Introduction and Overview

Introduction and Overview
Sourcing & Supply Chain Management …Across the Globe
Company Overview
MSync Solutions, Inc was founded in 2008 and is becoming a worldwide leader in
the Supply Chain Management of Tobacco and Cigarettes products for both
established and emerging markets.
Our key focus is working with clients to establish viable and sustainable markets
for our products that include both branded an private label products.
We offer our clients the highest quality products very competitive price points.
This allow our clients to augment their existing “International Brand”
relationships and offer high quality value brands.
We are a true compliment and resource to any organization desiring to grow a
high quality, profitable product line.
Our expertise allows our clients to focus on merchandising and sales while we
focus on supply chain sustainability, logistics and governmental regulation.
Sourcing & Supply Chain Management …Across the Globe
Finished Tobacco Products
“1839” is our Flagship Brand and is Marketed Internationally in conjunction with the
Trademark Owner- Not available in China
Available in 100’s for
additional charge
Private Label (Available)
* 1839 is a registered trademark of US Flue Cured Tobacco Growers, Inc.
Sourcing & Supply Chain Management …Across the Globe
Additional Finished Tobacco Products
Cigars 100’s
Also available in Light,
Cherry and Blackberry
Roll Your Own (RYO)
Also available in Menthol
Private Labeling through MSYNC is available with sufficient MOQ for Cigars and RYO
Sourcing & Supply Chain Management …Across the Globe
Raw Tobacco and other Services
Custom Cut Rag Blends
– Blended to Specification
– Engineered to Profile or Governmental Regulation
– Canadian and American Blends Available
Other Tobacco Services
International Packaging and Warning Label Coordination
Logistical Support
Private Label Graphics and Layout
Documentation and Regulatory Oversight
T1 and T2 Product
Closeout/Discontinued International Production
Sourcing & Supply Chain Management …Across the Globe
• MSync has established relationships in several
countries in order to accommodate our clients
United States
Our goal is to provide the right manufacturing facility for our clients needs. We
arrange all communication and coordination at very reasonable prices
Sourcing & Supply Chain Management …Across the Globe
High Level Process
Establish Territory and Products Needed
Samples and or Development
Factory Tours Available
Documentation and Contract
Approval or Art and or Graphic Warnings
Initial Purchase Order with Deposit (wired directly)
Proforma Invoice Supplied
Production (>21 days from PO)
Quality Control and Inspection as Required
Certificates, Commercial Invoice and Shipping Documents
Final Payment/Shipping
Sourcing & Supply Chain Management …Across the Globe
Contact Information
For more details and development, contact:
Ross A. Kellman
Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]
Or visit us on the web: to learn or other products and services avaialble
Sourcing & Supply Chain Management …Across the Globe
Documents and Other Information
Sourcing & Supply Chain Management …Across the Globe
Commercial Invoices
Packing List
Bill of Lading
Certificate of Origin
Proforma Invoice
Monthly Statements
Sanitation Certificates (when required)
Client Checklist (to ensure proper shipping
Sourcing & Supply Chain Management …Across the Globe
Other Brands Available
Sourcing & Supply Chain Management …Across the Globe