attitude were very
different in Duryodhan's role and
that he deserved the award.
n actor.
Karan Mehra is an Indian televisio
He was last seen in the show Am
this daily
Manthan, on Life OK channel. In
soap, he played a negative role as
s, he has
Along with featuring in various ad
also done shows like Shanno Ki Sh Ya
Sati-Satya Ki Shakti, Betiyaan
Paraya Dhan, Amrit Manthan, Pav
and many
Rishta, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain
e of a
more. He has also done a good rol
Define yourself as a person...
self-obsessed actor in the movie
I am a fun loving person and energetic person.
s seen in the
My co-mates feel I run on Duracell. I have a 24- MMS 2. Recently, he wa
hour mind, so ideas just keep popping in my
movie Badmashiyan.
head even in the middle of the night.
What brought you to acting?
I always wanted to become a famous person
and then I joined Barry John's academy. He
saw the spark in me and trained me. After that,
I started doing theatre and then I got my first
break in a TV show called Remix which was like
the best debut one could ask for.
After acting in so many shows and
movies, where did you enjoy yourself the
I had a great time at Remix – the best
breakthrough anyone could get. I felt like a little
kid in school during that period because
everybody on the set used to treat me like one.
In fact, my Producers used to pick me up and
take me to the sets. So it was like a perfect
On 16th March, Bollywood Actor Rakhi Sawant was invited at Charisma
Spa, to celebrate its success in Mumbai. She also indulged herself by
availing of services at the spa.
How was the Badmashiyan experience?
After Ragini MMS 2, I was offered many comic
roles which I didn't want to do. So in
Badmashiyan I tried to maintain an intense role.
The movie is quite funny, but I have maintained
my character of being serious. We used to have
a lot of fun on the sets. Also, I used to listen to
others scripts and make changes in that. I was
part of various aspects of movie making. It is
not doing that great on the box office but I
really hope the producers get their money back
at least.
Highest point in life...
I must have had many, but I am so busy
enjoying myself that I hardly focus on them.
a, he
In an interview with Kritika Sharm
speaks about himself...
Lowest point in life...
Lowest points in life always teach you
something for a better future. So we should
really not care about them.
Your strength...
My mother who is my biggest fan, my wife, my
2 grandmothers and my sister who is like my
critic. So overall, I have a lot of lady luck
around in my whole journey.
If given a chance to turn back time, what
would you change?
I really never regret anything because that is
totally of no use. So nothing...
Best friends in industry...
All friends from Remix - EKta Kapoor, Sushant
Rajput, Ankita and Sujit Sarkar. Most recently, I
found a new companion for biking - Ram
Mantra for a happy life...
Live everyday as it comes and make sure that
you begin everyday with a smile.
Message for aspiring actors....
Believe in yourself and never ever give up.
Ask Our Expert
Home remedies
to fight flu
[email protected]
Skin Care Expert, Facial Aesthetic
Physician, Cosmetologist, Tricologist
98925 62634
The older I get, the drier my skin gets
(especially my arms and legs). Can
you recommend one of your favorite
products for me? I am tired of dry skin
– Shweta/50
Hello Dear Shweta,
You are right…with age the skin
becomes dry. I would recommend you
some good moisturizer like Venusia
Max which you can use twice daily on
your full body in the morning after
bath when the skin is partially moist. I
also recommend you to use some
night cream for the face with
hyaluronic acid. It will increase
hydration on your face.
I am currently healing from shingles.
My skin is very dry and it is very
painful. The blisters have healed, but
the skin is just very dry and painful. I
have tried many lotions, but they
only provide temporary relief. What
would be the best lotion product? –
Hello Dear Namita'
I understand the pain you are
undergoing after shingles. It can be the
pain because of nerves to the affected
area. Please apply ZOSTRIX cream on
the affected area. Use this medication
on the skin only. Apply a thin layer of
the cream on the affected area and rub
gently. Follow the directions on the
product package. You can also use
moisturizer like Venusia Max for the
dryness. Hope you feel relieved.
What kind of facelift is the best? How
long does the surgery take, and what
is the recovery time? - Mandira/55
Hello Mandira
There are 3 to 4 options for the facelift.
The choice has to be made by you. You
can either go for a surgical facelift or a
non-surgical one. Surgical facelift is
done under general anaesthesia and
the hospital stay can be between 5 to 7
days, so its a proper surgery done in
the operation theatre. The other
options being Non Surgical face lift we
do LIQUID facelift, we do ULTHERA
facelift, we do instant facelift with
THREADS, or we can even use lasers
for the facelift. If you ask me, I would
recommend NON-SURGICAL facelift
because of less complications.
The humidity has increased due to
which my hair becomes oily just after
the day I have a hair wash. I have to
wash my hair every day. How can I
care for my oily hair? –Priyanka 22
Hello Dear Priyanka
It seems that you are suffering from
seborrhoea, means excessive oiliness.
It occurs on scalp as well as on face. It
can be hereditary. Due to excessive oil
on scalp, you may develop dandruff,
and your hair may fall and its texture
may be altered. Medication like
isotretinoin example cap Isotroin in
low dose under doctors supervision
can be helpful. Shampoo the scalp
with salicylic acid and ketaconozole
2% containing shampoo every
alternate day. Take less oily food and
avoid oiling your scalp. I think you will
appreciate the change. If you still have
any question, you can email me.
