Citizens Against Substance Abuse

• Formed a youth coalition in all six high
schools to create substance abuse
prevention awareness
• Collaborate with the Woodford
County Sheriff’s Department to increase the
number of compliance checks
• Collaborate with the Illinois State Police
to promote
• County wide underage
drinking summits
• Host an Annual Youth Retreat
• Host Emerging Trends summits
• Established an Advisory Board
for the coalition
• Assisted with policy development to pass
social hosting ordinances throughout
Woodford County
• Hosted an Awareness Breakfast to create
community change and build capacity
• Assist with the Woodford County Jamboree
• Implement Beverage Servers and Sellers
Education Training (BASSET)
Funding provided in whole or in part by the
Illinois Department of Human Services
Woodford County Health Department
Woodford County Sheriff’s Department
Woodford County Schools
Woodford County Police Departments
Eureka College
American Red Cross
Advocate Eureka Hospital
Illinois National Guard Counterdrug Task Force
Regional Office of Education
Illinois State Police
Illinois Alcohol Drug Evaluation Services
Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery
Chestnut Health Systems
Woodford County States Attorney
Rock Creek Bible Church
New Hope Community Church
Center for Youth & Family Solutions
Exploring, Learning for Life Program
Heartline and Hearthouse
Woodford County Probation
First Baptist Church Minonk
Tazwood Center for Wellness
Prevent Child Abuse Illinois
P.A. Atherton Construction, Inc.
CrossFit East Peoria
Metamora Township High School
Eureka High School
Eureka Police Department | 1-866-479-2857
Woodford County Health Department
(309) 467-3064 ext. 4709
Woodford County
Uniting community members for
the purpose of preventing and
reducing substance
abuse in Woodford County.
CASA envisions all sectors of the
Woodford County Community joining
together to establish long-term prevention
and reduction of substance abuse.
Illinois Youth Survey
Please look at the Woodford County survey data
The Illinois Youth Survey (IYS) is a statewide
survey administered to students in the 6th, 8th,
10th, and 12th grades.
The IYS includes questions about a number of
health-related behaviors, and measures key risk
and protective factors that strongly contribute
to community-wide substance use rates among
Drunk Stopper is a website
and hotline that allows
local residents
to anonymously report
illegal underage drinking
activities such as parties,
fake IDs, and illegal
sales of alcohol.
Top 10
For Parents
• “You are the most powerful influence
on your child’s behavior”.
The Illinois Social Host Law
• Be Aware of the Factors that May increase risk
of alcohol use: significant transitions
(graduation/getting driver’s license), family history,
emotional problems.
– 235 ILCS 5/6-16(c) –
Effective January 1, 2013, Illinois law now
states that individuals can be arrested and
face criminal charges for simply allowing or
permitting individuals under the age of 21
to drink alcohol at their residence or on their
property even if the individual did not directly
supply or provide the underage person
with alcohol.
• Do not give alcohol to your children. Tell them that
any alcohol is off limits to them and to their friends.
• Make an effort to get to know the parents of
your children’s friends. Share your rules about not
allowing alcohol use.
• Set clear rules, including rules about alcohol.
Enforce the rules you set.
• Help your children find ways to have fun
without alcohol.
• Do not let your children attend parties
at which alcohol is served. Do not allow alcohol
at parties in your home.
Facebook Page: Woodford County CASA
• Help your teen avoid dangerous situations
such as riding in a car driven by someone
who has been drinking.
• Talk about the facts and reasons not to drink
alcohol. Encourage conversation by asking questions
and listening - show respect for your child’s opinions
and concerns.
• Lead by example – show your teen
there are healthy ways to cope with stress
that do not involve alcohol.
Attend a meeting!
WC-CASA meetings
are open to the public.