Tips for Helping Tomorrow`s Future CHAMPS Changing Habits and

Tips for Helping Tomorrow’s
Changing Habits and Making
Help your child build a sense of selfconfidence.
Understand your child’s need to spend time
with friends
Stay firm but flexible when necessary.
Keep the lines of communication open.
Work together with your child’s teachers
and school.
Positive Steps
Tasha Thompson, Counseling Intern
East Cary Middle School
Connect with Your Child’s
Building Tomorrow’s Leaders
School Counselor
for a
Successful School Year
Understand the expertise and
responsibilities of your child’s school
counselor. They make a measurable
impact in every student’s life, assisting
with academic career, and personal/
social development.
Meet or contact your child’s
counselor anytime throughout the
school year for guidance or assistance.
Learn about your child’s school and
social connections from the school
Discuss your child’s challenges and
concerns with the school counselor.
After working with your child’s
teacher, contact the school counselor
to identify additional resources to
help your child be successful. .
Consistency– Helps a child learn to trust
others as well as gain confidence. A child
gains positive self-esteem and a sense of
right and wrong the basis for a sense of
justice and fairness.
Creativity– Fosters awareness as new experiences open a child’s eyes to
different ways of doing things.
Decision Making Roles– Fosters critical
thinking skills
Ways to Help At Home
Modeling– You, as the parent/guardian,
are your child’s most important role
model in developing leadership traits. By
serving the community, showing empathy
for others and living responsibly, parents/
guardians can mold their children’s behaviors.
Teach Responsibility– It is the foundation for turning your child into a citizen
that is able to meet present and future
Support and Encourage your child to try
out a wide variety of activities.