A Glass of Lemon Water
Drinking lemon water in the morning is a ritual for most people who want to
shed kilos. But, there are various other reasons you should have it in the
morning. Adding lemon to water not only quenches thirst better, but it also
nourishes our body with vitamins, minerals and traces elements, which we
absolutely need. When we wake up in the morning, our bodily tissues are
dehydrated and are in need of water to push out toxins and rejuvenate the cells.
In other words, this homemade “lemonade” helps eliminate internal toxins,
regulating proper kidney and digestive tract functions by forcing them to work
as smoothly as possible.
1. Water with lemon is good for
the joints, reducing pain in the joints
and muscles.
2. The liver produces more
enzymes from water with lemon than
from any other food.
3. Water with lemon helps fight
infections of the respiratory tract,
sore throats and inflammation of the
tonsils. This is due to its antiinflammatory properties.
4. Water with lemon cleanses
blood, blood vessels and arteries.
5. Water with lemon can help
lower blood pressure. A daily intake
of one lemon can reduce high blood
pressure by 10%.
6. Water with lemon creates an
alkalizing effect in the body. Even if
you drink it immediately before a
meal, it can help your body maintain
a higher level of pH. The higher the
pH, the more your body is able to
fight diseases.
7. Water with lemon relieves
heartburn. For this, mix a teaspoon of
lemon juice in half a glass of water.
8. Water with lemon helps
dissolve gallstones, kidney stones,
pancreatic stones, and calcium
9. Water with lemon helps with
tooth pain and gingivitis.
10. Water with lemon prevents
cancer. This is due to the fact that
lemons are a highly alkaline food.
Multiple studies have found that
cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline
Mumbai Messenger Correspondent
Get more from your workout with these one-minute
power moves. Choose a move for the arms and
shoulders, a move for the abs and back, and a move
for the legs and butt and do all three exercises at a fast
clip before taking a 30-second rest; then whip through
them again. For more effect, do any five moves backto-back, rest 30 seconds, and repeat. For best results,
slip this speed session in every other day.
ARMS & SHOULDERS: Squat and press: Stand
with feet shoulder-width apart and a pair of 8- to 10-lb
dumbbells between the feet. Push hips back to lower
into a squat (keep knees behind toes); grasp a
dumbbell with each hand. Engage core, push through
feet, and rise to standing, bending elbows to bring
weights near shoulders. Press weights overhead;
lower weights back to shoulders, then back to floor.
Repeat for 60 seconds.
ARMS & SHOULDERS: Clean and press windmill:
Stand with feet shoulder-width and an 8- to 10-lb
dumbbell between them. Push hips back to lower into
squat (knees behind toes); grasp dumbbell with left
hand. Push through feet and rise to standing, bringing
dumbbell toward left shoulder; push it overhead.
Bend at waist to right, allowing right foot to turn out;
right hand is on inside of right leg. Continue to bend
sideways, sliding right hand down to foot, keeping left
hand overhead. Reverse movement to return to
squat; continue for 60 seconds. Switch sides and
ABS & BACK: Dumbbell plank: Get into the "up"
part of push-up position with feet wider than
shoulder-width, hands each gripping a dumbbell
directly below shoulders. Your body should be in a
straight, diagonal line from head to heels. Hold for 60
Season change. A classic time to be down
with the flu. The feeling of having a cold or flu
can make feel completely weighed down and
rotten. However, the good news is there are
things you can do to help speed up recovery if
you catch one. Also, there are things you can do
to try and minimise or prevent one in the first place.
The same herbs that keep colds and flu at bay, can
also help you get rid of it faster...
Take rest
Plan on sleeping and otherwise taking it easy for a few days. This
shouldn't be hard to do considering fatigue is one of the main
symptoms, so you won't feel like doing much other than lounging in bed
or on the couch, anyway.
Stay hydrated
Drinking plenty of non-alcoholic, decaffeinated liquid will help keep
you hydrated and will also thin mucous secretions. The flu can cause
loss of appetite, but patients often find warm, salty broth agreeable. If
you're not eating much, juices are a good choice, too, since they provide
nutrients and vitamins you may be missing.
Honey is used as a medicine for coughs. It's a simple enough recipe:
Mix 1 tablespoon honey into 1 cup hot water, stir well, and enjoy. Honey
acts as a natural expectorant, promoting the flow of mucus. Squeeze
some lemon in if you want a little tartness.
A cup of hot tea is just another way to take your fluids, which are so
essential when you have the flu. Just be sure to choose decaffeinated
The lovely lemon may cause a puckered face if eaten raw, but in a hot
beverage, lemons will have you smiling. To make this flu-fighting fruit
drink, place 1 chopped lemon - skin, pulp, and all - into 1 cup boiling
water. While the lemon steeps for 5 minutes, inhale the steam. Strain,
add honey (to taste), and enjoy. Drink hot lemonade three to four times
a day throughout your illness.
Pepper is an irritant, yet this annoying characteristic is a plus for
those suffering from coughs with thick mucus. The irritating property of
pepper stimulates circulation and the flow of mucus. Place 1 teaspoon
black pepper into a cup and sweeten things up with the addition of 1
tablespoon honey. Fill with boiling water, let steep for 10 to 15 minutes,
stir, and sip.
Clear mucus from your nose often
When you're congested, it's important to clear your breathing
passage of mucus often, to prevent getting a sinus or ear infection. Clear
mucus by blowing your nose or take a hot bath, the steam from the
water helps loosen the mucus.
