It is a new concept! for youthful, wrinkle-free

for youthful,
It is not simply a new filler
It is a new concept!
It is not simply a new filler –
The new concept ZFill contains everything that you
need to successfully market the product ZFill .
The highly valued „made in Germany“ tag is reflected
in the packaging.
The hyaluronic syringes are supplied in an up-market
packet. This immediately gives you an opportunity to
convert a product presentation into a small happening.
It is a new concept!
A “feel good” flyer for a good feeling.
Following a treatment your clients will find inside the
package a “feel good” flyer, which in addition to useful
care tips contains a lotion sample for after-care and
follow-up treatment.
The new vir tually painless concept Z Fill
scale of pain sensation
Facial BTX
without cold air
To achieve optimal treatment results, the products – just
like all conventional injectable implants – must be carefully but rapidly injected into the middle dermis. Studies
have shown that chilling with the Cryo 6 cold air device
reduces the patient’s pain sensitivity.
This means much better tolerance of the treatment. Following the procedure, the treated area is massaged with
light pressure to ensure uniform distribution of
the product.
Facial Filler
with cold air
Facial OP
Dr. Steinert study
The mimetic musculature should be exercised as little as
possible for up to 2 hours after the treatment to facilitate
­integration of the implant into the adjacent cell cluster.
A brief period of after-chilling of the treated area can also
lessen the occurrence of swelling and reddening.
degree of pain
A total concept to help you succeed!
A refined product presentation in the waiting room is
proven to increase sales.
The ZFill total concept also includes a highly valuable
presentation display on which the patient flyers can be
presented. The display can be placed, for example, in
the waiting area of your office.
Information first minimizes questions later.
The patient flyer contains useful information on the
­different products and the ZFill mechanism of action.
An informative advertisement generates demand.
This gives you an opportunity to place a ready-made advertisement showing your company stamp in newspapers or
magazines to publicize your new product ZFill.
Directly addressing the target group is proven to succeed.
We provide ready-to-use postcards that help you to reach
potential clients directly. You can also add your company
A good presentation board enables you to display the
­supplied rollups or posters in A2 format.
These are ideally suited for meetings, as presentation
­materials at exhibitions, or in the waiting room.
natural beauty
in harmony with nature
ZFill Facial Solutions – to meet the greatest challenges in anti-aging
Z Fill – for long-lasting results
ZFill – hyaluronic acid filler for individual treatment plans.
Hyaluronic acid products are broken down by hyaluronidase and hydroxyl
radicals over time. This process takes place primarily on the surface of the
gel. ­Penetration of hyaluronidase and hydroxyl elements is impeded by the
innovative ZFill technology used in ZFill refresh, ZFill deep, and ZFill repair
reducing the surface area and generating an effective concentration.
This is one reason for the particularly long-lasting results of ZFill treatments.
Typical signs of skin aging start appearing after age 20. Different types of
skin aging occur over the different stages of life and require different treat­
ment plans.
ZFill preparations now make it possible to address individual patient expec­
tations while taking into account the skin aging processes affecting individual age groups.
Z Fill is a pure, absorbable hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin.
Unique flow proper ties...
... make a visible, touchable difference
A complex manufacturing process makes ZFill a material with particularly
good flow properties. This provides uniform distribution beneath the skin,
­ensuring soft transitions and a natural-looking appearance. It is very easy for
the user to inject and very well tolerated by the patient.
Z Fill preparations balance out the hyaluronic acid content of the skin and
complement the intercellular matrix and intradermal tissue, thereby restoring lost anatomical structures of the skin and smoothing the skin for a long
ZFill preparations are viscoelastic gel implants, insoluble in water and biocompatible (non-immunizing, non-inflammatory, non-toxic). Since all ZFill products are manufactured from non-animal materials, allergic side-effects are
greatly reduced and separate skin or tolerability tests may not be necessary.
Because of the unique product properties, it is now possible with ZFill to fill
wrinkles and regenerate the skin – with a single product and in a single
treatment session.
All pictures are graphically enhanced for purposes of display.
To achieve optimal results, the Z Fill
­p roduct line includes three different
Z Fill refresh
Z Fill refresh increases the elasticity and hyaluronic acid content of the skin.
