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SWOT Subject Tutor (SWOT Week)
Student Welfare Outreach Team
The Melbourne University Health Initiative
(MUHI) is an independent registered Australian
charity run by young people. We are concerned
with local and global health inequality and aim to
make a constructive difference towards the
health issues that continue to confront us all.
MUHI’s Student Welfare Outreach Team (SWOT)
is a high school outreach program that aims to
improve the educational outcomes of students
underrepresented at universities across
Australia. This is predominantly through
academic programs, mentoring support and
community engagement activities. Now in its
19th year of operation, the SWOT program
provides support to hundreds of students each
year and is expanding its outreach activities in
Each subject team for SWOT VCE Revision Week
will consist of a Subject Manager, Assistant
Lecturers and Tutors. Tutors will collaborate
with their team to prepare and deliver a day of
VCE interactive classroom-based tutorials. These
will aim to give students the opportunity to
practice exam style questions and consolidate
knowledge before their final year 12
The SWOT VCE Revision Week provide
volunteers with a unique opportunity to display
their leadership and communication skills and an
opportunity to meet and learn from over 90
other like minded, passionate tutors.
Your chosen subject will run for one day
between the 28th of September to the 2nd of
October, at the University of Melbourne,
Parkville Campus. The week will be consistent
with SWOT’s vision for wider community access
to equitable education and will enable intimate
engagement with students.
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Melbourne University Health Initiative Inc. | Association No. A0049763F | ABN 36 328 706 972
Attendance at training and the day of
your subject during SWOT Week
Assisting in the preparation tutorial
questions to facilitate student revision
Proofreading subject reference booklets
and lecture slides
Conduct tutorials during the subject’s
day during SWOT Week
Meeting regularly with the Subject
Manager and subject other Tutors
Act responsibly as ambassadors for
Skills/Experience required
Time Commitment
Well‐developed written and verbal
communications skills
Well‐developed organisational and time
management skills
Completion of a secondary education
(e.g. VCE, HSC, IB etc.)
A familiarity with the Victorian
Certificate of Education (VCE) study
A passion for equitable access to
A proactive and can do attitude
A current student at ANY Victorian
tertiary institution
Meetings based at the University of
Melbourne, Parkville Campus
One day of teaching during SWOT Week
(between the 28th of September to the
2nd of October)
4-5 hours per week of preparation in the
lead up to SWOT week
Some of this time (~10%) will be spent
on tasks outside of your direct
Attendance at team planning meetings
and SWOT Week is mandatory
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Melbourne University Health Initiative Inc. | Association No. A0049763F | ABN 36 328 706 972
Reports To
SWOT Subject Manager
To submit an application, please submit an expression of interest form as linked
Applications close on 1st of May, 2015
For further information, please visit http://muhi.org.au/programs/swot/.
For enquiries relating to the role and/or conference, please contact the SWOT Week
Coordinator, Rasul Karahan, at [email protected]
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Melbourne University Health Initiative Inc. | Association No. A0049763F | ABN 36 328 706 972