ABS & BACK: Plank with side snatch: Come to
plank position with body straight, feet wider than
shoulder-width, hands gripping 8- to 10-lb dumbbells.
Engage core muscles; in a single movement (keeping
arms straight), twist at the waist (allowing toes to
pivot) and lift dumbbell in left hand out to left and up
overhead Return to plank position; continue for 60
seconds, then switch sides and repeat.
LEGS & BUTT: Shuffle dumbbell swing: Stand
with feet wide, an 8- to 10-lb dumbbell between feet.
Squat down (knees behind toes) and shuffle to left,
then back to centre; grab dumbbell with both hands.
Straighten knees while turning legs and body to right,
swinging weight up and straight out to right as if
swinging a baseball bat. Return to squat position and
repeat on opposite side; continue alternating for 60
LEGS & BUTT: Superhero jump: Get into "up" part of
push-up position; step left foot forward into lunge
position, leaving right hand on floor and lifting left
hand out and back. Push into both feet and
jump up onto left foot, raising right knee
and touching left hand to it. Return
to lunge, then push-up position.
Continue for 60 seconds, then
switch sides and repeat.
Shape Up
in 7
the way to bliss!
It wouldn't work for me
I am afraid of heights
People scare me
I am afraid of be alone
What if I am hurt again
I will never be able to face it
How much of this sounds like you?
Let's examine the theory behind fear.
In every situation, we have a choice
between loving thoughts and fearful
thoughts. We experience fear of
change, fear of not changing, fear of
future and fear of taking a chance. We
fear intimacy, and we fear being
alone. We fear letting people know
what we need and who we are, we
fear letting go of our past. At the other
end we have love. Love is a miracle we
all are looking for. Loving ourselves
works miracles in our lives. I am not
talking about pride or arrogance, for
that is not love. That is fear. I am
talking about having great respect for
ourselves and gratitude for the
miracles of our body and mind.
Remind yourself when you are
frightened that you are not loving and
trusting yourself. Not feeling “good
enough” interferes with the decision
making process. How can you make a
good decision when you are not sure
about yourself? Fear is just the
illusion we create in our mind by our
thoughts and when we try to run
away from that thought we start
giving powers to that thought as if it's
true and then create it in our reality. If
face it then that thought has no power
over us. Whatever our experiences
are, they are just the outer effects of
the inner thoughts. We can choose to
have thoughts of self-love or selfhatred, its just a thought and its
always a choice. Whatever thought
you choose will get a feeling and then
you buy that feeling. When the
thought changes, the feeling
Susan Jeffers states in her book
“Feel the fear and do it anyways” that
if everybody feels fear when
approaching something new in life,
yet so many are out there 'doing it'
despite the fear, then we must
conclude that fear is not the problem.
She goes on to say that the real issue
is not the fear but how we hold the
fear. The fact that we have fear is
irrelevant. We see what we think the
problem is, and then we find out what
the real problem is. Not feeling “good
enough,” and lack of self-love is the
real problem.
Summer in
Austria is a country rich with history, beautiful places, traditions and
activities that are distinct to the area. Along with neighbouring
Switzerland, it is the winter sports capital of Europe. However, it is just as
popular for summer tourists who visit its historic cities and villages and
hike in the magnificent scenery of the Alps. In order to help guide you in
building a trip itinerary, below are some of the top tourist attractions in
Austria that are sure to make your travel extra special. Austria has a lot to
do and see in the country; from historic Salzburg and Vienna to the
stunning Austrian Alps. Here is a selection of our favourites...
No trip to Austria could be complete without a visit to Vienna and it's
amazing sights. Top of the list should be the Schonbrunn Palace, which is
Vienna's top attraction – it has 1,440 rooms decorated in red, white and
gold – imagine the cleaning! The formal gardens outside are so perfect,
they could almost be fake! Next, visit the Spanish Riding School, equally
famous, and marvel at the skills of the riders and the intelligence of the
horses. There's a lot more to be seen in the capital, look out for a Vienna
top ten soon!
Salzburg has become a popular weekend break destination due to the
preponderance of budget airline flights to the city. Apart from being a
cheap getaway, Salzburg has a lot to offer. Hundreds of Churches dot the
city, each with their own story to tell in the development of Salzburg. The
streets are crammed with old buildings showing off medieval architecture
and it was the birthplace of Mozart - you can visit the Mozarteum where
he wrote The Magic Flute. Nearby is the Mirabell Palace whose gardens
feature in the Sound of Music film. When you tire of all this culture, stop
off at any of the city's coffee shops for a delicious coffee and pastry.
Melk Abbey
Melk Abbey is one of the most famous monasteries in the world.
Situated high up on cliff, overlooking the calming waters of the Danube
river, rests the peaceful Benedictine abbey. Previously the castle of
Leopold II, the structure was given to the monks, who transformed it into
a place of tranquillity and learning in 1089. The impressive spiritual
centre has become one of the greatest examples of Baroque architecture
and the flourishing musical and liberal arts of its time.
Carinthia's biggest lake, Worthersee is one of Austria's most famous
summer destinations. It appeals not only to those who want to canoe
across the lake, but also spelunkers who will want to check out several
caves, including Griffen Stalactite Cave, which is considered Austria's
most colourful cave. Those who enjoy visiting cathedrals won't want to
miss the Cathedral of Gurk, which dates back to the 12th century, while
vintage car enthusiasts may enjoy a visit to Gmund, birthplace of the
Porsche, or to the large Villach Automotive Museum with its collection of
cars, motorcycles and more.