Z Fill refresh is extremely suitable for the treatment of superficial wrinkles,
e.g. in the area around the eyes and mouth. ZFill refresh is unrivalled for its
outstanding flow properties and long retention time in the tissue.
Treatment sites
Hyaluronic acid
addition to the skin
Volume replacement
(wrinkle filling)
Superficial wrinkles
Periorbital lines
Perioral lines
Treatment sites
ZFill deep
Z Fill repair
Volume replacement
(wrinkle filling)
ZFill deep is a highly viscous gel implant, supplemented by cross-linked
hyaluronic acid, and is suitable for the regeneration of dermal defects.
Indeed, best treatment outcomes are obtained with medium to deep
wrinkles and in lip enlargement.
Z Fill repair is a gel suspension with hyaluronic acid and dextranomers and
­demonstrates extremely high surface stability. This impedes its e­ nzymatic
­dissolution by hyaluronidase. Because of its product properties, ZFill repair
has a dual effect:
The treatment results last about 10 months on average and of course can
be ­refreshed at any time.
Lost hyaluronic acid is replenished (augmentation) and new collagen
formation is stimulated (regeneration).
Medium to deep wrinkles
Nasolabial wrinkles
Lip augmentation
Glabellar wrinkles
The range of application of ZFill repair extends from the regeneration of
­dermal defects to the treatment of medium and deeper wrinkles.
Z Fill repair delivers exceptional immediate results, with an additional longterm effect lasting up to 18 months.
Treatment sites
Volume replacement
Tissue filling
Medium to deep wrinkles
Nasolabial wrinkles
Glabellar wrinkles
Marionette lines
Combined Filler Technique
for amazing results
A wrinkle prior to treatment
Z Fill repair
After treatment with ZFill repair
Z Fill – CF Technique (Combined Filler Technique)
Z Fill refresh
Special demands require individualized treatment plans
to ensure optimum patient outcomes.
In many cases the results of skin regeneration can be
vastly improved by the targeted CF Technique. The full
Z Fill product line is designed so that preparations can be
combined with one another at any time. This makes it
possible to respond to individual patient needs.
ZFill repair
After treatment with Combined Filler Technique
All Z Fill products for the Combined Filler Technique are
supplied with 2 needles.
Product proper ties and
­injection techniques
Z Fill refresh
1 ml ZFill refresh contains:
Sodium hyaluronate cross-linked 14 mg
Sodium chloride
6.9 mg
Water for injection
ad 1 ml
Z Fill refresh is implanted in the middle dermis with the enclosed needle held
flat. After the implantation, the treated area is massaged with light pressure
to ensure uniform distribution of the product. ZFill refresh enjoys excellent
flowability in the tissue.
Z Fill deep
1 ml ZFill deep contains:
Sodium hyaluronate
4 mg
Sodium hyaluronate cross-linked 16 mg
Sodium chloride
6.9 mg
Water for injection
ad 1 ml
Z Fill deep is implanted in the middle dermis with the enclosed needle held
flat. After the implantation, the treated area is massaged with light pressure
to ensure uniform distribution of the product. ZFill deep enjoys excellent
flow­ability in the tissue.
Z Fill repair
1 ml ZFill repair contains:
Sodium hyaluronate cross-linked 17 mg
25 mg
Sodium chloride
6.9 mg
Water for injection
ad 1 ml
Z Fill repair is implanted with the enclosed needle. The injection is performed
in the dermal area. After the implantation, the treated area is massaged with
light pressure to ensure uniform distribution of the product.
Each Z Fill product is supplied with 2 needles – ideal for the Combined-FillerTechnique.
Marionette lines
Cheek area
Contour defects in the facial area
Tissue filling
Deep wrinkles
Nasolabial wrinkles
Glabellar wrinkles
Medium to deep wrinkles
Lip augmentation
Volume replacement
Replenishment of hyaluronic acid in the skin
Superficial wrinkles
Periorbital lines
Perioral lines
Increased elasticity
Improved skin hydration
Fresh appearance / lifting effect
Tissue filling
Longer durability
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