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Prof. Metwaly El Sayed, Ph.D
1. Name
: Metwaly El Sayed Metwaly
2. Occupation
: Professor of Business Administration, Faculty of
Commerce & Bus, Admin., Helwan University.
3. Qualification:
Ph.D. in Business Administration, from Bath University, Britain 1978.
M.Sc. in Business Administration, from Bath University, Britain 1974.
Postgraduate Diploma in Organizational Behaviour, from Lancaster
University, Britain 1972.
M. Com. First Part Studies, Cairo University Faculty of Commerce,
B. Com. (Business Administration From Cairo University 1964.
4. Academic Career:
Demonstrator - High Commercial Institute (1965-71).
Scholarship from the Egyptian government in Britain (1971-77).
Assistant professor of Business Administration, Helwan University
faculty of commerce in Cairo (1978-83).
Associate Professor of Business Administration, King Abdel Aziz
University in Saudi Arabia (1984-1989).
Professor of Business Administration, Helwan University faculty of
commerce in Cairo (1990-Now).
5. Academic Posts:
Chairman of Business Administration department, Faculty of
Commerce, Helwan University (199-93).
Advisor to Helwan University President (1990-2008).
Member of Senior University Administrators Selection standing
committee (1992-98).
Deputy Dean for graduate studies and research, Faculty of Commerce,
Helwan University (1993-95).
Chairman of Business Administration Department, Faculty of
Commerce, Helwan University (1995-98).
Dean, Faculty of Business Administration & Economics, Misr
International University in Cairo (1999-2001).
Member of the Academic Committee, University of New Brunsik
Programme in Sadat Academy of Management 2003- 2005.
Member of the Permanent Scientific
committee for Promotion of
Academic Staff, Sadat Academy of Management (2003- 2006).
Team-member of the Joint cooperation programme to provide EMBA
by Verginia Commonwealth University with Helwan University in Cairo
(2004- 2006).
Chairman of the supreme planning committee, Helwan University
Member of the Standing Scientific Committee for Promotion of
Professors and Associate Professors, in the Tourism and Hotelling sector,
the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Universities (presently).
Co. Founder and board member, higher institute for management and
information systems in kafer El Sheikh, (2007-New)
Co. founder and board member, Higher Institute for Engendering and
Technology in Kafr El Shekh (2008-now)
Dean, Faculty of Management , Modern university for Information and
Technology (MTI) in Cairo ( 2009-Now)
6. Professional Experience:
Consultant and Research team leader. The International Management
Center (IMC-Dr Atif Ebeid & Assts), (1978-82).
Member of the advisory group. The central Agency for Organization &
Administration (1980-82).
Human resources development advisor. The Management Development
Center. Ministry of Agriculture (1981-83).
Co-partner & Managing director of ALLICONS Consulting from (19911998).
Member of the consultative Group in many consultative studies through
the IMC. Jointly with Beny Taylors & Sons. Coooper & Lybrand and
McKee & Kurny Consultancy Corporations (1979-82).
Consultative team member, USAID, Cairo (Financial Assessment of the
Water and Sewerage Sector), (1981-82).
Training Consultant to the Saudi Chamber of Commerce, Jeddah, Saudi
Arabia . (1984-86).
Organization and human resources Consultant to Mekka El-Mukarama
Emirate, Saudi Arabia (1987-88).
Visiting Consultant to Dalla Group, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for
Organization and job description of the group’s headquarter, (1991).
Visiting Consultant, The Western Region Electricity Co., Jeddah, Saudi
Arabia, for strategic assessment of the companies, (1992).
Board Member of Bader Hospital, Heliopolis (1989-95).
Board Member of El-Naser Hospital, HIO, (1992-94).
Organization and Human resources consultant, the Health Insurance
Organization (HIO), (1992-93).
Member of the national Federation of Management Societies in Egypt,
(1992- 2005).
Consultant, Arthur Andersen, in Cairo, Assessment of privatization
strategies, partnership in development project (PIDP) subsidized by the
USAID for the Ministry of Public Corporations-August, Dec., 1995.
Board member, East Delta Travel Co., where I took and active part in
restructuring different aspects of this public corporation, Also, carried out
many human resources development, projects in the company (1992-96).
Organisation restructuring of water and sewerage sector in Upper Egypt
governorates, Kemonex Egypt Consulting Corporation, 2003.
Advisor to the Governor of Kafr El-Shiekh, in charge of investment
policy formulation and local economic development as well as human
resource development (1996-2001).
Board member of Kafr-El-Shiekh Investment Co., in charge of
development and feasibility studies (1999-Now).
Consultant to the East Delta agricultural Development Project,
subsidized by the World Bank and IDA, Ministry of Agriculture (Jan.
April, 2002).
Member of the Advisory Council for Top management development,
Sales Tax Authority training Center, Cairo (1995-Till Now).
Member of the permanent technical advisory committee, The central
Agricultural cooperatives federation (2004 – 2007).
Advisor to the Sector of Technical support and Projects, Ministry of
Health and Population (2002-2007) where many studies were undertaken in
areas of organization and human resources .