Anjali Nagpal is a life coach and
workshop facilitator certified to
present Heal Your Life
transformational workshop
worldwide approved by Hay House,
US. She also conducts workshops
relating to Law of Attraction and self
healing. She is also a therapist for
different modules (hypno, metaphor).
She is an Angel card reader.
If you knew you could handle
anything that comes your way, what
would you possibly have to fear?
Nothing. All you have to do to diminish
the fear is to develop more trust in
your ability to handle whatever comes
your way. Loving and approving
yourself creates a space of safety,
trust and deserving. People who love
themselves and their bodies neither
abuse themselves nor others. The
way we have plenty of times refused
to think positive about ourselves, now
with our choice we can refuse to
choose anything negative about
ourselves. With our choices, we can
make all our thoughts which are
supporting and loving. You can face
your fear by changing your thoughts
into a positive affirmation:
My decisions are always perfect for
I am comfortable with heights
I am loved and safe wherever I go
I express love and I will attract love
wherever I go
I am always safe in love
I face all situations with ease
The big 'S' in
Shaili Madan
Khalil Gibran has said about 'space' in marriage – that the spouses should be
like the pillars of a Temple, far apart, yet equal. So, that space between the
columns can hold up the Temple of the relationship of marriage.
“Today, this connotation of 'space' has taken on a new meaning. It has
become a license for couples to forget what the meaning of 'together' or 'unit' is!
What space was meant to be – was a place where each could delve into his
inner being to come up with something better for the whole,” says a newly
married Dipantri Khan. She had been seeing Mikhail for 7 years before they
tied the knot. Earlier he would travel from Juhu where he works to be with her
in Breach Candy where she was studying and living. They had to, just had to
spend at least a few hours each day with each other, doing things together, just
being together. Somehow when a couple is in love they just don't include others
in that haven. Friends also leave them alone because they know the couple
needs all the privacy they can get. Assuming some dumbo piles on, the couple
makes sure hes ticked off because they want to be alone, together.
“The travel, the lust, the joy, the exhilaration of knowing that I belong to her
would just fuel me up,” says Mikhail. Today things are different and its not
even a year since the two are married.
“Whenever friends call, he's get, set and go! And if I want him to be with
me, he calls it SPACE. Its just a concept that we both use when we want to do
something by ourselves!”
So is the Space concept a bad thing for a relationship or a good thing that
allows it to breathe and grow? Did Gibran know that it would be one of the
most misused words between a couple today?
“Golf, diving, cards, drinking, pool, drugs...almost all status activities are
today solitary pursuits. A decade ago it was fashionable to have a common set
of friends for couples, similar pursuits, etc. But today, one rarely sees couples
playing together,” says Rahima Ewing. Every woman, every man today has to
firstly earn his/her living. Not only that, one has to excel today if one has to
keep ones self esteem. In all this, where is the fountainhead to give from...in a
relationship, to a child?
The question of space has opened a can of worms for almost every couple
one has met. Old wounds, festering rejections (in the name of speace) have
come tumbling out in the open.
Virgil plays cards all day, everyday. On being asked how she manages home
and life in general, she almost had tears in her eyes while talking. 65, today, she
and her husband had started out together nearly 38 years ago. He had set limits
for their interaction together claiming it important for his 'nature' to be able to
travel alone. Then he took up a solitary spot seriously, encouraged Vigil to
travel to her family house alone. All in all, they have both in effect, hardly spent
much time together. Today she is a card addict, and there's so much of space in
their relationship, that they don't need each other.
Space was meant to be a tool towards self-fulfilment, which eventually
would have led to a sane, well balanced individual capable of having a stable
and satisfying relationship. Like, it was not possible for women earlier to
pursue education after having married, or they had to be subservient to their inlaws, etc. So there was need for individual 'space' that actually connoted
freedom or rights. When these issues have taken on a different colour today, the
need for space has infact died a natural death. It is imperative that each one is
honest to oneself.
In todays times of loose morals, lower emotional resilience, smaller
individuals, one could say its time to bind, to stay close. To gel, two halves can
become a whole. Not cleave, so two parts can get separated from each other..!
Karim Lala - The Original Don
Abdul Karim Sher Khan Pathan alias Karim Lala came to Mumbai from
Afghanistan in 1940, when he was just 16 years old. The grapevine says that
one of his elder brothers had come down to
Mumbai in search of a job but he suddenly
disappeared. Karim Lala's family had no clue or
any information about their son's whereabouts.
So, the task of finding him was assigned to the
younger brother Karim. Most of the Pathans in
those days used to work at various warehouses
in the Bombay docks as security guards, as they
were considered to be very honest,
hardworking, brave and courageous.
Another profession the Pathans were good
at was money lending where the daily wage
earners from cotton and textile mills used to
take small loans. The interest on the ceremony
was collected during the first week of the month Karim Lala
by Pathan's and their associates.
A young and handsome Karim had a tough job at his hands to search for his
elder brother. He went from dock to dock, godown to godown looking for his
missing brother. While interacting with various people from different
professions, Karim not only became a familiar face among the Pathans, but
also gained sympathy and became a part of their life. Though Karim could not
succeed in finding his brother, he did not wanted to return home without his
In those days too it was very difficult to survive in the city. As he had
attended school back home and was considered a literate, he managed to get a
supervisor's job at the docks. He was a follower of Islam and its teachings.
