Gratitude - Edilivre

Clemence L. Yanke-Ngijoe
An Act of Love and Humility - Poems
To the Almighty God!
To my beloved ones: Joseph NGIJOE, Gisela Ruth, Masoda,
Josepha & Nelson.
To my fantastic parents: Wafeu Tchapda Bonaventure
Marie-Sirbelle & Mafeu Tankeu Julienne.
My sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews and in-laws.
To my wonderful mentors – Uncle Allan & Auntie Anne Affleck,
Sr Margaret Aringo, The Rev. Bruce Swinehart,
Dr Claver Ajer & The Rev. Dr John Kater.
To all my amazing teachers, medical personnel, classmates,
friends and supporters of my ministry.
To all my beloved family of The Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP),
Graduate Theological Union (GTU) and Episcopal Church of United States of
America (ECUSA).
To all World Changers in favor of the less privileged.
This work is a product of love, generosity, compassion and gratitude
from God and you all.
I cherish my time at CDSP (Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley,
California, USA), source of my poetic inspiration.
I am thankful to God for always inspiring me, giving me wisdom and taking
me through this important work.
This work would not have been completed without the unconditional
support, love, prayers and patience of my loved ones, most especially my sweetest
heart and dear friend, Fr Joseph, my little Angels, God-given and caring parents.
I express my indebtedness to a number of people who assisted me in various
ways and made it possible for me to accomplish this work especially those who
believed in me, encouraged me to write, publish, took time to read and edit this
work – Mrs. Margaret Mbah, M. Agwe Lucas, M. Akat Fidelis, Fr. Simon Nsielanga,
Cedrick Loko, Ab. Anatole Tiendrebeogo, Ms Memoh Carol and my Best Boh Fuli.
My special thanks to the dedicated partners and personnel of EDILIVRE for
making my dream of becoming a published author a reality. Infiniment Merci
EDILIVRE pour ce merveilleux sacrifice et confiance que vous faites pour tous les
auteurs et sans distinction aucune et en les publiant à vos frais.
To you all, thank you for your prayers, love, affection, understanding, trust
and generosity.
My profound appreciation to all my beloved CDSP family – Board of
Trustees, faculty members, teachers, students, staff, Dr Don & Alda Morgan, The
Rev Eliza Linley & advisers, The Rev Dr Susanna Singer, Dr Daniel JoslynSiemiatkoski, Dr Archie Smith & The Rev Dr John Kater. To my mentors,
counselors, classmates, especially the class of 2009 & 2010, Mrs. Kathleen Crisp,
Fr Eric Metoyer, Jan Robitscher, dorm-mates, dorm-prefects – Rev Brian
Rebholtz & Ms Katia Moles, Celtic Cross and colleagues. To the loving teachers,
the Community of African Brethren & family of GTU; to the CPWA, ACC, 2009
Cameroon Mission Team, Day Dodson, The Rev Ann Coburn, Fr Bruce, Rev
Mary Greene, Rev Judy Lin, Daphne Chellos & the Education Society of the
Episcopal Church (EES); to my committed friends, The Rev Erin Kirby, Mrs.
Cindy Voien & family, Rev Richard & Monica Burden, Louise & Stephan Locke,
my sister, Modupe Omolayo, and the entire Affleck family.
With gratitude to the family of ECUSA, The Most Rev Katharine Jefferts
Schori, Bro James Teets, and all Episcopal Churches that welcomed me or listened
to me; Bro. Nathan Stanley, Sr Mary Lynne, Sr Jane, Sisters of CSJB, Good Shepherd
Home, ACC, St Peter Limbe, Episcopal Church Of Our Saviour (ECOS), St Patrick,
Holy Cross, ECW, The Rev Vanessa Hawkins, The Black Clergy and Lay Women,
Church of Advent, ECW, St Mark, the family of Daughters of the King, Members
Mission, CAMP4CAMEROON, Reading Camp & Shalom Sisters; John, Sheryl &
John Wright Polk, Somerset friends, Mark & Kim Iverson, The Rev Melissa
Langdell, Allan Balalao, The Rev Anne McKeever, The Rev. Sam Desordi, The Rev.
Philip Brochard, The Rev. Kristin Krantz, The Rev. Marie-Louise Hintz, Gloria
Bayne, Mardie Becker, Marscha Thomas, Doree & Ross Laverty, Emily Lyon,
Sharon Roberts, Kim Spinale, Marilyn Flood, Carol Slaton & members of All Souls.