Member of the permanent advisory committee AL-kada AL-Edarean ,
central Agency for administration and organization (to 2004-till Now).
Initiator of many Successful higher education projects such as The
Military Faculty of Management ( 1982-1983), English business education
programme, Graduate Diploma in Hospital Administration in Egyptian
Universities (1982-1983), Restructure of the postal Administration
Programme in Helwan University ( 2008-2009), Establishment of Graduate
Institute for Hospital Administration and Health Economics in Hewlan
University Faculty of Commerce (2009).
Co-founder and board member of Kafr El Sheikh company for
education services (1998-now).
Co-founder and board member of Nile Society for Science &
Technology and its institutes (Management & Information Technology
Institute, and Engineering & Technology Institute) in Kafr El Sheikh
Member of the Strategic planning Team in former Helwan Governorate
project, National Organisation for Physical Planning, subsedised by
OUDA, (2007-2009).
Institutional Advisor to New Cairo City Administration Authority Via,
space consulting Group Durra Engineering Consultants), (2011,2012)
7. Academic Research:
“Labour Turnover Studies of the Domestic Staff in the United Oxford
Hospitals”, M. Sc. Theses, Bath University, 1974.
“The Impact of Cultural Differences on Hospital Management and
Organization (An Empirical Study across Egypt and Britain”, ph. D theses
Bath University, Britain, 1978.
“Integration of Health Services in East Cairo Health District”, The
Health services Management Conference, Managerial Leaders Center, The
Central Agency for Organization and Administration, Cairo, December
“The Environmental Impact on Management of the Public Sector
Banks”, The Annual academic Conference of Mansura University, Faculty
of Commerce & Commercial Syndicate, Cairo (April-May 1980).
“The Role of Financial Manager in Public Sector Companies”, The
Public Sector Management Conference, The National Federation of
Management development Societies in Egypt (May 1980).
“The Managerial Wastage in The Public Sector Companies”, The
Scientific Journal, Assyout University Faculty of Commerce, (Summer
“The Organizational Effectiveness and Management Styles
of The
Egyptian Hospitals”, Sadat Academy Management studies Journal
(Summer 1984).
“Pricing Models of Potable Water in Egypt: An Empirical Study in
Great Cairo City”, Trade& Financial Journal, (October 1984).
“The Organizational Effectiveness of The Saudi Public Hospitals”, King
Abdel Aziz University Research Center (Research No. 64/407) 1987.
“Managerial Stress in The Case of Saudi and Egyptian Managers”, The
Academic Journal of Commercial Studies, Helwan University, Faculty of
Commerce (October 1987).
“Job Satisfaction in The Case of Medical Staff in the Saudi Public
Hospitals” (Jointly with Dr. Yasser El Khateeb), The academic Journal for
Commercial Studies, Helwan University, Faculty of Commerce, (April
1987) under the auspices of King Abdel Aziz University in Saudi Arabia,
(Research No. 88/408).
“Diagnostic Analysis of The Environmental Impact On Saudi
Universities Organization and Management, With Particualr Reference to
King Abdel Aziz University”, The Academic Jounal of Commercial
Studies, Helwan University, Faculty of Commerce and Busienss
Administration (1988).
“Limits of Information System Applications in The Saudi Hospitals”
(Jointly with Dr. Mahmoud Quatta), The Academic Journal For
Commercial Studies, Helwan University, Faculty of Commerce and
Business Administration (1989).
“A Strategic Management Approach to Health Insurance Problems In
Egypt”, The Health Insurance & Social Security Journal , The Health
Insurance & Social Security Journal, The Health Insurance Society, Cairo
“A Strategic Management Approach to the role of Non-governmental
Organizations in Egypt”, The Nongovernmental Organizations &
Voluntary Societies Conference in El-Mansura City, (October 2001).
8. Professional & Consultancy Studies:
Market survey of Aluminium profiles in Egypt for the Arab Aluminium
CO., the International Management Center (IMC), 1979.
Market Survey of electric generator for Shubra Engineering Co. (IMC),
Market Study as a part of a comprehensive feasibility study of Ductile
Iron Pipes production (IMC), 1980.
Market survey (as a part of feasibility study of water and sewerage pipes
by SURNAGA Co., Makee & Kurney Consultancy Co.), for the General
Organization of Industrialization (GOFI) joint with Ahmed S. Khorshed.
Market survey of medium and low voltage cables in Egypt for the Arab
Cables Co. one of El-Sewedy Group Affiliates (IMC). 1988.
Reorganization and manpower studies of the General Organization of
Potable Water (IMC) jointly with Cooper & Lybrand, a study subsidized by
the World Bank. 1978-80, as a part of a comprehensive feasibility studies.
Organization and staffing study of El-Beharia Potable Water Co. 1981.
Financial analysis and assessment of the potable water and sewerage
sector in Egypt for the USAID in Cairo (contract No. 142/50/263/00/69/00)
Organization and job description studies for the general secretaries of
king Abdel Aziz University (joint), (contract No. 180/408) 1988.
Reorganization studies of king Abdel Aziz University branch in ELMadina El-Monawara, Saudi Arabia, (contract No. 85/409) 1989.