Whenever he found out that some anti-Islamic things were taking place he
used to raise a voice against the same and preached the true teachings of his
religion. Over the time, he gained popularity amongst the workers. No one
dared to speak a word against Karim since he had complete support of the
In 1947, after country’s Independence, many of the existing goons and
criminals had left for the newly created Pakistan. The docks were waiting for a
new set of people to take over the reins of criminal activities and Karim Lala
grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Post Independence, to maintain
communal harmony and restoration of intra-religious peace, Karim Lala
established the ‘Pashtoon Jirga-E-Hind’, on the lines of a similar organisation
set up by undisputed Pakhtoon leader Khan
Abdul Ghaffar Khan. A local Senior Pakhtoon
leader Badshah Khan was made the first
president. Pashtoon Jirga opened several
branches in prominent cities like Bhopal,
Kolkata and Ahmedabad among others.
It was the era when the Pathans were
involved in various crimes. People were afraid
to hold them responsible. So to keep an eye on
their activities, the city Crime Branch opened a
separate specialised wing called the Pathan
branch. Karim Lala, who by that time had
become an official representative of the Pathan
community, actively co-ordinated with the Abdul Ghaffar Khan
police and his community to solve all sort of
The then Chief Minister Morarji Desai, of the provisional Bombay State
government imposed prohibition on production, distribution and sale of
alcoholic beverages. As the foremost metropolitan city in the county, the
citizens found it difficult to cope without their regular peg of their favourite
drink. To circumvent the government policy, the bootleggers and hooch
Shaili Madan, Resident Editor
Suburbs bellow for attention
The city of Mumbai
was mainly
developed by the
British. In those
days too; people were migrating to
Mumbai for jobs.
The original boundaries of Mumbai
have been upto Sion. After
Independence, socialist economic
policies made it difficult for the market
to provide affordable housing. Slums
therefore proliferated at Mumbai's
boundaries. Sion, Mahim, Wadala and
Ghatkopar all ended up with large
slums. The suburbs of Mumbai are full
of slums. In fact, they are nothing but
an indication of failed Governance.
Years ago, our government
outlined a plan for Mumbai – of
transforming the city to Shanghai.
The target was laudable. However,
the operative word still remains 'if'...
The slums of Mumbai, especially in
the suburbs have always been an
issue. They have grabbed lands at
every nook and corner. Also, the
support that the slums get, is
immeasurable. The BMC or any other
authority frets from moving them by
even an inch. But aren't we a
progressive country...? Wanting to
boast of a long overdue dream?
Firstly to pursue this task, the
State Government will need to show
tremendous political courage and
strength. As mentioned, most slums
are seen as vote banks by one or the
other political party and thus never
acted upon due to political pressures.
The other challenge is our legal
system, which allows evictees to seek
stay orders, thus keeping action at
bay. The successive Governments
have also stumbled by announcing
various cutoff dates for slums to stay
or to be demolished.
The result of all this is a deadlock
situation. While some slums are being
producers shifted their base and operations to the
outskirts of the city. The original liquor don Bella
Aunty set up her illicit distilling units in the shallow
banks of Chenna river, near Bhayenderpada and
others like her established similar units at Uran, Baljeet Parmar
Belapur, and Dahisar creek. The bootleggers were
sure that the Mumbai police could not enter the jurisdiction of neighbouring
district of Thane and Raigad and had a free hand to continue their illicit
activities. The bhattis were put up at far flung areas hidden behind mangroves
and deep marshy land. It was virtually and physically impossible for the cops
to enter and raid the addas. The business became lucrative as it provided odd
jobs to thousands of people, men and women, who earned their living by
producing, transporting, distributing and finally selling the liquor cleverly
concealed in heavy duty rubber tubes.
Over the years, the illicit hooch business turned out to be a huge money
spinner resulting in proliferation of parallel economy, which was entirely cash
based. As the margin of profit was too high, the quantum of bribes paid to the
state police and excise officials too was considered lucrative. This resulted in
the now famous notorious nexus between cops and criminals. The politicians,
however, joined this ugly trimurti later on. This was also why every police
officer serving in the crime branch desperately sought a posting with the
special anti-bootlegging squads or the Control
Branch, which primarily was responsible to
implement the state Prohibition policy.
In early 1960s, the central districts of
Mumbai were known for numerous textile mills
employing lakhs of workers and other staffers.
The mills used to work in three shifts with at
least two breaks for every shift. During these
breaks the workers used to come out of the
factory gates and pass their time by playing
cards or carom. Sensing an opportunity to make
a fast buck, the enterprising local goons set up
social clubs on footpaths near the mills gates
and offered card and carom facilities at a price
Morarji Desai
for the gullible workers. The Government rules
specified that low-level gambling activities
could be operated after securing a license which was usually issued in the name
of a social club. Within months, hundreds of such clubs mushroomed in the
Central labour districts.
As the gambling business found its roots, the big timers like Karim Lala and
his henchmen too jumped onto the bandwagon. They established their own
gambling dens strategically located near the already established 'daru ka
addas'. This proved to be a double edged money making machine for Lala and
company as workers under the influence of liquor, used to gamble in a big way
which ultimately resulted in raking in the moolah for the don. With his liaising
skills Karim Lala ensured unstinted protection from the cops who always
looked the other way after getting their monthly cuts. This protection from the
cops resulted in more and more gambling den owners taking shelter under
Karim Lala's wings.