To my beloved childhood, family friends, new and old relationships, family
members & relatives – Guy, Aimée, Nathalie, Ines, Firmin, the Hougas, their
children and spouses, Marie Ngo Momha, The Ndjenkoua, Laure Tchami,
Veronique Nana, Dr Matilda Echi, Laurice Mbah, Marie Kejetie, Paul Nguepi, the
Fons & the people of Bawock & Balengou, Sr Gisela Buhler, Pascal J. Handy & all
my in-laws, The Rt. Rev Dr & Mrs. Asana and benefactors for their constant love,
generosity, long-lasting friendship, commitment and support.
I will not forget the gift of love, friendship and care of all those with whom,
we sat in a class or share a meal, our time, joy or sorrow, thoughts, ideas, stories,
passion and mission work together; the dynamic orphans, single young mothers,
vulnerable, disabled, and less privileged children, youth, women and men of
Cameroon and the world. Thanks for being part of my life.
You are so many loved ones to whom I am thankful for your love but the
limited space will not permit me to write all your names. I am grateful for your
gift of friendship, generosity and care. You are just wonderful.
Thanks to all those who will read or share a copy of this book.
I love you dearly.
“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, thank you,
That would suffice.” — Meister Eckhart
When I think about God’s love, goodness, kindness, or love received from my
loved ones, I smile; my heart is filled with emotions, joy, love and, gratitude. I just
want to say thank you for having me in your heart and life.
This work acknowledges the love of God to me, to you and to all. I believe,
the best way to demonstrate LOVE to our beloved ones is through gratitude as we
are taught by the popular biblical saying “In everything, Give thanks always”.
Gratitude opens doors to more blessings.
Many at times, we read about people’s eulogies or good works during their
funeral. Everyone will be happy to hear a “thank you”, “well done”, “I appreciate”
and all the good things people see in them when they are still alive. The first thing
we usually teach our little ones is “thank you”.
It has been noticed that, children and youth of today are becoming less
respectful and taking things for granted while there is so much to be thankful for:
their birth, their education, their feeding, their clothing, the affection, the gifts, the
home, the nature, just to name a few.
When I reflect on my life, there are so many blessings I have received that I can’t
count. I have always met friendly, loving, caring and compassionate people on my
way. At times, I’ve had to shed tears because I feel I received more than enough gifts
of generosity and love from people God sent on my way, especially while I was far
away from home.
My life is just a great miracle. Thanks to God, my parents and medical personnel, I
survived after three good months in an incubator right from birth. My mother told me,
many other babies could not make it while we were there. For my mother to spend
three months in the hospital and for my father to provide all the expensive medical
needs – this is indeed “love in action”. I just want to say thanks to all those who love
me or make things difficult for they make me to grow in maturity. They equally
taught me true “gratitude”.
Think about the care, the education and training your mother or father offers
you and say thank you. For all those reasons, I have but only one option: to express
my gratitude publicly by writing each time I am inspired.
It is easier for us to take note of the negative traits of someone’s character
than their positive traits. These lines are lessons to help us appreciate our loved
ones. It is time to teach our children and youth to be thankful not only to God but
to their parents, siblings, relatives, friends or anyone in the community. However
hard a heart is, gratitude can easily fill it with a smile, joy and love.
Thus, GRATITUDE, a series of poems expresses the way to show gratitude to
our loved ones when they are still alive.
The overall message in these lines is better articulated by what Archbishop
Desmond Tutu defines as the “Ubuntu theology” a key phrase that expresses this
solidarity is “a person is person through other persons.” It involves sharing, love,
humility and cooperation.
Our present life certainly is the fruit of love, sacrifice, compassion and
support of so many other people, be they our parents, relatives or friends from far
and near. People did things that influence our future either positively or the other
way round. Some may have intervened in our lives just once and others
continually. Certain people influence our lives spiritually, materially or
financially. A person might have smiled, said a word or did something that
touched your heart and changed your thoughts, character or attitude. Just say this
with me: We thank you, Lord, for minds to think, and hearts to love, and hands to
serve. BCP (Book of Common Prayer-Episcopal Church)
Thanks very much for encouraging me, for editing this work, publishing this
work and reading this work. Thank you for getting a copy for yourself, a loved one
or a friend.
Hope you have fun and enjoy reading each page of this series of poems.
Love you dearly.
Clemence, Shalom4love, the author.
[email protected]
“Love is patient, Love is kind… Love always protects, always trusts, always
hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails” 1 Corinthians 13:4, 7, 8.