Reorganization studies of Dr. Erfan Hospitals in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,
Reorganization and work procedures studies in Mekka El Mukarama
Emirate (1988-89).
Incentive Bonus Scheme and Performance Appraisal Study for the
Islamic Packaging Material Co. (ICOPACK) in 6th October City (1990).
Reorganization Studies of Dalla Co., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (1991).
Feasibility study of El-Baha Agricultural Development Co. (Dr.
Mansour Kaddasa), (1992).
A Strategic Assessment of Western Region Electricity Co., Saudi
Arabia, 1992.
Feasibility study of Maintenance Services Co. for (HOCK Co.) ElShorook City, Cairo (1992).
Reorganization studies of Egyptian Red Crescent Socitety, subsidized
by the American Red Cross, (1996-98).
Sustainability studies of the National Tuberculosis Project Ministry of
Health, subsidized by CIDA (2000).
Many financial studies, and feasibility studies for Kafr El-Sheikh
Governorate in my capacity as an Economic & Investment Advisor to the
GOvernor (1996-2001).
Many other consulting studies for different corporation through
ALLICONS consulting firm (1995-2000).
Restructuring studies (joint) of East Delta Agricultural Development
Project, Ministry of Agriculture, subsidized by “world bank” and IDA
Setting organization structure and role specifications of the sector of
Technical Support and Projects, MOHP, (2002) .
Job. description forms of the Sector of Technical Support and Projects,
MOHP, (2002).
Performance appraisal and reporting system in the sector of Technical
support & Projects, MOHP, (2002).
Work scheduling and monitoring scheme in the Sector of Technical
Supports & Projects (2003).
Training Needs Assessment study of Senior Staff and Management
personnel in the Health Insurance Organization (HIO) (2003).
Setting Organization Structure and role specification of the Drug &
Pharmaceutical (2003).
Sector (including both CAPA and NODCAR). Job description farms of
different posts in both CAPA and NODCAR (as the two main components
of the Egyptian drug sector ) (2004).
Training Needs Assessment Study of Both technical and managerial
staff in the drug and pharmacentical sector (CAPA & NODCAR) (2004).
Training programmes design and implementation in the case of hospital
managers in the health reform governorates (via TEAM Misr) under the
auspices of ECTAT in the National Training Institute in Cairo (2003/2004)
Training programmes design and provision in the case of Arab Drug
Center (Abbas El-Akad St. Ref. Dr. Mushera El-Shafreay). (2004).
Training Programmes design and Provision to the Senior officials in the
Egyptian Cevil Service Sector via Al-Kada Al-Edarean, the Central
Agency for organization & Administration (Since 1991- Till now).
Training programmes design and provision in the case of Sales Tax
Authority Top management since (2002-Till Now)
Training Programmes design and provision to the Ministers Assistants
in Al-Kada Al-Edecrean (2005).
Training programmes design and implementation to the Egyptian
Universities Staff the Egyptian Universities Supreme councial (2004 Till
Reorganization of the Population Sector in the Ministry of Health and
Population , as well as job description forms and appraisal Scheme,
Subcontracting with Egypt Population Project (2005) Ref. Dr. Atef AlShetany.
Training Needs Assessment study in the population sector. MOHP
Organization Structure and job description of the Technical Support
Team at both governorate and district levels. (2005).
Restructuring studies of the Engineering Company for Manufacturing
Exhausting systems (Abu EL-Yazeed Co.), 6th October City, (via Integrated
Development Consultants) subsidised by the Industrial Modernization
Centre (IMC), 2006/2007.
Restructuring studies of AL-Shark Company for Engineering Industries
(Nafaza), via the Integrated Development Cosultants (IMC), presently.
9. Books Published (in Arabic):
 Organization Behaviour, 5 editions (Ain Shams Publishers).
 Financial Management, 4 editions (Ain Shams Publishers).
 Basics of Management, 3 editions (Ain Shams Publishers).
 Organization Theory (Ain Shams Publishers) 1998.
 Feasibility Studies (Ain Shams Publihsers) 1991.
 Human Resources Management (Ain Shams Publishers) 1991.
 Public Administration, 1st ed., 2004. 2nd ed., 2004.
 Procurement Management (Joint author) 2005.
 Marketing Management (Joint author) 2005.
More than 30 years of experience in areas of management consultancy,
human resources development.
As a management consultant had the opportunity to take part in many
projects with many international firms such as Cooper & Lybraud, Beny
Tylar & sons, Mckee & Curncy & Arther Anderson
As a management expert had the opportunity as board member in many
corporations such as East Delta co. for Transportation, Kafer EL Sheikh
Investment Co. , and KFS for Education Services.
I also Carried out many Feasibility studies and market Serveys for many
Also I was the initiator of many management education projects such as the
military Faculty for Management the hospital management institute in
Helwan University , etc … educational institutions.
In addition I had the chance to work as advisor to Kafer Sheik Convener (
1996-2001) and Helwan Governor ( 2002/2010), in addition to many
institutional studies for many governorates such as AL- Oboor New City,
Desouk City , New Cairo City.