With total control over gambling and liquor business in the island city,
Karim Lala became the undisputed king of the organised crime syndicate.
During the same time, several small time operators started similar illicit
activities across the extended eastern, central and western suburbs.
By the beginning of 1970s, Matunga based powerful Don Vardarajan
Munnaswami Mudaliar alias Vardabhai had taken over Eastern suburbs of
Matunga, Sion and Dharavi. He established a huge network of small time
operators who specialise in running illicit liquor, extortion, prostitution and
smuggling rackets in an organised way.
to be continued...
demolished, the inhabitants flee
temporarily, only to return once the
squads have left. In addition, with the
daily influx of migrants into the city,
more new temporary dwellings are
springing up daily. The situation is
definitely getting out of hand – lack of
civic amenities, increasing crime due
to joblessness, inadequate or no
education for the children of the urban
poor and the appalling living
conditions from a human perspective.
Unfortunately any discussion on
slum demolition normally has both,
strong supporters as well as, equally
vociferous opponents. The supporters
for demolition give structured logical
reasons for their stand – why should
our tax be used for providing services
to these 'illegal squatters' or why are
our civic amenities being curtailed/
strained and spread amongst these
slums? The supporters also site the
inhumanity of allowing millions of
people to live in these degrading
conditions and ofcourse all Mumbai
lovers want to see the beautification
of this once great city.
All these arguments are seen by
the opponents of demolition and
forced eviction, as cold hearted and
capitalist manoeuvres, to 'beautify'
the city, at the cost of people's lives.
Their argument goes on to say that
not being able to provide secure
housing and basic amenities, is a huge
failure of the Government and the
civic administration. Why then should
these slum dwellers be forcibly
evicted, when they don't really have
an alternate options?
Whether you support or oppose
these stands, there is very little
argument about the fact that
something needs to be done now and
on war footing. The city, especially the
suburbs, cannot take this situation
any more – whether you live in a highrise surrounded by slums or in a slum
looking to get out. It is critical that we
put enormous pressure on civic
authorities and the Government to
come up with practical, yet humane
methods, to deal with this mega issue.
Dear Editor,
I read your article on the banned
documentary 'India's daughter' and I
totally agree with your views on
that. People are unnecessarily
making a big deal about the issue. I
also want to add that instead of
banning the documentary, it should
be shown in every school to all the
teenagers. People are going to learn
from this documentary about what
unfortunate things happen to a girl
and the people around her after such
a horrible incident.
Akash Dubey
Dear Editor,
I read your report 'Builders' men
beat up dwellers.' It is
commendable how such a big issue,
which has been ignored by other
media, is brought to notice by your
newspaper in such an elaborate
manner. I must say that the slum
dwellers in our city face a lot of
atrocities and nobody listens to their
grievances because they are not
backed by any powerful group. I
would love to see more such local
reports coming from your
Neha Goswami
Dear Editor,
I felt really happy when I saw in
your report that Andheri was a
crime-free zone this Holi. This is
something which hasn't happened
till date. Every year our festivals
become days when the highest
number of crimes take place, but
this year I am glad to see that no
crime has taken place. I wish this
continues forever.
Rahul Jain
Dear Editor,
I am a photographer and I am really
fond of your City Shots page. This
time your pictures were very
colourful and beautiful too. I really
admire that section because after
knowing all the problems going in
our area, the section lightens up the
Sahil Khanna
Dear Editor,
Your front page story 'Dream girl's
dream of a plot' is really interesting.
I am amazed to see the way these
powerful people use their powers
for their own vested interests in the
name of society's betterment. I
really wonder what she will do of
such a big plot. Also, what is going
to happen to the plot now since it
had been allocated to her years
Shubham Sharma
Dear Editor,
I read your women special lifestyle
section. Being a woman, I felt
proud on reading articles of both
Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur Chaddha and
Urmila Valmiki and admire the way
they have led their lives. In this
male dominant world, women are
always underestimated but these
two ladies are true examples of
women power. I hope that after
looking at these two women others
will draw inspiration and be
motivated to do something big.
Akshita Verma
Feng Shui Miracle / Mohan Deep
Two Feng Shui tips
A vase or a jar can change the chi (energy) of a room. A
rounded metal vase can increase metal chi; a glass container
can expand the water energy; a tall wooden vase is good for
wood chi; a triangular earthy vessel, colored red is to
increase the fire chi; and a clay pots would let the Earth energy grow.
Clocks attract yang energy and represent metal. Place them in the west (to
increase creativity) or north-west (to enhance helpful friends and backing
corner) of your home. You may also keep a clock in the north part of your
house to kickstart Career & Opportunities corner.
Two Feng Shui experiences
Make a better living with Vaastu
this Gudi Padwa
Basannt R Rasiwasia
The main door of a house signifies everything this is because it is the gateway from which all
types of energies constantly travel in and out.
The main door is the most important part of the
house and it has to be maintained carefully. All
negative and positive energies revolve here,
which is why it is important to have the main
door in the right direction to maintain well-being
and prosperity in the house.
The main door has to be sparkling, clean and
obstruction-free from both inside and outside.
Avoid darkness on the main door. On auspicious
days like Gudi Padwa, the toran plays an
important role in enhancing positive energy in
the house. It is also called “Bandhanwar.” It is
said that whenever the main door adorns a toran,
it attracts positive energy. The use of toran on
main doors is very auspicious. It attracts wealth,
peace and prosperity. Here are various ways to
put the toran as per the direction of the door:
To put a toran at the main door as per Vaastu
Shashtra, we can fix seven or eleven mango or
Ashoka leaves tied to a red thread, which is
considered auspicious for Eastbound doors.
Toran made with Rudraksh with yellow flowers
and solid dry turmeric (Haldi) is good for
southbound doors.
Toran made with conches (shankh), conches
and yellow flowers is good for westbound doors.
Toran designed with pearl and green emerald
with mango leaves, dry wheat grass and yellow
flowers is very auspicious for northbound doors.
Bringing in the New Year
Shrutika Sukhi
With Gudi Padwa just a few days away, the
markets are filled with various sweets and gudis
that are used to celebrate the festival. Marking the
beginning of a New Year, its the first day of the
Chaitra month. It is celebrated by the people of
Maharashtra with an auspicious bath, followed by
decorating the doorway with a 'toran,' performing
ritualistic worship and hoisting the Gudi. It is a
very important day, especially for Maharashtrians.
Most houses eagerly wait to celebrate the
festival by cleaning their homes and lighting
candles. The smell of sweets fills the air, as they
are especially prepared in most kitchens. Kalpana
Kanajiya, a homemaker said, “I make puranpoli
on this day as my family loves to eat it.” Many
even make Kheer, Khantoli, shrikhand etc.
The day, begins with ritual showers (oil bath)
followed by pooja to God and Panchanga
Shravana. Houses are decorated with Mango
Leaves and Rangoli and everyone in the family
wears new clothes and celebrates the festival by
wishing each other New year greetings. The eating
of a specific mixture called Bevu-Bella (Neem and
Jaggery), symbolizes the fact that life is a mixture
of good and bad, happiness and sorrow. Eating
Neem and Sweet Jaggery means one needs to take
both good and bad or happiness and sorrow
together and with equanimity through the New
Many even buy new utensils, gold, appliances,
etc as it is considered to be an auspicious day.
Some people don't hoist the Gudi at their place.
Reshma Katkar said, “In our culture, only one
family is permitted to hoist it. Since it is done in
our village, we don't do it here.”
The community even hopes that the next
generation follows their footsteps and continues
the tradition. Pavitra Mandal said, “We have been
teaching our kids the importance of this day and I
hope they continue the same.”
Gudi Padwa is also considered as the harvest
festival, which shows that the Rabi crop has ended
for the season. This is the time when mangoes and
fruits are reaped. Gudi Padwa is the time when one
finds the delicious ripe mangoes in the market.
Another reason the festival is celebrated is that it is
believed that this is the day when the universe was
created. It is believed by all Hindus that this is the
day Lord Brahma created the world. It is thus
dedicated to the innumerable Gods we have in the
It is simply amazing!
I have two experiences, and both are about magical moments. On the one hand
is the harmony of elements based on Feng Shui principles that attracts chi and
on the other hand is the way Feng Shui corrections attract good fortune.
Sometimes it is so fast that I describe them as “Magic within Minutes.” The
first one is about a marketing professional in a large organization and the
second is about a working woman being harassed by her husband and in-laws.
Office Politics
Close-up one.
It started with a phone call and an e-mail. Jonathan, 26, is based in the UK. He
was very disturbed when he first wrote to me. “…everyone seems playing
politics against me. I'm a Jew as I don't want to have a chip on my shoulder or
escape behind the `discrimination` theory. During my schooling, I never felt
that I was being prosecuted and I hope I'm wrong…
“…I have been by-passed thrice for a promotion. Once, okay. Twice,
acceptable. Thrice, it has to be a conspiracy. “…I thought I will go for training
and applied for it. The office has organized a training programme. Colleagues
who were junior to me were selected, colleagues who were not as good as me
were chosen…but I was not sent for promotion. I want to try Feng Shui. May
be you will change my luck.”
Close-up two.
During the very fortnight he was consulting me, his boss (one of the partners
who had been away for six months as he was busy expanding in Canada who
returned during this period) chose him to represent the company to an
international meet in France and he got a substantial pay rise. Was it a Feng
Shui Miracle or a coincident? I call them magical moments.
Mother-in-law's tyranny
Close-up one.
“Hello Mohan Deepji, I am not looking for miracle. All I want is respect in my
own house. I live in a joint family and I carry the burden of the entire family.
I'm a working person and for a year I even did two jobs, one full time and the
other part time. At that time I contributed more money than my husband ever
did. Yet, today my husband insults me in front of my 5-year-old son and his
mother. He also becomes violent and has beaten me mercilessly without any
fault of mine…
“…My mother-in-law is a tyrant. When we were in India, she was nice. But
after she lost her husband she changed into a witch. She blamed me for her
husband's death and called me jinxed. Some astrologer told her that since I was
born in mula nakshatra (Root star) I was the cause of her husband's death.
“…My little one too has started repeating what he hears from his father. I'm
hurt. I do not know whether Feng Shui can do miracles for me. All I want is
some love, some respect and some support from my husband. I do not want to
break the marriage but if that is the way, it is okay with me.”
Close-up two.
Even as she was incorporating the changes, things started happening. She
informed me that her husband was forced to leave his job as his boss had turned
out to be a racketeer. The cheques signed by her husband started bouncing and
the boss of his company seemed unavailable for a long time. He found it
difficult to hold the fort. Every person who had a bounced cheque in his hands
was gunning for him.
”As soon as he became jobless, my husband and his mother realized the
importance of my job and the money I was bringing. Their attitude changed.
Now I was in power position,” she told me. But by now she had decided to
walk out. Two months later, she informs me that she has met a nice Sikh and
both are very much in love. She asks me, “Should I marry Jasbir?” I have no
advice. It has to be her decision, her free will.
Celebrated Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep, is considered one of the foremost
authorities on the ancient science of Feng Shui,
He lives in Andheri, Mumbai and has been giving Feng Shui consultation for
over 15 years.
Tel: 98201 99378
E-mail: [email protected]
website: fengshuimiracle.com
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All alone yet comfortable in an empty train.
Sharad Vegda / Mumbai Messenger
Anyone can have a degree but everyone cannot have knowledge.
Sharad Vegda / Mumbai Messenger
Now cigarettes have taken the place of pens and pencils.
Niket Kotecha / Mumbai Messenger
Still young by heart, Jhaveri, 65-year-old, comes to Juhu beach every weekend to
play Frisbee.
Niket Kotecha / Mumbai Messenger
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Rani Mukherjee
March 21, 1978
Place: Mumbai
Indian Film Actress
PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar
20): The different parts of
your personality should
work harmoniously and peace. It's
important that there be an equal
amount of give and take in your
world. If for some reason there's
an imbalance in a certain area of
your life, address the issue right
away. It's important that you now
maintain equilibrium within
yourself and with the people
around you.
ARIES (March 21 to April
20): You probably aren't
going to impress people
with your fast talk and quick facts.
You will likely get further if you
express the emotions that lie
behind your words. It's more
important to say what you feel
than what you think. Even though
this may go against your usual
nature, you will find that it's the
best policy for you.
TAURUS (Apr 20 – May
20): Your ego should be
strengthened by your
emotions, and vice versa. Be
yourself in every situation. Things
should flow smoothly as long as
you keep the energy moving within
you. Share your feelings honestly
with others and you will find that
your inner vitality strengthens. No
one will be able to speak against
words that come straight from
your heart.
GEMINI (May 21 – Jun
20) : Your social life
bubbles with excitement
and opportunity. The more people
you meet, the more your life opens
up in interesting ways. It would be
best to avoid cantankerous folks or
those looking for trouble. Keep a
low profile as much as possible.
Apply for jobs or interviews, and
generally put out feelers. Certain
relationships may be up for review.
CANCER (Jun 21 – Jul
22): Your gracious, tender
nature is likely to be
extremely appreciated. You may
feel as if your head is so far up in
the clouds that you can't get
anything done. The work you need
to do is actually found up in those
clouds. The thing you need to do
now is sit, relax and let your
fantasies lead the way.
LEO (Jul 23 – Aug 22):If
you need to do errands,
don't drag others along
with you. Complete your mission
solo. You will find that you're more
efficient if you don't have to carry
the extra burden. Not only will you
get your chores done quickly but
you will also have time to think and
process certain things without
someone else's energy influencing
your thinking.
VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sep 22)
: Now don't take no for an
answer. Chances are you
won't have to. People will be more
understanding of your situation
and have compassion for your
cause. Your inner strength will
show through loud and clear, and
you have the desire to make
anything happen you want.
There's a lucky star smiling on you
that's helping you tackle any
LIBRA (Sep 23 – Oct
22):It may be difficult to
deal with people who
seem spaced out and confused.
You will find that no matter how
much logic you apply to the
situation, if it doesn't feel right, it
won't happen. Things will flow
naturally or they won't flow at all.
Ease out and don't worry if things
don't happen as quickly as you'd
SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov
21):Take your mind off
your stressful duties. This
is a time for emotions and ego to
connect in harmony. Don't let
other people's problems ruin your
mood. There's a need for you to
consciously let your mind be at
ease. Art and music will bring you a
great deal of pleasure. Indulge in
the things that make you truly
– Dec 21): All the
knowledge in the world
will be no match for the emotional
energy in the air on a day like
today. You may be carried away
into a mystical realm where
feelings take precedence over
facts. Let go of reality for a while
and free yourself from the hectic
pace of everyday life. A strong pull
toward the fantasy realm today, so
feel free to go there.
Jan 19): Treat yourself to
something special,
whether a gourmet meal, new
outfit, your favourite book or latest
gadget. You shouldn't deprive
yourself of anything. There's a
remarkable synchronicity of events
that will lead you to exactly the
right place at the right time.
There's a special warmth and
sensitivity in the air that will put
your mind and emotions at ease
AQUARIUS (Jan 20 –
Feb 18) :There's an
emotional, sensual feeling
that is sure to tickle your heart. Try
not to be abrasive when dealing
with others. The more serene you
can be, the more doors you will be
able to walk through. Be patient
and don't feel like you need to be
first one. If you aren't sure of a
situation, don't jump in headfirst.
In the border between
Egypt and Sudan, there are 795
sq miles (2,060 km2) of land
unclaimed by neither.
Bhikari- kuch Khane ko de do
Bhikari- roti de d L�
Bhikari- achcha Lao tamatar de do
Ladki ki maa- Are Tum jao baba ...Ye
totli hai...keh rahi hai..KAMA KAR
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